Slip into the Shower

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Things had been a bit stale in our relationship, which is why I decided to surprise Lester that day. He was a good husband but things had been strained since he started his new job at the factory. He came home tired and cranky each night and I tried my best to soothe him but he wasn’t receptive to my love or my sexual advances.

“I’m so horny,” he complained each night but by the time we were in bed we were so tired we could barely keep our eyes open, let alone have sex. We were feeling the strain of our unfulfilled sexual urges as the days piled up between sexual adventures.

“I know, baby. We’ll have sex tomorrow,” I whispered again. I had whispered those same words every night for the past two weeks and there had been no sex. There just wasn’t time or energy. That’s why I was excited when I came home from work to hear the sound of the shower running. Lester was home early for once and I knew what I needed to do. Now was my chance to make up for the lack of sex with Lester these past few weeks. I would surprise him by slipping into the shower with him and getting kinky.

I smiled as I slid my clothes off and onto the floor. I grabbed one of our fluffy burgundy towels I’d bought at an overpriced home store and opened the door to the bathroom. I said nothing, slipping in as quietly as I could. The element of surprise was important to me. I wanted Lester to be surprised when he turned around and saw me getting into the shower with him. In my mind, I had all kinds of plans to suck and fuck his perfect cock. I was so fucking horny as I placed my hand on the shower door and slid it slowly and carefully open.

There was lots of steam escaping from the shower as I stepped inside. I wrapped my arms around Lester from behind and immediately I knew something was wrong. My hand wandered down to his cock and as I took it in my hand I realized that I had made a very, very big mistake. This wasn’t Lester’s cock! I didn’t know whose cock my hand was on but I knew it wasn’t my husband’s. This cock was much longer and thicker.

“What the fuck?” the man in my shower cried and he pulled his cock from my grip and turned around. He was taller than Lester and as he spun around completely I recognized him. My heart sunk. I couldn’t fucking believe this! It was my neighbor, Al. He was married with kids!

“Oh my God! I thought you were Lester! I was going to surprise him! I’m so sorry! What are you doing here? Why are you in my shower?

“Lester didn’t tell you?”

“Obviously not!” I looked down at his cock and noticed that it was getting harder, not softer. It was growing as Al looked over my naked body.

“Wow, I never realized how sexy you are Andrea! You have a really nice body hiding under all those baggy clothes you wear.”

“I should get out,” I was getting uncomfortable. It was so steamy in canlı bahis that shower and maybe the heat was getting to me. I found myself reaching my hand out to touch Al’s cock again. My hand wrapped around his thickness and I marveled at how good it felt to the touch. I wanted it inside of me. It had been weeks since Lester and I had fucked and I blame my horniness for what happened next.

“Don’t get out. Stay here with me and enjoy this. Stroke my cock, Andrea. I won’t tell Lester if you don’t tell Marlene.”

“I won’t tell,” I looked up into his eyes. His face was fixed into an expression of pleasure that twisted ever so slightly with every move my hand made on his dick. He let out a slow moan that made me want to stroke him faster. It felt so good to have a cock in my hand again. It had been too long since I’d had sex and it had been forever since I’d touched a cock that wasn’t Lester’s. It felt so good and yet so wrong. I knew I needed it inside of me but I didn’t know how to ask.

“That feels so good,” Al’s voice was tinged with a sexiness I’d never heard from him before. We hadn’t talked much in the five years we’d been neighbors. There had been polite exchanges of pleasantries and waves hello or good-bye and little more. Now, things had progressed to a level that would make it hard for me to ignore Al in the future. I stroked him faster until he gripped me by the shoulders and pushed my entire body down to my knees. “Suck it for me, Andrea…”

I said nothing but obediently wrapped my mouth around Al’s cock and sucked it the best way that I knew how. It was different than sucking Lester’s cock. It was too thick for my mouth and I was having trouble getting it down. I tried my best and I looked up at Al, hoping he could give me some direction. He said nothing but pushed his cock further down my throat until I choked a bit.

“That’s what I like. Choke on it for me.” He pushed his dick back down my throat and I choked on it for him. I let him continue to choke me as the ache in my pussy grew. I needed to be fucked. I needed to cum. I knew that it was wrong and that I should have left the shower as soon as I saw that it was Al and not Lester. I knew I was being naughty and it wasn’t making me feel bad. Instead, I felt more alive than I’d felt in ages and I couldn’t wait to get Al’s cock inside of me. Surely he was planning on fucking me. Wasn’t he?

“Please. Fuck me,” I begged him and I was shocked at how pathetic and desperate I sounded. I didn’t sound like a woman who didn’t want to cheat. I sounded like a woman desperate to cheat with any cock that was in front of her. I was that horny and I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted Al’s cock in my pussy. I just wanted to get off. I had no idea what had come over me. This wasn’t my usual stance on infidelity but I didn’t have time to think too hard bahis siteleri about it. Al was taking action.

He sat down on the floor of the shower, the water still pouring over our heads. He pulled me down so I was straddling him. I lowered my pussy down onto his cock slowly and was surprised by how wet I was. I was older now and things down there weren’t always as wet as they used to be when I was younger. Maybe it was Al’s thick cock or maybe it was the wrongness of cheating on Lester that was making my pussy so wet. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t really give a fuck. I only wanted to bounce on Al’s perfect cock until I got off.

It didn’t take much. I was cumming on his dick in less than a minute. The wrongness of the situation made me scream and I imagined what would happen if Lester actually did come home from work early to find me bouncing on our neighbor’s cock in our shower. I imagined how angry he would be and it should have made me want to stop but it didn’t. It made me fuck Al’s cock harder. It made me bounce, writhe, and moan as the steam thickened until I could barely see Al’s face. It didn’t matter. I didn’t want to see his face. I just wanted his cock. I wanted to use it so I could cum some more.

“Stop! Stop!” Al cried. “Turn around. Yeah, like that,” he coached me as I turned so I was in reverse cowgirl. “Now fuck me, Andrea. Get that horniness out.”

“Okay!” I began to bounce and I noticed that in this position, Al’s cock hit even better spots. I screamed loudly as I came this time and I was feeling weak when Al’s hand reached around to my clit and began to fiddle with it. He pressed his index finger into my clit and rubbed it hard and fast. I continued to bounce, allowing the slow warmth of pleasure to begin inside of me. I let it build as my breathing grew quicker. I let out a few loud moans and then a series of screams as my pussy spasmed all over Al’s cock.

“Andrea! I’m about to cum!”

“Oh shit!” I tried to get up and off of his cock in time but I didn’t quite make it. I knew that he had spewed some of his cum up inside of me. The rest of it hit my legs as I tried to move.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry! I tried to warn you.”

“It’s okay. I’ll work it out.” I stood up and turned off the shower. “I think maybe you should go.”

“Okay, sure. Of course.” Al opened the sliding door to the shower and grabbed one of the burgundy towels and began to dry himself.

“So why are you in my shower, anyway?”

“Our water heater took a crap and I’m having it replaced. Lester said I could come over and take a shower. My wife and kids will be over a bit later after school is out to take theirs.”

“Yeah, Lester failed to mention that. I thought you were him. I was going to surprise him!”

“Don’t worry, Andrea. I won’t tell him. This didn’t happen.”

“Okay. Thank God!” bahis şirketleri I cried and let out a sigh of relief. “He can’t ever find out.”

“I could totally blackmail you, you know,” Al chuckled.


“Yeah, if you don’t keep fucking me I’m going to have to tell Lester.” His eyes were full of mischief and I knew he was mostly kidding.

“Oh no!” I said sarcastically. “I guess I better fuck you then so he doesn’t find out.”

“That’s a smart move, Andrea. I always knew you were smart.” Al’s grin grew even wider.

“I’m just really, really sex deprived. Before this, it had been weeks.”

“Weeks? Wow, I’m sorry Andrea. I’m here for you. I mean, my cock is here for you. We don’t have to do it in the shower all the time, either. We could do it right here in the bathroom.”

“We could.”

“Want to?”

“Right now? Didn’t you just cum?”

“Yeah but I’m horny again.”

“Wow. Lester isn’t like that.”

“Well, Lester is an idiot for not keeping this body well fucked,” Al shrugged and dropped his towel, revealing his hard cock. I couldn’t believe how big it was. It was so much bigger and fatter than Lester’s. I dropped to my knees and attempted to take Al’s cock deep down my throat. My mouth was so full of his cock and my pussy was so full of longing. By the time his cock was in me again I was trembling from the pleasure. I could barely hold myself up as he slammed his cock into me from behind as I bent over the toilet. The bathroom was still hot and steamy, some of it from the shower and some of it from the sex we were having. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I wasn’t about to stop. This was the best sex of my life and it wasn’t like Lester had been giving me any. I’d fuck Lester later to make up for what I was doing.

True to my word I did fuck Lester that night. Something about my sex with Al had breathed new life into me. I was hornier in general and much of that horniness spilled over onto Lester.

“You are so horny and sexy lately. What’s changed?” he asked me one morning after a particularly hot night of sex. I wanted to tell him that Al was my secret but I didn’t want a divorce. I wanted to keep Lester and have my Al on the side too.

“Nothing has changed. Must be my hormones or something.” I shrugged as if I didn’t know.

“Well, I like these hormones. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it! I have to go to work now but I’ll see you tonight for more sex, right?”

“Right, baby. Have a nice day!” I watched him walk to his car and pull out of the driveway. I immediately texted Al.

“He’s gone.”

“Be right there, slut.” Al’s text made me wet with anticipation. That day in the shower had started something crazy. Al and I couldn’t keep our hands off of one another and I couldn’t keep his cock out of my pussy. I didn’t want to. Even Lester wanted me to keep doing this. He had told me that whatever I was doing that was making me so horny that I should keep doing it. I was simply following directions. I was just trying my best to make my marriage work.

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