One Night’s Joy

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We were in the car on the way to somewhere, when we had to pause at a red light. Her name was … we’ll call here Honey.. She was just 18… She was young, as was I.

She wore a peasant blouse, a denim skirt, and open-toed sandals.

It was summertime. I turned to say something to her and suddenly saw that she had turned slightly in her seat, and hiked up her skirt!

Her creamy thighs, slightly parted, opened a bit more to reveal that smooth pussy, that I loved so much.

She said, “Do you like what you see?” I was so surprised I almost forgot to continue driving!

I said, gulping, “YEAH! what are YOU thinking about?” She told me that she was horny, (obviously!) and wanted to go to our special motel and fuck around.

Well it does not take much anyway to get me excited, so of course, I agreed and soon enough we were on our way. It was just getting dark, and she sat there, as I drove, sliding her hands sensuously up and down her inner thighs, occasionally touching her wet, lips, and bringing her fingers up, licking them off, and starting again.

It was all I could do not to go off the road, and my cock was stiff and throbbing in my jeans.

We got to a street near some businesses that were closed for night…”pull over she breathed”; I looked over and she was fondling one of her luscious tits and caressing her sweet box. God she was hot!

I found a discreet area to park, and killing the engine, turned to her, and pulled her to me.

We kissed intensely, our tongues working in each other’s mouths, groping each other, I kissed and sucked on her neck, her earlobes, and worked my way down her neck, pulling up her blouse, her beautiful 36-cup babies spilling out, ( she was braless) and started to lick and suck her stiff, hard nipples. Honey had the most beautiful tits, light brown nipples, that when excited got hard, and extended almost ¾ inch. She pendik escort was very sensitive and loved when I licked and sucked them.

My left hand found its way between her legs and I started to gently, but firmly finger-fuck that sexy pussy.

“Mmm,” she moaned, “don’t stop!” Her hands were holding my head to her breasts, and she was undulating her hips as I worked her hot juicy cunt.

She was so wet, and moaning, muffled by my mouth at times, as I frantically alternated between her breasts, and her mouth.

Suddenly, she let out a loud groan, and clamped her thighs around my hand. “I’m cumming! Ohh God, it feels so good!” she cried.

I could feel her spasms of her pussy contractions as I continued to gently play with her.

We disengaged, and caught our breath. ” Your turn”, she said, and moving over towards me she started kissing me again, only this time she was opening my shirt with on hand, her left hand around my shoulders. As her right hand got lower she reached for my belt buckle and, without ever taking her wet lips and probing tongue from mine, deftly undid my belt, opened my pants, and unzipped me. Reaching in to grab my stiff hard cock through my underwear, she remarked, “You are so fucking hard! Is that all for me?”

Without waiting for an answer she lowered her head, pushed the waist of my pants aside, and pulled on them, making me rise up so she could lower them, and my underwear, to allow my hard prick to pop free and, then she grabbed it, stroking it gently.

I was drooling pre-cum. “somebody is really horny!” she teased, “I guess I better do something about it!” With that, she bent down and took my aching cock in her mouth, her expert lips moving over it. Oh God, I can tell you she was the most amazing cocksucker!

Her talented tongue swirled all over the head, coaxing out more juice, and then kartal escort she began to suck in earnest: Her head moving up and down, as her right hand stroked the shaft, and caressed my aching balls. The sensations were unbelievable!

She knew my reactions so well! “Oh, Honey, you suck so good. MMMM, right there, oh yes, right there” I moaned as she worked me over.

“You better stop or I am gonna cum! “, I warned her. She slowly removed her wonderful mouth from my dripping dick, “suck my titties again,” and pushed one in my face.

Somehow, she had wriggled out of her skirt, and was naked from the waist down, her soft skin beckoning, her tits engulfing my face, as my hands reached around to fondle her silky smooth ass. She rubbed her wet pussy against my knee as I sucked o her sensitive, hard nipples. I gently bent her back, and her legs came up, open and inviting. Her beautiful pussy was glistening in the dim light of the one light post at the end of the parking lot.

I lowered my face between her legs, and tasted that sweet pussy, her aroma enticing me deeper, sucking her sweet clit in my mouth, I licked her over and over. She was moaning in pleasure, murmuring incoherent endearments and rocking her hips rhythmically to my ministrations.

I said, “I don’t think I can wait to get to the motel, I need to fuck you NOW!” “Yes fuck me baby! (This was an older car, with a bench seat BTW) I pulled back and she threw on leg over me, straddling me, and lowered herself onto my throbbing, hard cock!

OMG the heat and tightness, dripping on me, as Honey rode up and down on me, rotating her hips in a slight circular motion, urging me to get more and more ready to spurt my load in her tight wet cunt, was almost unbearable!

“Fuck my cock. Ride it you hot little fucker! God I love it!” I cried, as I did my best to fuck back at her maltepe escort in that position,

She suddenly pressed her chest against me, and then arched her back, grinding her clit against my wet crotch, my stiff, pulsing cock deep inside her, and started to cum all over me!

“OOOOOOOOOOO, mmm I’m…cccuummiinngg!” she groaned out. Then she fucked back and forth like a mad woman. I could feel her hot pussy pulsing and contracting all around my hard stiff dick!

Amazingly, I had not cum yet!

I told her I wanted to fuck her from behind, and she slid off, turned around, beckoning over her shoulder. Leaning part way out the open car window, her soft sexy behind, presented towards me, I reached down, positioned myself between her sexy thighs, and reached up to spread her cheeks, she reached up under herself and pulled my stiff cock to her wet opening. “C’mon, honey, fuck me hard, fuck me ’till you cum deep in me!”

I needed no further invitation, and rocking my hips in and out like a man possessed, I proceeded to fuck her as if my life depended on it.

Thrusting hard and long, alternating with short strokes, feeling her pussy engulf me, so willingly, I felt her fingers rubbing her clit again, I reached under her and pulled her back towards me, cupping her ample tits in my hands, my lips nibbling her neck. “I am gonna cum so hot in your wet cunt! I am gonna pump you full of cock-juice…” She moaned out and I could feel her contractions on my cock…well that was IT!

I felt a deep contraction in my groin, and a surge of incredible bliss, as my cock pumped out what felt like a stream of sticky wet cum into her juicy cunt! “MMMM, oooHH GOD! That’s it! Oh that’s good!”, I babbled as I squeezed out the last ounce of pleasure, and cum, into her….hot spurts of milky sperm flowed out of me, mingling with her juices, dripping down her thighs….wow! I pulled out, rubbing my slowly softening cock along the crack of her ass, little drops of cum still leaking out to coat the sexy valley of her ass…

We gently disengaged, collapsing against each other, satisfied, for now…

One night’s joy: needless to say, we never made it to the motel…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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