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My life comfortable, I have a successful business, a sweet wife of 35 years, three kids and three grandkids but something is missing. It is most likely a lack of leisure as I tend to be in my office at 7 am and not leave until 6pm each day although I have a hobby building model railways but don’t seem to have the time for all the things I want to do. My wife works in a demanding position and she seems to be all consumed by her work. I need a change. I need to work less and play more.

I have made a decision that I should employ someone to take on some of my work load so that maybe I can have the odd day off or even take a short vacation a couple of times a year. It is a difficult decision as I have been working these hours for many years and am not good at passing off what I consider critical work that has been mine for so many years.

I advertise for an assistant. I interview a variety of applicants of varying ages and both male and female until I think I have found a suitable person. The successful applicant is a young lady recently divorced with no attachments and no kids who has just moved to the area. I do not decide until after a second interview that she is the right person as I am unsure that I want someone who I find attractive working in the same office each day but she come across as a sincere sober and reserved young lady so I feel that we could have a comfortable working relationship without any side issues that might affect my business or personal life.

The day Sharon started work for me I had spent the weekend setting up her work station with desk, PC, phone etc (I am a hands on owner) and making sure she will have everything she needs on the PC to help me with my day to day work. Sharon arrives for work dressed conservatively, as I had expected, and we spend the morning going through the things I want her to be responsible for on a routine basis, touring the plant and giving her a good overview of our operation. I suggest that she should maybe spend some time on the factory floor getting to know my staff and familiarising herself with our production and processes and she agrees it would be a good way to get to know the business so on her second day she arrives wearing more working type clothes of jeans and top and I realise that she has a great figure. I pull myself up short and tell myself that is this is going to work we must have nothing more than a good work relationship.

Sharon spends her first week helping out in the plant becoming familiar with the people and the processes so that at the start of her second week I have spent very little time with her but have realised she will be an asset to my business. We spend all the second week going over the systems we use and our costing, accounting and discussing our web site as it needs an up-date and Sharon says she can do this for me and that is one major job I can fob off onto her from the start.

I find she is keen and that although her start time is 8.30 she is in the offices each day at 8 and is still there when I want to leave (usually the last to leave) at 6pm. I tell her that it is not necessary for her to work unpaid hours as she is getting all I need her to do done in normal time. Her response is that she is alone and really has nothing to go home to except the TV or internet chat so working fills in her time. I am curious about the internet chat as it is not something I have ever tried although I have browsed a few naughty sites and looked at some dirty pictures from time to time so I ask what it is all about.

She is a bit hesitant at first to tell me about it and as she talks I realise that some of what she chats about must be personal. She tells me that she started chatting after her divorce for company and to chat to other women that had been through the same thing but that it had developed from there and now she has chat friends all over the world and both male and female friends. When I ask what she chats about she is again hesitant but says its mostly current affairs and the weather and stuff like that. I can understand someone who is lonely doing this so I do not pursue the matter except to ask how it works and how one gets a friend or goes into a chat room. We agree that she will show me in the next few days and I leave it at that.

The next week one evening when we have finished all the business stuff for the day Sharon suggests that she could show me about the chat rooms and we both sit in front of my PC as she downloads the software and proceeds to set up an ID and password for me so I can use Yahoo messenger. When she has finished she shows me how to enter a chat room and a bit about the etiquette of chat and I spend an hour or so just going from room to room seeing what is being talked about without participating, I think its called lurking, so I can see if I am interested.

I go through all the business and current affairs rooms and finally have a look at the romance and see that there are lots of people in various room obviously trying to pick-up someone for private chats so I think that it might be fun and plan to spend some time the next night seeing what happens in these and ataşehir escort the “adult” rooms. I have always been a bit of a voyeur and although, as far as sex is concerned, I have been well satisfied at home I am wondering what all these people are doing in the rooms.

The following night Sharon leaves at the normal time and I have some time alone in the office and I log onto Yahoo and start browsing the adult rooms. I discover some things that shock me at first such as fetishes and even role-playing where people seem to be doing incest role-play even in the room and not in private. Finally I have enough courage to actually type something and even ask for someone to “PM” me and to my shock someone does. Now Sharon had set up a profile for me that was obscure and very non-specific as she said, you don’t want people to know who you really are, and showed me how to view other people’s profiles so I had some idea who I was chatting with. When I check the profile of the person who PM’d me I see that it is a female and that she is 25 and that is all the information that was there (a bit like the one Sharon had done for me).

We start chatting about our location and the weather and were we married, how many kids, general stuff like that and then this lady makes a suggestion to me that sounds like she wants to have sex with me. I ask if I have the correct idea and she says that it is called “cyber sex” and its all anonymous and that we don’t even know each other and I tell her that I am a newcomer to chat and she sends me a smiley face and asks if I am a “cyber virgin” to which I answer yes.

That’s not a problem she tells me and proceeds to do a “Monica L” on me with complete description of what she is doing to me. I must admit that I become aroused and have to admit the game is fun. When she suggests that I might return the favour in some way I hesitate, as oral sex has never been part of my matrimonial lovemaking and my limited experience (a couple of brief affairs) makes it hard for me to talk about it. She is very understanding and says that we should meet again and we put each other on our friends list for the future. I must admit that by the time we had finished I had to go and relieve myself in the toilet before I went home. Strange, I have not masturbated much in recent years but the orgasm that night was very intense as I fantasised about this new friend and I could invent my own picture of her in the form I like best so this was my first introduction to chat and my first cyber sex encounter.

The next day Sharon asks if I had tried the chat and I tell her I had met a friend but don’t go into the details as I don’t know this young lady well enough to talk about such things. She says she met someone also and had a good chat with him and we leave it at that.

Subsequent evenings, whenever Sharon leaves early I go to the chat rooms and practice playing the games but do not see my friend on-line until about two weeks latter when the messenger show she is on-line and I send a message to which she replies it is great to see me again and asks if I want to play. Now I have had a little practice now and know a bit about what is expected of me so we make “cyber love” with some intensity and she wants me to talk dirty and use the “F’ and “C” words while I pretend to take her from behind “doggy” style. I find that I have my penis out and that I am masturbating in between typing and she tells me that she is rubbing and fingering while we talk. I don’t know if she is, of course, but she tells me she has had an orgasm and I have to grab tissues to catch my semen as I cum all over my desk. Wow that was some fun and we agree to meet next time we see each other on line.

This is becoming a bit of an obsession and I start to go to role-play rooms and find ladies who want to play as a daughter in an incest game with a father. This is a real turn on and I get a bit hooked on this game. Some are older women who are fantasising but some are only in their late teens and even send me pictures of themselves naked and in suggestive poses.

Some nights latter I again meet my first “cyber” partner and this time I find that I can participate in the game having had some experience and the game is very good with all the things I dream about and some very graphic descriptions of what is happening from my chat partner. She even tells me she is masturbating with a vibrator while we chat and I just can’t keep my hand of myself and eventually have to take out my penis and masturbate until I make a mess all over my desk. Wow this is great no hassles, no commitments and no chance that I might cause trouble at home the way I might if I had a real affair and was found out.

Over the next few weeks we start to meet regularly and I even send her a picture of myself (just a passport shot) but she says she does not have one of herself to send in return and I accept that she may not be attractive and is hiding behind the PC as a way to fulfil her desires or she may not want to have her picture around on the internet because she is well known or something. I don’t care I am having so much fun and I can kadıköy escort bayan picture her as I want for my own fantasies.

We are suddenly very busy at work and are working longer hours to complete the work every day and I find myself alone with Sharon often for a couple of hours after all the other staff has left. I find this a bit off putting as I realise the fantasy I have been having is a bit like Sharon, slim, small breasted and about the same age. I have to pull myself up as I find myself watching her move about the office and just find the way she walks and talks very attractive.

It takes me a while to realise that the way Sharon talks, the idiom she uses and some phrases, is very similar to my chat friend. Surely it could not be. I have sent my picture and if she is the person she knows who I am but I figure that with all the people on the net it is just someone who comes from her area or attended her school that has a similar way of talking.

Over the next two weeks we are always late at work and I do not have any time for chat but I am getting to know Sharon a lot better. She has confided in me that since her divorce she has shied away from men altogether but has found solace with a couple of women friends. I am a bit naive but I assume she means she is having a sexual relationship with the women although I do not ask specifically but this allays my fears that Sharon is my chat friend, as it seems she prefers women. Now there was a time when this would have been apporent to me but I have come to appreciate the idea of two women together and have even enjoyed some pictures I have found of women making love and find them quite erotic.

During this time we are spending together we seem to be becoming quite close and although I find Sharon very attractive I am determined not to make a fool of myself and try to avoid situations where we might have actual physical contact although Sharon does not seem to try and avoid these times at all and seems quite comfortable touching my arm or covering my hand on the mouse to show me something on the computer. I find it most off putting but don’t do anything that would show my hesitant embarrassment although I find that sometimes after we have been working close for a period of time that I have a partial erection and have to try and hide it as best I can. I was sure Sharon has not noticed and anyway I hope she has not because I am finding her in valuable to me as an assistant and don’t want to spoil the relationship.

The work rush finishes and we return to normal working hours and I return to my chatting in the evenings. I meet a number of young women and have great fun exploring my fantasies with them. Sharon has taken on the job of preparing a web site for the Company and asks if we could purchase a digital camera so she can photograph products and staff to include in the site. I agree to this and she arranges a mid-priced camera and we learn how to use it for the purpose. Sometimes Sharon takes the camera home to experiment with different layouts on her home PC and I find no problem with this as she seems quite dedicated to her job and so far what she has produced is very good indeed.

It has been some weeks now since I have chatted with my very good friend but one evening I find her online and we talk about all sorts of things telling each other about ourselves before finally we have cyber sex. During the session she asks if I would like a picture of her and I agree I would love to finally see her. She sends the file and when I open it I find it is a picture of a shaved female pubic area with a hand holding the vulva lips open. A bit shocked I ask if it is really her to which she replies that it is and would I like to see more of her. Oh yes please a lot more. The next picture is of a pair of small pert breasts with the nipples very erect. Wow this girl is as cute as I had imagined. When the third picture arrives I am shocked to see a picture of Sharon that I had taken that day for our web site, sitting at her desk smiling and pretending to operate her PC. Where did you get this picture I ask and the reply is equally unexpected. It’s me Sharon. I’m the person you have been chatting with remember I set up your chat ID so when you came online I knew it was you and I have been having the most wonderful fantasy chats with you.

Oh shit!!! I have been chatting to my employee about all my fantasies doing things I have only read about in books, having cyber sex with her for weeks.

“Sorry”, Sharon I type. She replies that it is OK it’s our secret and that we have not done anything wrong just fantasised and it has been as much me as you, in fact, I was the one who led you into it in the first place remember.

Sharon I think we should talk about this tomorrow. We should tidy up our relationship so that there is not any trouble because your work is too important to me for this to affect our work relationship. Sharon agrees that we should talk and I leave chat and go home wondering how this will develop and weather there will be any repercussions.

The next day is tense. We don’t want to talk while other escort maltepe are around and we might be interrupted. We both just look at each other knowing we should wait to talk. Eventually all the other staff leave for the day and we sit looking at each other neither knowing how to start the conversation. I begin by apologising but Sharon says that is not necessary we were both having fun and it is her that should apologise because she knew who I was from the start and did not say anything. She tells me that I was the gentlest lover she has known apart from a woman and that if she had chosen a man like me to marry she most likely would not be divorced now and hanging around chat rooms looking for lovers.

I move toward her and she does not react as I take her hand and tell her that the things we did I had never done in real life and that I did not believe, until I met her in chat, that all that stuff was really part of life and not just a writers fantasy. She squeezes my hand in return and smiles at me and I can’t resist as I bend forward and kiss her softly on the lips and thank her for all the great games we played. I am not prepared for her reaction as she puts her hand behind my head and holds my lips to hers probing my mouth with her tongue. I pull away unsure I want this to happen. Sharon pouts. “I know you find me attractive”, she says, “because I know that sometimes you have to try and hide your erection when we have been working close and what you didn’t know was that I was as wet as you were hard.”

This is all too much. I was not looking for an affair just some cyber fun. “Look Sharon,” I say, “I don’t know if I want this to go any further. I was not looking for an affair. I’m not prepared to give any commitments because my life would just be too complicated and although I find you very attractive it is just in a lustful way and nothing more.”

“That’s fine Bob,” Sharon replies, “I don’t want anything except some good sex and I think we could have good sex together.”

I am still unsure if I want this to continue as we have to work with each other each day and someone will notice the change in our relationship even if we are careful and are not expressive when others are around but I am looking at Sharon’s pert little breasts under her top and bra and wondering what they would be like in my mouth. Shit stop thinking like that! I feel my penis firming as I ponder Sharon’s breasts.

Sharon realises my quandary and slowly with a wistful look in her eyes she moves my hand to her breast. I’m gone! This is too much! I feel my penis jump as my hand closes over her small firm breast and I feel her nipple begin to harden under my hand. “Sharon”, I question, “are you sure you want this to go on. We can stop now but once we start I won’t guarantee anything.” “Bob,” Sharon replies, “I am very sure I want this but I can’t give any guarantee it will be as good as cyber or that I will want to do it again. Is that OK with you.”

“OK Sharon, no guarantees on either part if it is just once or if it is for the long term that’s OK but remember no promises by either of us an no recriminations is that a deal,” I say and Sharon nods in agreement.

I take Sharon in my arms and kiss her hard on the mouth and our tongue wrestle with each other as we share our saliva. My hands move up her top and unclip her bra then lift her top over her head. I realise the building is still open and quickly move to latch the front door so we will not be disturbed.

The sight of Sharon’s bare breasts is wonderful with cute nipples erect and ready I suck each in turn taking as much of each breast into my mouth as I can and licking the nipples hard with my tongue. As I do this I feel Sharon’s hand cover my erection and it jumps in reaction to her touch. With my mouth busy on her breasts Sharon works to undo my pants and eventually I feel them slip to the floor and her hand take hold of my penis slowly moving her hand along the shaft and teasing the knob with her fingers. She pushes me away and back into my chair and I watch as her mouth slowly envelopes my penis and I feel her tongue working around the knob and slit oh shit this is a feeling I have not felt for years since my last dalliance (my wife is not into oral sex at all), the sensation is extraordinary and as Sharon begins to move her head up and down my shaft I think I will shoot my load but manage to maintain some control to prolong the pleasure. “Sharon,” I say, “that is so beautiful. Your mouth feels so good on my cock. I can’t last long it is just too nice sweetie.”

She raises her eyes to meet mine and I see her lips move into a sort of smile around my cock as she proceeds to work even harder with her mouth and tongue. I feel my cum rising and cannot hold back any longer. I tell her I am about to cum and she just works harder on my cock until I feel myself explode into her mouth. Now I’m not as young as I used to be and don’t make the gallons I could make 20 years ago but I feel I have cum harder and longer than I have in ages as Sharon stops moving and takes my load in her mouth. She lifts her head and opens her mouth so I can see the mouth full of milky juice she has in her mouth then she closes it and I see her throat move as she swallows my load in one gulp. Wow I have not had that happen for 20 years and there is nothing quite like watching a girl swallow what you have just squirted into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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