Rob Stays with Auntie Serena

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I’m 18 years old and I really can look after myself but my mum insisted I went and stayed with some neighbours while she was away for a few days.

Mind you I didn’t mind as it was with Auntie Serena and Uncle Mark. They weren’t really my aunt and uncle but as they were the same age as my parents I was bought up to call them auntie and uncle.

You see Serena was very attractive, and had gorgeous kissable lips and always wore a deep red lipstick. Whenever she spoke to me I found myself looking at her lips and not her eyes and really wanted to kiss her, which was really bad considering she was old enough to be my mum.

But it gets even worse than that as I masturbated a lot while thinking about her and I even had a couple of digital photos on my laptop of her, although these were completely innocent as they were taken at a New Year’s Eve party. However, her deep red lipstick coated lips were a real turn on.

So although I protested to my mum, I was more than happy to stay there. They both went out to work and I was going to be left on my own during the day and to tell you the truth some of the thoughts I had were quite naughty.

The first day I heard uncle and auntie go off to work and immediately got up and went into their bedroom. I snooped around and soon found auntie’s underwear drawer. I took out several pairs of her panties and put a black pair on. They hardly covered my cock which was by now fully erect.

I carried on being nosey and in uncle’s drawer I found a couple of vibrators, one was a rabbit one and the other cock shaped.

I lay on their bed and turned the cock shaped one on and held it against my cock and through the panties. It was sensational and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I was going to take the panties off but decided I’d have time to wash them so carried on with the vibrator and soon my cock was gushing with cum all over auntie’s panties.

It was wonderful and I lay back and recovered. I then got washed and dressed and rinsed the panties out making sure they were clean but then I didn’t know how to get them dry. I looked in the laundry basket and saw lots more washing there so stuffed the panties in there near the bottom and thought that auntie would just pick them up and wash them together with all the other stuff.

Later that day, feeling horny again I went back up to their bedroom and delved deeply into the laundry basket again and this time I found a pair of her panties that she had worn. I put them to my nose and inhaled the wonderful aroma of auntie’s pussy. This, of course, soon made me hard and I again undressed and pleasured myself while smelling auntie’s worn panties.

Afterwards I decided to keep the panties as I didn’t want auntie washing them and hid them in my bedroom.

Later they both came home from work. We had dinner and sat around chatting and drinking a glass of wine. Auntie disappeared for a moment and I heard her putting the washing machine on so I was pleased that I had kept back her worn panties. One thing that puzzled her was why one of her pairs of panties was so wet. She really couldn’t understand but popped them into the machine anyway.

They all went to bed and in the canlı bahis morning I heard them both kept up for work. I had, as usual, woke up with an erection and had decided to wank as soon as they left for work. I reached for auntie’s worn panties and smelled them and once again loved the smell of her pussy which made me even harder.

Uncle left first and a few minutes later I heard the door close as auntie left the house. I immediately went into their bedroom and found another pair of her panties. I went back to my room, pulled the bedcovers off and lay naked on the bed. I wrapped her clean panties round my cock and lay her worn panties over my face so I could smell auntie’s pussy.

Serena was on the way to the bus stop when she realised she had left an important folder that she needed for a work on the kitchen table.

I walked back to the house and let myself in. I knew I had plenty of time as the buses ran every few minutes. As I picked up the folder I heard voices upstairs. I knew Rob was there but wondered who was with him as I had just left the house. I slowly crept up the stairs and then suddenly realised all I could hear was Rob’s voice. What really shocked me was what he was saying.

“Oh auntie, I can smell your pussy juices on your panties, look how hard you’re making me. Are you watching me wanking auntie? I want you to watch me auntie, look at the way I rub my cock for you, I’m going to shoot my cum all over your red lipstick coated lips, you do want to watch me don’t do you auntie?”

All the while he was rubbing his cock through my panties. I stood in the doorway, he couldn’t see me as my other panties were over his face. I knew I should have been disgusted with what I saw but I wasn’t. I was mesmerised, I was transfixed at the sight and most importantly I was getting very aroused.

I knew I should have walked away, but I couldn’t, I just had to see him cum. His cock is bigger than Mark’s and I just had to watch him cum, I had to see him splatter his cum in my panties.

It was as if he could see me watching him but I knew he couldn’t as he kept saying, “Watch me wanking over you auntie, look at me smelling your cunt juices auntie, you do want me to cum on your lips, don’t you auntie?”

Suddenly he yelled out, “Oh fuck auntie, look at all my thick white cum, oh fuck auntie, it’s wonderful.”

He saturated my panties with spurt after spurt of hot cum. I was so aroused by watching him. He reached up to remove the panties from his face and I moved away from the door and went downstairs. I quietly let myself out of the house and walked to the bus stop.

My mind was in turmoil by what I had seen. It had aroused me immensely and my panties were really very damp. I sat on the bus and just kept thinking about what I had seen. It didn’t repulse me, it excited me. I got to work without even realising I was there as my mind was elsewhere.

All day at work I had trouble concentrating and people were asking me if I was OK. I went to the ladies and as I lowered my panties I realised how wet I was. I touched myself and I was soaking wet. I even thought about masturbating but as I’m always quite noisy when I cum I decided against it.

Somehow bahis siteleri I managed to get through the day. It came to me at some time during the day how there was a wet pair of my panties in the washing bin – Rob had made them wet.

I went home and tried to act normally but kept looking at Rob and imagining him wanking while thinking about me. The trouble was it just made me more aroused. I decided that Mark and I needed to have sex that night but then while we were all sitting watching TV I suddenly realised that what I really wanted was for Rob to fuck me. I kept telling myself it was wrong, but the thought of it just made me more and more aroused. I made a decision.

I got my mobile and told Mark I had forgotten something about work and I needed to send a text to my boss. This was sort of true – It read: Sorry to give such short notice but I need to take a day’s leave tomorrow, hope this will be OK, Serena.

When we went to bed I had trouble sleeping as I was planning to be very naughty in the morning and it was making me very horny. I desperately needed to cum but somehow managed to control my urges.

Mark, as usual got up before me and went off to work. I was almost trembling with fear and sexual excitement as I showered and put on my makeup, making sure I had plenty of the red lipstick and lip gloss. I had planned to shut the front door but stay inside, give Rob and few minutes and then walk in on him. Whether I had the courage to do that I wasn’t sure. I looked at the clock and it almost the time I left the house. I couldn’t decide whether to leave my clothes on, strip down to my undies or walk in on him naked. In the end I opted to wear only my quarter cup bra and panties. I had already decided that if we fucked he could cum inside me as it was safe to do so.

I walked to the front door and opened it and made a point of closing it noisily and then went into the lounge. I heard Rob get up and walk along the landing and assumed he was going into my bedroom. I had left the very wet panties that I wore the previous day on the top of the washing pile, although to tell you the truth I had also considered wearing them myself but decided it would be better if Rob found them.

He walked back to his room and I gave him a minute or two before I tiptoed upstairs. I was shaking as I neared his room.

I heard him say’ “Oh auntie, your panties are even wetter than yesterday, your cunt must have been leaking juices all day.”

I smiled and thought to myself, if only he knew. I got to his doorway and again he had my panties lying on top of his face and he was wanking himself with a pair of my other panties wrapped round his cock.

I walked in and said, “Why not let auntie do that for you?”

He whipped off the panties from his face and pulled up the bedclothes and started saying, “Oh auntie, I’m so sorry, I know it’s wrong, please forgive me.”

I replied, “Do you think I’d be standing here dressed like this if I was angry with you, now let me help you.”

I sat beside him on the bed and threw the bedclothes on the floor. I said, “From what I’ve been hearing I think you like the smell of my pussy, here smell it direct now,”

I parted bahis şirketleri my legs and he put his head between my legs. I pulled his head against me and whispered, “Now lick auntie’s cunt for her.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just said. I wouldn’t even say that to Mark, but as Rob started to lick me I was in heaven. I pulled his face even tighter against me and started grinding my pussy against his face.

“Auntie’s going to cum all over your face, very soon,” I said.

I think I heard him mumble something but couldn’t work out what it was but as my orgasm approached I pulled him harder and harder against me until my pussy juices were flooding out all over him.

I know he needed to cum and I quickly sat astride him and rode him until he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into me. We lay down and recovered and I asked him how long he had been wanking while thinking about me and he confessed that it had been a very long time. He also admitted that he had pinched a pair of my panties a long time ago and often wanked into them.

I asked him, “I heard you saying yesterday you wanted me to watch you wank and cum over my lips, do you really want to do that?”

“Oh yes,” he replied, “that’s a real fantasy of mine.”

“Well what if I do it for you and you tell me what to do?” I said.

“Wow,” was all he could say.

I got up and put some more lipstick on and as he wasn’t rock hard yet I knelt over him and put his cock in my mouth and sucked him until he was hard.

“Oh fuck, auntie, that’s wonderful,” was all he could say.

I now lay down on the bed and he knelt beside my face, I reached up and grabbed his cock and started wanking it. My other hand squeezed his balls. I rubbed him slowly to build up his orgasm. His breathing got faster as his orgasm neared. I moved my face a little and I sensed he was about to cum. I didn’t want to be spattered, I wanted him to trickle over me, to coat my lips with his cum.

He called out, “Oh auntie, I’m cumming, I’m cumming on your lips, oh fuck auntie, that’s wonderful.”

His cum spurted out and hit my lips, I opened my moth slightly and let some go inside. My tongue tasted it as I love the taste and texture of cum. I carried on rubbing him until his balls were emptied. I said, “Look at auntie’s lovely cum covered lips, is this how you imagined them?”

He looked down and said, ‘Oh much better than I ever imagined, seeing your beautiful red lips covered in my cum, now lick them clean for me.”

I didn’t hesitate and licked my lips taking all of my young lover’s cum into my mouth. I swirled it around with my tongue savouring every last drop before I swallowed it all. Once again we lay and recovered. Rob had cum again and I was beginning to get the urge to cum again. I wanted to be fucked. I knew he was still soft and I sucked him again until he was hard enough to penetrate me. I pulled him on top of me and eased his cock inside me. I loved the feel as it was so bigger than Mark’s and he fucked me furiously and made me cum twice before he managed to deposit yet more of his young cum inside me.

We lay and fell asleep, got up for lunch and went back to bed for some more fucking and sucking. Rob’s mum came back in a few days and he had to go home but I still take the odd day of work and Rob comes round to take care of my needs. He’s also got a huge supply of dirty panties to wank into whenever he wants.

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