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True Story:

Last weekend I drove to a neighboring city to visit a girl I met online and have been talking on the phone for a bit. Her pics were great and she turned me on like crazy, but I was still a bit nervous. It took me 3 hours to get there. We were on the phone the whole way. I got there about 9pm and knocked on her door. She answered, shyly hiding behind the door. I stepped in and she peeked out. She’s a super cutie. We hugged and almost didn’t stop.

We told each other how much we had been looking forward to this and continued holding each other tightly. Finally letting go, she took me on a tour of the house. Of course, the last room shown was her bedroom. We ended up close to each other while talking and wrapped our arms around each other again. Of course this led to some great kissing.

Before we knew it, we were making out on the bed and our hands were exploring each other. We had decided that this trip wasn’t going to be just about the sex and weren’t trying to push anything, but it was obviously happening anyway. Me being the tease I am, I took advantage of this and kept rubbing my hands near her naughty zones, but never actually touching them. As with most women, it was driving her wild.

My kisses were working their way down her neck and across her chest. She was still a little shy, but I could tell she was really wanting and needing more. I traced the neckline of her shirt with my finger tips as I kissed just above it. She used this to her advantage by lifting up. Of course, I knew what she was doing and wanted it too. So, I kept my hands still, clinging to her shirt. Essentially, I was keeping my hands and mouth steady as she positioned her body to where she wanted me to kiss. Before long, my finger tips were pulling back her bra and my mouth was on her breast. She kept pushing up to get her nipple in my mouth. I continued to tease her by kissing and licking near it – right on the aureole with my lips just barely grazing her rock hard nipple.

She couldn’t halkalı escort handle it. Breathing deeply she thrust forward putting her nipple at my lips. I loved making her need me so badly. It was beautiful. She was straddling my lap on her knees, back arched, and breast pushed into my face. It’s all about the tease and the foreplay, gentlemen. Isn’t that right, ladies? I finally gave her what she wanted and took her nipple into my mouth. I had been teasing her so long, I thought she was going to cum just from that by the moans she made. I sucked, licked, and nibbled her pert breasts and hard nipples for quite some time.

We had worked her shirt and bra off and my hands were kneading her ass while she ground her cl!t on my leg and felt my chest under my shirt. I laid her down and kissed down her stomach to the waistline of her low rise jeans. I hooked my fingers into the crotch of her pants and gripped them in my hands. I pulled down on them just enough to kiss her soft mound. When I let go and worked my way back up her body, she let out a disappointed sigh. Needless to say, I did quite a bit of playing and teasing down below as well.

I finally slid my hand into her pants and ran my fingers down either side of her pussy, essentially cupping it. She couldn’t stand it and tried to make me touch her. The more she tried, the more I resisted and teased. Finally, just as she was giving up, I flattened my hand on her pussy and slid my middle finger all the way up her soaking slit and flicked over her cl!t at the same time I dove back to her breast with my mouth. Her back arched and she groaned deeply. I easily slid my middle and ring fingers deep into her wet pussy. From our previous discussions I knew she was a very dirty girl and loved pussy almost as much as cock. So, I slid my fingers out and offered them to her mouth. She took them in hungrily and continued to lick and suck them like a dick.

I guess that taksim escort gave her an idea as she flew down the bed and started pulling my pants off. My shirt was already gone and soon everything else was as well. She told me two can play the teasing game. I chuckled and enjoyed her appreciation. She kissed and licked down my body. She kissed all around my cock, making sure not to touch it other than very light strokes from her hair. She blew on me and continued to kiss and lick around all my sensitive and ticklish spots. finally she very lightly touched the tip of my penis and moved her finger tips up and down the shaft ever so lightly. She took a quick lick at my balls and then started sucking them as she gripped my dick.

her tongue found it’s way up my shaft. When she reached the tip, she took it in her mouth. She stroked and sucked my cock for a few minutes and it felt wonderful in her tiny mouth. I decided it was time for me to take back control and I started fingering her hot little cunt until she came hard. I wasted no time burying my face into her dripping pussy and had her cumming on me again.

By this time, we were really heated up. There was no longer anything remotely soft and teasing. She spread her legs wide as I climbed up her body and kissed her hard. She made sure to lick up all her juices on my face. I lined up my cock and pushed forward, penetrating her tight hole. We both moaned loudly.

That is when I found out she wasn’t lying when telling me how dirty and wild she was. She didn’t just lay there and take it. She really fucked back good and hard. Every thrust down I made, she’d meet me by thrusting up. She wanted it good and hard and let me know. It turned me on so much. We continued to truly fuck each other in a few positions. She had been telling me the whole time how bad she wanted me to cum in her, filling her with my spunk. I finally answered her request when I could hold back no longer. I let out a long grunt şişli escort and moan as I released a huge load of jizz I had been building up all week for her while talking to her. I was glad I had refrained from masturbating because it was soooooo great!

We continued this 3 or 4 times every day for the next 4 days. She hadn’t had any in a while so I eventually wore out her pussy. the last couple days we were using lots of lube. One day I had her on her stomach as I was spreading a generous amount of lube in and across her pussy and ass hole. I knew she liked anal. So, as I was fingering her cunt from behind with my index and middle fingers, I stuck my thumb into her ass. Her overwhelmingly positive response took me off guard.

I had actually never had anal sex or even done any ass play. I’ve never been overly enthused with the thought of it for some reason. But I’m very much a pleaser and when I know the woman I’m with likes something, it becomes a turn on for me too. So, I continued to thrust into her pussy and ass at the same time and she’s really getting into it.

At this point, she’s finally starting to get past her shyness, but still has trouble talking as dirty as she wants (this is what she told me anyway). So, she turns her head to look back at me and asks if she can say something really dirty. I practically begged her to. So, she says word for word in the hottest, most seductive / slutty way, “I need you to shove your cock up my ass right now!”

Wow! Talk about a turn on. Of course I had to oblige. So, I got on top of her and started pushing the head of my dick into her little rose bud. I was surprised how easily I slid in. I fucked her like that for some time on her stomach until she started pushing her self up onto her knees. She loved it when I played with her breasts while fucking her from behind, so I did while also slapping her butt. During all that, she was shoving three fingers into her pussy.

I think that was mostly for me though. Because she took them out after not long and used both hands to prop herself up while I continued to pump my cock into her tight backside. after a few minutes, she started cumming really hard. The fact that she was cumming so hard simply from anal and no other stimulation was too much for me to handle and I blew another big load into her. this time, right up her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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