Teasing Uncle Carl Ch. 02

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I woke up. I had been sleeping in Uncle Carl’s shirt and nothing else. My plan this time was to go down stairs wearing just the shirt, no panties. I started down the stairs, chickened out, Went back upstairs, put on panties, started down stairs again. In a moment of bravery and excitement, I changed my mind again. I slid my panties off and left them on the top step.

Descending the stairs, I became aware of air passing between my legs and over my bare bottom, making me ultra aware that I wasn’t wearing panties.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I could see Uncle Carl sitting at the kitchen table just like he had been last week. I took a deep breath, called to him, and started the walk across the living room into the kitchen. It seemed like that walk occurred in slow motion. The shirt, was baggy and over sized and sort of billowed around me and was held out away from the front of my body by my breasts. The result was that from the waist on down, the cloth barely touched my body anywhere. As I walked I got the sensation that I was naked from my breasts on down since I could feel nothing covering me except an occasional wispy brush of cloth on skin. The feeling was both frightening and exciting.

Uncle Carl stood up as I entered the kitchen. I gave him a hug making me ultra conscious of my near nakedness. I stepped over to the counter getting ready to make breakfast. I could feel his eyes on me. I’ve heard people use that phrase but until now I had never really felt someone looking at me. I reached up for a package of cereal from the top shelf knowing I was exposing my bare bottom to him. I was rewarded by a quiet gasp from Uncle Carl. I knew now that he was positive I wasn’t wearing anything under the skimpy shirt. The thought excited me.

I went over to the refrigerator next to Uncle Carl. I leaned in to get the milk intentionally allowing the back of my shirt to ride up letting him get a closer look at my bare bottom just a couple feet from him. I stayed that way much longer than I needed to. Part of me wanted to show him everything.

I continued working around the kitchen always conscious of the view I was providing for uncle Carl.

Suddenly I had an exciting idea. I hopped up on the end of the counter directly in front of him. I could feel the cold counter against my bare bottom and realized that the back of my shirt barely reached down far enough to meet the counter.

I sat with my side facing Uncle Carl and ate my cereal. Sitting as I was at eye level and feeling the cool counter top against my bare bottom, I felt especially exposed. When I leaned over to put my dish in the sink I was very aware of the front of the shirt falling away, exposing the whole front of my body to Uncle Carl. I glanced over and saw him apparently spellbound at the site. On a whim, I swung my legs around so that I was facing my Uncle. I’m pretty sure that during the move, the space between my legs must have been in view. Now with my legs together, I wasn’t sure. The shirt, after all, made a very short dress and even with my legs together they’re may not have been enough to it to keep me covered. One look at Carl and I knew at least my trimmed pubic triangle must be in view.

Uncle Carl…

Friday morning I was up early after not sleeping much. I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper like I do every morning except this morning I couldn’t concentrate on the news. I couldn’t keep my mind off Carrie in that shirt. I was hoping for a Friday morning like last Friday. Would she come down and hang around half undressed like she did last week? I was waiting impatiently. I kept thinking I heard noises from upstairs then nothing.

Finally I heard movement tuzla escort for sure and momentarily I heard her coming down the stairs. Would she already be dressed or would she still be wearing the shirt she slept in. I saw bare feet which became bare legs coming down the stairs. More and more long legs and still not a sign of clothing. She stopped momentarily. Still bare legs to her upper thigh. If she was dressed, she must be wearing something very short.

Then she quickly finished the last few steps coming fully in view. I wasn’t disappointed. She was wearing the shirt. Even from across the room, I could see the imprint of her nipples and the side of her left breast. She smiled and walked towards me, her incredible breasts jiggling under the thin material. I stood up, she gave me a quick hug and walked past me to the sink. I couldn’t resist peeking into the open side of her shirt as she walked by. What incredible breasts.

Then something happened that I’ll never forget. She was standing with her side facing me. I was admiring her beautiful bare legs all the way from her bare feet up to where they disappeared up into the shirt. Then I noticed, the slit at the bottom where last week I could see the bows from the side of her panties. Today there was nothing there but bare skin. She was wearing nothing but the short undershirt. No panties, no bra. nothing. Last week I couldn’t believe she would walk around in front of me dressed only in the shirt and panties inadvertently giving me peeks at her bare breasts and skimpy panties.

Now she wasn’t even wearing panties. In my mind I replayed all the scenes from last week where I could see her panties from almost every angle and pictured what they would look like without the panties. I flashed on the image of her sitting cross legged on the floor with the thin strip of panty all that covered her privates. I had reviewed that image in my head many times this week. Now I was thinking how it would look without the panties.

I kept thinking to myself, “Oh my God she’s not wearing panties!! oh my God she’s not wearing panties!! oh my God she’s not wearing panties!!”

Almost before I had time to let it all sink in, she reached for the cereal on the top shelf. The back of the shirt slid up exposing the most beautiful bare bottom I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was her exposed bare bottom just a few feet away. no panties! nothing!

I stared at her beautiful bottom for what seemed like minutes as she wrestled the cereal box from the top shelf. She got it down and turned around. For a second I thought I had been caught staring. For the next few minutes I just watched her move around the kitchen gathering up bowl, spoon, napkin. It was a beautiful thing. The only problem I had was deciding where to look. Her always partially exposed breasts were tantalizing but now occasional peeks at her bare bottom and the excitement of what might be exposed next drew my attention.

She leaned into the refrigerator just like she had last week but this time it was her bare bottom that stared me in the face from a few inches away. From this close, I was amazed at how smooth the skin of her shapely bottom was.

Then she did something I didn’t expect. With her bowl of cereal in hand, she hopped up on the end of the counter so that her left side was facing me. She was leaning forward just enough so that her breasts were almost completely in view. The bottom of the shirt came down just far enough to rest on the counter meaning she was sitting with her bare bottom on the counter top exposing a lot of bare hip and thigh and reminding me in an exciting way that she was really only wearing a shirt with no bottoms. I still couldn’t get over the fact that tuzla escort bayan she could be comfortable sitting there in front of me almost naked.

She would periodically lean farther forward to take a spoon full of cereal. When she did, her incredible breasts would come fully into view and the back of her shirt would rise up off the counter exposing a tantalizing strip of her bare bottom.

When she had finished her cereal she stretched over to put her bowl in the sink. This caused the front of her shirt to billow out exposing the whole front of her beautiful body. It also caused the back of the shirt to slide up nearly to her waist. She stayed in that position for a few heart stopping seconds, rinsing her bowl and allowing me to soak in the view of her beautiful exposed body. She was busy with her bowl which gave me time to openly follow the lines of her exposed front from her neck, down past her beautifully rounded breasts with their pointed nipples, down two her flat tanned stomach to where it disappeared into the shirt. I also had time to take in the incredibly smooth skin of her bare bottom at eye level. Then, still sitting on the end of the counter, unbelievably she turned to face me swinging first one leg and then the other around towards me giving me an unobstructed view between her thighs. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There right in plain view was her darling little slit with a little patch of sparse light brown pubic hair above. She finished swinging both legs around and stopped with her legs facing me. Even with them tight together, I could still see a glimpse of fine public hair between her thighs below the bottom of the shirt which laid lightly across her lap.

As we talked, she fidgeted with her hands and at the same time clapped her knees together and then slightly apart giving me quick views of her cute little slit. I couldn’t believe she could be so comfortable in such a state of undress around me. I felt both guilty and excited.

I was suddenly jolted back to reality when the doorbell rang. I decided to take my time answering the door to give my nearly naked niece time to leave the room. To my surprise, she just sat there with her long bare legs stretched out in front of her on the counter and asked me if I wanted her to get the door. I didn’t feel it was my place to tell her to leave so I slowly walked to the door to answer. I could see through the small window that it was two friends from work, James and Arnie both about my age and semi retired.

The second they stepped through the door, their eyes were immediately drawn to Carrie still sitting on the counter. I must admit if I walked into a room containing a pretty young girl dressed only in a skimpy undershirt with a mile of bare legs and quite a bit of her breasts exposed, I’d stare too.

I introduced them and to my surprise, Carrie came walking over to meet them, her breasts jiggling with every step, her nipples poking obviously through the thin material. I found myself seeing her through their eyes and thinking how partially dressed and sexy she looked. I couldn’t believe she could be comfortable walking around almost naked in front of her uncle and two strange men.

As I did the introductions, and she came closer, they tried unsuccessfully not to stare at Carrie’s nipples poking through the thin material. She asked them if they’d like anything and they each agreed to a bowl of cereal and some coffee. When she turned to ask me they got their first close up look at her from the side. I glanced over at them and caught them staring at the open side of her shirt and the side of her almost completely exposed bare breast. Only the nipple of her jutting breast was hidden pressed into the thin material of the shirt. escort tuzla

With all three of our eyes glued to her, we watched her long bare legs as she walked back across the room. I’m sure the guys had been focused on her partially exposed breasts when she was walking toward us. Now that she was walking away they had a chance to look at her long slim bare legs exposed by the extremely short shirt that barely hung down far enough to cover her bottom. As she walked a hint of her bottom sometimes came into view until she reached up into the cupboard for the cereal causing the back of her shirt to ride up nearly to her waist. She stayed like that for a few seconds trying to get the cereal down and giving our house guests a long look at her incredible bare bottom dispelling any curiosity they might have had about whether she was wearing panties under the short shirt.

James and Arnie always came over on Friday to play ping pong in the basement. After they had eaten breakfast, they reluctantly left Carrie in the kitchen and went down to the basement to play.

We were just finishing the second game when we saw Carrie’s long bare legs descending the stairs. She was still wearing the skimpy undershirt. David asked her if she wanted to play.

The next thing I knew she was in a game with David. Arnie and I sat on the bench behind her watching. She jumped a little with each shot causing her breasts to bounce around inside the shirt and the bottom of the shirt to ride up almost to her waist so that her beautiful bare bottom was almost constantly in view.

After a few minutes Arnie and I nonchalantly stepped over to where we could watch Carrie from the side. The view was incredible watching her bare breasts bouncing inside her shirt.

Arnie noticed it first. I was still mesmerized by her breasts. Arnie distracted elsewhere. When she would take a shot, the front of her shirt would flip up and there in plain view was her darling little patch of public hair.

Up until now she had allowed much of her sexy body to be seen by her uncle and two complete strangers. Peeks at her breasts and bottom were one thing but this seemed to take it to a whole new level. We watched for a while waiting for the next shot and another peek at her sexy pubic patch.

As the game progressed, I noticed the strap on her right side starting to slip off her shoulder. She pushed it back up once. Then with a rush it slid completely off her shoulder fully exposing her right breast. Peeking at her breasts inside her open shirt was one thing but seeing her with her breast fully exposed in front of a group of strange men was staggering. She left it that way throughout the volley before pulling the strap back up covering up her breast.

After the game was over she hopped up on the workbench to watch the next game. The workbench is about waist high. She sat so that the hem of the shirt lay across the top of her bare thighs not quite covering the patch of pubic hair between her legs. The next game was between David and Arnie although they seemed to be pretty distracted by the sight on the workbench.

After the game, we all went back up to the livinv room. Carrie led the way with David and Arnie following behind enjoying the view up the stairs.

Like they always do after ping pong, David and Arnie plopped down on the couch in a slouch position with their feet extened across the coffee table. To my surprise, Carrie plopped down right between them with the hem of her shirt about an inch above the top of her incredible pubic triangle. There she was on the couch nonchalantly sitting between two strange men with her pussy fully exposed.

They sat like that for a while talking. The right strap of the shirt again started sliding off her shoulder until it was down by her elbow. Her right breast was almost fully exposed except for a thin strip of the cloth draped precariously from her erect nipple. It was quite a site.

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