Ski Trip

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For the past few years I have assisted with a youth ski camp. The excitement of teaching young kids, enjoying the atmosphere surrounding the event and meeting many close friends are the main reasons I return each year. This year I was selected as event coordinator. This left me with the responsibility of all planning for the staff and campers. I was 3 hours from the ski lodge and had worked all the details over the phone or internet.

I arrived at camp 2 days early to what looked like a ghost town and begin to set up and final preparations for what was shaping up to be a great camp. After a brief tour of the area, I found that “old man winter” had been good to the ski season. Fresh snow was plentiful and the slopes looked great. The next day though, the weather started to change. I spent the early part of the day putting up supplies, checking all the gear and stocking up on firewood. The staff was to arrive the next morning and campers would be shuttled to the lodge that evening.

However, I was about to learn that you can’t always prepare for the unsuspecting weather. Within hours it turned dark, the temperature plunged about 25 degrees and a light snow began to fall. Late that evening I got word that the staff and campers would likely be delayed due to severe weather in the valley. I decided to make the most of it and start a fire to warm up the lodge and watch the view from the glass front dining room. I grabbed a beer from the lodge storage cabinet and headed for a shower. I finished a good hot shower, dressed and headed for the dining room. Just as I entered the room, I was startled by loud knocking on the door. I opened the doorto find Jenn, one of our staff members standing in the blizzard conditions. I ushered her in and grabbed a bag she was holding. She was so cold, I was concerned that she may have suffered frostbite. She assured me she was ok, and after a few minutes by the fire, it showed. I went to retrieve us both a drink and returned to find her removing her shoes and socks.

I handed Jenn the drink and she said she was going to take a shower and clean up. As I walked off, I took her shoes and placed them by the fire to dry and warm them. I was enjoying my beer when I heard her calling my name. When I reached the shower, I stopped in my tracks as she had failed to close the door. The view was exciting, as Jenn is a very smart, sexy and beautiful woman. Her voice brought me from my trance as she asked if I would bring her bag. When I returned with her bag, the water was off and she was standing canlı bahis there holding a damp towel around her body. She asked me to open it up so she could get her clothes. I sat the bag down and unzipped it as I looked uptoward her face, only to stop at her waist. I admired her body a little to long and she grunted. Her voice once again brought me back to reality. I asked if she needed anything else, then excused myself.

I returned to the fireplace and my beer. I needed a lot of them now to get the vision from my mind. My thoughts remained on Jenn as I continued to get even hornier. When Jenn joined me, she laid close to the fire as well. I asked if she wanted a chair to sit in or just a pillow and cover, which she gladly accepted. With the alcohol in my system and thoughts of her body, I forgot that I had began to get an erection. When I stood to walk off, I heard her gasp and realized my mistake. I returned with a pillow and cover in hand and stretched it out for her. Jenn seemed different now and I felt I had caused her discomfort. I apologized for making her feel uneasy. She told me no apology was necessary and that it had been a long time since she had had sex and had never seen a bulge so large. I blushed and jokingly said they make them all the time. We both laughed and she seemed to have loosened up some. We chatted openly and soon the subject turned to sex. We discussed our likes, dislikes and past experiences. She said that she had found that most young guys only want to cum and never please her. She also said she loved receiving oral sex, but again guys won’t take the time for it.

At that point I revealed that giving oral was my favorite. Suddenly Jenn said she was cold and needed more cover. We decided the best place to sleep tonight would be the floor by the fireplace. We were separated by several feet and our individual covers. We laid down severalpieces of cover and plenty of pillows, laid down to watch the snow continue to fall. The temperature seemed to plummet and I added more wood to the fire. I noticed Jenn saring at me as I laid down. As we said good night, I rolled over and began wishing I had made a pass on Jenn. But I couldn’t make myself take a chance and ruin our friendship and a chance at a promotion.

I was just about asleep when Jenn she was still cold and asked if I would hold her to warm her up. I rolled over next to her, hoping my warm body would warm her up. After a few minutes she said she was warming up. Then I felt her body move and push against me. Initially I thought it was bahis siteleri an accident. I could tell the second time was no accident and the movement began to cause my semi limp cock respond. The tighter she pushed her ass backward, the harder I got. At this point, I didn’t care about a promotion. I reached for her breast and found her nipples were stiff.

By now my dick had grown to its massive size and was resting along the crack of her ass. As her ass pressed back to me harder, I let a hand drift down midriff til it reached her crotch. Her arm reached back and pulled me tighter to her body. My hand continued its quest to reach her damp hole. The moment I touched her clit, her moans grew louder. After massaging her clit for several minutes, I eased the first of two fingers inside her tight wet pussy. As I slid another finger in to join the first, she took her hand from my ass and grasped my cock. OH MY GOD, she said. I took my fingers out and rubbed her clit and she rolled over onto her back. I began a slow descent down her body; slowly kissing and sucking her neck and stomach. She grabbed my hair, holding and turning my head when I reached her clit. The slow licks across her clit and labia was making her very wet. I was determined to finish off with my mouth, before I slid my hard cock in her. Her first orgasm was only moments later.

I continued to suck her clit and held it with my lips. This technique brought her ass off the bed as she moaned louder. Each time she lifted up, gave me a chance to lick her asshole. I traced the juices from her cunt to her ass and back. Finally she lifted up her cheeks and I dove in, fucking her tight asshole with my tongue. Her excitement was to much and she collapsed. I slowed the pace again and felt her muscles tighten and her legs wrapped around my shoulders as she pushed her hot wet pussy hard against my mouth. Her screams were all the evidence I needed to know she had cum again. I crawled back up the very body that I had made my way down earlier. I took her face in my hands and kissed her, allowing her to taste her own juices. As we kissed, she held and pulled my dick, bringing moans from my own throat.

Jenn decided it was her turn to “punish” me. As she made her way down my body, her grip on my shaft got tighter and her strokes were longer. At one point I wasn’t sure who was moaning more. When her lips touched the head, I jerked and pushed my cock in her mouth. They wrapped tight around the head and her hand held firmly. She continued licking and sucking my hard shaft, bahis şirketleri seemingly determined to take all 9 thick inches. Even thoughshe wasn’t able to take the entire cock down her throat, her manipulations had me on the edge very soon. Her eyes stared me down as she must have realized how close I was. Watching my face, Jenn took the head and held it. It felt as though she was holding a wrestling match inside her mouth. I warned her how close I was but she never let up.

Within moments, I screamed that I was about to cum. I was expecting her to release my cock, but she didn’t. I pumped hr face one more time and released a mouthful of jism. We paused a couple minutes to catch our breath and grab a drink. During the whole break, Jenn continues to stare at my still semi hard dick. I finished my drink and laid Jenn back as I crawled on top of her in a sixty nine position. I could hear her moans as she tried again to take my cock. I could feel her tongue working the sides of my shaft. My tongue was busy making its way up side of her labia and clit, then down the other. As her juices leaked out, my mouth would chase them down. I pulled away from her mouth til my cock was resting between her tits. I thrust my cock along her tits and reached back to squeeze her nipples. I spun around and crawled between her legs. I reached for one leg and placed it on my shoulder while holding my cock at her opening. The look in her eyes told me she was excited, but nervous. Taking my shaft, I placed it at the opening and rubbed the head along the outside getting it lubed up. Then I eased the head in slowly. I took it back out and spanked her clit before pushing in deeper. I watched as each push opened her wider. Her juices were soaking my shaft and balls. Moving slowly, she was taking inch by inch deeper in her tight hole and her noises became more noticeable. Once I reached bottom, I held her tight and kissed her sofly at first , then with more passion. My hips moved slowly, making sure I pressed against her clit. The rotation of my hips brought gasps from Jenn and her legs wrapped around my ass to hold me tight. Reaching back, I grabbed the cheeks of her ass to get as deep as possible. These actions were enough to bring her to another orgasm. Not wanting the night to end, I rolled Jenn over onto all fours. I entered her from behind and knew I had really hit the spot now. Jenn leaned down and pushed backwards as I pounded away.

It seemed as though I couldn’t fuck her hard enough, cause her moans grew louder and faster. Then at the same time, we both screamed and our bodies collapsed as we came. As I pulled out, my cum dripped from her wet open cunt. We both hugged and fell asleep. Exhaustion had taken over til the next morning, that’s a new story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32