Oh Conchita!

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The sun was just setting as I walked out of the pub, the skies of the countryside orange with the sunset as I walked towards it. I had to much to drink, I can feel it, my limbs are lazy and I’m too relaxed. I feel my body clumsily walk towards home.

I’m by no means a big man, I’m tall and muscular, definitely not fat, some may even say I have something about me. I look like my father, I have his deep brown eyes and sturdy features combined with the soft skin of my mother. I walk past the old small town store and towards the wooded area where I live.

“Ladies and Gentlemen please wait a moment while our acrobats prepare….”

Acrobats? this is starting to sound like a circus but a circus here? we are so small. Curiosity got the best of me and I stumbled down the hill into the field below.

Sure enough crowds of men, women, and children were there as the lights began to glow from colourful tents in the dimming light of the oncoming evening. I felt invited by this and walked towards the crowd, I hadn’t been to a circus for years, the last time was with my ex wife Meredith, however she had hated these things and I only wanted to bring her here to charm her into sex I must admit.

I made my way through crowds of clowns and suddenly tripped over a sign, bumping someone on the way down.

“Oh excuse me! you okay?!” I heard the thickly accented English from a bended over body.

I opened my eyes and made contact with the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. They were brown but not just any brown, a hazel almost that seemed to glow.

“I’m okay, thankyou…so sorry about that I’m usually not-“

“All is okay! I don’t speak English well,” she giggled, it was then I noticed the rest of her.

She was about 5’6 and medium built, not skinny but she had curves, her hair was back in a dark brown ponytail exposing he high cheekbones that seemed to frame her pouty lips…her istanbul escort breasts must of been about a C or a D from my guess but by no means saggy beneath the purple sparkling stretch material that matched her glittering make-up.

“So are you in the show..?” I said trying to hide my admiring gaze.

“Yes…but I must go or I will miss all!!”

She turned around her ponytail flowing behind her and her delicate hand grazed my belly….could this be real? then she turned her head back and smiled. I melted.

I frantically thought to myself…which show?! then I saw her disappear into the crowd and noticed they were all heading towards the largest tent of all, I quickly bought a ticket and sat squished near the front. The lights were all ready and the music blared…

“Ladies and Gentlemen….Conchita the Acrobat!”

She came out in a costume of flowing white silk and climbed up the rope her shapely legs skilfully making it seem so easy and smooth. Oh Conchita…..

I began to watch as she twirled and spun like an angel her body stretching exposing every curve and dent of muscle in her toned body….she held herself upsidedown beneath the mess of ropes and I saw her look over at me and wink….for the next 20 minutes I was enthralled…suddenly the audience burst into applause and she bowed and left….no! no!…

I saw them all rise form their seats and I ran out of there jumping over the ledge rushing to reach where she had disappeared and found myself stopped by the ringmaster…suddenly I heard her voice talk in Spanish? Italian? whatever it was they let me go and I turned around to see my Conchita….

“You curious yes?” her eyes glittered. “Yes…yes Conchita….” “Follow…” she walked behind the curtain her ass swaying rhythmically and I followed her to a little makeshift room where she drew back avcılar escort the curtain. “I need your help…what is your name?” “Richard….” “I will be truthful yes? I need a baby, my father needs a child to grow up in circus like me, and I don’t want a boyfriend understand?” “I’d love to help….”

With that I saw her elegant costume slide off her body exposing those lovely breasts and curves….and she walked towards me ripping off my shirt kissing me her tongue in my mouth and her nipples tickling my chest…I began to massage and suck her breasts as she purred like a kitten grinding my cock through my pants…I felt myself grow harder then I’ve ever been, she took of my pants slowly looking up at me wantonly leaving me naked, and she began to lick the length of my 7 inches slowly making her way up to the top and tasting the head in her mouth….she massaged my balls making me moan in pleasure then suddenly she took me all the way in her hot lipsticked lips….sucking slowly at first then picking up speed I felt it all the way down her throat….I almost came…

“Hold it….” She said to me like I was a bad child.

I obeyed, and she spread her legs…I eager dove between them licking and fingering her swollen pussy as she moaned over and over again….her moans drove me on and finally she came leaking all of her delicious juices on to my fingers….She made me lie down as we kissed and petted eachother her hand gripping my cock teasing it as it go so hard and sticky for her….

She moved over my face and sat on it as I found myself between those nimble thighs as I licked her every sweet inch her body bouncing as she forced it on my face….she came again….and she still had energy for more….

She bent over exposing her ass and pussy to me….and I knew it was time, I got down behind her and rammed my cock into her sopping pussy, she was şirinevler escort so tight and so hot…I grabbed her hips and started off nice and slow my long strokes making her moan uncontrollably….then I felt myself get closer and closer picking up speed then slowed down to enjoy her soft pussy…she propped herself up against the couch and fondled her breasts with one hand as I fucked her her moans growing faster and faster…..then as I was ready to come again I heard….

“Hold it…”

I was getting very very frustrated at this point…and she looked at me mockingly…she was going to get it real good….She lied down on her back and said….again….

I pinned her down and began to fuck her again my body holding her writing body still…I began to go harder and faster harder and harder and faster…her breasts bouncing with my thrusts I kissed her hard my tongue deep in her mouth as I felt my cock ready to shoot it’s seed deep in her…..finally I let out a loud moan and shot my hot cum deep in her little cunt making her moan I collapsed on her exhausted. I caught my breath and heard someone come through the curtain…

“Conchita!” This woman was quite a looker aswell, she was tall and graceful like a ballerina. Conchita covered herself as they argued over something and I felt awkward and began to dress…

“No! sit and have drink…” I sat there and she came and poured me a drink, suddenly I took a sip and couldn’t believe my eyes, they were kissing and fondling eachother like crazy….she was bi! this was her lover! no wonder she was mad…!

Conchita lied back as this new woman began to lick her juicy cunt her moans getting louder as she inserted her fingers ramming them relentlessly….

Suddenly everything went black…..

I opened my eyes and there I was in an empty field….the women! where were they?! oh my God the Circus is gone? what happened…?!

I saw a little girl on a bike “Excuse me you know where the circus went?”

“Get away drunk there are no circuses here!” She sped off…

I dreamt it all…there is not Conchita…I sadly walked home and ran a bath, looking in the mirror I saw my face was covered in glitter….and that was when I wondered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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