The Bot at Work

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Around Christmas time I hired a new guy at work. I was the manager of a store that usually had either women or gay men so when this young nineteen year old boy applied I thought to my self, “Once again the theory is correct, all the cute ones are gay.” He seemed like he was going to be a good fit for the store. The customers liked him and even if he was gay (which I didn’t really know one way or the other yet) he was at least a gorgeous piece of eye candy to have around. He had found himself into my masturbation rotation pretty quickly.

As time wore on we ended up spending a lot of time together. We were the only smokers of the store and always went on at least 2-3 smoke breaks per shift. We would talk about all kinds of things and soon enough he mentioned a girlfriend. I was thrilled and miserable all at once because at least he was straight and could quite possibly end up interested in me but he was taken.

We would progressively get more and more familiar as time went on to the point that my boss pulled me to the side because she was afraid that we’d get hit with a sexual harassment suit if I kept it up. She had seen me give him a hug for handling a difficult customer that I didn’t want to deal with myself on that particular day. She asked me first if he and I had anything going on. I told her no and asked how could she think that I would jeopardize my career by going after one of my employees let alone one that was only nineteen. She reminded me of our company policy against employees dating, all the while I giggled on the inside. I thought, “If only she knew how much I thought of stripping him down in my office and taking what I imagined to be his huge cock in my mouth.”

After she left that day I even joked about it with him. He laughed and said, “Oh yeah baby, you and me in the backroom, right?” and he laughed. We both laughed. I wondered if the thought of us in the backroom had ever crossed his mind before.

Time went on and the girls of the store had all admitted to having their crushes on him overtime. When he and his girlfriend broke up, he had even taken some of the girls from work out and I just sat there wishing, and hoping against hope that he would think to ask me but I knew that the odds were against me. I was twenty-four, married and had two kids, not to mention that I didn’t think I was his type.

I am a BBW. Some would say SSBBW. At 5’5″ and over 300lbs. I knew that I was not the ideal of beauty. I had my assets and I knew that I could work them on many men but usually not ones of his caliber. I would look extra good on the days he would work with me. The super bra was worn to shove my DD tits up as far as they would go. I wore shirts that would expose as much of my cleavage as I could. I made sure that my make up was perfect as well as my hair. I would flirt with him mercilessly hoping he would notice. I would always touch him and let our conversations stray into the realm of things that an employer should never talk about with her employee.

I found out all about what kind of girls he liked, how old he was when he lost his virginity, what kind of porn he liked, and how he liked to jerk off. I told him anything he wanted to know about me and my sex life. I gave him tips to use on whatever girl he would have in his bed next. He would always come up to me so excited after canlı bahis using one of my tips the night before with the joy of a child with a new toy on his face saying “Holy shit, you were right! She came in no time! She begged me to fuck her that way again!” These conversations usually led to a trip to the bathroom for me to relieve some built up tension deep inside me.

I would go into the bathroom stall and pull my pants and panties completely off and hang them on the hook of the door and just wildly fuck my own pussy with the image of him in my mind. I would run my fingers up to my tits and squeeze and push and pull on them. Sometimes I would pull my own nipple into my mouth and suck up on it in a feverish manner as I violently assaulted my clit. I would cum harder than I ever had with my husband’s dick in me. Just the thought of him possibly, just possibly busting through the door to that bathroom and shoving his rock hard cock in me. I would just barely clean my hands off as I would go back onto the sales floor hoping that maybe he would just barely catch a wiff of my sex on my hand as I handed him something as the day would go on.

One day I was in my office after closing finishing up some paper work while he was off dumping the garbage. We would always go walk the deposit to the bank together and then have a smoke before going on our ways. I heard him open the door and I didn’t bother to turn. I told him I was just about done and that we’d be going soon and before I could take in what was happening to me, I felt him right up against me, his hands on my hips and his lips kissing my neck. I panicked a bit, this had been a fantasy of mine for almost a year and now here it was happening.

He put his mouth to my ear and said to me, “I’ve been waiting of you to make your move but I am tired of waiting. I want you and I am going to have to have you right now.” With that said I felt him place his hands on my tits and pushed his hard on against my ass. He sucked and nibbled on my neck as I just leaned back against him barely taking this all in. I had wanted nothing more than this for so long but I just didn’t know what to do. As much as I wanted to touch him I was so afraid that if I did I would feel nothing but air and be crushed my yet another fantasy that seemed so completely real that I was no not only imagining things but feeling things that weren’t real.

He turned me around and slipped his hand just under my shirt and placed them on the sides of my belly. He looked me in the eye with the most lustful look I had ever seen in my life. He leaned in to kiss me. It was a deep, passionate kiss that I thought would suck all of the life at of me and at that moment as weak kneed as I felt I thought it was a real possibility. He began to tug at my shirt and lifted it over my head. As my skin hit the cool air of the air conditioned store I came to the shocking reality that this was really happening.

He brought his face down to my bra clad breast and licked up and down my cleavage. He said “You’ve been teasing me with these beautiful tits for months and I want them. Take your bra off for me.” I did as I was told, reaching behind me and undoing each clasp. He looked at me with this hungry expression licking his lips as he waited to see my tits completely for the first time. Before I could even get my bra off bahis siteleri my tits he attacked. He pulled the straps down over my shoulders kissing and nibbling at each spot of skin as he moved my bra completely off. He had been pressed up against me that whole time so when my bra was free of my tits he stepped back and stared in amazement at them. He grabbed at one I could tell he was feeling the weight of the DD cups in his hand. He brought his mouth down to my nipple and let his tongue flick against my already hard nipples. He licked all around my breasts across one and then the other. He squeezed them together and licked down the deep crease of cleavage that was formed. He grabbed a nipple in his mouth and put just a touch of pressure to it with his teeth and lips. He looked up and asked me if he was doing it the way I liked since I was the one who had told him how to do it like this on other girls. I smiled at him and said yes.

That glorious question made me snap into the reality of the situation. I grabbed at his shirt and yanked it up over his head. He had a touch less body hair than I had imagined. It seemed like he kept his chest hair trimmed and neat and I loved it. He didn’t let me look too long at his gorgeous chest; he plastered his body to mine, rubbing his body against mine and we kissed again.

I put my hands to his belt buckle and began to set his dick free. I had wanted to suck on that cock so badly for so long that the anticipation was killing me. I unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped as quickly as I could but it felt like it had taken years to drop his pants down to his ankles. He stepped back to kick off his shoes and step out of his pants. His dick had made quite the tent out of his boxers and slowly traced a finger around the waist band. He unzipped my pants and kissed his way down my tits and belly and knelt before me to pull my pants down. He kissed his way back up my legs up towards my crotch. He stopped. He looked up at me and said “I always thought that I was imagining that I smelled your pussy when we worked but now I am sure of it.” I told him about all the times I had been sitting in the bathroom, legs spread wide as I fingered myself to thoughts of him running through my head. He gave me the most beautiful smile, stood up and kissed me again. “Why didn’t you have me join you in there? I’ve been waiting for you to fuck me all this time and you were right there in that bathroom ready and wet for me to fuck?” I nodded and with that I we both began to pull each others remaining clothing off.

The last to be removed was his boxers. I knelt down before him and slowly pulled down. I stared at his giant cock as it bounced up to meet me. I grabbed it with both hands and licked delicately at his balls. I took long steady licks up over his balls and the shaft of his cock. I licked to get it all wet, slick and ready to glide my hand over his stiff prick. I started to pump his dick slowly and then I took the head of his cock in his mouth. I licked in circles all around his beautiful dick. I swirled around and around and then I felt him pull my hair together into his hand. He began to pull back and forth on my hair to direct me to let him fuck my mouth. This was another thing I had suggested to him in our previous talks.

I felt his dick stiffen and I knew he was getting close to bahis şirketleri the edge. He didn’t need to ask where I would take his cum. He knew that there was nothing I loved to do more than drink cum. I prepared myself to swallow by letting him shove nearly all nine inches into my mouth. I refused to let myself gag. I took him straight down my throat and with that I heard him beginning to groan and moan. I felt a hard splash hit the back of my throat and I swallowed, I kept swallowing shot after shot. When he was done I licked him clean.

He pulled me up to him and kissed me again. The thought of him tasting his cum in my mouth drove me wild. I had complained to him about my husband being so disgusted with kissing me after sucking him off and he knew that this would trigger yet another previous conversation in my head.

He pushed me back onto the desk and laid me down. He spread my legs and kissed up my inner thighs till he hit my shaved pussy. He let his soft stubble gently graze against my bald pussy. Yet again proving how much he listened to me. He used his fingers to spread my lips open and licked his tongue in one smooth motion from my hole up to my clit. He then sucked it in between his lips and pinched it flicking it with his tongue. I closed my eyes and rocked with the pleasure. I softly moaned and called his name, praising his perfect pussy eating skills. As I did he changed his pace and shifted his weight as if to give me a clue that I hadn’t experienced anything it. I felt him insert a finger into my hole and then another. He began to fuck me hard with those fingers and his mouth. I was cumming hard all over his fingers and mouth. I felt my pussy clamp down on him hard and my hips jumped up off the desk grinding my hips into his face.

As I settled, he went ahead and pulled his hand and face away. He then made me flip over, face down onto the desk. I felt him sliding his dick up and sown my slit, getting it wet and ready to fuck my steaming hot pussy. He held it to my hole and stopped just to teasing me. I wanted to feel him in me and pushed back against him with considerable force but he knew that I loved this torture. He made me beg for it and how I begged. I whined and whimpered pleading for that cock to split me apart. With that said he slid in me so slow it felt like the longest cock in the world was snaking its way through me right then. When I felt his balls smack at my ass I cried out in absolute joy. I begged for him to fuck me hard, harder, and harder still.

After a bit he pulled himself from me. He made me get up and lay on the floor. He told me to spread my legs wide. He lay on top of me and speared into me at full force. He fucked me hard as if he wanted to push his cock all the way up through me and out my mouth and as my next orgasm approached that was exactly as it felt to me. I screamed out that I was almost there and he worked me harder and harder. I felt myself clamp down on him and then I felt him cum hard in my cunt. I felt it all splash in me.

He rolled off of me and we lay there spent. I looked at him and smiled. “Thank God I didn’t fuck you earlier, you learned exactly how to fuck me and I have never had anything better than that.” He smiled and kissed me.

After a while we got up and got dressed and on our respective ways home. He and I made our fucking sessions a nightly habit whenever we are alone but eventually he moved across the country and we parted ways. We still talk and I still give him my tips and pointers and I wait for the day he will come to visit and fuck me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32