Singing Lessons

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Double Penetration

My career as a singer had reached a plateau, and I knew I needed a more professional voice teacher. For years I had been in demand as a soprano in theater and opera productions. Never at the highest levels, mind you, but I was quite good and kept myself busy with concert dates. The years had taken their toll, and although I was still in my thirties, constant singing can damage the voice.

Madam Lavalle had the best reputation for voice instruction, and my husband encouraged me to I approach her to improve my aging voice. She was in great demand, and I had to wait quite a while just to gain an audition, and I felt lucky when she accepted me.

Her studio was in the city, on an upper floor in a swanky neighborhood. Inside was a spacious room with few furnishings. The room contained a grand piano, a sofa, a few chairs and music stands. On my arrival, I met Madam Lavalle and her accompanist, Jacques.

Madam was older, perhaps in her late 60s, but well preserved. She was trim and very stylish with beautiful gray hair. Her demeanor was no-nonsense and to-the-point. Jacques never rose from his piano bench. He only nodded to me when Madam introduced him.

We got right down to business. She had me sing several pieces while she listened, and Jacques played beautifully to support me.

After twenty minutes, Madam stopped me. “My dear, you have a lovely voice to go with your lovely figure, and I can see why you’ve had success.”

I nodded.

“But,” Madam continued, “It is also clear that your singing range is not so wide as it once was, am I right?”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Well, I think we can work on this to help you,” and with that Madam handed me a contract for her services. I was surprised by the high cost, but I knew she was the best. The contract included the words, “Accompanist to assist as necessary.” I looked over at handsome Jacques and smiled as I signed the agreement.

We met weekly, and Madam tried methods to restore a higher range to my voice. Soprano has many high and low levels, and I wanted to retain my coloratura high range voice.

Two months later, I was satisfied with some progress, but it seemed that recovery of my old higher range might not be possible. It was then that Madam Lavalle made a startling suggestion.

“My dear, I think we have exhausted the possibilities of conventional voice training, but there is one technique that has worked in the past. In a few instances, I have had success in a case such as yours with an non-standard technique.”

Madam turned and took down a photo album. “Do you see these artists?” she asked. She spoke to Jacques in French, and I did not know what she told him.

“Why yes,” I recognized some of them as well-known singers.

Madam said, “These are some who trusted my instincts and have had fantastic careers.”

“Oh, Madam,” I said, “I could never match the success of these women.”

She turned to me and smiled, “My dear, you are a lovely woman with a near-perfect voice. Let me now suggest a way that you might gain a little extra ability.”

I was all ears, eager to hear what this wonderful teacher might know and share with me.

“Dear,” she said, “All singers know that we sing with our entire bodies, not just our voices and lungs.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “It’s important to stay fit and be ready to sing from your deepest parts.”

“Exactly,” Madam agreed. “With some of these singers that you admire, I experimented with a more personal technique. She nodded to Jacques, and he brought her a box.

“Singing is the most personal of the arts,” Madam said as she held the box. “It is so personal that advantages can come from any what that we can tap your inner emotions. This is a small thing that can make a big difference in helping you reach your highest potential.”

I agreed, and I was very curious about the box.

Madam Lavalle explained, “In this box is an item that I want you to wear the next time you come for a lesson.” She handed the box to me and walked me to her door. “Farewell for now, and we will see you next week. Open this when you get home. Wear this when you come back next week.”

I took box with me, curious the entire commute to my apartment. Once home, I couldn’t wait to open the box. Inside was a curious device that puzzled me. Then, I was shocked. It was a device that women wear over their most personal body parts, a “butterfly” device that stimulates the vaginal area and clitoris. What on earth was Madam proposing?

Luckily, I opened the box before my husband came home.

During the days before my next lesson, I read the instructions and tried fitting the device into proper place. When I turned the switch, a vibration began to stimulate me in the most delightful way. I had heard of these things, but I never would have used one. My husband was no Romeo, but I never considered using marital aids or masturbation devices.

And what did it have to do with my signing? Was Madam suggesting something improper, or what did she intend?

By the next week, I had learned illegal bahis to enjoy this new toy. It had options to vibrate gently or more vigorously, and for the first time in ages I had orgasm after orgasm. How would I discuss this with Madam?

I was quite nervous as when I arrived for the next lesson. Madam Lavalle greeted me at the door with a smile. “Come in, my dear.”

I walked in to the familiar studio. Jacques was sitting on the piano bench, as usual.

“Ah, my dear, did you try the little gift we gave you?”

I was embarrassed but replied, “Yes, mam.”

“And do you see how this might help your singing?”

“No, mam, I’m afraid that I am confused,” I answered.

“You are wearing it now?” she asked.

“Yes, Madam.”

“Good,” then she spoke in French to Jacques, and he began to play a piece we had rehearsed several times. It contained a high note that I had not been able to reach.

Madam looked at me, “Give me the control.”

I reached into my handbag and gave her the remote control to the butterfly device that was in position between my legs.

“Now, sing,” she told me.

I began as usual, but soon Madam turned on the vibrator. My mons began to buzz with gentle stimulation. As the music built up to a high point, Madam increased the speed. I was embarrassed that I could feel an orgasm coming right here in the studio in front of Jacques. But I had no control of the situation. All I could do was sing and concentrate on the upcoming rise to that high C note.

Just as Jacques played the crescendo. Madam moved the control to full speed. I felt my body shiver, and I let out a high note that was almost perfect. Madam reduced the speed and allowed me to calm down.

“Ah, my dear, do you see how this works?”

“Oh Madam,” I said, “I didn’t know I could find that note again.”

“It is sometimes a matter of inspiration, and our little device appears to help you find your voice again,” she said.

“Play it again,” she said to Jacques. And he did.

I raced to prepare to sing it again. And once again Madam toyed with my pussy. I no time I was ready to reach that high note again and to cum again. Once we repeated it, Madam said to Jacques, “And again!”

He played, and I was starting to feel weak on my feet, but I was able to reach the high note again every time Madam buzzed me to orgasm.

After she made cum five times, I asked for a rest. “Yes, of course, my dear,” Madam said. I plopped on the sofa, my pussy tingling and my panties wet. I felt I was cheating on my husband and especially since handsome Jacques knew about all this. Was he thinking to himself about what my pussy looked like? As he played the piano, did he feel like he was moving me to such excitement? Of course, these thoughts added to my own excitement. I must confess that Madam’s little method had renewed not just my singing voice but also my libido.

The next week, we practiced a few pieces that had high notes, and Madam skillfully timed her pussy buzzing perfectly. I regained my ability to sing the higher ranges, and I was delighted but I was also concerned. Madam assured me that she had used this method before, but not always as successfully. “You are my star pupil,” she told me.

The next month, Madam arranged a part for me in a major opera. It was a side role, but it was significant for me. She told me, “I will be in the audience, and I will ‘assist’ you to reach those high notes,” and as she said those last words, she pressed the remote control and made my pussy tingle as I stood before her.

On the night of the performance I was back stage and in costume. Madam and Jacques came backstage and asked, “Are you prepared?”

I answered, “Yes, as much as I can be.”

“Good,” she said, “I will be in the audience close to the front. In fact Jacques and I will be sitting next to your husband.”

I was surprised. “Oh, next to him?”

“Yes, won’t that be delightful?” Madam said.

The performance began with the overture, then scene by scene until my first aria. I moved across the stage, feeling natural because I had become accustomed to the device that divided my pussy lips. As I started to sing, I looked out into the audience and saw Madam hand the remote control to Jacques. I was alarmed, but kept singing.

Jacques smiled at me, and at that moment that I felt the vibrations begin. He handled the control excellently and brought me to a climax on perfect timing. I moved out of the scene, but he kept altering the buzzing sensations from mild to medium to intense. He brought me to three climaxes while I was off stage. But Jacques knew what he was doing.

My final scene was a love scene with the male lead. As he took me into his arms and we sang together. Jacques made my pussy do tricks I never felt before. The lead male kissed me just as I entered a multiple orgasm phase that wouldn’t stop. Every few seconds I felt a surge of excitement that fueled the passion in my singing.

During the finale scene, Jacques pushed me to the limit, over and over. illegal bahis siteleri I looked out into the audience for help and only saw Madam and Jacques smiling and my husband beaming proudly.

When the curtain fell, I was exhausted. Mercifully, Jacques turned off the device, and in the dressing room I removed it. But the result was a sensational singing experience. And for that I was grateful.

Afterward, Madam and Jacques greeted me and congratulated me. My husband gave me a kiss on the cheek. As they left, Jacques kissed my hand and said something in French.

I came went to my next lesson with Madam with renewed confidence. Madam volunteered, “Dear you did so well. Would you like to keep your secret to success among us, or should let your husband help you?”

My husband was never sexually very attractive to me, and we did not discuss such subjects. We bonded over mutual artistic tastes, and he was a very good provider. But we were not a sparkling sexy pair. I explained this to Madam as best I could. Jacques at the piano could certainly overhear us, but I did not know if he understood English. He rose and came to me, kissed my hand and repeated what he had said the night before.

I looked at Madam puzzled.

She explained, “This treatment we have used on you is only temporary. There is a better longer lasting solution.”

“Oh?” I asked.

“Yes, since stimulation of your erogenous zone had a positive effect, I think the best way to continue making progress is to let you body experience the effect of a more satisfying procedure.”

“More satisfying?” I repeated.

“To get to the point, Jacques here has been asking you if you would let him fuck you.”

I was startled beyond belief. I mean, it was unbelievable that I had been talked into letting Madam and Jacque masturbate me in front of an audience and my husband. But now this?!

Madam spoke, “Jacques is not only an excellent accompanist, he also has excellent skills in opening up women sexually which, of courses, leads to freedom and new abilities in other passions such as singing.”

I looked over at him, and Jacques smiled and nodded. He said something again in French.

Madam explained, “The reason this next treatment is longer lasting and has better effects is that Jacques has an endowment that is rare. Few women experience such an expansive experience.”

I asked Madam, “What has Jacques been saying to me in French?”

Madam translated, “He has been asking you if he may fuck you.”

I was shocked beyond belief, but I froze when Madam took me by the arm into an adjoining room where there was what looked like a padded massage table. Madam told me I could undress behind the screen. I cowered there hidden from their view, thinking things over. In a few moments, Jacques entered the room wearing only a silk robe. He spoke again in French.

Madam translated for him, “Jacques says he is ready to fuck you.”

I peeked around the screen and saw him remove the robe. Standing there was a tall handsome Frenchman, square shoulders and trim waist, but my eyes were drawn to a truly majestic uncut cock that swung between his legs, a good seven inches in limp condition, with a magnificent set of man balls drooping down even longer.

Jacques turned to look at me hiding behind the screen. As he looked, his cock rose and pointed at me, gaining height and length. I stared it. His cockhead grew visible inside the pucker of his foreskin. I’d never seen something so big.

Madam came behind the screen with me. “Now dear, don’t worry, Jacques knows how to do this. He knows how to be careful. Let me help you.”

She unbuttoned the back of my blouse. For some reason I didn’t resist as she removed my top, unclasped my belt, and the skirt fell away to the floor. I was in panties and bra now with my sensible pumps still on my feet. Rather than try to undress me further, Madam took me by the hand and led me out into the room. I stepped on to a small stool that allowed me to sit on the massage table.

Madam spoke French to Jacques, and he nodded.

In an instant, my bra was removed. Jacques gazed at my breasts as his cock kept expanding. My nipples where hard, and I knew I was excited. But I couldn’t believe that I would let this young man with an enormous cock do this to me.

Madam must have felt my uncertainty. She said, “My dear, I can assure you that this treatment will allow you to sing much better, and without a remote control.” Then she added, “If it is successful, we repeat this treatment as often as needed to maintain your readiness.”

Oh, I had forgotten that this was a treatment, not just a plain fucking. Honestly, I did feel better about that.

Madam guided me to a reclining position, naked now except for panties. Things were about to move beyond my control.

Jacques stepped to the end of the padded table. He grasped my ankles, one in each hand, and he drew me toward him. I slid down the table until my pelvis was almost at the end. Jacques held up my legs and then separated canlı bahis siteleri them as wide as he could. My legs formed a wide vee shape with only my panties between his cock and my pussy.

Jacques looked at Madam. She knew what to do. Jacques spoke a few words in French, and Madam took off my panties. Jacques courteously allowed Madam to slide my panties down each leg and remove them entirely.

I did not think a cock like his could fuck a pussy like mine. I had only been used to accommodating my husband’s much smaller equipment, and not very often at that. Jacques moved forward and rested his elevated penis on my midsection. I felt his balls nesting up against my ass and the slit of my pussy. His dick extended past my navel.

Madam said, “Touch it, won’t you?”

Hesitantly, I let one hand find Jacques’ big dick. I touched it quickly, then again. It’s size and mass moved only if I pushed harder. Jacques gazed into my eyes as I started to explore his cock. I tried to put my hand around it, but it was too thick. I used both hands to lift it and let is flop back down on me. By now his foreskin had receded and his giant cock head was fully exposed with slick with drips of cum making it shine.

Madam stood to the side and watched as I toyed with Jacques. I was amazed at his length and thickness. This was no ordinary dick. No sir.

I almost lost myself in the pleasure of feeling this young man’s cock when Madam called, out something in French. Immediately, Jacques positioned his massive member at the entrance to my pussy. I held on for dear life as I felt the pressure of his pressing at my slit. He gained entrance but just barely. I felt my pussy give way as his repeated pushing began to lodge his pole properly in my canal. He must have been four or five inches inside when I felt my insides relax and accommodate his girth. From then on, I felt only pleasure as he pressed in and out, gradually extending his penetration to new depths for me. Anything beyond five inches was virgin territory, and Jacques was well beyond that now.

When he was satisfied that his penetration has reached a sufficient depth, Jacques began slow withdrawal movements, dragging my labia and clit out with his cock, then reentering, causing all the moving parts of my vagina to move. He could look down and see my fleshy labia hugging his shaft.

Jacques continued his gentle fucking for quite a long time until I realized that an orgasm was building. He felt it too, so he stopped and teased me. He only started fucking again when he sensed I was calming down. Again and again, he would bring me close then deny me release. Each time he did this, my anticipation grew wilder. I knew that if he allowed me to cum I would explode. And so did he. This is what made him an excellent fuck.

Finally, Jacques battered me with is big cock, rubbing all the right places, and kept up a frantic pace as my orgasm built. He spoke to Madam in French, and she translated, “He says that you can cum this time.”

The anticipation drove me wild. I had been wanting to cum for what seemed like an hour, and now finally he was going to let me. My breath came quicker. His balls were slapping against my bottom. Big balls that I could feel each time. I imagined they were full of cum, buckets of cum for me.

I became breathless as a wave of pleasure overcame me. I practically passed out as Jacques expertly used his giant dick to give me a perfect orgasm.

I rested for a moment while Jacques stopped pumping me. His cock was lodge about ten inches inside of me, as thick as ever, as waves of lesser orgasms passed though my body. He stood there with is cock in me, watching me feel the pleasure of an intense orgasm.

Then, just when I thought my body couldn’t be more out of control, Jacques very slightly slipped his cock into me another inch. I came again right here on the spot. He stood still for several moments, then pulled out just an inch. I came again.

Jacques did this over and over, making slight movements with his dick that caused me to quiver and feel more little orgasms. Jacques knew exactly what he was doing. He was well trained indeed.

He kept this up for another twenty minutes. Then I heard him say something in French to Madam. She said, “He says that now he is ready to fuck you.”

What?! Oh my God, what had he been doing, I thought.

Jacques removed his entire length, and I admired his perfect dick for a moment before he put it back into me. This time, Jacques was like a wild man. His entire length, over ten inches, was all the way inside me. This was for my pleasure, yes, but also for his. Once again, I felt waves of orgasms pulsing and rocking my world. Then, Jacques built himself up to a climax, too.

As he was about to cum, Madam spoke to him in French. Jacques withdrew his entire cock from my pussy and displayed it to Madam. She apparently approved and allowed him to continue.

He plunged it back into my pussy, to maximum depth, then completely removed it so that it danced in the open air for a few moments. Then again and again, fully penetrated, then air-cock. Jacques has worked himself into a zone. It seemed like he could keep this up all day. His erection never faded. The man remained hard as a rock the entire time. What a gentleman!

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