Seduced by Teen Neighbour

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Alex Grey

A different spin on Corruption part 7

“Hi Steve, can I come in out of the rain?”

I stood in shock just after 10:30 on a Friday evening at the stunning 18-year-old daughter of my new neighbour stood on my doorstep. She was dressed in a skimpy black dress I had drooled over just a few days previously, although now it was soaked as the rain poured down and I swear I could see the swell of her nipples through the thin material.

I had never known a family like the Coopers since they had moved in a month ago. The mum, Julie, was divorced and in her mid to late 30s and was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She still had her step children from her failed marriage living with her, Tom and Beki, even though they were 21 and 18. The family seemed really close, although I wasn’t to discover how close until much later, and really friendly.

Beki was an absolute stunner, long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and big boobs that I guessed were a C cup or even a d cup that all her tops seemed to flaunt, narrow hips but an incredible arse that I couldn’t help but watch every time I saw her. The fact that at 54 I was old enough to be her father, heck even her grandfather, meant I beat myself up for lusting after her even as I spent many nights beating off with images of her.

I really was not normally like this. I grew up with a real belief that sex was for marriage, but sadly I had never got married so this was a bit of a downer! Over the years, and especially with COVID-19, I had turned to porn and masturbatory fantasies more and more, but Beki was a walking wet dream. She seemed to ooze sex appeal, and she knew it. Just the previous Tuesday, I had been visiting with Julie when Beki had come downstairs to show her mum her new dress. It was a short black number with a low-cut top that seemed to accentuate her glorious bust and clung to all her curves making my cock jump to attention in my pants. Julie didn’t help by asking her daughter to give us a show and turn around. If I thought the front was tight, the way it clung to her arse was one of the hottest things I had seen in real life. As Beki left, Julie looked down at me and grinned at the lump in my jeans.

“I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help it!” I stammered, mortified that I had been perving over her young stepdaughter.

“It’s OK,” replied Julie, “She is a bit of a prick tease but I don’t blame you for being turned on. Heck, if you weren’t here, I might have been tempted to tear that dress off her myself!” I was learning that the family had a very strange sexual humour, so obviously Julie was joking. Wasn’t she?!

And now, here was Beki stood in that same dress in the rain…

“Hey Steve, can I come in and get out of the rain, or are you going to leave me here all night?”

Julie’s question brought me back to the present. My thoughts had probably only been a few seconds, but I knew I was asking for trouble if I invited her inside my house but I couldn’t think of any way to say no. Somehow, I ended up ushering her in to the lounge, doing my best not to stare at her behind as she walked in front of me.

“What’s going on Beki?” I asked as we sat down in the lounge. “Focus on her face, Stephen” my inner monologue whispered as my eyes fought to stare at her chest.

It turned out Beki had been out drinking with her boyfriend, they had got into a fight and she had come home to find her mum and brother out and she’d left her keys at home. I noticed she was shivering as she briefly relayed her tale, but as there was only me and a younger male lodger in the house (and my lodger was away) I really didn’t know what to do.

“I have a smelly, old dressing gown if you want to borrow it and a towel and dry off,” I offered, somewhat embarrassed.

“Thanks Steve, you’re so cool,” she purred as she went to dry off upstairs and put her dress in the dryer. She seemed to take an age upstairs, but I didn’t think a lot of it. If anything, it was even more distracting as she came back down in just my dressing gown and I assumed her underwear, but I knew I needed to be on best behaviour. I offered her a drink, she wanted wine and we began izmir escort to chat about all sorts. I was really uncomfortable at first, but as we got in to talking she had a way of making me feel really good and relaxed even if there was definitely part of me aware that I had an almost naked 18 year old girl alone in the house. After about half hour, I asked Beki if she knew when her mum would be home but Beki didn’t know and claimed that her phone had died.

I didn’t have Julie’s number, and I was amazed to discover that Beki knew it off by heart as she borrowed my phone. I would later discover that this was just a ploy to get my number, but this never crossed my mind as Beki chatted with her mum for a while before passing the phone to me.

“I can’t believe Beki has locked herself out again!” Julie said. Her voice sounded strained and she seemed out of breath as we spoke. “Oh yes, that’s it!” she suddenly screamed as I thought I heard a man’s voice in the background.

“What??” I spluttered as I imagined in my minds eye what Julie was doing, but she did her best to cover up her outburst.

“Sorry Steve, I’m a bit um tied up tonight and I don’t know if I will make it home. Would you be a star and let Beki stay at yours overnight?” asked Julie.

I was at a loss how to reply. It was one thing for Beki to keep dry for a bit but stay the night was definitely way beyond what I knew I should allow.

Beki looked at me with pleading eyes. “Please Steve, I’ll be good!” she said, knowing what her mum was asking. How could I say “no, I don’t trust myself not to fuck you!” to her or her mum? Even though a big part of me was screaming that this was a really bad idea, I tried to convince myself that I could repay the faith Julie seemed to be placing in me and be strong. It was no big deal; I would just let her sleep in the spare room and it was helping them both out. Julie let out a cry of happiness as I agreed (at least I assumed that was what her cry was about before she hung up) and Beki grinned as I said yes and showed her to the spare room.

The weather outside continued to worsen as I lay in bed struggling with the storm inside me. Here I was, in the house with just me and an 18-year-old blonde bombshell in the middle of the night. I’m sure many men would have ravaged her by now, but I was trying to remind myself of my principles and that I was too old for her anyway. When did I become a dirty old man? OK, so I still watched a lot of porn under the heading ‘teen’, but that was not real life was it? Finally, giving up on sleep, I put some headphones on and scrolled through some of my favourite porn scenes to watch as I threw off the covers, stripped out of my boxers and stroked my 6 ½ inch cock. Images of Beki lying in her underwear next door kept invading my mind as I tried desperately not to think of her and distract myself with the actors on screen. Probably looking at a blonde teen being gangbanged was not the smartest video to watch in the circumstances, but by this stage my dick was thinking way more than my head!

Suddenly, there was a huge flash of lightening followed almost immediately with the loudest thunder of the night. I heard a scream and was unable to react as Beki burst into the door in fright. Her squeals were immediately silenced as she took in that I was lying naked on my bed, stroking my hard dick and clearly watching porn on the tablet in front of me. I expected her to run from the room, but Beki just grinned and approached the bed.

“it’s too scary! Can I sleep in here?” she asked as she got nearer. I desperately tried to cover up and hide the evidence of what I had just been up to, even if there was no hiding it really. I also was unbelievably turned on by the sight of Beki in her matching black lace bra and pants advancing on the bed. The war that had been going on between my head and my penis intensified as I tried to suggest that Beki should return to her own bed.

“Nonsense,” she pressed as she drew up the covers and laid down beside me. “We don’t need to do anything if you don’t want. Of course, if you do…”

“Um Beki, this is a really bad idea!” I mumbled alsancak escort as I struggled with the last remaining moral strength I had.

“Its Ok, what were you watching?” she asked, picking up the tablet I had hastily laid face down as she entered the room.

“Oh, is this the one where she tells her friends the fantasy of men breaking into her home, tying up her parents and basically raping her? Its so hot!” said Beki as she pulled out the earphones and my bedroom was filled with the sounds of sex. “Do you know this was her last scene?”

I could barely utter a word as Beki snuggled into me as we watched porn together. How had this even happened?

“Is this turning you on?” asked Beki as she threw the covers off again and reached for my stiff prick. In truth it had never gone soft, but I don’t know how I didn’t cum on the spot as she grasped it with her hand and started slowly pumping it up and down.

“I so like older guys cocks!” exclaimed Beki as she bent down and slid her mouth over my iron hard member. I could only groan as Beki took just the head between her lips and licked around my sensitive slit. The porn on the tablet was just a background noise now as she slowly slid more of her mouth up and down my knob until it looked like she had swallowed me whole. I could barely believe it as she sucked me even deeper, right to the edge of the opening of her throat and beyond. I felt her throat muscles contracting around my shaft, and the build up of pressure over the night caught up with me and I felt my cock erupt with a huge load of hot, sticky cum. Beki never let up, but just kept sucking and swallowing as much of my spunk as she could till I was totally drained. I couldn’t believe it as she slipped my deflating dick out of her mouth and then leant in to kiss me deeply. It felt weird to taste my own cum on her tongue, but she never let me stop as our tongues wrestled with each other.

“Have you ever eaten cunt, Steve?” she asked as we stopped exchanging spit. “In fact, have you ever done much of anything with a female?”

I shook my head, still not quite believing that this was all happening to me anyway. Beki just grinned like a cat that got the cream as she turned onto her back and pulled me to her.

Totally lost now, I kissed Beki again and lifted my hands to play with her breasts. I’d only known her a month, but I had had many fantasies about her tits and how they would feel even as I had told myself that would never happen. I was like a kid at Christmas as I pulled off her bra and leaned down to suck one of her nipples into my mouth. Beki moaned as I instinctively began to nibble on her sensitive teats and lick lovingly on her ample bosom. I coated first one tit with my saliva and then the other as I took my time in worshiping at her chest. My moral restraint had gone out of the window, so I was going to make the most of what was probably a once in a life situation.

As Beki groaned and moaned, I started kissing further down Beki’s gorgeous body until I reached the entrance to her sex. Beki grabbed hold of my head and pushed me to her opening as I stuck out a tongue and began to explore her innermost secret place. I had never imagined really doing this, but I’d watched a lot of porn and Beki knew what she liked, so in no time at all I found myself vigorously licking Beki’s bald pussy as she reached down and played with her clit.

Beki got me to push one then two fingers into her love valley and start thrusting them in and out of her teenage twat as she galloped towards her first release of the evening. Finally, she let out a scream and I felt my face get soaked with her juices as Beki squirted on me. I had nothing to compare it too, but for me I was in heaven. I was also hard as a rock again, and Beki was ready to fuck.

“Fuck me daddy!” Beki urged me as I slid back up her body. I hadn’t been expecting her to call me ‘daddy’ but for reasons I did not understand she suddenly turned on the animal in me.

Beki’s hand reached down to grasp at my pulsing cock as for the first time in my life I lined it up with a woman’s cunt. God, it felt balçova escort so good as I felt her warm, wet tunnel envelope me as I slid inside her. For a moment, I just stayed there as I revelled in the feeling of tightness and the way my prick felt so good within Beki’s teen body. After a few moments, my body took over on instinct and I began to thrust in and out of Beki’s wet pussy, slowly at first then harder and harder.

“That’s it, fuck me harder daddy. I’m such a little slut!” squealed Beki as I started hammering in and out of her most intimate hole.

I’m not sure how I lasted so long, but I guess I had more staying power than I expected, and the unbelievable blowjob earlier had taken the edge off. Beki pushed me over till I was lying on my back and then started bouncing up and down on top of my hard member as I reached up and played again with her firm young tits. She moaned with pleasure as she crested the wave, but I was still hard and eager.

Beki got on her hands and knees and shook her delectable ass at me on the bed as I knelt behind her. For a minute, I was tempted to go for the wrong hole, but I still lacked the confidence to try this. Instead, I lined my cock up with her well used pussy and slid inside her. The other two positions had been incredible, but in my extensive sexual experience of one hour this was by far the best as we fucked doggy style. Beki screamed again as another orgasm overtook her, and I knew I was close to cuming again as I ploughed in and out of her teen cunt.

“I’m going to cum! Where do you want me?” I asked Beki. The last thing I wanted was to get a teenager pregnant, although it was so difficult to keep hold of my rational mind with all the stimulation going on.

Beki pulled herself off me, spun around and encouraged me to wank myself off as I looked at her hot naked body. Before I knew it, I was spraying her beautiful 18-year-old face with my warm cum as I climaxed. Beki lent in and sucked the last remnants out of me as I collapsed on the bed spent.

Beki, laid down beside me, put her arm over my chest and we both drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the doorbell ringing at what felt like some unearthly hour, although turned out to be 8:30 on the Saturday. I quickly pulled on night wear that had been discarded and a dressing gown and went downstairs to see Julie on the doorstep.

“Is Beki still in bed?” she asked with a smile. I don’t know if my face gave away how mortified I was that Beki was still in MY bed, but Julie didn’t seem to notice as I simply said yes.

“Hope she wasn’t too much trouble!” said Julie. “Just tell her I’m home and she can come back whenever. Or stay here if you two are having fun.” I couldn’t read the look Julie gave me, but I just thanked her and went back upstairs.

“Your mum’s home if you want to dress and go for breakfast,” I told Beki as I re-entered the room. I could barely look her in the eyes as shame at what I had done to her the previous evening hit me. I was supposed to be the adult in the room, and somehow I had betrayed her mum’s trust and took advantage of a 18-year-old.

“I think I’ll have my breakfast right here!” said Beki, who obviously felt no such remorse as she fished my cock out of my boxers and began slurping away.

Beki was insatiable as we spent the next couple of hours acting out so many sexual kinks that my mind was in a whirl.

During the course of the morning, I noticed that a strange box was on my dressing table facing the bed. I dismissed it in the main, until as we were leaving Beki picked it up and said it contained some memories for her. I could hardly believe that this sexy seductress had somehow smuggled a camera into the room, until I remembered how long she had taken to dry when she had arrived the previous evening and had it finally dawned on me that she had planned the whole thing.

As she went to leave, Beki kissed me once more as the part of my brain that knew this was all wrong tried to regain control.

“Next time, maybe you can have my arse,” she whispered seductively in my ear.

“Oh, and there will be a next time for sure Steve, so don’t try and get all moral on me,” she added, holding the secret camera device she had used to record everything.

“Your cock is mine now, daddy” she laughed as she headed home and I could only stare at her teenage arse as I wondered what next was in store.

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