Scents in the City

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The vulgar odors of sweat mix with the overpowering aroma of steaming black cesspools of caffeine envelope me, oppressively pushing their way to my nose. These smells threaten to force themselves into every pore of my entire being. And so I miss my stop. Fuck. A quick breath of fresh air fills my lungs, but escapes me as fast as it came as the sliding doors close. I am yet again trapped in the stench. I sigh as a sign of my defeat; today is not going so well. But something, so familiar, lingers in the air, a perfume like a diamond in the rough. This alluring scent pulls at me, and I have to find it.

Though the scents of the people are rather repulsive, I keep to my search. The smell eases my frustration, calming me, bringing me a sense of serenity, motivating me to continue, eliciting a yearning to trace it, to place the origin. The train becomes a maze, one keeping me from my destination. I push through the throng of people around me, shifting among the wall that they have become. The name of the scent evades my memory as I attempt to recall it, the single word on the very tip of my tongue. Frustration drives me to a new levels of crazed hunting. Unable to recall it I search more frantically before the next stop, not wanting to have the source of the scent, like the name, escape my grasp.

Pushing more desperately toward the scent I hear the klaxon sound before the next stop. Like a madman I force my way closer to where I believe my target is, only to lurch forward at the sudden stop of the train. Then the fragrance that lingered in the air is gone. I rush for the door, pushing several people out of the way to get through the doors. I could not let them seal me in and seal my fate to never find the source of this tantalizing fragrance. The reason for my desperate pursuit evolved, transformed into a feeling of want and need intermingling, a longing pulling at me like the strings of a marionette. I was hooked. Like a child escaping the womb I free myself from my vessel, only to be left with a faint hint of that smell. I am left alone on the long stretch of the boarding platform to begin my search anew.

Coming up to the piercing sounds of horns, grating construction and people chattering inanely at cell phones, I follow my quarry away from the main throng of people. Shortly pendik escort I realize the scent is stronger, playing through my nostrils, tempting me to follow. I must be closer; I have to follow, to know the name, to know its owner.

Down a side way, past a gray plain brick building, the crowd of people is dramatically thinner now. I try to assess whom the fragrance resides on, matching the scent with the personality. What person would wear this delicate, feminine scent? I see women of all shapes and sizes, as my eyes search as frantically as my nose. My eyes instinctually land on her. Her back is turned to me; her slightly longer than shoulder length, raven hair flowing softly in the light breeze from the light traffic around us. Her body is curvaceous, the gentle dip of her waist then flaring slightly at her hips, a short skirt clings slightly to her buttocks. She was wearing medium heals, which accentuated her shapely legs, giving her a slightly taller appearance. And that scent radiated off of her warm skin.

I feel the same surge as I had felt earlier, my flesh confirming the carnal needs I have. In the proximity of the source of my search, too many questions plague my mind. But I had to act quickly before it left me again. I hunted this woman as a wolf would a doe. My body demanded I take action before it reverted to a more animalistic nature. I move closer to her, standing right behind her, so close, her scent swallowing me whole. I place my hand on her shoulder with a firmness to not let her run away, but gentle enough not to frighten her. As she turns, I stare at her dumbfounded, her face was beyond words. My mouth hung open and I could not speak coherently, synapses unable to make a connection from my brain to my mouth as I stared into her glittering eyes. The sweet perfume was stronger than ever, the brunt of it punching me in the stomach. I could not breathe. Her eyebrows furrow, eyes widening to a look of almost fear. With a furtive, worried glance, she walks away as swift as her legs could take her while I stand there stupidly, catching my breathe, and scold myself for losing all basic brain function at the sight of a pretty girl. I try to catch up, but as I do, she quickens her own pace, expanding the gap between us.

Darting into one of the alleyways I follow escort pendik her and start into a sprint, coming upon the doe, a frightened doe, with such beautiful brown eyes. Grabbing her wrist firmly to try and get her attention a short gasp of fright and confusion escapes her parted lips. Suddenly her eyes change violently as her hand crashes against my face. Instinct acts again, and I pull her close to avoid another slap, keeping her from fleeing, returning to the wilderness. Her fragrance stirs my animalistic side, growing as she struggles, pleasing my inner wolf. I bring my head to hers and kiss her, my passion taking over; my sense of reason takes a back seat to carnality. I feel her body stiffen, and then succumb to my embrace, to my growling fervor, eventually losing all awareness of fear. She kisses me back with a firm passion, our tongues intermingling, our noses taking in each other’s body scent, ears pleased by slight moans of pleasure, two people losing themselves to pleasure in every sense of the word.

Her fingers find themselves in my hair, her arms wrapping around my neck. My hand slides around her waist, slipping underneath her sheer shirt, trailing lines up her spine. She shivers and I smile into our kiss. I push her back to the wall nearby, my hand cradling the crook of her back while the other holds her tight to my body. Both of us pulling tighter at one another as our earthly bodies fumble savagely at each other’s clothing. Before I know it, her nimble hands are inside my now open shirt, feeling across my chest and shoulders. I hurriedly pull her skirt up and push my hand into her panties, forcing a gasp and a shudder from her lips. I feel her hand tearing at my belt, skillfully unzipping my pants, thrusting her own hand to the warmth of my genitals, clutching my cock, gently squeezing, as it stirs to attention under her touch.

I lift her up, unbutton her shirt, and see that her breasts are practically bursting out of her bra. I release them and admire their breadth and quick response to the cold air. My nose nuzzles the space between her breasts, taking the scent full on. Desire burns deep within me. My hot breath on her hot skin. My lips find my way to her nipples, kissing, licking, sucking, and tugging. Her hands begin to rub more insistently at my hardness. pendik escort bayan Her index finger plays with the tip of my cock, causing me to become harder. The urge is too strong and I cannot take it anymore

I tear her panties away from her body as I lift her to my pelvis and press her against the wall with my body, bringing her head to my own head level as I pull in for another brutish kiss as I enter her tight pussy. She was so wet. We muffle one another’s moans in each kiss we share, fully aware that we were out in public and not wanting to attract attention from the street. But it was difficult to do so. We were practically unable to hide our passionate grunts and growls, the aural sounds that urged us further and deeper.

Both of my hands cup the contours of her ass, grabbing madly at her cheeks, trying to communicate my urge, my desire. Like animals copulating in the forest, we fuck in the alley as such, thrusting, moaning, and taking all pleasures in our lustful encounter. As I come closer to the peak, I feel her vaginal walls gripping my cock, coaxing it to climax. No sooner than that, I buck wild into her, spurting my seed, grunting moans too strong to hide completely in a kiss, I shudder, as my skin is set ablaze like electric wildfire. I breathe in deeply, feeling my lungs fill with oxygen, and the fragrance, not realizing I held my breath as I came hard within her.

I continue to push further and harder into her core, until she is biting my lip to muffle her own moans. The pain in my lip pushes me to drive harder into her. Finally she shudders as well, her walls grasping me so hard I climax again, leaving me pleasantly shocked. I hold her tight, allowing our body warmth to collectively cool as we are still joined at the hip. We straighten one another’s clothing as best as possible, her panties lay in tatters on the ground of that alleyway. Looking into one another’s eyes, and suddenly, as if clarity pinged upon my mind, I recalled the scent. “Lilac,” I say in a soft firm voice. She nods in affirmation, slowly licking a bit of crimson on her lower lip. I realize it is my own blood, and see the image of the wolf and the doe, and wonder if I was the prey and she was really the predator as she walks out the entrance she originally appeared to flee into. Slightly disheveled in appearance from our encounter, I can only think of my lilac scented beauty as I walk out the opposite entrance of the alley. Perhaps I will smell that bewitching scent in the future and meet her again. Perhaps…

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