Sunny Morning

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The sun peers through the only opening in the shutters. She is strong today, putting enough light into the cabin, lighting up the sheets. I open my eyes but even the tiny ray of sunlight is strong. I squint. I feel you next to me and smile. I put the pillow up to block the sun and snuggle against you.

I feel him curling up against me. Last night was wonderful. We went for a night swim. The ocean was wonderfully warm and we swam close to each other, bodies and mind connecting. We made love swimming as he pushed me back to the beach and finished both of us in a glorious sigh. Such a great night that all we could do was fall asleep kissing.

I can’t believe we made love in the ocean. It was different, weightless, effortless and yet very difficult. I managed to slide inside her and slowly push her to the shore. I finally had the ground and friction to finish my mission. It was amazing that we came together…

He must be dreaming something! I can feel him getting hard behind me… I’ll pretend to be asleep and see where this leads. My nipples are just touching the sheet and the slightest movement feels tingling. He won’t notice if I slowly move the sheets.

Oh no! I shouldn’t have imagined last night. I’m getting hard just thinking about it. I need to pretend to be asleep! I hope she doesn’t notice too much. Maybe she’s asleep too… I can see the curves of her body. She looks amazing. Every soft bit in the right place and firmness to give her strength. She is lovely. I’ll rest my head against her.

His cheek feels soft against my back. I can feel him breathing against my skin. It’s sensual. I move the sheets a bit more and push my bum back. He is still hard! After we both came last night, he wanted to still lick me. It wasn’t long until I came again… his tongue is amazing. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri He licked me so deep and then sucked my clit. That combination felt so good. Oh my I need to stop these thoughts! I can feel myself get soaked.

Her bum feels warm. Maybe I’m imagining things but it feels moist… let me push a plait harder and see if it’s really her. Her pussy is amazing: so soft and inviting, get tighter as I slide in her and squeezing as we move. Her taste is even better. The sweet-salt taste of her lips and then the way her clit grows with desire. I’ll push a little more…

Oh goodness… he is really pushing himself. He must feel how wet I am. I lift one leg up slightly to give him more room. Subtle enough for him to think I’m still asleep. He is aiming too high, but feeling his head against my rosebud is erotic. I hope he doesn’t push too hard though. I’ll let him for a bit and then guide hm somewhere warmer and wetter.

She is moving! Is she awake? And… oh! I can feel her lips on my head! She is so wet, amazing. I’ll gently push forward. I want her to think that I’m asleep and see how she responds. I want to touch her, grab her boobs and play with her nipples. She loves them being fondled and slightly pinched. Shame that I can’t. I want to continue this sleep play.

He…is…almost…inside me. His head against my lips is amazing and I’m dripping on him. Oh so slowly I push back a little and feel his cock slowly push my open. My hands are inconspicuously playing with my nipples. I wish it were his hands: he is such a good fondler. But I can’t and don’t want to wake him up.

Just a little bit more and I’m inside. This is so hot that I feel little drops coming from my cock! She is so ready for me. Shall I wait a little longer? I want her to start güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri not me. She can ride me sideways. Her hips are rhythmic and I’m sure she’ll get me there in no time.

This sensations is unbearable. I’m so horny and wet that I can feel my orgasm already being close. This is wonderful. Let me push back a little more and get his head in completely. I like how it pops in to the little rim and the feels tight between my lips… here goes! Ooooh…

Ooooh… she pushed me in. I’m so hard. I can feel how tight my balls are getting. I wonder what would happen if I ever so slowly slide in to her. I’ll do just that… centimetre by centimetre I push myself in. I can hear her wetness squish. Now I need to concentrate otherwise I’ll cum all inside her!

I can’t stop. This is so teasing me… he slides so slowly but every bit of him builds my orgasm. I’m pinching my nipples and squeeze him. I hope he doesn’t thrust now. I’d cum straight away!

One last push to be balls deep inside her. Here we… oh goodness!?!?? Did she just cum? I can feel her shake and squeeze! Wetness drips all over my balls and the sheet feels wet. This is amazing. I never felt her shake like that…

Oh…oooooh… I couldn’t stop that. I think I dripped all over him! How embarrassing… but he is still hard. And I want him in my mouth. I know the taste of my sweetness and I want some of it. I roll over and surprise him, pinning him down. I grab his cock and suck it straight away. Both our tastes have combined and it tastes hot. I want all of him…

Oh no you’re not! I won’t let myself get sucked without eating you out. I grab your hips, move your leg up and stick my tongue straight inside you. You are so wet that I need to swallow you down. You taste lovely. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I grab your bum and push my tongue deeper inside you, every now and then sucking your clit. With you on top I rub my tummy against your nipples. I want to stimulate all of you.

He is so mean… he knows how quickly I can cum again. But I want him to squirt all over me. I want to feel his warm juice on my skin, my breasts and my tummy. I squeeze him harder and let my tongue wiggle his head. I can feel him tense up.

She is moaning which means she’ll cum again. Too bad I can’t hold myself for much longer. She is sucking and jerking so good. Her hands are soft and her tongue is wild. I need to make her cum first! I suck her clit and slide one finger in her pussy. She tenses up. This could just work. I need to hurry though: I’m getting close. My other finger slides in as well and my pinky pushes just hard enough against her rosebud. One more push and it will in… but I’ll save that as secret weapon. For now my fingers curls inside her as my tongue flicks over her clit. Shit I can’t hold much longer…

I hear his noises: he is close. I take him out of my mouth and start jerking him strong and steady. I can feel him harder as I slide my breasts in position. He is fingering me faster and faster and his pinky is teasing me. I must concentrate before I cum again. Then I feel his warm load over my breasts and he grunts. One, two, three massive squirts. I’m covered with it! His finger slows down and his pinky pushes harder as he stretches out in pleasure. I can’t hold it…

She cums… squeezing my fingers. I can see her wetness dripping out of her as she moans and her body shocks. She shakes afterwards as she slides back on the sheets. The taste of her orgasm is sweet. We both are wet… the thought of a shower is great. However, the lingering feeling of orgasm makes us curl up together.

That was amazing. My body feels warm and my eyes heavy. I lay against him covered in his wetness. I can feel his wet lips kissing me as we both doze off again, sun still peering through a little cap in the shutters…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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