The Boys Club Pt. 02

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The day after the pool party Ken’s life would change, making his every dream come true. Christine was a teacher at a junior college and often taught Saturday classes. This day, as usual, Ken was waiting for her to come down to breakfast, before heading to class. He never missed sending Christine off to work because he loved the way she dressed.

Christine did not wear overly sexy clothing, always dressing as “business professional.” That did not mean she hid her body as Mary did. She wore pantsuits, but mostly skirts, usually a little above the knee, nice blouses. She always wore heels and nylons. 4-inch pumps. Never sandals, or open-toed heels, always what Ken called “Fuck Me Pumps” or FMP’s.

He’d discovered from going through her dresser looking for jackoff material, that Christine did not own any pantyhose. She only had nylons, either thigh highs, or with garters, and her bras and panties were always sexy, but in a classy way.

Ken had grown to be obsessed with FMP’s and nylons and always fantasized about making his mom wear nothing but heels and nylons around the house and fucking her at will. Ken never missed making breakfast for his mom so he could drink in her killer heels and nylons, as she usually went straight to her bedroom and shed those upon coming home from work.

Today, Christine asked Ken to look at the computer she used in her bedroom. It was getting old, but she was attached to it and had resisted replacing it, even though Ken had a good brand name backup computer he’d used for gaming that he’d offered her before.

This time Ken told his mom he’d try to fix it, but if he could not, he would transfer all her files to the new computer for her. All he needed was the original disks for her old computer to try to fix it. Christine told him the disks were somewhere in her closet.

After Christine left, Ken went upstairs to get started. Luckily, he had all day, as it was Saturday, and he had no plan to fix the old computer, planning to replace it with his backup and present Christine with a fait accompli.

Ken immediately tore down the old computer, pulling its hard drive and installing it in the new computer. He then started the transfer of all his mom’s working files, pictures, etc. from the old drive to the new one. He planned to reinstall the old drive in the old computer and use the original disks to wipe the old drive before disposing of it. Once the transfer was started, he went to his mom’s closet to look for the original disks.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been through his mom’s walk-in closet, but he’d never delved deeper than into her lingerie drawers before. This time he had to dig deeper to find the elusive disks. He never did find them.

While going through one of the lower, larger, drawers he found something. He noticed the bottom of the drawer was at least four inches higher than it should be, indicating there was a hidden compartment in the drawer. Removing all the sweaters in the drawer, he found the drawer had a false bottom. Removing that bottom changed his life.

The drawer:

The first thing Ken found was a dog collar and leash. A padded dog collar, in pink, with rhinestones and an engraved metal plate. The engraving on the plate shocked Him. It said: “This slut is available for use with permission. 555-212-1515”

Ken was named after his late father, and he recognized the phone number as his father’s, and now his, cell phone number. Ken instantly recognized what the collar meant. His mom was a submissive, and his late father had been her master. The other various toys, restraints, whips, lubricants, and several small butt-plugs reinforced this.

A thorough search of the closet revealed other evidence of his mom’s prior lifestyle and another item that sealed the fate of a second mom. He found a couple of DVDs. Without hesitation, they went into his mom’s DVD player, and what he found was hundreds of pictures of his mom having sex with his father, in obvious dominant/submissive settings.

The prize, however, was a series of pictures of Christine, and Alice, Tom’s mom, both kneeling, collared, hands tied behind their backs, eagerly sucking cocks, and being fucked. The kicker; Tom’s estranged father was being sucked and fucked by Christine, while Alice was fucking and sucking Ken’s dad.

This motivated Ken to expand his search. He immediately went to the computer and started a careful examination of the old hard drive. He struck gold. He found a series of folders where his mom had downloaded about a hundred erotic fiction stories from one of his favorite websites, He found his tastes keçiören escort to be identical to his mom.

All the articles tended to be about submissive mothers, being dominated and turned into fucktoys by their sons. They also tended to feature gangbangs, often by the son’s friends, and dominance over multiple moms or MILFs.

The final prize was a series of pictures that had to have come from his mom’s cell phone, of Ken and friends jacking off in the clubhouse to pictures of the four moms.

He then searched the rest of his mom’s room, ending with her bathroom, where he found that his mother was taking birth control pills. This confused him, as his mom never dated, was always home evenings, and had, to his knowledge, never had a relationship with any man since Ken’s dad died.

At his point, Ken figured there was an excellent chance he would take all three of his mom’s holes before the day was over! He printed a good selection of the photos he’d found, including the ones of Alice. He also printed a selection of the sex stories, collected some of the sex toys, including the collar.

His final act was to install several of his wireless spy cams in his mom’s bathroom and bedroom. He then took a long hot shower, shaved, put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and took his evidence downstairs to await his mom.

Christine Comes Clean:

When Christine walked into the kitchen from the garage, she was her usual happy self, thinking she had the rest of the day and Sunday to spend with her son, something she loved. At first, she didn’t realize what she was looking at, but she slowly recognized what was laid out on the kitchen table.

Most prominent was the slave collar she hadn’t worn since her husband’s death, along with blown-up photos of her and Alice servicing each other’s husbands, as well as photos she’d taken of the boys jacking off.

Also featured was a stack of stories with titles like “Mom’s First Gangbang,” “Son fucks and enslaves mom,” and “Mommy Slave.” In a separate stack was a subset of stories that all had to do with sons breeding their moms.

Christine then noticed that Ken was facing her, leaning against the kitchen counter, wearing shorts and a T-Shirt, with an obvious raging hardon that he made no effort to hide.

Christine just stared at Ken, before saying: “Ken honey…” before being shocked into silence when Ken yelled: “Silence! Sluts do not speak until told to. On your knees, slut, now!” Ken looked, and sounded, exactly like her late husband, and without a thought she dropped to her knees, shocking herself.

Ken’s next command was: “Hands behind your head! Push your chest out, you know the drill!” Christine instantly did as she was told, knowing that a deep dark dirty desire she had was going to come true whether she wanted it or not.

Ken walked up to the table, picking up a round object that Christine recognized as her birth control pills, and tossed them on the ground in front of her. “Who have you been fucking whore?” he barked.

Christine’s instant answer was: “No man has touched me since your father died master, I swear.”

“Then why the pills, slut?” Ken asked.

Christine replied: “Because I am a slut master. I’m always on the ragged edge of losing control. A couple of times I’ve almost walked into the clubhouse naked and given myself to you and the boys. I’d love to be a fucktoy for the boys club, but I’m terrified someone other than you would breed me.”

Ken looked at his gorgeous new fucktoy in shock, taking a moment to think. “If you want a baby, I’ll give you one, but not right away. I want to do some serious hard-core fucking with you for a while before I plant my son in you,” said Ken.

His mom simply looked at Ken and said: “This has been my dirty hidden dream since I lost your father. Your father owned me, and I miss it! I want you to own me, son. I’ll do whatever you want, whatever! Willingly, joyfully, and with love.”

“I love you master; you’ve lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. Just promise you will not hurt me, and you’ll protect me from myself. I tend to lose control in the presence of eager hard-ons.”

Ken replied: “That’s a promise I willingly make. I will love and protect you for as long as we’re both alive. In return you will be my obedient sex slave, understood?”

“Yes sir,” replied Christine.

“May I show you something master?” asked Christine. “Go ahead slut.” said Ken. Christine then stood up, unbuttoned, and removed her blouse, then unzipped and took off her skirt. Ken literally could not breathe for a few seconds, struck keçiören escort bayan by the vision of the most beautiful woman imaginable standing in 4-inch heels, nylons, garters, and a sexy bra and panty set.

Christine reached down to her panties, stuck her thumbs in the waistband, and stretched them out, resettling them around her hips. This let Ken know that his mom wore her panties outside her garters, meaning he had easy access to her pussy and ass without her having to undo her garters, which made his already hard dick twitch.

Christine turned and walked into his dad’s old office off the kitchen. Moments later Christine returned to the kitchen, handed Ken a folder, and returned to her kneeling position with her hands behind her head. A position Ken’s dad had taught her to assume by simply ordering her to “Present.”

The folder held a single document, handwritten in Christine’s neat script titled “Christine’s Slave Contract.” The contract made it clear that Christine had voluntarily signed herself into sexual slavery. It laid out in detail that Christine was to do what her husband, Ken wanted her to.

She was to suck any dick or cunt he presented to her. She was to enthusiastically fuck any man or woman he gave her to. It went on to detail how she was to dress and act and laid out punishments she could expect should she fail to satisfy.

Lines in the contract explained the 4-inch pumps, nylons, the panties outside the garters, and the lack of pantyhose in his mom’s wardrobe. The contract went down to small details, such as mandating Christine’s bras and panties must be sexy, but classy, and all her bras had to unfasten between the breasts.

The most shocking passage concerned the small putt plugs he’d found. The passage read: “At all times while in the presence of men other than my husband, especially when being used sexually by those men, I will have a small butt-plug inserted in my ass. The butt-plug is small so it will not stretch my ass. It is not meant to prepare my ass for penetration, but to prevent penetration while in the throes of passion.”

Ken Fucks Christine:

“You’re going to have to explain the butt-plug business, mom. But I’m about to explode, and you need to deal with that first.” Kevin ordered. The light pressure of his shorts on his cock was almost more than he could take. He immediately pulled off and discarded his shirt and shorts displaying his rock-hard 6-inch cock.

Christine thought it the most perfectly formed cock she’d ever seen. Like many experienced women, Christine knew that size wasn’t everything. It was how you used what you had on a woman that mattered, and many well-endowed men were, frankly, lousy in bed.

Ken told Christine: “No more talking, upstairs, I want to trim your cunt, then fuck it.”

“Yes master,” replied Christine. “Your father liked my cunt to be untrimmed.”

Ken’s response: “I don’t want it shaved, but I want it trimmed. I’m going to be keeping you occupied for the rest of the weekend, but as soon as I give you a break, you will rewrite your slave contract for me, leaving out the part about your ass. Your virgin ass isn’t going to last until midnight bitch. Let’s go. Bathroom first for a trim and a hard, quick fuck.”

Chris looked at her son and said: “I’ll explain about my ass in detail, just know that I have never had a man’s cock in my ass. I’ve always wanted anal, but your dad never gave it to me.”

Christine stood and reached out for her son’s cock. She looked him in the eye and said: “If this sets you off, don’t worry. You’re young, you’ll recharge quickly. I do the laundry, and I know you jack off at least 4-5 times a day. Just think what you’ll be capable of with the real thing as motivation.

“Oh, and by the way, I’ve no idea where the original disks for my computer are, but they’re certainly not in my closet,” Christine said with a smile. “You did find what I wanted you to find, Sweety!” She then turned and led her son by the dick to the master bedroom suite, and into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom Christine spread a towel on the counter, dropped her panties and bra, hopped up on the counter, spread her legs, pulled her knees up to her chest, leaning back against the wall, presenting herself to her son. “Don’t move,” Ken said and ran to his room where he grabbed his electric mustache trimmer, a comb, and a pair of scissors.

Returning to his mother, he kneeled between her spread legs and took a moment to admire the view. He gently ran his fingers through the soft fur covering his mother’s mound, instantly causing Christine escort keçiören to moan and arch her back. Both sight and smell confirmed to Ken that his mother was soaking wet and ready to be used.

In less than 5 minutes Ken had reduced his mother’s luxuriant bush to an even half-inch covering of fur. This served to highlight her gorgeous cunt and allowed him to see all the various parts such as the labia, the folds, and his mother’s already engorged clit.

Ken looked up into his stunning mom’s eyes and said: “I’ve never done this before, but I want to get real good at it, so you will coach me, understood?”

Christine panted her reply: “Right now there isn’t anything you could do to me that would be wrong, I need to cum master!”

With that, Ken punched his face directly into his mother’s needy cunt. Immediately sticking his tongue as far into her vaginal canal as it would go and licking up to and sucking her clit into his mouth and lathing it with his tongue. Christine shrieked in ecstasy, arched her back, clamped her legs around her new master’s head, and used both hands to help Ken grind his face into her cunt.

Within seconds she had a massive orgasm. Arguably the best orgasm she’d ever had, thrashing and screaming Ken’s name and telling him: “I’m yours. I’m your bitch, your cunt, your whore. I’ll do anything and anyone you tell me to! When you’re ready I will eagerly give you a child! Please, I need your dick! Stop teasing me and fuck me, master! Fuck me now!”

Ken stood, his face shiny with his mother’s juices. He grabbed his mom’s hips and pulled her to the edge of the counter. Christine threw her legs over Ken’s shoulders as he moved forward until his rock-hard cock was resting on her cunt. He said: “Take me in your hand and put me in your cunt bitch! I will never tell you to do this again. You will do it automatically. If you can, you will always guide my cock into your holes, as well as any man I give you to. You said it, you’re a whore and that’s what whores do!”

Christine immediately took her son’s beautiful cock and guided him into the center of her being. Christine was tight but so wet that his cock slid into her with only slight resistance. Christine gasped, pushed her hips forward to accept her lover, and moaned: “Yes honey! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck your mommy! Fuck mommy, fuck mommy, fuck mommy!”

Ken was in heaven, the sensation of his cock in his mother’s hot wet velvet-covered vice was more than he could take, and he lost all control. He’d wanted to try to take his time, enjoy his mom’s pussy, and get a rhythm going like in all the porn he and the boys had watched. But he could not.

He roared and began an uncontrolled hammering into his helpless mother’s cunt, screaming and moaning as he hammered his new fucktoy. His mom matching him for intensity, thrusting back, screaming “Harder, fuck mommy harder! Destroy mommy’s cunt!”

Both mother and son climaxed at the same moment. Ken roaring as he dumped the largest load of cum he’d ever produced into the depths of his mother’s hot, wet, needy pussy. Ken slamming his cock home gave Christine her second orgasm, segueing into her third and truly massive climax upon feeling the hot wet flood of her son’s cum filling the same hole he was birthed from. If she had not known better, she would have thought her son was filling her cunt with a fire hose.

Ken remained hard and stayed inside his mother as he collapsed on her after the best orgasm he’d ever had. The copious amount of his cum her flooding her cunt, squeezing out from around his still hard cock, and dripping down the crack of her ass and onto her virgin rosebud, reminding her that before midnight Ken’s cum would also be dripping out of her ass.

Ken soon stood up, but remained between his mom’s legs, with his cock buried balls deep in her cunt. He looked at Christine with love and said: “Mom, I love you more than I can say. You’ve made me the happiest man on earth. I will always love you. I will always protect you. I will always use you the way you need to be used.”

Christine smiled and replied: “I love you too. Don’t you think you can call me Christine now?”

“No mom,” Ken replied. “You’re my mother, and that’s disrespectful. I’ll call you a slut, a whore, and a fucktoy, with love, but I won’t call you Christine, because you’re my mom, and saying things like “I’m going to fuck you, mom. Suck my dick and swallow my cum mommy. Bend over mommy, I’m going to ass fuck you.” turn me on. Just like you begging me to “Fuck mommy.” pushed me over the edge.”

“I love you mom, and I love being a motherfucker, I’m proud that a woman like you would give herself to me. You’re my mommy and my fucktoy.”

“Let’s move to the bedroom, mommy, we’re far from done with each other today.” Ken pulled his cock out of his mom with a pop, then grabbed a washcloth, ran it under warm water, carefully and gently cleaning up his mom’s soaking cunt, before wiping off his shinny face

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