Surreptitious Love Ch. 29

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Nguyet’s short visit two weeks ago had left me highly agitated. I had caught myself having prurient thoughts many times in my life, but that Nguyet had left her baby with her mother to come to my house for some tender moments was something else. I was still impressed, as it showed how strong her yearning must have been. Luckily, I had been at the house by myself and my wife hadn’t returned earlier. As beautiful as that hour with Nguyet was though, it hadn’t been fully satisfying. Nguyet and I had to soon find a way to be alone for an hour or two.

We knew, however, that it wouldn’t be easy. Nguyet had to take care of her son 24-7, and her mother was always present at their house, as she worked there. As far as I knew, she still went to play cards every Thursday afternoon, but just then I had to work already at two o’clock. And Nguyet’s son was too small to be taken anywhere. I remembered that my wife and I took our son to a café only after four months or so. That was just how it was here in Vietnam.

And, frankly, I didn’t really know what we could have done at a coffee house anyway. Sure, I could have watched her massive breasts while she was breastfeeding her son; I may have been able to touch or even suck her tits a little there, too. I also could have asked her to take her panties off and then ogled her pussy in public, just like back in the good old days. But then what? We couldn’t just go to a hotel with her baby. Although the thought amused me to no end, it didn’t really help in the search for some viable way to satisfy our desires.

I asked Nguyet if we couldn’t go to her apartment under some pretext. She took a while to reply—possibly because she was thinking hard about the options we had—but, in the end, she told me we had to wait at least until January for that. In a separate message an hour later, she promised to find a way to get me to her parents’ house before that.

Christmas was approaching—which didn’t mean much in Vietnam—but our school had decided to have big Christmas celebrations this year, as the Halloween party had been cancelled due to a typhoon. The school had actually been closed for two whole days as a safety precaution. Now, in the middle of December, everyone was hankering for sweets, gifts, decorations, listening to Christmas music and watching movies—the whole shebang.

I frankly didn’t care much for Christmas, as it was too warm here in Vietnam. Obviously, there was no snow and no gingerbread either. But my students loved the change of pace from the textbook routine, and my new classroom was still a little bare, so I got colored paper, glue, thread, and scissors, and all students were now producing reindeer, fake parcels, sledges, snowmen, and Christmas trees. We hung everything up on the walls around the room and took some photos, which I posted on Facebook.

Ngan, our most beautiful assistant, had seen them and became excited. She came up to my classroom during the long break between five and five-forty to admire what the students had created. She hadn’t been up to my floor for several weeks, but now she was walking along the walls, admiring the posters and everything else. Apart from the two of us, there was no one else up here this time of the day.

It was moving to see her so excited. Even though there was no tradition of Christmas in Vietnam, she saw the beauty in what the children had made. Her eyes were shining—just the way they are supposed to during the Holiday season. When I kissed her, she was a tad startled, as we were colleagues and at work, but then she went quickly to the door to double-check if someone was outside. When she didn’t see anyone, the bolted the door and walked back to where I was still standing. Obviously, she wanted a little more, and we kissed again. This time more passionately.

She was wearing a black, knee-length skirt today and as the door was locked, I put my hands on her hips. We kissed, and I let my hands travel further towards her butt cheeks. I still hadn’t had the chance to admire them fully. I massaged them through her skirt, but when I wanted to lift it up, she blushed and stopped me. My dick was pumping, and I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. Just like at the café two months ago, I made my dick twitch, but she only said:

“I better go. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yes, but we’ve got to see each other tomorrow. Or at least in the next few days. I can’t wait any longer.”

In my mind, I saw the image of her sitting at the cafe with her lap exposed; I remembered her lacy panties, her straight, long legs, her slim dark bush, and I got dizzy from my own desire. I touched her breasts briefly, but then she turned and walked away. After she was gone, I bolted the door again to be alone.

The next day, Ngan had morning shift from half past seven to about half past twelve. I was at home; my wife was out and about again. I sent Ngan a message that I desperately wanted to see her and waited. After what we had experienced the evening before in my classroom, I couldn’t canlı bahis think of anything else but fucking her. I imagined various scenarios and positions, and I knew she had the whole afternoon off. We both had to be at work around five, which gave us ample time.

Around noon, I got a message from her, saying I could come over. She also said that she had bought something to eat for us. I packed my bag, as I would go straight to work from her house, took a quick shower, and clipped my fingernails. I still couldn’t think straight but made plans for the afternoon as I was driving over to her house anyway. Perhaps she could ride me today? And I definitely wanted to admire and lick her ass and pussy from behind.

Just as the last time, I parked at the huge tree near her house and walked over to her door, which was ajar. I went in, put my briefcase down, and my eyes adjusted to the dim room. She had already closed the shutters, and when I looked at her, I got an immediate erection. I couldn’t imagine sitting down and eating. We had to do it first.

She seemed to feel the same way, as she pulled her red company polo-shirt over her head immediately. We kissed, and her vanilla bra caught my eye. We kissed passionately, just like the evening before in my classroom, after she had bolted the door from inside. She threw the shirt onto the chair next to her and opened her bra. I got out of my pants, and she instantly reached for my dick.

We were both panting heavily. While I was taking off my shirt, she got on her knees to take my dick in her mouth. I rested my hands on her shoulders and watched her. I wondered if she had given blowjobs before; she seemed somewhat experienced. Eventually, I started to thrust in her mouth, but then I stopped after a minute or two, as I wanted to come in her pussy. I made a note to ask about her blowing experience over lunch.

She got up and unbuttoned her pants in the front. I reached inside and massaged her pussy through the fabric of her panties. Using both thumbs, she pushed her pants down. Apparently, her bra and her panties were a set, as they were of the same color and both had lacy parts. ‘That’s how she went to work today?’ I wondered. Or did she know that morning already that she was going to invite me here? Well, I guessed I could ask her that over lunch, too.

I rubbed her pussy a little more with my middle finger, as we were kissing again, but then she pulled her panties down and me onto the bed. I reached for the blanket, which I put on the floor to kneel on. I decided to save her butt cheeks for after lunch, but now I’d take good care of her pussy, which I hadn’t seen from close up either. As I was folding the blanket, a subtle, yet powerful pussy aroma enveloped me, as she sure hadn’t taken a shower after her morning shift yet.

Just as Tuyet’s, Ngan’s pubic triangle ended above her clit; there was hardly any hair on the darker skin next to her pussy. But now she covered her pussy with her hand, like she didn’t want me to see it. I looked at her face over her breasts, and then she laughed and removed her hand, after I had kissed it.

„You mustn’t look in there, Ben. That’s for peeing and putting your penis in,” she giggled and tried to put her knees together again.

I respected her attempt to appear modest, and it sure was fetching to watch the alacrity of her nimble, flawless body, but I couldn’t hold back. I pressed her thighs open and leaned forward into her crotch. I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs and dived into her wet, sticky snatch. Right away, she started moaning and expelled little cute screams of enchantment. Her body started to contort, and she acted like was being tickled too much. I circled her clitoris, which stood out nicely under the folds of her skin, with my tongue, and licked her pussy from the bottom to the top. Some nectar oozed out between her lips, with which I lubricated the whole area.

When she started moaning heavily, like she was drifting into trance already, I reached under her knees and pushed and lifted her onto the middle of the bed and turned her slightly. Yes, I had wanted her to ride me, but maybe we shouldn’t overdo the new stuff. She seemed to enjoy the missionary position anyway, and so did I. Her young, graceful body was quite a sight to behold, especially since her scarlet pussy was already wet and glistening. I just mounted her, as we both had to blow off some steam before we could do anything else.

After I had pushed my glans inside her, we looked at each other and laughed.

“Jesus, that was a long time!” I said.

“You just got here,” she replied, befuddled.

“No, I mean, from the last time to today; it was like two months. I thought we’d do it more often. You avoided me at work, didn’t you?”

“Did I? Oh, well, now you’re back inside me. Just fuck me now, will you?! Quickly!”

Perhaps she had wanted to seem chaste and virtuous at work, just like so many other young women of her generation. And, yes, it was unusual what we did. As far as I knew, we were the first affair bahis siteleri among a foreign teacher and an assistant during the seven years the school existed.

I pushed my body higher up and my dick with it. Today, this was much easier than last time, as was everything else. Ngan was also more active than two months earlier: she licked her fingers and twiddled my nipples, and then she even sucked on them. I tried to fill her pussy nicely by pushing my cock more and more in with every thrust, without hurting her.

She still had her eyes open and cheered me on as I was fucking her. She thoroughly enjoyed being done on her bed, at home, during lunch, with impunity. She didn’t seem to have any pain whatsoever. Nor remorse. And, yes, those five or ten minutes last night at my classroom had shown both of us how much we wanted each other. Now, she was swaying pretty hard under my thrusts and started panting rather heavily. She closed her eyes, while I thrusted harder and faster.

She still let out subdued little screams: ‘A, A-ha, Aah!’ but she didn’t want be heard outside. The shutters were closed, but there was no glass in the window, only bars. I guess anyone walking by would have heard us. Anyway, I got up on my arms to watch her during the last two minutes and then gushed profusely inside her.

I was still propped up on my arms, watching her after the splashes had subsided. She opened her eyes and smiled but said:

“Lie down on me. Otherwise, I’m going to get cold.”

The funny thing was that it was rather nippy today, perhaps 72 degrees, which felt cool, as there are usually between 86 and 97 degrees. I reached for the blanket on the floor, lied down next to her and covered both of us. My right hand was on her hip, and I felt relieved in the true sense of the word.

We snuggled for a little while but then she got up and disappeared behind the curtain. I could hear her peeing and washing herself, while I forged plans for after lunch. Yes, I would try to make her kneel her on the bed, so that I could finally examine and caress her butt. And when she was aroused again, I’d mount her from behind. That I still hadn’t really seen her slim, longish butt cheeks was utterly preposterous.

Just as I was imagining her pussy framed by her cheeks, she reappeared from behind the curtain and looked for something to wear. She picked a thin, dark-yellow cardigan, which, conveniently, she put on without a bra. Now she was looking for panties and, as she bent over, I could admire her butt for a moment. But her pussy was deeply buried between those mesmerizing, low-hanging cheeks.

She went over to the cooker in the corner and put a pot on. Even though it was nippy, she didn’t seem to want to wear pants. I put on my shirt and underwear, while we were waiting for the soup to warm us. I watched her agile movements as she was setting the table and saw that she started to peel a mango now. I knew already where to dip the fruit in for dessert. There might still be some cum inside her pussy, but I was pretty sure I would try anyway. Or we’d do it next time. The way we had devoured each other 20 minutes ago, I was sure there would be a sequel to our sensual play.

Now, she put two bowls with soup on the small coffee table next to the bed. I sat up; the chair was still available, but I wanted to sit close to her. She smelled of soap, and I could see some skin between the buttons of her cardigan.

“That was refreshing,” I laughed. “It was good to do it again, huh?”

“Well, it was only my second time,” she replied.


“No, that one botched time with my boyfriend doesn’t count.”

“But we did it twice last time. So today was the third already.”

“I see. Anyway. Do you like the soup?” she changed topics.

“Not bad. Where did you get it?

“Close to the school. Next to the gas station. Do you want banh trang?”

That was a large, round, toasted rice cracker.

“Sure. Always,” I said, as it added some substance to the soup.

We ate quietly for a few minutes. When we had finished, I went to the bathroom. In the meantime, she had cleared the table and was cutting the mango. She put two toothpicks in the pieces, and I held a piece of fruit next to her cardigan.

“Same color,” I pointed out.

“Eight toothpicks bathe,” she cracked up and looked down on herself.

She had picked up the running gag again from our last time together. In Vietnamese, the word for all three—toothpick, bathe, and eight—was ‘tam’. The diacritics above the vowels were different, but for a foreign learner, the differences were too minor to pick up and too difficult to reproduce. As we had played around enough with this joke the last time, I just opened one button of her cardigan and reached inside. Ngan looked down on herself again but I just kept going, as I realized that both, my dick and her nipple, were getting harder. I took a piece of mango with another toothpick and fed her.

She skewered another piece with her toothpick and wanted to feed me in turn. When she had bent bahis şirketleri over, she saw the bulge in my underwear, but didn’t say anything. We both moved backwards a bit on the bed. At my age, I wasn’t nimble enough anymore to squad for a long time without leaning against a wall. When she wanted me to snatch the fruit, though, I motioned towards her snatch with my chin. Of course, she didn’t know what I meant.

“Dunk it in your pussy first,” I requested.

She put on a mocking smile and looked at me for a few seconds but then pulled her panties aside and did as I desired. Then she watched me eat the piece gleefully. After I had swallowed, she burst out laughing:

“Have you tried that before?”

“Of course. Whenever the opportunity presents itself …”

She seemed curious, pulled her panties to the side again and coated another slice of mango with her pussy juice. First, she just touched it with the tip of her tongue, but then she ate it. She grimaced, as the fruit was sour, but then only said:

“Well, I don’t know …”

“Take off your panties,” I told her as I was taking off my underwear.

My half-stiff dick was covered by my shirt, but I arranged the fabric so that we could see it. She hesitated but then there was no reason to suddenly be bashful. We both knew what we would do again in 20 minutes or so.

After she sat down, I took another piece and rubbed it between her legs, even though I couldn’t see her pussy. I knew where it was, though. I smacked my lips and caressed her bush, which was the softest I knew. Perhaps she just had shampooed it. She smiled again and shook her head.

“You’re crazy,” she giggled.


“Well, you dip the dessert in what is repulsive to most people.”

“Repulsive? One half of humankind is mad on pussy. Some won’t admit it though …”

She seemed really bouncy all of a sudden, so that I just ate another slice that I had dipped in her pussy. She helped herself, too, but skipped the nectar step.

“Well, I’ve never heard of anyone who does this. And, to be honest, it doesn’t taste that great.”

“Naturally, men like it better than women. And then there’s probably still some cum in your pussy, which—I know—doesn’t taste great. Next time, we’ll do it again, but before we fuck. As foreplay. Speaking of: Get on your knees!”

“What do you wanna do?”

“Caress your butt. See, kiss, lick, and suck it. And then fuck you from behind. We can’t just do missionary all the time.”

“I don’t want you to look at my butt. You mustn’t look at that hole back there. It’s dirty.”

„Nonsense. You just took a shower. It’s part of your beautiful body, which I adore. I wanna put my tongue in back there, and I love seeing pussy framed by butt cheeks. That’s adorable. OK, I’ll touch you gently first, ok?

She kneeled next to me, but she had watched herself carefully not to expose her butthole or pussy as she was moving. Her naked bottom was pointing towards the middle of the room, while she was facing the window. I sat next to her left breast, and all I could see was her left butt cheek from the side. I didn’t want to startle her or force her into doing something that she didn’t enjoy, so I just unbuttoned her cardigan, which looked like a saddlecloth now, as it was dangling.

At the moment, she reminded me of a cute, slim pony anyway. Her bangs looked like some horse’s, as did her hair, which she had open for once. It resembled a mane. And then there were the mango-colored schabraque and her butt. The way she was swaying and looking back at herself brought the image of a horse waiting for its cowboy outside a saloon to my mind. And when she bared her teeth, the simile was complete.

I could not have imagined every detail, but the way we were arranged now was pretty much perfect. I could admire her without haste. She was gorgeous, even though I couldn’t see her breasts, pubic mound, pussy, or butthole. It was immensely erotic, and everything was within reach. We just had fucked an hour ago, so we weren’t overly horny but could envision the sensual pleasures waiting for us. My dick was semi-stiff, but I was sure I could hold back for another half-an-hour or so before I would have to mount her again.

First I reached behind the ‘curtain’, her open knitted cardigan/saddlecloth, and caressed her breasts. I looked at her face but then she turned and looked straight ahead, still smiling. Now I let my hand travel down her belly and thighs, right next to me. Well, my dick was actually pumping rather heavily again; my glans was pushing itself through the foreskin. Perhaps I wouldn’t be able to hold back, as perfect as she was.

Ten years ago, or twenty, I would have gotten up and put on a record and lit candles, but everything was perfect as it was. And then we obviously didn’t have records nor a turntable. Probably no candles either. We didn’t need anything anyway, and there was no need to interrupt our tender love play. My fingers were running over her skin like a spider, which caused her goosebumps. I leaned to the right to catch a glimpse of her butt and pussy, but, as I’ve said, her cheeks hung rather low on her body, so I couldn’t see anything. All I saw was her butthole; for her pussy, I had to move another eight inches to my right.

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