Six Days on the Road Ch. 01

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As a trucker it is often lonely out on the roads, especially when you’re spending long nights on deserted routes away from the main throng of night time linehaul movers. But this isn’t about the negative side of trucking at all.

Being single and 31, in pretty good shape due to the physical nature of the job I nevertheless felt happy to put up with the downsides of the job.

The upside to some of these negatives is that I get to spend time in locations most folks would never see. Now there is a pattern to my work routine and so I do get to got back to the same places, motels and hotels etc on a reasonably regular basis.

It’s the regular places I get to stay at where things can sometimes become interesting….

So here I am staying in Napier, a coastal town heavily populated by tourists in the summer season and much quieter in the offseason. For about three years now I’ve been staying at the same motel complex just off the main road, it offers good parking for trucks and good meals. All a truck driver needs in other words?

Yeah, pretty much. Now my work routine sees me mostly working nights, thus sleeping during the day. This in itself can be bloody annoying, as in some motels you can get woken up by folks getting up and into their day just after you’ve gotten in from your nights work. But anyway, I digress.

After three years of staying at Napier I had this problem pretty much sorted. The two sisters who owned and operated this 24 room motel always gave me a room in the block furthest away from the road. Amy and Anna looked after their regulars, leaving meals in the fridge of the room you would be in, especially if you were going to to be in late, such as me.

Over the years the sisters and I had a pretty casual and easygoing way of interacting, nothing untoward, just easygoing.

But it was when they had a new lady start on their cleaning crew that things got a little heated. The way Anna and Amy ran things was pretty loose, and they were used to me and a few other drivers sleeping till early afternoon, but the new lady, Judy, obviously didn’t know this.

So one morning at around 11 I am woken by noises in my room, now being a heavy sleeper I don’t know how long Judy had been in my room, but when I open my eyes I can see her leaving the room. Only having met Judy once, briefly, I am now both annoyed at having been woken and embarrassed a little….see, I sleep in the nude and seeing it had been a hot and muggy day I was laying on the bed in the nude…on my back.

Now I am not going to claim that I have a foot long cock, but at eight inches I have nothing to be ashamed of… By now I decided that instead of being annoyed about all this, Judy was probably more embarrassed and just to ignore the whole episode…and so I went back to sleep.

Later that day as I got ready for my nights’ work, Anna knocked on the door to my room. “Hiya Nick, just wanted to apologize for Judy waking you earlier on,” Anna said with a cheeky smile on her face.

“Oh well, it happens,” I said politely. And for me that was the end of it. As I was leaving the motel I handed my key in and bid Amy and Anna farewell until next week, just then Judy came thru the office to leave for the day. She looked at me, she blushed and just said hi, then dashed past me with the beginnings of a blush on her face. Neither Anna nor Amy said anything about Judy’s dash for freedom, but they did smile knowingly!

So here I was, Amy and Anna being in their late forties, with Judy perhaps early forties. canlı bahis It seemed as though the ladies had discussed the embarrassing episode of that morning and yet chose to stay silent….

The next week I was in the same room at about the same time, having finished work at 4 am I was just dozing lightly by 11 when I heard a key in the door. As fate would have it, I was laying on my back in the nude, uncovered again, as Judy entered the room. The fact she came in without the bucket of cleaning gear was one clue. When she then walked up to the bed without hesitating was another… For several minutes she stood there, just looking at my naked form.

Now I am not entirely clueless, a woman coming into your room when she shouldn’t be there, looking at your naked body without shame, heck she’s interested in more than just looking I figured… My cock thought so too, it started swelling up nicely. I stirred slightly, as if dreaming and before long my cock was laying on my thigh at halfmast. Feeling my balls pull up in their sac a little I almost felt proud to be naked and aroused in front of Judy.

I didn’t know enough about Judy to make any moves at the time, so I just pretended to be asleep in a dirty dream and Judy left the room maybe five or six minutes after entering.

Over the next few weeks I paid a little more attention to Judy, she didn’t wear a wedding ring, so that was one good sign.

The weird thing was she kept visiting my room, just looking at me each time I stayed there. It was obvious she wasn’t going to make the first move, so I made it.

The sixth or seventh time she came into my room, Judy was just staring at me, when I spoke up in a calm voice; “Morning M’am, can I help you?

“Aaahhh, I was just, sorry, I didn’t know you were asleep still, sorry, aaahhhmmm,” she stammered as I just lay there naked.

“Now now, young lady, I know this isn’t the first time you’ve been in here while I’ve been asleep,” I said, still not making any attempt to cover myself.

Judy was just blushing, but at the same time she noticed I wasn’t covering myself, thus making her break out into a grin. “See you are not ashamed being naked in front of the cleaning lady huh,” she challenged.

“Why should I,” I replied with a growing grin.

“Yes, why indeed,” Judy smirked back, now unashamedly looking at my cock, which was standing proudly at fullmast.

Hearing Anna call out Judy’s name just outside my room brought this little play to an end, me taking the sheet to cover myself and pretend to be asleep as Anna came into the room, saying; “Come on Jude, you can get away with being in here accidentally once or twice, but not every time Nick is here!”

OK, so Anna knew a little of what was going on?

But it was when Anna was herding Judy out of the room that she said; “You know, Nick will be staying here this weekend, why don’t you make your move on him then?”

Righto, the ladies had obviously discussed me, Judy’s attraction and what to do about it all….interesting!

Come the weekend I went for a swim on my first day of downtime, just a short walk from the motel. It was when I returned that I ran into Judy, she was just about to head for home when she asked me if I wanted to join her for a drink later.

“Sure, where and when,” I asked.

“Your room, say about 7,” she replied with a devilish gleam in her eyes.

“See you then,” I said as I continued to my room. Being the weekend I had stocked up on supplies, red wine, some cheese, grapes, apples bahis siteleri and a few other interesting bits and pieces….

Come seven and I was eagerly awaiting Judy’s arrival, by half past seven she still hadn’t shown so I was beginning to think she had chickened out… But at almost a quarter to eight she knocked on the door.

“So sorry, I am late, didn’t know what to wear,” she apologised.

“Looks like it was worth the wait,” I said as I led her into my room, taking my time to take in her chunky slides, firm tanned legs, denim mid thigh length skirt topped with a short sleeved polo top.

Judy smiled as she saw me taking in her shapely medium sized figure with enthusiasm, her nipples growing as my eyes travelled the whole length of her 5’9″ body….

“So pleased you like kind sir,” she said with mock timidness. “Nice to see you kept it casual,” she said, referring to me wearing just a clean pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

Offering Judy a drink and some cheese and crackers we were soon chatting away like old friends, enjoying the evening breeze blowing in through the open sliding door on the first floor motel room. Lucky for me this room had a private deck looking out towards the ocean, for what Judy did next was most definitely not for public viewing.

“Excuse me Nick, I am just dying to snog you,” she said almost apologetically as she took my drink and put it on the table, mounting my thighs in the process, kissing me full on the lips and probing her tongue into my mouth….

Damn, was all I could think at the time, I knew this woman was interested, but why the rush?

For Judy was now on a mission, she kissed with a passion, she unashamedly groped my now rockhard dick and as she peeled off her polo top she brought her unrestrained breasts into view….smallish with nice big suckpatches for nipples….yummy I thought before latching onto her titties with enthusiasm….making Judy moan as she firmly fondled my shaft.

“Gotta get these shorts off you, I wanna feel that fat cock,” Judy announced as she hopped off me and kneeled in front of me, roughly yanking my shorts off, complete with underwear. My shorts hadn’t even hit the floor and she had my knob in her mouth, making all manner of slurping and sucking sounds as she devoured my throbbing member….

Judy sucked my cock for a few minutes, but I didn’t want to empty my nuts in her mouth, so I playfully tugged on her short brown hair to make her let go, then asking; “How about we get on the bed to continue this?”

“Hell yeah, let’s go,” she said as she jumped up and led me to the bed, but not before we peeled off all remaining clothing. Upon seeing Judy’s bum, complete with tanlines I whistled softly, then as she saw me admiring her firm rear, she said; “I know, big bum huh?”

“No, sexy tanlines,” I said as I grasped her by the hips and got her onto the edge of the bed so I could devour her pussy. Running my hands up from her thighs towards her pleasure centre, Judy soon lay back and let me kiss and nibble her thighs, soon reaching her pussy.

It was when I ran my nose thru the soft short clipped fur on her snatch that she first moaned…running my tongue lightly across her swollen lips and brushing her clit ever so softly she just caught her breath, but when I drove my tongue forcefully into her lovecanal she just started in earnest.

“Oh yesss!” she almost cried out as I drove my tongue deep into her juicy cleft, tasting her nectar and reaching up to tweak her huge nipples at the bahis şirketleri same time. “Oh yes, I love it when you do that, tongue me, lick me,” Judy softly moaned between increasingly heavy breathing.

Heck, I love eating pussy and I just took my time eating, licking and tongue fucking Judy’s tasty fanny. It was when I got into sucking her clit and tonguing it at the same time that Judy climaxed the first time. It had taken some time to get her off for the first time, but once she reached this point it seemed like she could keep on coming for a while….older women….you gotta love their fully liberated sexual attitude!!!

I don’t know how long I ate Judy’s cunny, but my jaw was starting to ache and I really wanted to drive my dick into her. Luckily Judy called a halt to proceedings, saying; “Damn, I love your pussy eating attitude Nick, but you better get up here and fuck me before I can’t handle that cock, gggrrrrr, I love your tongue between my pussylips!!”

I got on my back on the bed and Judy rolled a rubber onto my dick in short order, mounting me without any delay. Her sopping wet cunt just swallowed my whole dick in one easy motion, Judy staying impaled on me for several seconds as she went into orgasm again.

“Oh yeahhhhh,” she almost wailed as she ground her firm butt onto my prong, squashing my nuts between her arse and my thighs, but in a delightfully sensual manner mind you!!

With the increased noise I was a little worried about the open sliding door, allowing all these noises of blissful sex to escape outside, knowing fullwell that Anna had an apartment just below and along this block of units…..

But hey, when you’ve got a hot blooded woman riding your rigid dick you don’t worry about that for long! Judy seemed almost breathless by now and she urged me to get on top of her.

Instead I rolled her over onto all fours and pulled her delightful butt up into the air, ready for my cock. As I grasped her hips she reached between her legs to find my cock, with one easy motion she yanked the rubber off and told me; “I wanna feel your cum oozing out of my cunny later when I walk home.”

OK, that wasn’t the original plan, but then I was in no position to really argue, sliding balldeep into her juicy hole, making Judy moan softly again as I got into a nice steady rhythm.

For a few minutes I screwed her leisurely, then as I felt my own orgasm getting closer I picked up the pace ad began pounding her hot little cunt with vigour.

“Wow, I can feel your nuts banging against my clit,” Judy said between panting breaths. “Oh fuck, that cock feels so good,” she groaned as her upper body slumped onto the bed.

“All worn out already huh?” I teased as I continued slamming her from behind….then I just pumped her cunt with a nice load of thick white man juice….

Staying in this position I stuck a finger into her bumhole, bringing forth a little cry of surprise from Judy; “No please, not my bum, too sensitive now,” she pleaded.

The strangest part happened next, as within a minute of me pumping her cunny full cum she jumped off the bed and into her clothes. “Gotta go,” she said with urgency and then fled the room, leaving me bewildered as to what I had done wrong, if anything.

An hour or so later, the phone rang and it was Judy. “Sorry about running out on you like that,” she said, “my ex-husband was bringing my daughter over to stay and I hadn’t figured on being late to your room, then you making love to me for so long….sorry Nick.”

“As long as everything is fine I don’t mind,” I said, even though I was still a little pissed at the abrupt ending.

“I will make it up to you when I can,” she promised.

Oh well, that will be interesting I thought….

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