Nighttime to Morning

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This is the last of six stories involving this particular couple. The others are LL3, LL4, LL6, Life Gets Better and Just Deserts. I’ve had fun writing about them and hope you enjoyed reading them.

(continuing on from Just Deserts….)

What do you do when you’ve had some of the best sex in your life and neither of you want to call it a night?

Eventually they’d gotten up from the couch and taken separate showers, then dressed in a manner of speaking by sharing a pair of his pajamas, he in the bottoms and she in the top. They decided to rent a movie on cable and while he munched on popcorn she had gotten through about a third of his stash of chocolate.

By the time the movie ended she was leaning back against him, in between his legs, and had been asleep for at least 30 minutes. The couch they were on was comfortable enough but spending the night like they were really wasn’t an option so he woke her slowly, kissing the top of her head and talking softly to her.

She was in that place, somewhere between wakefulness and fully alert so he had to help her up and walk beside her as they moved to the bedroom. She was still leaning against him as he pulled back the covers and probably would have fallen face first onto the bed if he hadn’t turned her towards him and guided her down onto the bed. After that it was just a matter of covering her up and kissing her forehead. She was asleep again quickly.

He walked back out to the living room and did a quick pickup of the bowls and glasses that they had left out and after deciding that washing them could wait till morning, got a large glass of ice water to take back to the bedroom. He checked the doors, turned out lights, and tuned the stereo to a new age/jazz station before walking back into the bedroom. The water glass ended up on the night stand on her side of the bed and after turning out the one light remaining, he took off the half of the pajamas he’d been wearing and climbed into bed beside her.

She was laying on her side so it was easy for him to drape an arm across her body, cupping one of her breasts, while the rest of his body molded itself to her. He moved her hair from her neck and shoulder so he could kiss her once more before laying down his head and falling quickly asleep.

At some point in the night, he had let her go and rolled over onto his back and that’s the position he was in when she woke about 3am. She smiled when she saw the water glass next to the bed and after taking a couple of sips, she got out of bed quietly and esenyurt escort walked over to the bathroom. She didn’t bother with the light and managed not to bump into anything once in there or on the way back to the bed.

She was standing there, watching his chest rise and fall with his breathing, and as she stretched her hands over her head her nipples immediately responded to the feeling of the cotton top rubbing against them as she moved. She lowered her arms and continued to stretch and twist her back and with her fingertips started to tease her nipples. The harder and more erect her nipples got, the more the electric sensation flowed down her body and soon she had spread her legs and reached with one hand to start teasing her clit.

Her eyes were closed, she could hear both her slightly ragged breathing and the music from the other room, and in no time at all she was on the edge of cumming. All it took was her pinching a nipple and the extra stimulation pushed her over the edge to a quick, soft, climax as she exhaled the breath she had been holding in for the last few seconds.

He normally slept very soundly and deep but for some reason he had wakened when she left the bed. Through slightly blurry eyes he had watched as she played with herself beside the bed and now watched to see how much more she would do knowing that one orgasm was not going to be enough for her.

At least part of him wanted to watch.

The other part wanted her back in the bed to continue where they had left off last night. She had spread her legs further apart and had tipped her head back, lost in what would soon be another climax when he startled her by saying, “Come back to bed babe, I want some of that this morning.”

She looked at him now with lusting eyes and teasingly licked at her fingers that had been buried between her legs.

“I’ll bet you do want some of this,” she said, “so what do you have for me?”

He smiled at her as he pulled back the covers, got out of the bed and told her he would show her when he got back, then walked to the bathroom. By the time he returned she was lying in the middle of the bed, minus the pajama top, and using a small vibrator on her clit. He watched her for a minute or two as she continued her self-teasing before climbing back into the bed to lie beside her.

Her body slipped over his and she kissed him hungrily, rolling her hips against his wakening cock. Slowly, she moved down his body, kissing and licking, rubbing her avrupa yakası escort lovely breasts over him as she moved to between his legs. She moaned softly as she took him between her breasts, then teased him with her nipples up and down the length of it. Her fingers curled around his shaft and began to work it tenderly and it was his turn to moan when she took him in her mouth. Over and over she her mouth slid up and down his length, her tongue constantly moving around the shaft and head as she brought him to an almost painful hardness.

“Ready to go for a ride?” she asked as she moved to straddle his hips.

With her feet on either side of him, she dropped into a deep squat over his hips. Holding his cock, she moved it between her lips and slowly lowered herself onto it. He gasped as the wet heat of her enveloped him.

“God this feels good, doesn’t it?” she whispered.

She dropped lower and lower, taking his cock deeper inside of her and his hands reached to grab her hips as he moved his own up slightly to meet hers in descent. He had never seen anyone so sexy. Her head was tipped back, arching her neck, breasts thrust out, the nipples stiff. He moved his hands up her body, fingers spread, to her breasts, lifting and cupping them, pinching and tweaking her nipples. Her pussy reacted and squeezed down tightly on his cock .

“Yes,” she moaned, “keep doing that… just like….unnhh……that!”

Slowly, she began to rock up and down on him, lifting and dropping along his entire length. The movement was smooth, a sensual dance for two as she continued on top of him, rising and falling, rising and falling. He felt the first spasm deep inside of her and she gasped, her head turning from side to side, her eyes shut tightly. She was moving faster now, leaning forward over him, her hands spread on his chest, lifting her hips high before sending them crashing back down again, chasing the next climax that was so maddeningly close. Her breasts, hanging just in front of him could not be ignored and he lifted his head and sucked them hard, teasing the nipples like his hands had been doing just moments before.

He reached to grab her hips again and now they were both thrusting against each other, their hips slapping loudly each time they made contact. He knew she had cum again, he could feel it inside of her, but instead of slowing the pace, he thrust harder against her, increasing his tempo until finally she anadolu yakası escort collapsed on top of him.

It was a simple movement to roll her underneath him and start stroking again. She reacted by lifting one leg, spreading herself wider and reached back with her hands to push against the headboard. She loved this, loved being taken, loved watching him as he thrust into her, loved the feeling inside her pussy as the head of his cock, swollen as it was, slid along every inch of her.

She lost track of the number of times she climaxed and in time, tried to focus on using her internal muscles to squeeze tightly this wonderful cock that was inside of her. She wanted to feel him cum, swelling and spurting inside of her and she told him so.

“Fuck me…c’mon baby…fuck my pussy!”

She took his head in her hands, pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him wildly, her tongue everywhere in his mouth as he continued his pounding into her. He was close now, feeling that tingle in his balls that comes just before a climax, his cock swelling, growing thicker still. She felt it too and reached to grab his hips, pulling him in tighter as she rocked her hips up furiously against him.

It happened fast, mid thrust for him, the explosion, the intense sensations of orgasm as he let loose his cum inside of her. He pushed forward and held himself all the way in as she continued to rock her hips, the movement causing the head of his cock to continue to be stimulated as his cum kept spurting out. There were no words spoken, just sounds, no specific movement by either of them, just the throbbing of his shaft and the clasping of her inner walls as they lay together, savoring the after climax feeling of bliss.

He didn’t remember rolling off of her, just that when he woke once more he was beside her, holding her hand as they lay there. The sun was just now peeking over the horizon so it had been a couple of hours at least that they’d slept. He kissed her once before leaving the bed, showered and went to the kitchen to make coffee. By the time it was ready he had cut up some fruit, set it on the table, then walked to the door to get the Sunday paper.

He could hear the shower running when he got back to the kitchen and he was just finishing the sports section when she walked into the kitchen. They nibbled on the fruit, flipped for who got to read the business section first (she won) and finished the pot of coffee by the time they were done with the paper. She didn’t want to leave but she had errands to run and her cat had been alone since the morning before.

They walked down to her car together and made a date for dinner later in the week. She drove away thinking that regardless of what happened in the future, the last 24 hours had been damn near perfect. He walked back into his apartment and thought that maybe his relationship with her was going somewhere. Time would tell.

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