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‘Single to Roydon, please’ I asked the driver.

It had been another long day at work, but at last I was boarding the bus for home. The driver, a gaunt, aging man with a grey beard and thinning scalp punched a couple of buttons on the electronic ticket issuing box and a ticket appeared. I handed over £2 to him, took my ticket and turned to look down the bus. As always, no seats were available to I grabbed the rail that surrounded the luggage compartment to my right that had been painted according to the bus company’s colour scheme – turquoise and a grotesque colour that was somewhere between pink and purple, but I could never decide which it was.

The bus pulled away from the stop and along the road that ran alongside the river. It was late summer but it looked like autumn had started to arrive a couple of weeks early, the canopy of the trees that stood on the bank of the river were starting to change from their deep green to a lighter shade, and some had already started to turn brown, more in tune to the bricks of the retirement flats that stood behind them on the far bank.

I switched the discman I was holding on, and my ears were duly filled with the harsh crashing of the electro/thrash metal I loved to listen to. I drifted away for a few minutes as the bus stopped, allowed people to get off and on, and then continued along its route. Finally, it neared my stop so I reached across to the handrail opposite me, and pressed the blue button that rang a bell and lit up a ‘Bus Stopping’ sign just above me. I stepped off and headed across the path into an alleyway that ran between the main road and the estate I lived on. I instantly smelled that ‘lovely countryside smell’ as my dad loves to call it — the smell that told me that they had been spreading manure on the allotments close by to fertilize the soil. I grimaced and quickened my step, eager to get home.

I hadn’t gotten very far before, clearly deaf to the world around me, I felt a prod on my shoulder that startled me. I turned to see a face I instantly recognized — the dark, short but well styled hair, tanned skin with the faintest trace of freckles, the small glinting stud in the side of the nose, sparkling green eyes and the wide grin all belonged to Louise. Louise and I had worked together at my last job — in fact I had been her team leader before she left to work for a famous local firm, while I stayed until being made redundant. I instinctively tugged the earphones away and wrapped the wire around my discman before stuffing it into my rucksack, and greeted her.

‘Hello’ I said, surprised. ‘How are you?’

She grabbed the fabric of my shirtsleeve, giggling. ‘I’m fine, how are you?’

I was taken by surprise at how little she had changed. Not only did she look the same as she had the four of five years ago since I last saw her, but her personality was still as vibrant as it was — and the years that had taken her from the end of her teens to her mid-twenties had had no effect on her bubbly attitude to life. It was so refreshing.

‘How come you’re around here?’ I asked her as we turned to continue walking along the path. ‘Visiting someone?’

‘No, I live here now’ she accentuated the word ‘live’, as though she was equally as surprised as I was. She had been living in a village about fifteen miles outside of Roydon while we were working together — I had visited here tiny studio flat once — dropping her off one evening after we had stayed behind working late. It was well out of my way but her company had always lifted my spirits so I didn’t hesitate to offer. She had always seemed so happy there despite the lack of space.

‘It’s much easier for work’ she explained her move as though she had read my thoughts.

‘Also my boyfriend lived in Roydon so it was a hell of a chore travelling backwards and forwards the whole time to see each other.’

It took only a few minutes to walk back to the flat where I lived, but Louise — not one for shyness — had already told me she was the proud mother of a baby son, Declan, had married and since divorced her boyfriend Steve and had finally passed her driving test. She had begun her lessons about a year before leaving her job with me, and even then was apparently nowhere near passing her test, so she was justly proud of the achievement. I stopped outside my flat and groped around in my pocket for my keys.

‘You’re having a laugh!’ she exclaimed, and her eyes widened in disbelief. ‘You don’t live here.’

‘I hesitated in confusion, before replying with a slow and weak ‘Yeah. Why?’

”Coz I live about ten doors that way!’ She pointed down the road, in the opposite direction from which we’d walked.

‘The house with the big beech tree in the garden.’ She continued.

I felt an overwhelming sense of irony that only seconds after embarking on my nightly walks around the estate I would pass just yards from her front door.

‘Anyway, I’d better get back my mum will be climbing the walls sincan escort by now at my son’s bad behaviour. I’ll see ya later.’ And with that she put her hand onto the nape of my neck and pulled my cheek to her lips for a quick peck, before flashing me a mischievous grin and turning away. I couldn’t help but notice her trousers were pulled taut across her backside, which wiggled attractively as she walked along the path. I was still transfixed when she suddenly turned back.

‘Are you up to much tonight?’ She asked inquisitively.

‘Not really, quiet night in with the telly probably. Why?’

‘Do you fancy popping down for a bite to eat, impress you with my shepherd’s pie?’

Again, that cheeky grin broke across her face, and I couldn’t resist.

‘Sure, go on then. What time do you want me?’

‘Seven-thirty. Hopefully the little ‘un will be soundo by then, and we can eat in peace!’

‘See you later then.’

I hurried to ready myself, showered and changed into smart jeans and a t-shirt, my mood heightened by the prospect of doing something other than sitting in front of the mind-numbing banality that is the nightly television schedule. It wasn’t long before I was putting my trainers on and grabbing the bottle of white wine that had been “maturing” in the fridge for the several weeks since I’d received it on my birthday. I’m not a huge lover of wine — I always preferred a drop of the single malt scotch so I figured it’d be a good opportunity to get rid of it and Louise would probably appreciate it more than I would. It took a brief sixty seconds or so from pulling the key from my door to knocking on hers — the doorbell greeting by a flurry of manic barking and scrabbling at a hard surface. I heard Louise shouting at the animal to get back before the key jingled inside and she pulled the UPVC door open.

I was greeted by an instantly intoxicating sight — bare feet with toenails painted scarlet red perfectly, tight leggings that stretched across her full and shapely thighs and calves, and a small top that revealed two inches of sumptuous cleavage. Her tanned skin looked silky smooth as I followed the curves of her shoulders and neck to the face that beamed a sensuous smile at me.

‘Evening’ she said as she swung the door open to allow me inside. I stepped onto the laminate floor, instinctive manoeuvring my feet to manipulate my trainers off – leaving them parked next to the large plant pot that stood in the corner of the hallway. I offered the bottle I was holding and she took it from me, before warning me about the dog’s excitability,

‘Now get ready for Alfie ‘cos he’s really scary when he wants to be.’

The dog was still yapping insanely from behind the closed door, which I guessed led to Louise’s kitchen. She pulled the handle down before swinging the door back, allowing the tiny thing free to scuttle and slip on the floor towards me — its tail wagging furiously. As I leant down to stroke him he pulled back and retreated as fast as he had come towards me, provoking a shrill of laughter from Louise as she bemoaned what a useless guard dog Alfie was. As I entered the kitchen the smell of rich minced lamb and vegetables cooking filled my nostrils.

‘You’re just in time — it’s almost cooked. Let me get you a drink and I’ll dish up for us. What do you fancy?’ She reached into the cupboard for our glasses, her top parting from the top of her leggings to reveal a band of smooth flesh across her navel, which drew my attention instantly.

‘I don’t really mind — I’ll have whatever’s open.’

She took down two wine glasses and set them on the table, and then went to the fridge, and standing right next to me bent over to reach inside for the bottle of chardonnay that was stored on the bottom, stretching the fabric of her leggings as she did so, allowing me to see the triangular fabric of a white thong underneath. I looked away embarrassed, and started making feeble conversation about how much I liked her kitchen just to take my mind off how attracted to her I was.

She dished the meal up, each of us with a big glass of wine and a big plate full of steaming shepherd’s pie to munch through. We ate slowly, because we didn’t seem to stop talking. We chatted at great length about so many things, her marriage and her baby, our current jobs as well as reminiscing about the times and the people at the workplace we shared. It turned out we had both had a car accident over the previous couple of years, although only I had managed to write my car off when I flipped it over. The conversation turned to musical tastes and she asked if I still liked Metallica.

‘Of course!’ I exclaimed. ‘Metallica for life, sweetheart.’

‘I liked Metallica years ago, but my mum was a huge fan and played it all the time so I just got really bored in the end.’

And that was how we were for what seemed like hours, just talking and being really comfortable in each other’s presence. In truth, I couldn’t remember ankara escort the last time I felt so comfortable with a woman — maybe the wine helped after we had shared almost two bottles — but there was definitely an instant reconnection as if the years we’d spent away from one another had never happened. I actually felt closer to her now that I remembered being before.

We finished tea, and we loaded her dishwasher before going into her lounge with another bottle of wine. She dimmed the lights and put on some soft background music, then lit some candles on her fireplace. I sat myself down on her sofa as she fed her fish, and she took me by surprise by sitting right next to me — not even at the other end of the sofa, but making a point of being close to me. Any other time I would have felt a bit nervous, but not now. I was happy to be as close as possible to her.

We continued our conversation, and I spent joyous minutes gazing into her seductive green eyes as we again recounted the many stories from working with one another. She put a hand just above my knee and apologetically explained that she needed to check on baby Declan. This broke my mind’s slumber, trance, whatever you would like to call it, and snapped me back to reality.

‘Why don’t you pop up and meet him? As long as you promise not to wake him.’

I jumped at the chance and followed her up the stairs, watching her bum wiggle in the tight fabric on the way up, and I felt my loins stir as I resisted an urge to reach out and touch what I needed. My hands fumbled on the dark landing as I followed her into the nursery, and she switched a dim lamp on in the corner away from the cot. The little chap was tucked up nicely and fast asleep, and his mum looked at him so proudly. I instinctively placed a hand on the cool skin of her shoulder, and she looked at me, before taking my hand off her and leading me away from the cot and out of Declan’s room.

I panicked, sure that I’d really messed everything up. I stuttered momentarily trying to explain myself to her, but she hushed me and simply led me into another room — her bedroom — and gazed at me before pulling my head down towards hers and our lips met. We kissed gently at first, and my heart raced as I tasted the sweetness of her, and our mouths opened and I pushed my tongue into her mouth and accepted hers, we explored each other hungrily as I allowed my hands to slide onto her hips, rubbing the bare skin beneath her top gently with my fingertips and feeling the goosebumps of pleasure rise from her silky smooth flesh.

I pulled my lips from hers and began exploring her neck, the sweet smell of her perfume intoxicating me as I bit her, gently and playfully, and felt my cock stir in my jeans and press against the fabric and against her belly. She jammed herself against me as hard as she could, before I pulled her top over her head to reveal her white bra holding her gorgeous and ample bosom. I helped her take my t-shirt off and she wasted no time taking her tongue to my chest, finding one of my nipples and biting it playfully. My cock instantly reached a raging hardness, forcing a large bulge in the front of my jeans. I unclipped her bra, allowing it to drop to the floor, releasing her magnificent tits, firm with small dark areolas crowned with small nipples.

I instantly moved to them, cupping them both in my hands and gently squeezing and moving them in a circular motion. I stooped to take her nipple in my mouth, flicking my tongue over it and gently scraping it with my teeth and it responded by growing and hardening and I responded by sucking harder and squeezing tighter. She groaned lightly and pushed herself towards me, nearly smothering me with the soft mound of flesh. I released her nipple and couldn’t resist putting my face in the valley between her tits, she grasped them and pressed them both around my cheeks as I hungrily kissed and licked her aromatic skin.

She knelt on the floor to meet my lips, taking my tongue in her mouth once again before pulling away, whispering ‘Stand up for me.’ I got straight to my feet, so her face was level with the bulge in my jeans, and she locked her eyes into mine as she expertly unfastened the button and zip and pulled them to below my knees. I watched her bite her lip as she rubbed the huge bulge in my boxers, and I let out a loud groan at the sensation it sent up and down my shaft. She tugged at the waistband and my cock sprang free. She took it in her hand and pulled the foreskin back to reveal the purple gland swollen and engorged with blood.

Pulling her head low, she put the tip of her tongue at the base of my shaft, and slid her tongue all the way along the underside before stretching her mouth over the head and sliding my cock across her tongue and deep into her throat, and unable to control my body I grunted and threw my head back as she expertly drew back and forth — sucking and swallowing with each stroke as the tip of my cock hit her throat. She etimegut escort wrapped her left hand over my balls holding them firmly as she accelerated her movement and began humming and groaning with pleasure which in turn sent incredible vibrations through the whole my loins. I felt the tenseness rise in my balls and the base of my shaft so not wanting to come I gently pulled her off my cock but she was unwilling, leaving her tongue stretched towards the tip of my prick that glistened with her saliva and my precum.

I picked her up and kissed her deeply — she tried to take my tongue as she did my cock and suck it as far into her throat as she could. I pushed her down onto the bed and watched as her tits wobbled under her chin. I pulled at her leggings and she lifted her bum from the bed, allowing me to peel the fabric down her tanned skin leaving just a tiny white thong, through whose lace I could see her dark tuft of pubic hair. Kneeling straight up with my cock jutting in front throbbing, I took one of her feet with my hand and put my lips over her toes, and she giggled at the sensation first, and then groaned when I began to suck. She moved her other foot onto my cock and manipulated her toes up and down the hard shaft and the slightly rougher textured skin on the knuckles of her toes scraped my head giving me a tingling I had never felt in my cock before.

I saw a large damp patch had appeared on the thong and guessed the time was right to pay her pussy some attention, so I pulled them over her hips and away up her thighs to leave me looking at her small triangular bush, with her bald lips already swollen and parted to show her hot red hole already slick with her juices. I could already smell her sex as I moved my head down low to flick my tongue over her clit that already stood proud of its hood, and she pulled her legs back so I could kiss, lick, suck, bite and nibble unhindered.

I wanted everything on my tongue — I swirled it all over her – possessed by a desperate need to taste and please her. I pulled he lips apart with my fingers and plunged deep inside her satin hole, drawing my tongue up and down from her clit to her asshole, savouring every last drop of juice that flowed from her pussy, then circling and flicking her clit as she pulled me by the hair harder into her crotch, grunting as she humped by face, soaking it before squealing as her orgasm built, clamping her thighs around my head I pushed my tongue deep inside her again and I tasted a trickle of juice flowing over my tongue and down my throat. I sucked and licked every drop she could give me until she was spent, then I pulled myself up on top of her, my cock throbbing and hard ready to plunge into her.

She rolled us onto my back as we kissed again; she tasted her own juices as they dried on my lips and chin. She sat astride me with my cock flat on my belly, she teased me by rubbing herself against me, her soaking pussy sliding deliciously up my shaft for a few moments before she stopped and lifted herself up, grasping my cock as I reached up and grabbed her tits again, squeezing them and pinching the hard nipples that stood proud of her breasts as though they were seeking a stimulus. I felt her position the head of my shaft against her pussy’s opening, and she balanced herself by pressing on my chest for a moment before slowly lowering her hips, and we groaned together as the walls of her pussy slip slowly down my cock and the heat inside her sent shockwaves of pleasure down my dock and into my balls.

She slid down to my hilt and waiting for a moment, adjusting herself to the size of my cock before leaning toward me, and rocking her hips back and forth slowly at first, but building speed and intensity rapidly causing her arse and pussy to slap wetly against my balls and thighs. She was rocking me up and down and I groaned loudly and squeezed her tits harder, and she reacted by pounding me harder and faster until I had to stop her once again from making me cum — I held her arse steady above me and bent my knees up into the air, and used my purchase from my feet to push my cock up into her and pulling away at my own speed, leaving her helpless. I moved slowly at first until my need to come had receded, then started to pound her upwards slapping against her clit and I pulled her pussy open, stretching her flesh tight over my cock and kept pounding her until I slowed right back down again, knowing that the more times I held back when wanting to come the harder and more ecstatic the moment would be when I chose it.

I gave her back control by spinning her away from me and lowering her back onto my cock, giving me a wonderful view of her puckered arsehole that had a tiny brown mole just to its left and just below, her pussy lips stretched by my cock. Again, I held her open and stretched her even more which heightened our pleasure even more and before long she was pounding up and down wildly slapping my hips with her backside and grunting as each stroke hit deeply into her pussy. My cock was burning inside her as she accelerated further and lengthened her strokes, once allowing my cock to slip out of her. I hurriedly put it back inside her and just moments later she groaned,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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