Stood Up

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My third rum’n’coke was nearly empty, nothing but ice and and a thin layer of cola-flavoured water left in the glass. I sighed and checked my phone for what was likely the thirtieth time, confirming that my blind date was indeed over an hour late. And, of course, no text or message from her. I looked around the nearly-deserted pub, annoyed at the occasional bout of laughter and good cheer.

“Try online dating”, my friends said. “At the least, you’ll get laid, and maybe you’ll find the woman of your dreams.” Seemed like a great idea at the time, especially after the nasty divorce and resulting lack of sex. Unless, of course, one counted my dear right hand ‘Sally’, which I didn’t. Sadly, it looked as if I was destined to another Saturday night of solitary personal gratification at the front of my computer. Same as the last several months, truth be told.

I sighed again, debating whether another watered-down drink was in order, or if I should simply go home and begin the same, sad routine. I was terribly disappointed, as “Joanna” had seemed absolutely perfect in her profile. Gorgeous, with a beautiful smile and a very funny profile. Did she come in, see me, and decide nope, not that loser? I wondered? My marriage was an unhappy one, and unfortunately my ex-wife had really done a real number on my self-esteem. Getting out of that situation was the best decision of my life, but I was thinking that this blind date was one of my poorer decisions.

My self-inflicted pity party was broken up by a fresh drink being placed in front of me by a well-manicured feminine hand. Surprised, I looked up to see a beautiful ataşehir escort bayan woman in a slinky silver dress smiling down at me. “You looked like you could use a refill”, she smiled at me as she sat down across the small table, placing a green drink in front of her.

I almost choked at the vision of loveliness before me. No more than thirty, a gorgeous brunette flashed an incredible smile as she took her seat, extending the same hand to shake my own. Her flame-red nails bit softly into my hand as we shook. “I’m Michelle. And you are…?” She obviously saw the shocked look on my face, and laughed softly. “Relax, I don’t bite!”

“Uh, I’m James,” I managed to sputter, trying (and failing) to stare at this mysterious beauty. “T-thanks for the drink.”

She smiled and nodded softly. “A pleasure, James. What had such a good looking fella looking like someone just murdered his dog?”

Good looking fella, what the-?

“I think I was stood up,” I said quietly, some of the shock wearing off.

She looked taken aback. “That’s a shame,” she answered in a most melodious voice. “Nothing worse than being lonely on a Saturday night, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I would,” I said, taking the proffered drink and swirling it in the glass nervously. What was going on here?

She seemed to size me up for a moment, and I couldn’t interpret her expression. Coyly, she grinned. “I think I have a way to cheer you up,” she said after a moment. “Come with me.”

Before I knew what was happening, she grabbed my hand, nearly spilling the drink and pulled me forward. As she led me dumbfounded from escort kadıköy the table, grasping my hand forcefully, I found myself being led up a flight of stairs at the back side of the pub. She bounded the stairs quickly, and unlatched a door that opened to the pub’s roof. As I let the door close behind me, I was struck by the cool night air.

She spun on her heels and faced my, my shock no doubt evident on my face. “Uh,”I started….

She instantly shut me up with the most erotic kiss I had ever experienced. Her lips tasted slightly of apple, either a side effect of either her drink or the crimson lip-gloss she wore. Her warm tongue slipped between my lips deftly, passionately. Still in shock, I couldn’t help but respond, a growing hardness that she couldn’t help but notice as she pressed her beautiful body into mine.

She pulled away suddenly and as I started to speak she hushed me with two fingers to my lips. “Shhh…” Before I could fully realize her intentions, she was dropping to her knees. Without hesitation, she unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans to my knees. With one quick, practiced motion, she took my throbbing cock into her mouth. With little effort, she swallowed me whole, her tongue tickling my balls as she swirled it around expertly. Her mouth was warm, wet, and was doing incredible things to my body that I knew I would never be able to fully describe. Her full lips were heaven as she sucked my cock, and my knees shook as the pleasure of her mouth.

The stimulation was too much, I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. She sensed this, and pulled away from me, bostancı escort a trail of saliva running from my member to her mouth. She winked and turned around, pulling up her silver dress as she bent over, leaning against a ventilation duct. She wore no underwear, but that as the least of the night’s surprises.

“Fuck me,” she growled. “Now.”

What was I going to do? Walk away? Within a second, I was buried in her sopping wet pussy, the smell of her arousal assaulting my senses as I entered her in one quick thrust. Her cunt was absolutely soaked, her arousal purely evident as I slammed into her. I wasn’t easy, I wasn’t gentile, this was pure, animalistic fucking, and I was pretty sure I was in heaven.

She bucked against me, a beast unleashed, thrusting back into me as I slammed into her. Her moans pierced the night air, and I couldn’t have stopped, even if I wanted to. Her cunt gripped me, the sensations overwhelming me as I grew ever-closer to the explosion we both knew was coming.


“Do it!” she hissed as I hammered away. My mind exploded in a fountain of fireworks as my cock erupted deep inside of her. It was all I could do to keep from, passing out as the orgasm roared through me, but in my own excitement I felt her clench and come with me, her spasms milking me as finally, exhausted, I pulled out.

She reached down as if to straighten her dress, instead scooping out a fingerful of my sticky cum and pushing it past her lips. “Mmm, tasty.” She pulled the dress back down to her knees, instantly the image of grace and class. Flustered, I clumsily pulled my jeans up, fumbling with the belt buckle, not at all knowing what to say, how to react to the moment.

“Come down in exactly five minutes, go to your vehicle, and follow me home. White Toyota.” She flashed a smile that weakened my knees even more. “Jill is going to love you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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