One Time Thing

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It’s almost 1 and I just logged off because you are with a customer. I’m pretty sure I don’t count as a customer. I apologize for that. You probably get a lot of bullshit from people, so I will try not to give you any. Weirdly, I trust you aren’t giving me any. Here’s my story, and it’s true.

Before the pandemic I was going to the gym a lot. I’m 6′ 4″ (193 cm) and weigh about 100 kilos. I got to be pretty regular at a gym in a hotel near my work. I live and work in a major east coast city. It isn’t New York. Anyway, at the gym I had taken to checking out women as they work out. Like I am with you, I felt awkward about it. I guess I’m not sure about the etiquette. On the one hand I feel like these women are there to work out, not get skeeved on. On the other hand I feel like looking is natural and expected. I’ve definitely caught people looking at me. Anyway, one day I was finishing up my workout, kind of drenched in sweat, and I see this couple standing by the elliptical machines. They were Chinese; I know because I speak a little Chinese – enough to say ‘hello’ ‘how are you’ etc. They looked like newlyweds. Young, both wearing rings. They were discussing something, I couldn’t tell what, maybe what to do for dinner. The guy goes off to the locker room and the girl gets on an elliptical.

She’s sexy. She has this kind of shy girl vibe, but she’s slim and she has a nice ass and it’s positioned just right so I can kind of watch her while I’m stretching and daydream. But I also catch her watching me in the mirror. And she glances away, but then looks back, and there’s this moment where we are both caught by each other.

So I just let her catch me. I hold her eyes, and I watch her ass as she moves on the machine, and I can tell she’s kind of caught up. She’s staring anadolu yakası escort at me. And I finish stretching and open up a new contact in my phone and walk up to her and hand it to her without saying anything. And she is panting while she fills it out with her number.

After I shower and change I text her. Something like, “what is your room number and when will you be there alone”. She doesn’t respond and I go back to work.

But later I get a message from her. Just a room number and a time, that afternoon. I go, knock on the door. When she answers it she is pulling a big loose sweater on, but I can see she is not wearing pants, like she was going to answer the door in her underwear but got nervous and decided not to. She is obviously very nervous, and she won’t meet my eyes. I don’t want that. I want her to feel turned on, not scared. I let the door close behind me.

I don’t give myself a chance to think about it, I put my hand on her neck. I kiss her. It’s a good kiss, the kind of kiss where both people are pulled right in. We kiss some more, and suddenly we are pressed right up against each other. She smells good, and her lips taste so good. I remember breathing so hard like I could not catch my breath. I started kissing her neck and she started moaning, loudly. When I licked her under her ears she would grind herself against my hips and sort of squeak. I kissed down her neck to the collar of the sweatshirt, and then lifted it up over her head. It was like I thought, underneath she was wearing a set of lingerie, black and cream with lots of lace, but like something normal, not something actually fancy, and in that moment in every way charming a sexy. I kissed back up her neck, and back to her lips. The kisses ataşehir escort were very good. They were the kind of kisses that are a surprise every time, that make you forget about the other things going on, forget about where your hands are. You have to pull away from the kisses to do other things.

Eventually she takes me by my hand and pulls me further into the room. She’s smiling and looking at me now. We still haven’t spoken. When we get to the bed I stand behind her and kiss her neck some more, and she grinds her ass against me, and I run my fingers under the cups of her bra, from one side to the other, just brushing across her nipples, and she is shivering under me and it is a real life fantasy having her grind her ass against my rock-hard dick and moaning out loud and I can see her wedding ring on the hand she is using to grip my wrist as I brush my fingers back and forth across her nipples.

She starts to bend over the bed, and then stops. Half turns back to me. Stops.

“What do you want?” I say.

“Fuck me.” she says.

I turn her back toward me, kiss her, it’s as good as before and I undo her bra, strip off her panties, take off my belt and my pants, my shirt. And then she sits down on the bed, lies back, spreads her legs and I crawl between them and now I feel her for the first time and she is wet, and I play with her while we kiss, rubbing her clit and licking her neck and spreading her wetness around, and then I rest my dick against her and grind against her clit while we kiss. And then I press down. She is very tight. I worry that I am going to hurt her and spit on my hand, rubbing it around, and pull out slightly and back in. She looks like she is worried I am going to hurt her. But while I take my time ümraniye escort I can see her throw her head back and she spreads her legs wider and I am fucking her oh so slowly with long strokes. I could cum already. It’s hard not to. But somehow I don’t and I wrap my arms all the way around her while I am lying on top of her and I am still fucking her slowly but I am holding her tight in my arms with her arms pinned and she starts clawing at my back where she can reach it and she is shaking. And I can’t hold back. I pull out, cum all over the bed. On the bedspread.

I sit on the bed. She is lying next to me. I feel bad about the blanket, and worry her husband will notice it. I gesture to it.

“I’m sorry.” I say.

She gets up and sits on my lap. She puts her arms around my shoulders. We just kind of hold each other for a minute.

“I should go” I say.

She starts shifting her hips on my lap, grinding herself against me. I get hard almost instantly. I brush my fingers against her clit and feel that she is soaking wet, drenched. I play with her, and then I lift her up and pull her down on top of me. I’m inside her again, and she is grinding on me. I stand up and sit her on the bed, and lean over and start fucking her while she is sitting on the edge of the bed. She is panting and moaning, her arms around my neck. It’s tiring, I pull her down to the floor, and I’m back inside her, and I’m fucking her hard and she is shaking all over again but more and more and more, and bucking up to meet me every time I fuck inside her and we are kissing and I can hear our bodies slapping against each other and then I am cumming again this time on the floor.

This time we don’t cuddle, we just look at each other and pant for a bit. I look at the cum all over the floor and I laugh. She does too. She goes in the bathroom, comes out with a wet cloth but also wearing a robe. I get dressed while she wipes at the floor. She gets up when I’m done, and we kiss some more, and when I reach a hand inside her robe she laughs and shakes her head.

And then she walks me to the door.

Your turn?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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