Summertime Lust Ch. 03

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Final Chapter

‘What am I doing?’ Karen asked herself lying in bed listening to Peter snore and watching the beige curtains start to lighten as the sun began to rise the morning after her escapade in the Library with Mark. She had been sat up for most of the night, a book sat face down and open on her bedside she had read four chapters before realising she had no idea what was going her mind clearly elsewhere. Sitting there her husband fast asleep next to her she had let her mind wander… She had to be truthful with herself, she knew what was between Mark and her was not love but sheer lust a beast that they both found thrilling to ride. Just a brief thought of Mark sent the butterflies into motion her stomach as if she were a teenage girl again.

She had known for such a long time how Mark had felt about her, she had told him as much but she had not told him how as he got older she had also found she felt a longing for him. Their holiday had been a week long thrill for Karen, it was seeing the look in Marks eyes, that wanton gaze that made her feel so special, Peter was too dim to realise that she was dressing for the young lad not for him but it was easier to let Peter believe that it was all for him. Karen had felt excitement letting Mark see her naked back on the beach, when the bee had intervened and she had jumped to her feet, well, she knew everyone within hearing distance must have seen her tits including Mark. Peter had fucked her from behind that night and Karen had felt ashamed that she had thought of Mark and not of Peter behind her thrusting deep.

Peter rolled onto his stomach the movement silencing the snores for the time being, Karen let out a sigh Peter was a wonderful husband and father but as a lover…well he was lacking, foreplay to him was a slap on the backside and finger in her cunt for a minute before he got his cock in her, though he expected a blow job more often than not, Karen having to take him to the brink before he spilled his seed over her ample tits, she had only swallowed Peter’s load once he had been ecstatic at that outcome but she told him it was not her thing. Karen blushed now remembering taking Marks surprise load, almost chocking on it and realised she had enjoyed it. One of her hands had found its way to just above her pyjama bottoms where her sex simmered with longing. She forced the hand back up, if Peter woke he would expect to get in on the show and Karen just was not in the mood for him.

Karen had showered, dressed and was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready for herself and her brood by the time Peter came downstairs, he sat at the table grabbing the morning paper as he did so one hand out clasping for his daily cup of morning coffee. James was not far behind, already dressed and looking sullen, “What’s the matter?” Karen asked joining them at the table slices of toast piled high on a plate in her hands.

“Mark is being a retard,” James said grabbing a slice of toast and savagely buttering it as he spoke, “he’s been blowing me and the guys off the last few days, saying ‘I have to get this or that’ or ‘university, university’ blah blah, crap” He lifted the toast and took a big bite. Karen was pleased with the silence she opened her mouth to speak then James let rip again, Specks of toast flying from his mouth as he spoke. “I mean it’s not like he has a girlfriend!”

Karen smiled at this, ‘would I class as a girlfriend or a lover’ she thought but said, “Well maybe he’s being sensible, you both leave in a week and you have done nothing. What happened to all those books you were meant to buy?”

James looked at his mother with wide eyes and sighed, “Jesus mom why don’t you just adopt Mark.” Peter laughed at this and shook his head eyes never leaving the newspaper. James had always been so immature both he and Mark were only children so you could not blame that, perhaps it was just one of those things. Though she worried that James would find University that much more difficult if he did not grow up quickly whereas Mark seemed to be in the right frame of mind to fit in easily.

“You need to grow up,” Peter said putting his newspaper down and looking directly at James, “your eighteen going on thirteen the way you act. Maybe Mark does have a girlfriend and he’s just too embarrassed to let you meet her,” James jaw dropped open. “Or maybe he is starting to realise that he may have out grown you.” He held his sons stare a moment longer letting his little speech sink in then lifted the paper and resumed reading it.

“Your father’s right in a roundabout kind of way,” James attention turned to Karen, “We are not going to be around to dig you out of trouble, and Mark’s your best friend talk to him before you lose him.”

Mark had come out to the park reluctantly, he wanted to stay close to home in case Karen made an appearance, it had only been yesterday they had met in the Library but that felt like weeks ago now. James had come knocking all sincere which was very unlike him that Mark escort bostancı had felt a touch of concern for his friend as well as a little guilt at what he, Mark, was doing to his friend’s mom. The guilt won out and he went with James to meet up with Brian, Oscar and Floyd. For a gathering of geeks they were quite good with a football and the morning had gone by quicker than Mark had thought. Now all five of them sat on the grass, a bottle of coke between them a healthy dose of rum mixed in, “What’s going on Mark?” James asked, his face a slab of solemnity. Mark was taken aback by his friend’s attitude that he had the disconcerting feeling that he knew what he and Karen were up to. “I mean the last week or so you have really changed.”

Brian snorted hearing a conversation that did not involve a console game or a fantasy book and grabbed the bottle of coke and took a big swig passing it on to Floyd. “To be honest,” the honest answer would not be good, but Mark could miss out a big chunk, “I’m just getting my act together. There is more to life than alcohol and porn mags. I mean were University students and we are acting like kids,” he shook his head feeling good about getting this off his chest. It had been months in coming. “Maybe its time you did the same thing?” James was on his feet in a flash and stormed off.

Oscar put down his comic and looked at Mark, “If that’s the sugar coated version I would hate to hear the original.”

Mark had felt shitty all afternoon after that, he had stayed with his remaining three friends all of who it seemed felt the same way which made Mark feel even shittier. The sun was setting when he finally dragged himself home, he opened the gate to the front garden and only realised someone was sat waiting when he lifted his head up after he had fished the keys from his pocket. “Karen!” he said the realisation that it was the first time he had ever said her name out loud going by unnoticed. Karen pushed herself to her feet but kept low, the garden hedgerow on either side offering a little protection and keeping her secluded. “No one’s home, your mom wanted help with your secret party.”

The secret party was anything but, the alcohol was piling up in the house and Mark had stumbled across the going away banner and balloons that very morning. “Yeah she’s working late, didn’t she tell you?” Mark said the final words petering out as Karen smiled. “She must have forgotten,” the days falling out with James was suddenly behind him the weight lifting from his shoulders in that little smile that Karen gave him.

It felt so naughty sneaking into Mark’s house Karen was again reminded of being a teenager. Mark closed the door and locked it from the inside, “Mom will be home at about nine I think, but you can never be too careful.” Karen was on him as the last word came out, their lips meeting as their hips joined a passionate embrace that surprised them both, “Wow!” Mark said croakily as they parted, Karen’s face felt flushed, her heart beating wildly, it had not slowed since seeing Mark walk down the path. She took his hand and led him upstairs and to his bedroom.

“I want to see it?” she said entering the room and turning to face Mark. Mark gave a goofy smile in return and started to unbuckle his jeans, “Not that,” Karen said then stopped herself, “Well that as well but I want to see the photograph of me.” Thinking of that day on the beach during the night had reminded her again that Mark had a photograph of her, she was intrigued to see how good it was and to see how good she looked, and she could only imagine it must be worth keeping if Mark still had it around.

Mark was unsure about the request, he had felt rather dirty when he had admitted to having the photograph even if it was just a nod, but it was a confession never the less. He stopped undoing his jeans and went to his knees reaching under his bed and pulling out the lockbox. His hands shook with apprehension as he unlocked it Karen sat down on the bed next to the box as he lifted the lid. He rummaged about briefly and pulled out the dog eared photograph.

Karen gave a light laugh as she saw herself all those years ago. The photograph was a off centre, mainly sand with Karen filling about a third of the shot and even that was slightly blurred. Her face was red, eyes shut and mouth open wide in a scream forever frozen, her breasts looked huge frozen in flight as it were, slightly higher than she remembered them being. “Not bad. And you have had it all this time?”

Mark looked at the photograph a smile on his lips, “Yeah it’s been in and out of that box for the last two, three years,” saying it now to Karen was as cathartic as telling her son that he was growing apart from him.

Karen took the photograph off Mark bringing it closer to her face she squinted at it, looking at her breasts and her nipples then at her face and how old she looked how any teenage boy found her attractive she would never know but one was knelt before her now, ümraniye escort “And do you…” she motioned with her free hand, curving it around an imaginary cock and stroking thin air.

Mark laughed, “Yes, quite a few times actually.” He was aroused, unbelievably so he moved his knees beneath him trying to get his cock to stop pinching below his belt, he wanted Karen right there and then on his bed, they had time his mom would not be home for another hour at least, he wanted to play with her pussy one more time then see how it felt around his cock if she would let him.

Karen dragged her eyes away from the photograph and handed it back to Mark noticing the hunger in his eyes, the way he licked his lips and moved from knee to knee on the floor. She wanted him too wanted to feel his cock in her, to feel if it stretched her as it had stretched her mouth but Jean was due home soon, though perhaps they had time for something else. Karen pulled her t-shirt up over her head, her bra clad breasts exposed. Mark quickly started to undo his jeans as Karen reached behind and unhooked her bra letting her breasts drop free as she pulled it from her.

Mark stared at Karen’s breasts almost hypnotised as they settled down, he lifted a hand running it over her skin, feeling slight imperfections beneath his finger tips. His fingers stroked across her right nipple that instantly hardened and he cupped her right tit and felt its heavy weight. He licked his lips as he leaned in parting them as he took the hard nipple in his mouth, his teeth resting over the warm nub of hard flesh and giving it a playful nip. The sigh from Karen urged him on and he repeated the same steps with her left tit. He was amazed at their warmth and weight as he cupped them lifting them one after the other bringing each nipple up to his waiting mouth.

Mark had not needed any guidance in how to treat her tits, his touch was gentle but firm when it needed to be and his mouth had taken her nipples with relish and pleasure. Karen’s hands had found Mark’s jeans partly undone an quickly finished the job as he took her left nipple into his mouth for the first time. His cock was erect and hot, a pulsing thickness that radiated heat, her grasp had brought an appreciative moan from Mark. She worked him slowly, pulling his foreskin slowly back from his bulbous cock head and working his shaft as his tongue, mouth and hands toyed with her tits.

Mark buried his face into Karen’s cleavage breathing in her odour and feeling the pressure of her tits press on his face. He pulled away taking in the sight, Karen’s chest flushed red, her tits reddening where he had kissed and sucked on her pale flesh and her nipples two thick hard nubs of flesh one still damp with his spittle. Mark stood up his cock rising in front of Karen, he had wanted to do this for such a long time, he could see Karen knew what he wanted, she took hold of her breasts parting them slightly as Mark took hold of the root of his cock pushing forward and nestling it between her warm cleavage. When Karen brought her tits together they enveloped his cock the warmth and rapid beating of her heart making Mark shudder and sigh.

Karen looked down seeing Marks glistening cock head rising from between her tits as he slowly started to thrust back and forth. He rested his hands on her shoulders finding support as he began to fuck her ample tits. Karen stuck her tongue out tilting her head further down the tip of her tongue catching Marks cock head on its next rise, Mark stopped moving, his cock held firmly in place by Karen’s tits her tongue moving across his sticky, wet cock head before he resumed his thrusting now with more urgency. Karen pushed her tits further together her fingers going to her nipples teasing them as Marks young cock worked back and forth.

Mark let go of Karen’s shoulders, leaning back a little so he could see her magnificent tits once more, he caught Karen’s eye and saw the lust within, he wanted to be in her but he was so close now it would have been embarrassing. His next breath came out with a moan, “Close?” Karen asked and Mark nodded. Her tits fell away from around his cock and she quickly took hold of him in one hand, she worked him quickly until he rested his own hand on hers and told her to slow down, she had as much to learn as Mark did it would seem. Mark gasped loudly just as they heard the front door close downstairs. “I’m home Mark.” His mom called out as Mark unloaded over Karen’s tits.

Mark bit the back of his hand as Karen worked his cock slowly, foreskin pulled back his cock head was a purple bloom as his cum erupted forth in ribbons that splattered across Karen’s tits and nipples. They both looked at one another stifling laughter as Karen worked his cock slowly, squeezing out what she could from his cock as Mark’s mom moved around down stairs. Finally Karen let go of his cock, her hand already a sticky mess was made worse as she ran it across her breasts gathering Mark’s load and feeling more kartal escort bayan turned on as she felt the cooling load on her nipples, Mark handed her a tissue from near his computer as he hastily did up his jeans. Jean could hear movement upstairs she had not expected much of a reply from Mark so went about getting her shoes off and putting the kettle on, when Mark still had not replied or even come downstairs she decided to head up to see if he was okay. She was halfway up when she wondered if he had brought a girl home, this was a much nicer thought than if James was up there with him. She knocked on his bedroom door her knuckles had barely left the wood when she pushed the door open. “Mark everything okay?” she said walking in to find, Mark at his table and Karen leaning over him.

Mark looked up surprised, “Oh hi mom I didn’t hear you come in, I was just showing Karen here the curriculum for University.” Mark had to lean forward to see Jean who was a little concerned about how close Karen’s breasts were to her sons face.

“He’s got a heavy load by the looks of things,” Karen said straightening up and swallowing a laugh when she realised her double entendre. Jean walked slowly over to them, “Yes he has, why are you hear Karen?” The question was more confrontational than Jean had expected it to be. To see Karen so close to Mark had surprised her, those breasts so close to her sons face that he could have stuck out his tongue and touched them, if she did not know Karen so well Jean would have thought she was teasing her son.

Karen looked surprised at the question and hoped that the lie was going to hold, “You told me you needed a hand with that ‘thing’ you were doing.”

Karen’s heart stopped when Jean failed to reply straight away, then thankfully Jean spoke, “Did I?” she shook her head, “It’s just been one of those weeks, I’m lucky my head is attached or I’d forget that one day.” And with that the suspicion and unusual tension in the room lifted as Jean racked her brain trying to remember when she had asked Karen to come and help.

Karen patted Mark on the shoulder, “Well we will leave you to it young scholar.” She wanted to lean down and kiss him too but held the temptation back, they could kiss and do so much more soon. The women walked out the room talking in whispers about the party and Mark shook his head, he was in deep with a married woman, a family friend at that and they had almost been caught out. For Mark University could not come quickly enough, for Mark University could wait a little longer.

The next week was a blur for everyone, the gap between James and Mark had rapidly grown into a void much to Karen and Marks despair. Meeting up had suddenly become impossible, Mark was not welcome over at James’ house and he had made enough noise about it, while over at Marks when Karen did turn up it was to help his mother with the party any time then was spent with a quick fondle or a kiss while Jean was off in the bathroom or kitchen or Karen was in the bathroom. The only time the two of them had spent more than ten minutes together had been by accident.

Jean had sent Karen to the supermarket to get party food, Mark had blundered into the same supermarket hunting down snacks for an impromptu visit to the cinema with Oscar and Floyd. When they noticed each other from across the vegetable aisle Mark had grinned like an idiot and Karen had blushed like a school girl. They had gotten into Karen’s car after she had offered to drop him near the cinema which Mark had hastily accepted. The cemetery was nowhere near the cinema but it was near as private as either of them could get right there and then. Mark had gotten his cock out before the car had even stopped, they kissed deeply between the space of the car seats and Karen’s hand found Marks cock quickly. Karen had to stop for a moment as she hiked with zero finesse her dress up to her waist and pulled her knickers down. Mark’s hand and fingers found Karen wet and ready, his index finger slipping easily between her labia and into her warm hole his palm pressing against her clitoris.

They worked one another to climax quickly, Karen’s walls clenching marks finger as she orgasmed her hand tightening around Marks cock, holding on for dear life as her body shook. Mark followed swiftly behind, Karen leaning over him and clamping her mouth around his cock as he came working his shaft as he filled her mouth.

The next time they saw one another was an hour before the surprise party, which by now had lost any sense of being a surprise. Mark had answered the phone to enough aunts and uncles to know that on Saturday they would all be there and that it was for his party. Jean was a little upset that her son had figured out her master plan though relieved she no longer had to sneak around. Jean had forced Mark to go next door to Karen’s house and ask James to come along, it had taken Jean a lot of will power to ask such a question as she was more relieved at not seeing James around with his pervert eyes that seemed to be constantly glued to her or so she thought.

Mark knocked on the door, hoping Karen would answer instead Peter opened the door and looked genuinely surprised to see Mark, “Hello there stranger, how have you been keeping?”

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