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Jillian steadied the step ladder as Josh reached still higher into the attic to push in the last few boxes. The attic, among many things, held Jillian’s summer and winter wardrobes. She was finishing her semi-annual changeover with Josh’s help. It was an intense spring and she knew that summer was close at hand. Josh was special to Jillian and the son to her best friends, Becka and Jimmie. They lived right next door and shared a common back yard.

Jillian had witnessed Josh’s maturation evolving from just a young, cute lad to a full blown high school hunk who could drive a car, drive a golf ball, drive a sail boat and from what she could see, drive the young ladies quite giddy. His boyish charm remained even though he was now a senior but to Jillian, he would always be her little man; or so she thought. She knew Josh had a crush on her and from a very early age. When not at home, Josh could most likely be found at Jillian’s with just about any reason to be there.

Josh stood close to the top of the stepladder and was just pushing in one of two remaining clothes cartons. As he stretched, Jillian held the ladder base so he could not push the ladder out from under himself. It was not the safest move but with two people, it would work. As she craned her neck looking up to see how this tricky maneuver was going, she sighted right up Josh’s baggy gym shorts and to his crotch more because this was aligned to the task at hand. She peered more closely unsure of what she saw.

“Josh…what are you wearing under there?…Are you wearing panties?” she asked with a certainly already in her voice.

Josh froze on the ladder afraid to make even a slight movement. For what assuredly was no more than a second or two Josh reddened completely and stayed put.

“Josh? Are those panties?”

“Ummm…yes. Yes they are. Miss J, I don’t know what to say other than that I am so embarrassed!”

“Josh come down here. Come on.”

As Josh descended, Jillian continued to look upwards to confirm.

“Josh, tell me what’s going on?”

“Miss J…” was all he could say looking down at the carpet. His face remained fully crimson and he clasped his hands to his front, fingers laced in some sort of effort to hide his embarrassment and what lay beneath. “I can’t say why. I just can’t.

She took his hand and led him to the bed where she sat down. Josh remained standing directly in front of her clearly uncomfortable with this situation.

Without a word, Jillian tugged the gym shorts half way down, careful not to expose him but wanting to confirm her assumption. As the shorts came down, she saw a panty, laced trimmed, and very much like a pair she owned.

“Josh, where did you get these?”

“Please Miss J, I am already embarrassed. You know where they came from, don’t you?

“I will ask the questions. Are these mine?” she intoned with a slight cast of surprise in her voice and an inquisitive wrinkle now on her brow?

“Please Miss J…I promise I won’t do it anymore!…okay?. I don’t know what got into me.”

As she stared, she noticed that he was reacting to the situation. His staff was beginning to peep up and rather than leave him to further embarrassment, she snapped his shorts back up and sat there unsure what to do next.

Josh was her favorite neighborhood kid. He took care of her place as she travelled, feeding the cat and helping her in the yard. He was a great young man and part of her family in a way. This last year or so had been very difficult for Jillian. Josh and his parents, Becka and Jimmie, had been tremendous in showering her with support. A year and a half prior, she had just opened a letter telling her that she could not get pregnant…ever. And as she re-read the letter, a Marine staff car drove up and stopped in front of her home. In that moment, she found out she had lost her husband and best friend to an IED in some place she could not even find on a map and now she would not and could not ever bear their child. She collapsed.

Josh Steadman and his parents, Becka and Jimmie, had looked after her in the ensuing months, helped in making all the arrangements and generally seeing that she was recovering. They had evolved to a very comfortable open door relationship. Her recovery had been a long and difficult process with a result that the Steadmans had become her family.

Jillian was now reinserting into her professional career as a highly sought environmental consultant which saw her crisscrossing the US. Josh contributed to her career by allowing her to stay away, sometimes for a week or more and knowing her Sylvester kızılay escort the Cat was well fed and her home safe. He sometimes stayed in her home while she was gone.

Her core competency was to either protect a globally shrinking wetlands habitat (her preference) but more often than not it was to see if a formerly pristine wetland could be reclaimed. The latter was difficult since a healthy wetlands habitat supports a vast ecosystem of plants and animals, mostly unseen by humans. Once stressed and degraded, re-establishing a truly healthy biome took decades if at all. She likened the process to a dike breaking and flooding the backlands. Yes, one could certainly plug the dike but the damage done would take years from which to recover. Because of this, her practice stressed prevention in favor of cure since habitat destruction was typically terminal.

Health exuded from her. She was fortunate in that, to the eye, one could see she was in great physical shape yet she possessed a feminine layering that allowed her to stand in two distinct kingdoms: that of a jock and well as a nubile woman. Most women possessed either one quality or the other. They could be a true physical specimen but with this came a bodily leatheriness where the tits were too reduced and the lack of body fat resulted in a flinty texture. Yes they could claim fitness but lost on the feminine front.

Jillian possessed the stamina and character of an athlete but her feminine charms were always apparent from her green eyes, jostled sandy hair which lightened with the sun, tanned features, plump breasts, tiny waist, round bottom and torchy legs. Her Floridian home base fostered these attributes allowing her most of the year to enjoy a climate in tune with her liking. She was envied by both men and women alike. It was difficult to state her most attractive feature in that each contributed to a phenotype void of shortcoming, long on generosity and complete in that the impression one observed was that of endless possibilities.

Jillian was of a slightly different breed. As an example, she purchased her shoes not to hide ugly feet but because she found them attractive. So many women used adornments to cover some flaw. Jillian’s anatomy required neither cover-up nor camouflage. Her clothes were simple but only of high quality. If she wore make-up at all, it was not to diminish a large nose but to compliment an outfit. And while this was all fine and good, her preferred attire consisted of cargo shorts, flannel shirt, light hiking books and B a bit of a secret known only to herself…and now Josh too? She regarded herself as feminine in her core with all this implies.

“Josh, I am not going to talk to your parents…at least not yet. I don’t know what I am going to do. You’re wearing my panties aren’t you?”

“Yes I am”, eyes still downcast.

“Let me see.”

With this statement, Josh looked up into Jillian’s eyes and reddened yet again. He stood and slipped off his shorts, piling at his feet, leaving the panty in place.

Jillian looked at what he wore. In her head she thought they looked very cute on his teen frame but she kept her face unemotional.

The panty was mostly see-through with a very thin material and slashes of lace at the legs and waist. His anatomy was clearly visible through the material and his shirt did little to hide her panty.

“Okay” was all she said.

His growing erection was obvious. The fact that he was standing in front of a woman whom he had had a crush on for so long, and in her panty, was almost too much for his limited experience. He tried to cover his erection with his hands but Jillian simply stood and said, “let’s get the last carton into the attic.”

“What about my shorts?”

“Get up there and I will hand you the box.” She ignored his question.

Up the latter Josh went wearing just the lace edged panty and a tee. He was both embarrassed but highly charged at the same time. As he strained with the box, and as Jillian steadied the ladder, it gave her a chance to inspect Josh in her underwear. She had to admit that he looked cute. His buns, now evident, were both muscular and boyish. His frame outpaced his emotional maturity and as she studied his tush and package, she marveled at how large (and stiff) he was at such an age. Her panty was tenting outwards. He was turning into a handsome young man and would be quite a prize one day. She chided herself for having such thoughts and felt the beginnings of a smoldering from deep within; a feeling on hold over the last year and a half.

They finished the task in etlik escort quiet neither speaking a word. Now downstairs and with Josh back in his gym shorts, Jillian simply said, “Thank you Josh. I won’t say anything but we will need to talk about this. I don’t know if I am comfortable with you going through my drawers (she winced at her choice of words) and helping yourself to my underwear. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes Mam…thank you mam. I won’t do it again. I, uh, I still have your panties on…what should I do?” He looked at her with boyish sincerity.

“Bring them back later and don’t forget to feed the cat!” With this, she took him by the chin and raised his face such that she could look into his eyes.

“Josh…we’ll be fine, okay?”

He turned and walked out the back door, through the bushes and to his home.


That evening, as Jillian sat in the hot tub just outside her bedroom sliding glass door and hidden from view, she sipped a crisp Chardonnay and thought about what had transpired. She was naked with a constant stream of bubbles tickling her back and the occasional bubble that every once in awhile rose through her legs and tickled her most delicate part. As she thought about the entire episode, she began to laugh. In some ways it was sweet, confusing and sensual all at once. If one good thing came from this, at least the mystery of the missing panties was solved. Jillian always purchased her panties and bras in matching sets. She felt far more feminine this way and it made her feel a bit pampered. She had thought her high tech washer was eating her panties as she always seemed to have more bras and fewer panties. And yet the missing panties seemed to always somehow show up. Mystery solved. Josh!

With eyes closed she decided that the best thing to do would be to read up on the subject. Josh was more than a neighbor and a bit of the son she knew she would never have. To overreact or to react with insufficient knowledge would jeopardize her relationship. For the moment, she would relax and let the heat melt into her.

That night as she slipped between the sheets, her skin was hyper sensitized from the combination of shaving her legs and the hot tub. The sheets agitated her nipples and skin in a pleasant fashion. She wondered if her vibrator still worked. She reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled it out. “Oh good, the batteries really did hold up” as she reminded herself that new ones were in order. She was already a bit on edge as the vibrator found it’s target and as she squeezed her nipples, she was gently pushed up the precipice and nearing the edge. It took so little time having preferred this area remain dormant for so long. “Had Josh been in this drawer too? Good heavens!” She thought about Josh’s body up the ladder and convulsed into a deep orgasm that spread from crotch to extremities much as a flooding tide with no nook or cranny left unmolested. Awash for an extended time as her body refused to end its convulsions having been without for so long, the tide finally withdrew leaving her breathless and tossed upon the shore. Sated, she cupped herself between her legs and drifted to sleep.


“That was one of the funniest things I had ever witnessed” trailed James “The guy was totally unprepared for the speed of the boat but he did it anyway. And while it wasn’t the most graceful dismount, I’ve gotta’ give it to him…”

Jillian, Becka and James had been reminiscing of another time; a time when there was always four in their get-togethers. A time when they were inseparable and constant companions. The boys sailed, rode dirt motorcycles and enjoyed cars. They were friends from college. But while JJ, had entered the Marine Corps upon graduation, James had pursued law school. On weekends, and as time allowed, they were still kids verbally punching in a brotherly fashion, never seemingly serious but would defend each other to the ends of the earth. Their ladies were a natural addition to the badinage and became seasoned members of the troupe. They did everything together. Becka and James were doing a fabulous job raising Josh. He was developing into such a fine young man.

When news of JJ’s death permeated the group, it was a series of very somber faces and depressing talks. But over time, the shroud lifted to expose a group of still close friends who would now reminisce of earlier times and paid tribute to their fallen companion by never allowing his memory to fade.

Becka surveyed the landscape and felt the sunlight on her skin. She was wearing demetevler escort sunglasses sitting directly across from Jillian. The early spring allowed then to all wear shorts and light clothing with the sun now enriching the color on their too pale skin. After a quiet moment, Becka was the first to speak and opened up a new line of conversation.

“Jill” Becka began, “I am leaving with Josh for a few days to visit SoCal. We leave this afternoon. I have fixed you and James a couple steaks and veggies for the grill and you will find a special dessert in the house.”

Becka shifted in her lounge and raised her sunglasses so that they perched upon her forehead.

“James and I have discussed this and this was my idea. You know you mean so much to us and while we know you are still healing, we think it would be good for you to think about dating again….I know, I know…you will do it in your own time but it’s been a long time Jillian.”

“Thanks Becka” Jillian was interjecting but was cut off by Becka.

“Let me finish honey. James and I were talking. This weekend while Josh and I are gone, I want you to take care of my husband. Take care of him …”

Jillian studied Becka’s face and looked over to James. He sat, legs stretched out into the deck with his 6’4″ frame requiring much of the available space. His hands were laced behind his head and he remained impassive.

“Becka and Jimmie, are you suggesting that…” and again she was cut off

“Jill baby, what I am telling you is that I have fixed a dinner for my two favorite people and I am leaving my man in your capable hands.”

The words hung in the air as Jillian reasoned the implication. “You guys, that is a sweet offer and I know your intentions are only the best, but I simply couldn’t, I just…it wouldn’t be right. You have such a great relationship and I…”

It was difficult for Jillian to articulate the conflicting thoughts she was having all at once. They were best of friends, they were neighbors, he was best friends with her husband, what about after? There were simply too many logical reasons to decline. Rather than debate the point, Jillian simply stated that she could never do such a thing but the offer was one of the sweetest and most heartfelt she had ever heard. She reached across the table and squeezed Becka’s hand and got up to leave.

“You know I love you but I cannot accept.” Jillian was now sitting up straight. The B for a long time, she disciplined herself to never (or at least seldom) allow her gaze to drift down. If caught, she would be so embarrassed. He was pleasant to watch as he walked…or did anything really. When combined with his hawkish features and dark, moody eyes, he was a walking, talking 9…maybe 9.5.

Jillian confessed to herself that he was a beautiful specimen and she felt a mild electric current in her psyche as she thought about Becka’s offer. This current was flowing in a southerly direction. She worked to dismiss it but it warmed her ever so slightly.

As a final errand, she swung by Nordstrom’s to see what might be new for the season. As she walked through the departments, she saw summer outfits, and one in particular that looked so sexy and she pictured would look great on her. If she was to go to dinner that night, it would be the thing to wear. Perhaps she should try some on.

She found Mica, her long time sales person with whom she liked and asked to see the outfit that had caught her eye.

“Hi Jill. It’s been awhile. If you like this, there are two or three others by the same designer. Let’s get you a changing room and get you started. You are a 4/5 regular?”

“Thanks Mica. If you see something else, bring it over.”

This was pretty typical of the two. Jillian always liked how Mica dressed: young, sophisticated and a touch of sexy. Their tastes were similar. Mica always brought Jillian up to date on her schooling, boys and pretty much everything. Time typically flew as they talked and tried on this and that.

She began disrobing, once behind the closed door, down to panty and bra. As she slipped on the first outfit, she felt a bit risqué as the combination overtly hugged her curves and she knew that underwear was out. The raw silk tube top squeezed her breasts up into a perfect V and allowed for a bare midriff. The shocker was the tight but slinky shorts. They hugged her buns so nicely yet the legs flared out to be quite open. Could she wear panties or even a thong with these? VPL would ruin the effect.

Mica was back with more outfits.

“It’s me. Open up. See what you think of these,” and hung them on a hook.

Mica turned to survey, from top to bottom, the outfit on Becka. She had a hand on her hip and the other hand touching her lip and gently tapping.

“I like this one but I am wondering if I am wearing it right?”

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