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I’d had my eye on the new temp, Avril, the moment she stepped into our office. Her CV from the agency said she was 24, she wore glasses that made her look very professional and innocent. Her blouses and skirts were just tight enough to hint at a good figure, and her skirts were short enough to show she had a very decent pair of legs. She was good at her job, but more than that there was something about the look in her eyes and the way she swung her thighs and her backside and set her big breasts bouncing with her strides that pressed all my buttons.

My divorce was still fresh and my sex life consisted of porn and masturbation. I’d certainly jerked plenty of times thinking of Avril! As well as porn I’d gotten into striptease. My company’s office was near the city’s red light district and I frequently visited the strip clubs and striptease bars storing up female bodies for my masturbation fantasies.

One evening I visited a striptease bar I hadn’t visited for a while. It was gloomily lit, except when the spotlights came on over the small stage jutting out into the middle of the floor. I perched myself on a bar stool in a dimly lit spot with a good view of the stage. I was sipping my beer, savouring the memory of the last couple of girls, when the spotlights over the stage lit up, the music started and the next girl strode confidently onto the stage. At the sight of her I spluttered on my beer — it was Avril!

She was minus her glasses, and in a little black cocktail style dress with thin shoulder straps that clung to her curves, was backless almost down to the top of the valley between her bum cheeks, and had a cleavage low cut in a deep V between her big breasts and held closed only by a tied bow. Her dress ended high up her thighs just at the tops of sheer seamed black fishnet stockings, giving a glimpse of bare thigh above with her every step, with four inch high heels at the ends of her nylon clad legs. At work she’d been in a tight top and skin tight jeans and I’d hardly been able to keep my eye off her, but in that dress she looked an order of magnitude hotter!

She strolled around the stage swinging her backside and boobs even more sensuously than she ever did in the office. Then she squatted down with her knees together and slowly and smoothly swung her legs wide to give us a full frontal display of see through black lace panties through which I could see the shadow of her dark cunt bush. She reached between her legs and momentarily pulled down the front of her panties to treat us to a peep of her bush of dark cunt hair.

I watched with a steadily stiffening erection as Avril danced to the music. She started her strip by pulling the bow between her breasts undone to let her big round melons bounce out and swing with the rhythm of her body. Next the shoulder straps were off, and she slipped her dress down her body and off and kicked it aside. The tiny triangle of her black lace panties barely covered her cunt and ankara escort at the back just a black thong strap nestled in the deep valley between her big round bum cheeks gleaming under the spotlights. After a boob bouncing routine in her panties, fishnets and heels, she bent over with her back to the audience to slowly slip her panties down her long legs. When she turned, stood and spread her legs wide with her heavy breasts swinging as she rocked on her heels, my lustful eyes and I guess those of every guy in the place were locked on the inviting dark “landing strip” between her legs.

Just in her stockings and high heels she did an incredibly erotic routine, arching her body into leg spreading, boob thrusting, bottom wiggling poses as hot as any porn. She showed us every sex position I’d want to have a woman in. As a finale she lay back, folded her legs up so her knees were near her shoulders, slid her hand smoothly down her front from her breasts till her hand was down between her legs, and smoothly and rhythmically stroked and massaged her pussy to show us how she masturbated. She kicked her legs and thrust her hips, and her boobs bounced just like when a woman has an explosive climax. I guessed it was faked, but it was far more erotically spectacular than most of my ex wife’s orgasms! Finally she strolled off the stage swinging her delicious bottom and thighs. But as she did, and just before the spotlights faded, she glanced over her shoulder and looked straight at me!

The next act was pretty blonde looking barely out of her teens in a red bikini scarcely worth the trouble of wearing and with her massive pair of boobs only just slung in its tiny red top, and red high heels. As I was ogling her, Avril came and perched herself on the bar stool next to mine wearing the outfit she’d stripped from. She sat with her legs just far enough apart that I could see her stocking tops and panties, and she grinned at me before she spoke.

“Hi Mr Thompson. Did you enjoy my act?”

I was so dumbfounded, in a mixture of amazement, lust, embarrassment and horror at what would happen if this got back to the office that I was speechless. I eventually managed to regain as much composure as any guy could with a sexy girl sitting next to him showing him her knickers and asking him if he enjoyed watching her strip naked, show him the positions she liked sex in and masturbate.

I bought her a drink and we chatted. She told me she’d got into striptease as a student, was between boyfriends and lived in a flat with a couple of other girls. As we were chatting Avril leaned close to me and reached down and ran her fingertip along the bulging hard ridge of my erection through my trousers. She spoke just loud enough for me to hear over the pounding music.

“I get so randy stripping with men watching me. My pussy’s throbbing … Pleasuring myself isn’t enough. I’m finished after my next dance. Can we … afterwards … back in your office?”

You elvankent escort can guess my answer: It was a no brainer!

The blonde wiggled her well rounded bottom off the stage and Avril gave me a little kiss on the cheek and went to get ready for her next dance.

The next routine was a brunette stripping from a schoolgirl outfit of tight white blouse, flouncy grey pleated miniskirt high up her thighs, white knee socks and white cotton knickers just like my daughter used to wear to school. But all through her raunchy high kicking, boob bouncing naughty school girl routine my penis was straining over thoughts of Avril’s soft, smooth, warm naked body against mine and her tight wet vagina squeezing my hard hungry penis as I tried to decide which sex position I’d have her in. Finally Avril did her last dance. The moment she stepped onto the stage our eyes met and from that moment she stripped, posed, readied her body for sex, and masturbated just for me!

My office was nearby. Avril threw a coat on over her striptease outfit and we walked there. The building was empty except for the night security guy whose eyes followed Avril every inch of her heel clicking walk across the foyer to the lift up to where my company leased part of a floor. But since I owned my company and was the boss, if I chose to bring a girl back to the office late at night that was none of their business.

Up in my office Avril strolled straight to my desk and bent over it with her back toward me. Her short dress rode up above her bottom, displaying her thong strap nestling between her bum cheeks. She spread her legs slightly, looked at me over her shoulder and wiggled her bottom at me. I got the message. She’d already decided the sex position and I certainly wasn’t complaining!

I ran my fingers slowly down the thin black thong strap between her bum cheeks and her legs parted further for me to reach under her and fondle her mound from behind through the thin lace of her panties. The lace was already wet with her juice. After a delicious fondle I pulled her panties down round her spread thighs. She closed her legs to let her panties drop and she kicked them aside, then spread her legs really wide for me to play with her. I gently stroked the tops of her thighs with my hand slowly working its way toward her pussy till I was stroking her juice soaked vagina lips and inner labia and her wet pubic hair and she was squirming and crying out with sex pleasure at the touch of my exploring fingers.

I’d taken her most of the way toward orgasm and she was breathing hard with excitement by the time she turned and stood facing me. I fondled her breasts through her dress, catching her nipples through the thin cloth, savouring the feel of her soft curves before I pulled the bow open and her breasts swung out. Her nipples were hard up with arousal. There was no stopping me and I had the thin straps off her shoulders and pulled otele gelen escort her dress down and off as fast as I could, leaving her just in stockings and heels. She leaned back against my desk for me to kiss her breasts and lick and suck her nipples, and at the same time my hand was on her furry pussy with my fingers stroking and massaging her vagina lips.

“Ohhhhh! …. Want you!” Avril moaned.

I started to undress: I’ve never had sex with a woman other than naked. As I stripped Avril swung her stockinged leg up so her knee was up on my desk with her leg sprawled across it and she was standing on one high heeled foot, bending forward over my desk to lean on her forearms with her bottom right in front of me, her gaping vagina and juice glistening labia at the edge of my desk and her breasts brushing my desk top. She reached between her spread legs and fingered her pussy, gasping and moaning with excitement. She was so wild for sex she’d knocked my desk tidy and a used coffee cup onto the floor but I didn’t care: I was as frantic as she was!

“Want! Want!” She gasped.

I played with her first. I fingered the tendons at the tops of her thighs in that so sensitive area between her vagina and arse, and now between her stocking tops. I stroked her along her vagina lips and slipped my finger between her labia to circle her clit with my fingertip. I kissed her all over the tops of her thighs and her buttocks, stroked her nylon clad legs and slipped my hands down inside her stockings.

She was at the brink of climax when I took hold of her, slipping my hands down inside her stockings to hold her thighs, and slid my cock in full length till my pubes brushed against her. Her vagina was as tight, smooth, wet and warm as I’d dreamed. I thrust her for ages and her orgasm came while I was pumping her. She cried out, kicked out the leg that was sprawled on my desk sending her high heeled shoe flying and knocking more things off my desk. Her buttocks quivered as she shook and thrust her hips with the pulses of her orgasm, and I felt her vagina clench around my penis. I was still thrusting when she flopped on her front on my desk, panting. With my orgasm thrust as my semen spurted into her I pushed her across my desk, sending pens and papers onto the floor. I held her for a delicious while with my hips pressed against her wide spread thighs before I stepped back and watched the mixture of my semen and her juice trickle down the inside of her thigh and catch on her stocking top.

Finally Avril slid her leg off my desk and stood there leaning back against my desk with her eyes closed, with her hand held over her pussy, breathing hard in her post-orgasm glow, and with a bead of my semen trickling slowly down her fishnet stocking.

We tidied up my desk, I took Avril to a restaurant then ordered a taxi to take her home.

Next day in the office in her respectable blouse and skirt and her glasses that made her look so innocent no one would have guessed how she spent her evenings or what we’d been up to the night before! Avril’s no longer a temp. She’s a permanent member of my staff now and though she still strips in bars some evenings she keeps her hottest performances just for me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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