Texts to My Love: Movie Date

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Slowly you walk, your maxi skirt pulled tight across your bottom, swishing about your legs each step pulling the dress tight across your delicious legs showing how they curve and stretch forever. Your top flutters with each step, a lovely button down cut high, one button open to hint at your luscious breasts hiding beneath a sexy bra no man can resist.

Along the street you walk, the breeze flowing through your hair teasing your clothes pulling it every way. Alongside you I walk, arms wrapped tightly around, hands clasped together; a loose button down shirt hugs me as I move, jeans hug my bottom, you ache to grab me.

We walk quickly but gracefully, with a purpose towards our destination, the movie theatre. Delayed by our restless play we hurry to avoid missing the film. Luckily we arrive on time, purchasing our tickets and hurrying in. Out of the corner of my eye I see the attendant eying us out of envy; we find our theatre and slip in.

Entering the sparsely populated theatre you choose seats towards the back, centered below the projector. We settle in for the showing just as the lights go dark and the movie begins. I raise your hand and kiss it, smiling at you as I do so. You blush feeling my lips against your hand, wishing it was elsewhere. You lean in and kiss me hotly, slipping your tongue into my mouth and stroking mine sensually, caressing my mouth as my tongue slips around it and strokes yours in return. Our kisses make me hot. You pull back with a wink, turning to watch the film. I shift in my seat to get comfortable. I take your hand and stroke it slowly as the film begins.

I struggle to watch the film but it is of no use for deep within my fire is burning and it purrs with lust. I glance your way to see you are paying attention; I look around to see we are several rows away from the rest of the audience. I raise the arm rest separating us and put my arm around you, pulling you closer to me. Gently I begin to stroke your arm making you sigh and relax into me, your happiness makes me smile, seeing you so content is incredible.

Slowly my strokes grow longer as I move my hand up your arm, as it passes to your shoulder you give me an incredulous look and I wink as you wonder what I’m up to. My hand slips under your arm, gripping your waist now, feeling the soft fabric of your shirt as it strokes, fingers tracing along the embroidered pattern.

I pull you closer, making you lean into me granting my hands more mobility and access. Slowly it slithers along, sliding down to touch your midriff, you moan quietly as you feel my hand touch your belly, my cool fingers tickling your skin as it glides along and presses against your shirt. I can’t help but lean down to kiss your neck, my tongue licking across it touching it every way possible. You begin to squirm as your fire starts to burn deep within.

My hand slips over your shirt and slowly undoes a button, slipping back under to stroke your belly feeling it raise and lower as your breathe heavily. Gently and gently I stroke your belly, letting my hand caress and feel you, squeezing you gently. As my hands moves up, it undoes yet another button.

You find it harder to watch the film, my movements and touches making you hotter. Deep within your fire is burning, it purrs with lust begging me to continue. I feel your body grow hotter and hotter until you’re almost sweating as I slowly sensually undo each button. I kiss and lick your neck, nibbling and sucking it.

I reach the final button and pause, running my hand back down to your belly, tracing my fingers in slow circles around it gently squeezing and gripping it. Finally I move up and undo the last button, your shirt slides open and you feel the cold air hit your chest causing a sharp intake of breath. I look down at you, the sight of your exposed chest incredibly sexy. Your bra holds your breasts close begging to be touched, kissed, sucked, and played with.

I slide a hand up to your breasts, tracing along your bra and teasing them slowly grazing along your hard nipples pressed against the fabric making you quietly moan. You slip a hand down to my thigh and begin stroke it in rhythm with my hand, moving closer and closer to my sex. My legs spread as you move in, I moan as you touch me. Quietly our fires burn as we touch and stroke each other, our hands getting closer and closer to their prize. We stifle our moans so not to attract attention.

My fingers curl and tug at your bra, sliding it up and over your breasts. You gasp as you feel the cold air hit them, your nipples growing harder as they tingle. A hand grips your breasts, teasing and fondling them as a finger traces small circles around your nipple. Your hand grazes across my sex making it jump.

Your tightly grip my sex and begin to slowly stroke it, squeezing it as your hand slides along its length. I continue to play with your breasts rolling your nipple between my fingers, slowly squeezing and tugging on it making you moan as you grow canlı bahis hotter; your fire burning brighter and brighter. Not satisfied with my access, I whisper directions into your ear and you turn to lie back across my lap. Leaning down I kiss you as I run my hand along your breasts, fondling and caressing them as I tease your nipples. Slowly I move my hand back down across your belly and slip it beneath your skirt and panties, running my fingers through the hair of your sex. You moan softly as you sense how close I am to you. Slowly my fingers dance around your sex as they move closer, feeling the heat that lies within. We kiss passionately, our tongues dancing together as they dart between our mouths. I move my hand lower still and feel the lips of your sex, plump with lust and hot with desire. I run a finger over it, caressing and stroking making you squirm as you spread your legs. I press gently as I stroke, parting the lips as my finger slides deeper. Your honey coats my hand as I play with you, you moan silently as your hips writhe in pleasure.

My strokes grow longer and longer until I feel the entrance to your sex, pausing I move my fingers to press against you then slowly begin to massage your entrance making you moan quietly into my mouth. Slowly I press harder and harder until your sex gives way and my finger slides in, you arch your back as you feel me enter, pleasure flying across your body. Slowly I stroke you, my finger sliding in and out as we kiss in the theatre, as I slide my finger out another joins it, making your hips buck as the added pleasure hits your body. Slowly I increase my pace, longer faster strokes making your body shake and quiver with pleasure.

You feel your fire burning hotter and hotter with each stroke; it’s getting so hot you can hardly stand it. You kiss me hard now, gripping my head and pulling me down as I play with you. Slowly you feel your edge approaching, my strokes coming faster and faster as you grow hotter and hotter. Your fire bursts from within you and pours out of you and into me, you grip my head tightly and kiss me passionately as your orgasm breaks free and rides out along your body. I stroke you harder and harder now as your sex wraps itself tightly around my fingers pulling them in as it pulses and twitches. Your body shakes and quivers writhing in ecstasy.

Slowly your orgasm fades, your body calming from the sudden orgasm. I slow my strokes as I begin to slide my fingers out of you, just barely playing but still making you shiver with pleasure. As you regain control of your body you look up at me and kiss me, lust still burning in your eyes. I slide my fingers out of you and raise them to my mouth, sucking them in and licking your honey off. I pass my fingers to you and you wrap your lips about them, licking and sucking them clean. You slowly sit up and look at me with a devious look then quickly remove your bra. Your fire still burns inside and you want to play.

You deftly lean over and undo my pants, making quick work of it as you flip it open then slide your hand in to find my sex, you shiver as you feel how hot it has become and how hard it feels in your grasp. It pulses from your touch, twitching and begging for you to play with it. I grow hotter as your wrap your hand around it and begin to stroke me slowly, rolling your thumb along the tip. You slide down to kneel between my legs, licking your lips as you eye my sex. I gaze at you lustfully as you grip my pants and slide them down my legs, exposing my sex to you. With a devious smile you wrap your hand around me and begin to stroke.

The sight of you is so erotic, your shirt hanging open breasts exposed and nipples hard. I reach down and take hold of each, fondling and teasing them. You slowly stroke me, rolling your fingers along the base, tracing along the ridge, and dancing along the tip. My fire grows hotter and hotter as you play.

You lean down and run your tongue along the ridge of my sex slowly then swirl it around the tip. My body shakes as you do so, each lick sending shocks of pleasure through me. With each stroke of your hand you run your tongue along my sex, small licks and long licks creating an explosive sensation. You slow down your touches to where it is almost painful for me, dragging your tongue ever so slowly from the base to the tip, enjoying the feel of my sex against it. As your tongue reaches the tip you pause, tracing a small circle around it. As you move back down and kiss it you wrap your lips around me.

I groan inwardly, barely audible but loud enough to give you pleasure. With each stroke you slide more of me into your mouth, licking and sucking with pleasure on your face. I writhe in my seat, your touches and mouth driving me crazy. My fire is burning incredibly hot now as you pull me into your mouth. Sensing my burning fire, you increase your pace, sliding me deeper into your mouth and stroking me harder with your tongue, wrapping your lips tightly around and sliding back out. bahis siteleri I stroke your breasts and tease your nipples with urgency, matching your strokes. You moan into my sex, the vibrations casting out waves of pleasure through my body. My fire burns hotter and hotter, brighter and brighter with each stroke of your tongue.

I’m burning so hot now I can barely stand it; my edge is approaching quickly, the thrill of the theatre driving me higher and higher as you pull me harder and harder into your mouth. I shudder and gasp as I feel my fire burst from within me, pouring out of me and into you. You moan as you feel my orgasm hit me, my sex pulsing and twitching in your mouth as my seed flows into your mouth. As it hits your tongue you moan again, tasting my love and lust. You eagerly drink me in, catching what you can as I pump my seed into you. I shake and quiver as my orgasm rides my body, pleasure spreading from deep within.

You pull as much of me as you can into your mouth as you swallow my seed, catching what you can as it fills your mouth. My seed dribbles out of your mouth and down your chin, dripping onto your swaying breasts. My orgasm rides my body focused at my sex; each time you swallow it sends a shockwave of pleasure through me. You feel my orgasms slowing; my sex growing smaller as it twitches and shakes, pouring my seed into your mouth.

You pull me deep into your mouth and lick me clean, slowly sliding me out of with a wet pop. I jump as I come free; one last shock of pleasure riding my body as my orgasm slowly fades. You stand back up and lean in to kiss me, sliding your tongue into my mouth to stroke mine. I taste my seed as we kiss and moan into yours, sliding my tongue into your mouth to get a taste of it on your lips. You tuck my sex back in and slide my pants up fastening them as you sit. Slowly you slide a finger down to your chest and scoop up the spilled seed, sucking it off your finger slowly and seductively then licking your lips clean.

You toss your bra under the seat with a wink and button your shirt back up, leaving the top two undone to reveal your delicious cleavage, hinting at what lies beneath. Your hard nipples press against your shirt, breasts barely hidden beneath. You lean back in to me and I throw my arms around you. The film is almost finished, and we wish to enjoy what’s left, we did pay to enter after all.


It didn’t take long for the film to finish, our little play session having run for quite some time. The credits begin to roll and the theatre quickly empties out leaving us as we slowly move from our seats. The sight of your breasts hanging freely beneath your shirt has made my sex grow hard again and you see this, brushing your hand against it as we stand.

As we work our way down the stairs to the exit I reach out behind me and grab you, squeezing your bottom causing you to jump and stumble into me, pressing your hot breasts against my back. I turn to help you back up, gripping your sides and quickly sliding my hands up under your short to squeeze you. You grasp my hands before they reach your breasts, eyes wide with surprise. I look at you and wink, seeing the sparkle of lust in your eyes.

We finally make our way to the exit, walking out to the theatres hall. As we walk our hands cannot help but touch, brushing against our bodies and caressing them. You look around hunting for a bathroom, desiring to fulfill a need. You spot one and head into it, I stop at the entrance to look around. Seeing nobody watching I slip in past you.

You enter the bathroom and look about, seeing that it’s empty you quickly hike up your skirt and peel off your soaked panties, tossing them into a trash can. Playing with me and bringing me to orgasm had made you so hot your honey had been leaking from you the entire time, ruining your panties. Feeling the air hit your exposed sex you gasp as it tingles from the sensation. Your legs go weak for a moment and you catch yourself against the counter as little sparks of pleasure run up your body. You lower a hand to feel your sex, how hot and full the lips are with lust. You slip a finger between them to feel the honey still flowing and press it deeper as it slides inside you. You close your eyes as you begin to play with yourself, pumping a finger in and out of yourself.

I enter and see you leaning against the counter breathing heavily holding your skirt up legs spread out and your bottom jutting out teasing me as you play with yourself. The sight is so erotic I feel my fire start burning and quickly make my way towards you, wrapping a hand around your waist pulling your bottom against me as I kiss your neck. The feel of my hard sex against you makes you moan and you press against it grinding into me.

I slip a hand down beneath your skirt, working quickly to find my prize. It slides down over your bottom, squeezing it tightly then around your hip to brush through the hair of your sex. You moan again as you feel my hand glide bahis şirketleri through it as it seeks the source of your fire. I feel your hand pressed against your sex and smile, you’re so hot you can’t keep your hands off yourself. I slowly pull your hand away, desiring that I be the one to play with you. You raise your hand up to your shirt, quickly popping several buttons free to access your breasts. You begin to play with yourself, caressing your breast and teasing your nipple as my hand slides ever farther down towards your sex.

A finger slides down to feel the lips of your sex, I smile as I begin to slowly stroke, feeling the curve of it and how soft and warm it is to my touch. As I stroke I push it deeper into you, making you moan out loud again. Hot and wet from lust and desire your sex opens up for me as a finger slips between your lips and presses against your button. You moan again and grind even harder against me. I leave my finger there, slowly massaging your button, making tiny circles on it causing you to buck and moan as I send jolts of pleasure through you over and over again. Your honey begins to flow freely as I make you burn hotter and hotter.

You’re breathing heavily, so hot you’re sweating as your hand mauls your breasts groping and playing with it as the other desperately grips the counter while I play with you. My fingers are driving you wild making your mind go numb with lust as honey flows from your sex down your legs.

I hear the door creak open and quickly grab your arm, pulling you with me into a bathroom stall. You barely register the change of location only that you’re now pressed up against me feeling my hard sex pressing against yours. I listen carefully, hearing the person walk in to another stall near ours. As I listen you gaze at me with lust as your hands quickly undo my shirt and pants, dropping the pants down as you pull my boxers with them, freeing my sex as it springs free at attention.

I turn to you and grin mischievously; carefully I pull off the pants and boxers, hanging them up. You wrap your hand around my sex and begin to stroke it as I pull you close and kiss you, my hands sliding up your body to play with your breasts. We work quietly, trying to avoid notice from our guest. You hungrily kiss me, begging for release as you stroke me driving my fire hotter and hotter. Deftly I slip my hands down around your waist to grip your skirt.

I slide my hands beneath the skirt, hooking my thumbs around the top. Slowly I begin to move my hands down, caressing your bottom as your skirt slides downwards. Your legs are slick with honey wetting my hands as they move along them, my sex twitching in response. You step out of your skirt carefully; dizzy with lust you can hardly stand. I hang it with my pants and pull you back to me, pressing our hot sexes together as we kiss again. Slowly we grind into each other as our hands run along our bodies squeezing and groping, caressing and pulling. Desperate to stay quiet our hands moan for us, gripping tightly and pulling us closer.

We’re burning so hot now, our touches and play having driven us wild. Our close proximity to our unknown guest makes our lust run high as we kiss and grind in the stall. Your desire for me is so great and you desperately want me inside you. Breaking away you turn around and put your hands against the wall arching your back to present your sex to me. The sight is incredibly erotic and I eagerly grab on to your waist pulling you closer.

I carefully line my sex up with yours and rest it at your entrance making you buck against me trying to push me in. Slowly I begin to press myself into you and gently your lips part to welcome me in. The feel of me sliding into you is too much and you flush the toilet as you moan out loud, the rushing water concealing your sounds. Your sex grips me tightly, squeezing me as I enter you. My hands grip you tightly as they moan pulling you against me as I come to rest fully inside you.

I start to thrust, pulling out and pushing back in slowly taking my time to avoid making us scream out loud. As we begin to make love I listen to our guest as they finally depart from their stall to wash their hands. The rushing water of the faucet enables us to make some noise; I thrust a little harder making you moan quietly. I slide my hands up your body to grip your breasts, rolling your nipples between my fingers. The entire time I thrust slowly in and out, pulling back until just the head of my sex is resting in you, and then pushing back in until I am buried inside you.

As our guest turns off the faucet and departs the door swings open and I slide all the way out and pause. Right as the door swings closed I quickly thrust myself in, sliding all the way into you making you lurch forward and moan out loud. Our fires are blazing hot now, screaming out for release, pleading for us to let them run free. I grip you tightly and begin to thrust faster and faster into you harder and harder. You’re moaning freely now, not quite loud enough to escape the bathroom, but enough to drive me wild. The fog of lust hangs thick with us as we make love. I pull you against me as I thrust making you shake with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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