Pauline Takes a Bath

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Pauline and I had an unusually close relationship. We had seen each other naked many times… but it was never in a sexual way. It just never happened to work out that way. But it was not uncommon for her to walk in on me naked, or vice versa. Tonight was no exception.

I needed a place to go after a big fight with my family. They just plain suck, and always know exactly what to say to piss you off. So I drove over to Pauline’s, calling from my cell on the way. No answer. I walked up to the door and knocked, still no answer. So I used my key, and let my self in. Even if she wasn’t here to bitch to, her place would be a welcome sanctuary from my life. A moment after stepping into the hall, I heard a shrill yell from the back.

“Who the fuck is that?!?!”

“SHIT! Pauline?? What the hell, I called you 3 times… Pick up the damn phone much?”

“Jack?!? You scared the SHIT out of me. I’m naked in a bath damnit! Really scared me!”

“Naked? I’ll be right there!”

“Fuck you prick….”

I walked back to the bathroom, and found her up to her neck in bubbles. Candles were lit, and soft new-age meditation music was playing. I chatted about how much of a cunt my girlfriend was… and she told me about how her boss was the biggest asshole on the planet, and how a rough day led to a hot evening bath.

She sat up to tell me some angry detail… and her large breasts lifted out of the suds. Instinctively, my eyes dropped to look at them. A swift punch to my shoulder was just as quick, and just as instinctive. “Fucking perv!” she said as she sank below the suds again.

“Sorry. I’m a guy. I can’t help it. It just kinda happens when you put a beautiful set of breasts in front of a guy.”

“Yeah right… whatever…”

“Let me make it up to you… Can I wash your back?”

“Well…. I guess that will START to make up for being a prick.”

She leaned forward, and I took one of those silly poofs, and began to lather up her back. Rolling up my sleeves, i reached as far down into the water as I could, and started working my way up. Slowly, and softly, I work up a thick lather.

Over the small of her back, up to her shoulder blades. A few “Oooos…” and “Ahhhhs” later, she leaned back, and put her arms above her head. Her ample breasts were now completely in view.

“That was nice how you did that… Feels really good.”

“Why, thank you! My only problem is I can just never tell where the shoulder ends, and the chest begins… Did you want me to keep working my way over your shoulders, and down the other side?”

“Well… I wouldn’t say no.”

With istanbul escort that, I ran my hands over her shoulders, around her sensuous neck, and down the upper part of her chest. Circling around her breast, and underneath, I brought the puffball up between her breasts. Washing one, and then the other… coating them in that same rich lather that you usually only see in TV ads. Finally, washing her nipples one after the other, so they were the only thing poking through the lather.

Now that she was lathered, I dunked the poof under water, and rang it out over her stunning chest. Even after the soap is long gone, I keep rinsing them, dripping water over them, and watching it run across her skin.

“Are they clean now?” she asks coyly.

“Well… There really is only one way to be sure…” With that, I leaned in and softly kissed her breast. Pauline threw a leg over the side of the tub, and arched her back as if she was offering her chest to me. “Yeah… They taste pretty clean to me…”

“Should I stop there, or would you like me to keep washing lower?” I asked softly.

“Well… maybe…” she said, as she reached up, and gently rubs the back of my neck, pulling me just slightly down… I continue to kiss her breast, with one hand on the other breast, and one hand now free to explore the rest of her body. She gasped softly as my mouth sucked gently on her now pert nipple. My hand moves down, under her breasts, across her soft and welcoming abdomen. Not in a straight line, but wandering ad exploring her belly, and her hips as it slowly keeps moving down. As I came to her pubis, where I found out how well shaved she was, I veered off. I wanted to tease her. But as my hand came painfully close to her most intimate areas, she reached up, grabbing my head with both hands, and kissed me deeply.

I could taste the wine on her lips. Her soft lips eagerly welcomed mine, and her tender tongue was quick to explore my mouth. Our first kiss was far better than anything I could have imagined. With one hand still on her breast, less caressing then groping now, and one hand on her thighs, and my mouth at her mercy, I was in paradise.

My hands were now gliding across her slick, wet skin. Breasts, torso, and fabulous thighs were all open to me. Her knees were bent, and with one leg still over the side of the tub, she was completely open to me. Finally, my one hand came around behind her knee. Working my way up, my hand came to rest on a cheek of her bare bottom. With a slower, and more deliberate motion, I avcılar escort come down to the crease where her leg and her ass meet. I circled around, and finally feel her most intimate and most tender soft folds of skin. Her lips are already swollen as my finger tips move back down along the folds. As gently as I can, i caress her down one side, and up between her cheeks again.

She’s biting her lips as I continue to kiss her neck, and breasts. As I start to move my hand back down her ass, she instantly reacts to the change in pressure. First at the cleft of her ass, and then against her bottom hole, and then further around, to her labia. She presses softly against me, almost begging me to penetrate her, anywhere, and everywhere, as long as it’s now. As I continue up her labia, i feel the swollen button, that makes her twitch as I brush against her clit. Feeling her jump, I know just how, and just where to touch her next. She gasps again as we kiss passionately, and clutch and grab at each other and I wiggle a finger tip across her button again. As I ready to penetrate her with my hand for the first time, she suddenly stands up.

I stumble backwards, and look up at her bare body. Despite seeing it several times already, I was in awe. Her full, ample breasts glisten with the bathwater dripping off of them. Her arms look beautiful, as she swiftly ties her hair up into a tussled ponytail. Her hourglass figure, round hips, her lovely figure, and statuesque legs. Even the expertly groomed pubis was absolutely perfectly groomed. I can’t take my eyes off her as she steps out of the bath, dripping wet, and pushes me back, out of the room.

She pushes me all the way back to her bed, where she jumps on top of me, and she scrambles to take off my shirt and pants. As she almost tears my clothes off, I eagerly touch, and stroke any part of her I can reach. Turned opposite of me, as she tugs my pants, socks, and even my boxer shorts in one lump of clothes, I look up to find her bare ass bent over my face. Instinctively I reach up, grabbing her ass in both hands, and raise my face into her and eagerly lap up her delicious juices. I feel her falter as my mouth meets her sensitive folds, and my tongue penetrates them. I’m eager to give her the tongue lashing she deserves, and I desire.

I finally feel my last sock fall off, and her warm mouth envelop my cock almost simultaneously. Now I’m the one faltering as she recklessly drives my rod into her mouth. She compensates by pressing her ass into my face, and grinding her wet snatch to my mouth. She clutches my scrotum şirinevler escort firmly, and give it a little tug. She just wants me to know that she hasn’t forgotten about those either.

Rapidly approaching my climax, she suddenly she pulls off, with a mighty suction that curled my toes, and crossed my eyes. Before I can get my bearings, her face is against mine, as she passionately kisses my mouth, and licks my face like a cat. She bites my neck and whispers,

“Jack, I’m fucking dying to have you inside of me.”

I can feel her moist wet area against my cock, and all I can think is how much I would like to BE inside of her. She reaches down, clutching my cock. She angles herself on top of me, and with one solid thrust, drives my tool deep inside of her hot, tight folds.

“Fuck me… Fuck me hard… I want you to enjoy me as much as I am…” I thrust into her with every ounce of strength I have. Her breasts swing and giggle in my face with every thrust. Pauline moans, and groans, and moans again… louder.

“I want you to cum Jack” She said, ” I want you to know exactly how much I appreciate what you were doing in the bath… Do you want to cum for me? Cum deep in me?” I had never heard her talk dirty before, but I was really enjoying it. The feeling of her, the taste of her the sight of her… and now the sounds of her as well. She really was everything I could have hoped for, or fantasized about. Repeatedly driving my tool into her, she moaned louder, mumbling my name between breaths… Then, softly i could hear her whispering,

“fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…” It just excited me more, making me rail into her harder and harder, as deep into her as I could imagine.

“Fuck Me… Fuck me… Fuck me….” She continued to chant, louder with each passing moment. I was so close to cumming, I prayed I could last….

“FUCK ME… FUCK ME… FUCK ME…” Now screaming it as I thew everything I had into her. Her breasts bounced in my face like some porno, and the audible slapping of our flesh coming together was only drowned out my her vulgar screams…

“FUCK…. ME…. FUCK…. ME….”

That’s when I felt the swelling at the base of my cock… I was cumming. I held back the spasm as long as I could, and when it came, it hit me like a hammer. She felt my cock lurch inside her, and knew I was cumming. With the realization that I was filling her deeply, she came too. We could both feel ourselves, and each other twitching with earth-shaking, bone jarring orgasms.

I felt my back fall back to the bed. I didn’t even know I had arched it. Pauline fell too, but up against me, Gasping and panting, with my cock still inside of her, she kissed me softly. It was the first tenderness we had shared since leaving the water. Between gasps, she whispered,

“That wasn’t too bad…” It was the last thing she said till the sun came up the next morning.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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