Samantha’s First Experience Pt. 16

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Samantha Pt 16

Please go read part 1 through 15 before reading this…

Our “Sick Day.”

After Ashley left Saturday night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. There was no doubt I had deeper feelings for her than I ever had for any other female I had dated. We talked at length over the next week or so trying to figure out a day to spend together, but our schedules kept clashing and even if there was a day, we could spend together, there wouldn’t be a lot of time. As I was on the phone with her late Thursday night when I concocted a plan. I suggested that maybe one day next week, we both could “Call in Sick’ and she could come over here and hang out all day,

Ashley’s response was priceless, she said, “I feel I may have a cold coming on next week!”

As we went back and forth about what day would work best, Ashley said, “I think Tuesday would work for me.”

“Tuesday it is.” I reply.

Tuesday morning, I got up and immediately texted Ashley to make sure things were still a go. She replied, “I was just calling the principle to let him know I was not coming in. I’m all yours today.”

I got so excited. I called my school and told them I had a fever and wasn’t going to be in today. As I was on the phone with school a text came in from Ashley which read; I’ll probably be over around 9, I want to make it appear that I am leaving for school so there’s no questions from the hubby and kids. Does that work?

“Yes. I can’t wait.” I reply.

9:05 my doorbell rings. I open the door to find Ashley there carrying a very large purse with a big smile on her face. “Hi!” She screams out literally jumping into my arms. “Hello,” I reply as we embrace. The door closed and Ashley took me by the had to my front room. Ashely sets her bag down, takes off her sun glasses and stares at me deeply. I am almost frozen in place as she starts to rub her hands along my shoulder and neck. Ashley whispers, “I have been waiting for this for almost two weeks.”

She leans in and kisses me deeply, pulling me into her body. Our tongues swirl around in each other’s mouths as I feel her warm embrace. Ashley and I sat down on my couch. We chat for a while admitting how happy we are that we can pull off our time together. We sat for a while just enjoying our time, not rushing into anything. Ashely is dressed in her works clothes, a loose pair of dress pants, a button up dress shirt with high heels on. Her perfume lightly tantalizing my nose. We lean in for a deep kiss when my stomach starts doing flips. I am so happy and excited she is here and so excited because I know we have all day to spend making love to each other.

As we talked, we held hands and rubbed up and down on each other’s legs, becoming more comfortable with one another all while letting our nerves settle down. Ashley leaned in towards me for a romantic soft kiss and our passions ignited, Ashley pulled my t-shirt over my head. Her kisses caress my neck and my collar bone, my cheek and ear. Her hands gently caress my body. She gently reaches behind me and unhooks my bra, letting it fall down towards my lap. Her hands caress my breasts as her kisses increase. She softly kisses down my neck and towards my tits. Her soft lips gently caress and kiss my nipples. Her seduction is soft and slow and makes me wet with anticipation. Ashley pulls back after sucking on bilecik escort my tits and starts unbuttoning her shirt. My hands over hers, helping her get it open and off. She dropped her shirt next to her on the couch and reached behind her to unhook her bra. Her big plump sexy tits fall from her bra, as her long brown hair covered her nipples. I pushed her hair aside, as I softly lick and kiss her nipples, making them erect. I spend an enormous time sucking her nipples, just enjoying every bit of having her tits for my pleasure. As we come face to face again, Ashley and I kiss and wrap our arms around each other. Our kiss is deep and sexy and more loving than anyone I have ever kissed before. I stood up from the couch, taking Ashley by the hand. I walked her towards my bedroom. I open my bedroom door guiding her to my warm awaiting bed. We lay down in each other’s arms kissing deeply as our tits press against each other.

I feel Ashley unbuttoning my jeans as our kisses engulf each other. Her hand slides deeply into my pants over my panties, feeling her hand rubbing over my wet lips, making me wetter and wetter than I was before. Ashely shifts positions getting onto her knees as I lay back on the bed. I feel her pulling at my jeans. I lift my hips as she slides my pants off. Her ass in the air as she softly and gently kissing up my thighs. Her hand rubs my pussy over my panties as my leg spread even further apart. I lift my hips and slide my own panties off letting her see my wet, waxed, throbbing pussy. I want her and I want her now.

Ashley climbs in between my legs, lying her body flat on her chest. Her mouth hits my wet pussy as I moan aloud. She slowly and erotically starts licking my pussy. When her mouth pulls away, her fingers softly rub my clit, only to be followed by her mouth and tongue coming back to licking me. I watch as her tongue gliding up and down my wide-open wet pussy, from bottom to top as her fingers assist in teasing and pleasuring me. My asshole is throbbing, and I want to eat her out. Her tongue continues diving in and out of me, swirling around my lips and along my clit, as I pull and twist my nipples sending pleasures throughout my body.

I moan out, “Ashley, you’re going to make me cum.”

Ashley puts her entire mouth over my pussy swirling her tongue around my clit as I feel a finger dive inside me. She is pumping back and forth, as she is bringing me closer and closer. I see Ashley pull her face away and she slides a second finger deep inside me. She is pumping me with both fingers as we stare deeply into each other’s eyes. My mouth falls open and moans slip out with each thrust, until I finally exploded all over her fingers.

I scream in pleasure as I cum all over her fingers moaning aloud. When I finished cumming, Ashley pulled her fingers from deep inside my pussy and slid them in her mouth, licking my juice from her fingers. Just watching her doing that almost made me cum again.

“OMG,” I moan out, “That was fucking incredible.”

And it was! So soft, so slow, so erotic to be licked and finger fucked to orgasm. I pull Ashley up on top of me and we kiss deeply, I can taste my pussy on her lips, and I want her even more. I roll her off me and onto her back. I unbutton her slacks, unzipping them revealing her pretty white panties. Ashley escort bilecik lifts her hips as I slide her dress pants off. I reach right back up, sliding her white cotton panties off. I placed them at my nose, sniffing them, smelling her scent, all while looking down seeing her wide-open completely shaved throbbing sexy pussy.

I pull Ashley up onto her knees swinging her around, positioning hips back towards me. She is on her knees with her ass facing me and as much as I want to lick her pussy, I am dying to eat her ass out. I lean her forwards rubbing up and down her back, her ass cheeks, in-between her legs and her asshole until I lean in all the way placing my warm wet tongue on her asshole. Ashley moans out in pleasure as I start eating her ass out. I feel Ashley’s hand reach back grabbing the back of my head, pulling my face in tighter. I spend quite a few minutes licking up and down her asshole, while my fingers reach up in-between her legs rubbing on her pussy.

I lick my way downwards to her pussy sliding my tongue up and down down her wet lips, diving my tongue as far into her as I can.

Ashley gasps and moans out, “You’re making me so wet Sam!”

I keep my face buried deep in her pussy while my tongue slid up and down her soaking wet throbbing lips, back to her asshole, then back to her pussy swirling round and round bringing her closer and closer to orgasm Ashley pulls way and flips herself onto her back. She spreads her legs wide open as my face and head lean completely down sucking on her pussy again. Ashley is propped up on her elbows as I eat her out. She is moaning aloud and begging me to not stop as I bring her to her first orgasm. Just as she starts cumming I slid three fingers into her, sending her into an immensely hard and overwhelming orgasm.

Just as she was exploding Ashley kept screaming out, “I’m fucking cumming Sam, I’m fucking cumming.”

She followed up with; “Holy Fuck Sam,” as her body shook, and her legs locked up.

I kept ramming my fingers deep in and out of her, until she finally grabbed my hand stopping me, wheezing for air and trying to speak.

“Holy fuck girl!” Where’d you learn to do that? She asked.

“Lots of practice and porn movies,” I replied as a smile came across my face.

Ashley pulled me towards her as she leaned upwards as we kissed again. This time our kiss was overly passionate, deep, and loving as we held each other, like people do after an intense heated love making session. We collapsed back on my mattress, cuddled in each other’s arms for a while talking and sharing feelings until Ashley said, “I have a surprise for you.”

“For me?” I reply.

Ashely climbs off the bed and heads back to my front room. I’m curious on what she’s doing and what she is getting. I anxiously await her return and what my surprise is. When she came back into the room, I watched intently and starred at her naked body, her sexy breast, her plump “mommy style” body and it made me feel so overwhelmed and little schoolgirlish, so comfortable and excited that I am here with her. Ashly is carrying her large shoulder bag. She sets the bag down at the edge of my bed, reaches in fumbles around for a minute, pulling out her long clear glass Dildo. She slides it into her mouth getting it wet as she climbs back in between my lags. bilecik escort bayan She takes the dildo from her mouth, leaning forward reaching out and placing it at my lips. I open my mouth and take it in as she watches my lips wrap around it. She starts sliding it back and forth in my mouth pushing it deep into my throat. As I suck on it for a while, she takes her hand from it, letting me hold the dildo as she slides further down onto the bed. Ashley starts slowly and softly licking and kissing my pussy again. I feel her rubbing her fingers up and down my lips, getting me wet and horny again, as I sit sucking this toy. Ashley reaches her hand upwards implying she wants the dildo. I take it from my mouth handing it to her.

Ashley rubs the tip of the dildo up and down my pussy lips, getting it wet from my juices. She slides the dildo deep into me, sending pleasures throughout my body. She softly pushes it back and forth into me, as I start moaning louder. On occasion, she uses her tongue and lightly tickles and flicks my clit as she is pounding me with her dildo. It didn’t take me long to come to orgasm, making my legs shake and scream out in pleasure. Ashley rolls me over onto my knees pulling my ass towards her face. I feel her tongue swirl around my asshole, as her hand cups and holds my pussy. Within seconds I feel her placing the glass dildo at my asshole, I feel her “spit” on my asshole as she softly and gently slides the dildo inside my ass. I groan aloud as it enters me. She starts pumping my ass with her toy as I moan in great pleasure.

“OMG Ashley,” I moaned out as I felt her hard dildo ramming deep in and out of me. “More lube I moan out.”

Ashley stopped for a few seconds as she retrieved lube from her bag. I felt the cool wetness hit my asshole as she slowly started pumping it back and forth into me. Ashley pumped me for a for a few minutes until I came for the third time. Screaming out in pleasure as my legs shook and my body quivered. Ashley didn’t stop at all and kept pumping me, as her fingers entered my pussy swirling around, pushing up and in as hard as she could as the big toy deeply penetrated my ass. I came two more times before she finally stopped.

I fell face first onto my bed, trying to catch my breath as she cuddled in behind me.

I asked her, “where did you learn to do that?” Her reply was the same as mine, “Practice and porn movies.”

Ashley and I spent the whole day naked in bed. We did have more sex after a long nap and ordering in food and just eating naked. I didn’t want her to leave, but she had to get home. At this point she hadn’t told Ron about me, or our experiences, I don’t think she wanted to.

As I watched her walk down the walkway to her car, I wanted to scram out I love you. But I didn’t know her feelings for me. Later that night I did text her and asked her to call me. After some beating around the bush on the phone, I finally mustered up the courage and told her I was falling for her. I told her I didn’t want you to leave today, and I wanted to ask you to stay, but I didn’t want to scare you off, or put pressure on you. I heard Ashley take a deep breath on the phone and she replied, “Hold on a minute.”

A few seconds later she said, “Sorry I had to get into a room alone.” Her response after that made my heart melt, she said, “Samantha, I didn’t want to leave either. I wish I could have stayed all night.”

We planned our next day, right at that moment. We decided on Saturday afternoon we were going to take her boat out, then have dinner and spend some time alone.

I’ll tell you about it in the next chapter.

To be Continued.

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