Still Hot for Teacher

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Lindsay and Aaron shared several more passionate encounters in her classroom, but she still felt a burning need for something more. She somehow felt that her fantasy, her TRUE fantasy, hadn’t been fulfilled and despite thinking she would never sleep with a student, the thought of some senior stud, freshly 18 and ready to go, turned her on more than anything. As the school year wound down, she began looking for job opportunities that would help that come true. As luck would have it, during the open transfer period, she was able to get a position at a high school teaching senior lit to honors students. Perfect, she thought to herself.

When Lindsay’s alarm went off the first day of school that fall, she was already wide-awake, imagining the possibilities at hand. She lay in bed, thinking of what could be happening in a matter of weeks. She closed her eyes and pictured the video. Van Halen was singing Hot for Teacher, but instead of a bikini-clad model, Lindsay was strutting down the aisle in her own new classroom, dozens of horny high school seniors cheering and whooping loudly. Lindsay’s hand worked its way to her crotch and slowly began making circles over her moist slit as the scene played in her mind. She was dancing ad gyrating in front of the boys, slowly teasing them by removing her clothes. She moaned out loud as she began fingering her clit. The fantasy continued with her now completely naked in front of the class, calling each boy up one by one, rubbing their hard, young cocks through their jeans and allowing them to touch her in return. Lindsay began moaning louder and her hand picked up its pace, fucking her now dripping pussy as the fantasy finished in her mind. She reached down and found her favorite vibrator on the floor and brought herself t one of the hardest orgasms she had had in a long time. She screamed loudly as it hit, then stretched long and slow before getting up and getting ready for school.

She chose her normal parent’s night outfit for he first day. Short skirt over a tiny g-string, low cut blouse and no bra. She put on a pair of her best fuck-me heels, and was off to school. She received some looks from the other teachers, but she didn’t care. She was excited, in more ways than one, for what this school year might hold.

Lindsay spent the first day scoping out her classes in between registration and going over rules and policies. She managed to find several good looking, and probably eager, young men throughout the day. By the time school let out, he g-string was soaked wit her arousal, and she had to get herself off quickly in her room before heading to her car.

For the next few days, Lindsay didn’t do much to reel in her targets. She gave some extra attention to the boys she had singled out on the first day, and occasionally gave them free looks down her blouse or up her skirt by bending over in front of them. She judged their reactions and made mental notes of who seemed to be the most willing. After about a month, Lindsay was ready to put her plan into action.

As it turned out, she didn’t really need a plan. The school asked her to start a tutoring club for some of the football players in the honors classes. They wanted to make sure that the season wouldn’t be damaged by ineligibility. Lindsay jumped at the chance because most of the boys she wanted were going to be involved in the program. She made the announcement in class that the tutoring would begin the following day ataşehir escort bayan after school.

Lindsay was excited the whole day. Her arousal made her nipples so hard she was sure that everyone could see it. She was finally going to get to have her true fantasy, and maybe a bit sooner than she thought. She got even more excited when she saw that the group that showed up for tutoring was almost exclusively the boys she wanted from her class. She smiled warmly and greeted them all and got them started on some review exercises before excusing herself to go to the restroom. She changed into a revealing workout outfit in order to test the waters a bit before gong all the way. She returned to the classroom and was met by stares.

“Something wrong, boys?”

“No, ma’am,” stammered one of them.

“Nothing wrong at all, Miss Gibson. Just not used to seeing a teacher out of her clothes.”

The boys immediately erupted in giggles at that and so did Lindsay. If they only knew, she thought to herself.

“I have a workout later and thought I would save time by changing now,” she explained. She walked up and down the aisles, checking on each boy’s progress. After dong this for a while, she went back to the front of the room and removed the skimpy workout tank top to reveal a tiny sports bra that barely contained her pert breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. She went back up and down the aisles and stopped in between two desks where the boys seemed to be having a lot of trouble concentrating. She bent over to help one of them, putting her ass almost squarely in the face of the boy behind her.

Then she felt it. There was a hand on her thigh. She smiled to herself and continued to “explain” the work to the other boy. The hand on her thigh moved slowly upwards toward her pussy. She knew how wet she felt and knew that whoever the hand belonged to could tell that as well. The hand brushed her pussy and she shivered. Then just as suddenly, the hand was gone. Feeling almost disappointed, Lindsay finished her explanation and walked away. Walking back up the aisle, another hand was in the air with a question. As she approached, the hand gently grazed her breast as the boy lowered it, sending another shiver through her. The hand went back up slightly, brushing against her nipple again before the boy put it all the way down. Lindsay smiled again. She helped his student, and then realized that time was up for that day.

“Ok, boys, your time is up for today. See you tomorrow,” she said. She caught some looks of disappointment, but also thought she caught a few smirks from some of them. She knew exactly why. They felt up a teacher and she didn’t do anything about it. She went home incredibly turned on, but decided to wait instead of satisfying herself. The thought of possibly having a hot young cock inside her soon was worth waiting for.

The next day she wore her favorite string bikini under her work clothes. As the tutoring session got underway, she turned on some music.

“What is that?” one of the boys asked.

“That’s Van Halen. Classic rock to you guys but it is something I grew up with,” she explained.

The boys nodded and went back to their work. She would catch them watching once in a while, trying to see if she would be walking around today. As Hot for Teacher came on, she stood up. The boys were listening to the song, too, and seemed to be laughing escort kadıköy at the irony a bit. As Lindsay stood, she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. The boys’ eyes were all glued on her now. This was her chance.

She quickly removed her blouse and tossed it aside, along with her skirt. She was left in her heels and bikini. One of the boys had slipped over and shut and locked the door. Lindsay smiled at him and as the chorus began again, she strutted up ad down the aisles, giving the boys some of her best moves. Shaking her tits at them, bending over, her inner stripper coming alive to the gyrating beats of the music. The boys began cheering and hollering, just like in her fantasy and the video. Lindsay never felt so alive or turned on. As the song ended, she strutted back up to her desk and leaned back against it, spread eagle, showing off everything to the boys. They applauded in appreciation.

“Wow, Miss Gibson…” “No teacher has ever…”

Those were all the comments that the boys could muster. But Lindsay wasn’t done. She wanted to play out he full fantasy. Still clad in just her bikini, she called on one of the boys.

“Mike, come here.”

Mike stood up and got some pats on the back from the boys around him. When he got to her desk, Lindsay positioned him directly in front of her.

“So, Mike, it looks like you are hot for teacher,” she said as she rubbed his obviously hard cock through his jeans. He couldn’t answer. He just leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Lindsay rubbed him for a few more moments before stopping. His eyes shot open with a look of disappointment.

“Show me that you are hot for teacher. Touch me like you touch the cheerleaders each Friday night,” she said. Mike reached out a hand and began kneading a breast through the bikini. Lindsay leaned back and pressed herself into his hand. His other hand trailed down her smooth stomach and began roughly grinding on her mound. Lindsay bucked her hips against his hand, but didn’t want the others to feel left out.

“Thank you, Mike. That was very nice. John, how about you come up here.”

John got up quickly since he knew what was going to happen. Lindsay gave him the same treatment as Mike, except that she rubbed him longer. His cock felt decidedly larger than Mike’s, and Lindsay was thinking this would be the one she would take. But to be fair, after John got his chance to feel her, she called the other seven boys up and each got their turn.

Lindsay noticed the clock and immediately told the boys it was time to leave. They were already late and she didn’t want anyone to come looking for them. She put he skirt and blouse back on and the boys exited the room, each one looking at her with lustful eyes as they did so. Lindsay packed up her belongings and was getting ready to leave when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” she yelled as she kept getting her things together. She looked up to see John standing in the doorway. She smiled at him, glad that he, and his cock, were back.

“Miss Gibson…”


“I was wondering… if I could maybe get some private tutoring?”

“Sure, when?”

“Now, if you don’t mind.”

Lindsay’s heart skipped a beat. She thought that he probably wasn’t really here for tutoring. She knew all the boys’ grades and John was the smartest of the bunch. She also knew that he turned 18 the previous week. He came in and shut the door. Did she bostancı escort hear the click of the lock?

“Could you play that music again?” he inquired.

“Sure,” she replied and put the Van Halen back on. He sat down in a desk and got his books out. He looked at he with a longing glance, and she knew what he wanted. She stripped back down to her bikini just in time for the song again. She gave him a private show, strutting, gyrating, and spreading herself for him. He got up from his desk and sat in a nearby chair to have a better view.

“Are you hot for teacher?”

He simply nodded as she came closer to him. She straddled his lap, continuing to gyrate to the music, rubbing her hot mound against the growing bulge in his jeans. He reached up and began kneading her breasts, tugging on the nipples through the thin fabric. Lindsay moaned. He was definitely not new to this. He slipped the bikini down so her breasts were fully exposed. Slowly he took a nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it, sending a chill up her spine and a moan across her lips. The song ended but Lindsay kept moving against his cock. He switched to the other breast and worked it over. Lindsay tore herself from him and slid to the floor.

“I would say you are hot for teacher,” she said, looking at the large tent in his jeans. “Tell teacher what you want.”

“His voice was barely above a whisper when he said “suck it….suck it please!”

Lindsay was quick to oblige. She unzipped his jeans and reached in to release his cock. She caught her breath. He was magnificent. Bigger than most of the men she had been with. She began to worship his cock, licking it up and down. She took just the head in her mouth and began to tease it. She felt his hand on the back of her head and his hips thrusting upward so she went al the way down on his cock, fighting the choking sensation to take it all in. He moaned loudly. It was probably the first time a girl had done that. None of those cheerleaders could do that. She let him guide her head up and down as she fucked his cock with her mouth. He began thrusting more fervently, and she knew he was close to the edge. She didn’t want to end here. She pulled off of him.

“I know that felt good, and this is probably a fantasy for you. But my fantasy doesn’t end here.”

She stood up, removed her bikini bottom, and straddled him again. She held his cock with one hand as she slowly lowered herself onto him. His head was back and his eyes were closed as she lowered herself onto his massive organ. When he was fully inside of her, she grabbed his head and looked him in the eyes. They locked eyes as she began to move up and down on his cock. His hands moved up and down her back. She moaned loudly; his young cock was so hard and felt so good inside of her. One of his hands reached down and began fingering her clit. She moaned louder and bucked hard against his hand and cock. She felt the wave of an orgasm coming over her and did nothing t stop it. She moved with wild abandon on his cock pumping herself to orgasm. As it hit and she cried out, he held her still and cried out as well, his orgasm overtaking his young body. When the orgasm subsided for both of them, they sat there for a moment, still entwined and trying to catch their breath.

Lindsay finally broke the coupling, pulling up off of him. He stood up and put himself back together and he grabbed her by the waist and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. It was unexpected and more intimate than her fantasy, but Lindsay kissed him back.

“Don’t worry. I will always be hot for teacher,” he said as he left.

Lindsay couldn’t wait for tutoring tomorrow, even though her fantasy had already been fulfilled.

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