The Camera Never Lies Ch. 02

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Sara was worried. Of all the things in the world that she disliked, confrontation was at the top of her list, especially with family. She had always felt that most problems could be worked out without resorting to yelling, screaming and accusations. This, however, was not going to be pretty.

The video of her husband and daughter together had changed everything. There was no way that her husband was going to talk or reason his way out of this. Everything had changed in the instant that she had viewed that scene. Her marriage, indeed her entire life as she had know it was over as far as she was concerned.

That video! That damned video! How, she wondered, had this happened right under her nose. How had she not seen any signs? Well, of course, she had seen signs. That was why she had bought that spy cam in the first place but never in her wildest dreams had she every imagined anything like this. Her own daughter! Why she was barely more than a child, just eighteen years old!

Who was she kidding? She suddenly realized that her daughter was not a child any longer, not in any real sense of the word. The way that she had eagerly performed on her father, sucking and licking him like that. Kissing and loving that throbbing cock until it exploded in her mouth, hot cum pouring down her willing throat. No, she was not a child any longer.

The thought of what she had seen on that video reminded Sara of something else, something she would have preferred to forget. She had become aroused watching her daughter do that to her father, very aroused. Just the thought of that fact made Sara ashamed of herself. What was wrong with her? Why had she felt that way?

That video! Sara remembered that she had stopped the video well before it had ended. She felt an urge suddenly to see what else was on there. She might as well know everything that had happened she reasoned. Her fingers worked on the keyboard, locating that folder.

STOP! What are you doing, her sensible side told her. You already know everything you need to know. There’s no point…

She clicked on the video icon before her rational self could talk her out of it. She gasped at what she saw.

Mindy lay back on the bed, Sara’s bed, her long legs spread open. Her hand was between her legs gently stroking her pussy. A dreamy smile lit up her face.

“Oh Daddy, I’m getting so wet. I can’t wait for you much longer.” She drew her fingers to her mouth and tasted them.

“Umm, I taste sooo good Daddy. Wanna taste me?”

“Oh baby girl, you know that I do.”

Sara watched her husband crawl back into the camera’s view and between her daughter’s legs. He pulled her slightly forward and lowered his head to her. Because of the angle Sara could not see his face and tongue but the look of unadulterated pleasure on Mindy’s face told her all she needed to know. Mindy wantonly spread her legs open as wide as she could and grasped her father’s head with her hands and pulled him even closer to her.

“Oh Daddy! Oh yes that’s it. Oh that feels so good! Lick me good!”

Sara watched her husbands head bob up and down and move from side to side as he enjoyed the taste of his daughters wet pussy. He was obviously enjoying it as much as Mindy. Without even realizing that she was doing it, Sara began touching herself as she watched, her fingers lightly caressing her pussy through her slacks. Oh god, she thought, I shouldn’t be watching this. This is so wrong. However she made no attempt to turn it off.

Mindy’s head dropped back unto the pillows and her eyes closed halfway but the smile never left her face. Her father continued to eat her until at last Mindy pushed him away.

“Oh Daddy, I want you inside of me. I need you to fuck me. Now Daddy! Please?”

“Oh honey yes, sit on my lap like I showed you before.” They switched places and Mark sat back against the pillows. Sara could see his cock was hard again and the sight of it turned Sara on even more. She slid her hand inside her slacks and panties and down to the warmth of her pussy. She was soaking wet already. Oh god, she thought, are you really going to sit here and watch your husband screw your daughter? What’s wrong with you?

Any thoughts of turning the video off rapidly disappeared as Sara watched her teen daughter eagerly climb unto her father’s lap and lower herself unto him. Sara could see Mark’s cock as Mindy’s pussy opened to take him in. Slowly Mark began pushing it in, an inch at a time.

“Oh Daddy, wait! It’s so tight. Ohh!”

“Let it take a second to get used to it honey.” Mark reached back and spread Mindy’s cheeks apart to make it easier for her to take him inside of her.

“Ohh, it feels good but it’s so big in me Daddy. Oh wait! Slide it in a little more!”

Marks cock slid in a little farther and Mindy moaned. Finally with one downward thrust, Mindy took the full length of it up inside of her.

“Ohhhh!” she screamed. Yesss!

Sara could clearly see as Mark slowly began riding his cock into his daughters wet hole. She saw that his cock was wet with her juices as it began pumping canlı bahis in and out of her.

Sara’s finger was inside of her wet pussy as she watched, touching and rubbing her own clit as her daughter got the fuck of her young life. Any thought of right and wrong was gone now, only the strange and unexpected pleasure of watching the two of them together remained. She almost wished that she was there so that she could play with them too. That thought was so wrong but sooo hot!

“Oh that’s it Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like you fuck Mommy!”

Sara gasped when Mindy said that. Why that little bitch, she thought, how dare she use my name when she was fucking my husband. But in reality it only made things hotter for her. Her fingers worked faster now on her clit as she watched. I could teach her a thing or two about how to fuck a man, she thought.

Just as Mark was beginning to fuck Mindy hard and just before Sara herself was ready to cum, she heard the door to the kitchen open and Mindy yelled out, “Mom, I’m home.”

“Shit!” she moaned as she quickly pulled her hand out of her slacks and turned the video off. She was flushed with desire and her breathing was too rapid but she somehow managed to sound normal as she answered and told Mindy to go do her homework and wait for her father to get home.

Mindy meekly answered in the affirmative and went to her room. Sara sat for awhile until she was sure she had total control of herself and then she went to Mindy’s room to have a short talk with her. With each passing moment the passion she had felt faded into the background. She reasoned that for some unexplained lapse in judgment she had let herself get carried away but now she was back to normal. She knew what had to be done and no matter what the cost, she would see it through.

Before she talked to Mindy though she remember a work related phone call she had to make. She picked up the phone in the living room and was somewhat startled to hear Mindy’s voice on the line. She was always surprised when Mindy used the landline instead of her cell but Mindy was always forgetting to charge her cell. I guess she was too busy doing her father to charge her own cell phone Sara thought bitterly.

She was just about to hang up when she realized that it was Mark, her husband, on the line with Mindy. She froze and held her breath in the hope that they wouldn’t know that she had picked up the extension. They didn’t.

“Oh Mindy honey I’m not sure that’s such a great idea, I..”

“Daddy listen to me. We don’t have a choice. Who knows what she’ll do? She could get you fired or even go to the police or something.”

“Mindy, maybe if I just talk to her..”

“Daddy, you didn’t see how pissed she was. You aren’t going to be able to talk to her period.”

“But honey, giving her drugs, that’s not something..”

“Daddy, they won’t hurt her, I promise. They’re just roofies. People I know have used them before. They’ll just make her like sleepy and she’ll do just what we tell her to do.”

But what’s the point of that honey?”

“Daddy, you still have that old camcorder don’t you? We’ll just take some film of her doing, you know, sex things, and then if she threatens to get you fired or arrested or something we’ll tell her we’ll send the video of her to, I don’t know, work or something.”

“Oh my god, how did things ever get to this point?”

“Daddy, you love me don’t you?”

“You know I do honey”

“Then trust me Daddy. We can do this. Maybe after a while she’ll get over it and everything will go back to the way it was. It’s the only way I can see.”

“Oh Jesus, let me think about it honey. I’ll be home in an hour or so.”

“Love you daddy!”

“Love you too sweetie” They hung up.

Sara stood there her blood boiling with anger. How fucking dare they? It wasn’t bad enough that they were fucking each other behind her back, now they were going to drug her and then blackmail her? This was beyond belief! Now, she thought, they had gone too far. Divorce wasn’t enough for him now. She would have him arrested and locked up for good. As for Mindy, she obviously was sick and would have to go to some sort of mental health clinic.

It suddenly occurred to Sara that she really had no proof of what they were planning. They, of course, would deny everything although Sara had that video of them together. It was too bad that…

An idea began to come to her. She had taped them once, why not tape this new situation where they tried to drug her and blackmail her. They didn’t know about her spy cam. If she could get video of them in the act she would have enough evidence to cook both of their gooses.

But she couldn’t let them actually drug her. What if…

Her thoughts were interrupted by Mindy’s voice from the bedroom.

“Mom. I’m going to take a shower.”


Sara listened at Mindy’s door until she heard the sound of the shower being turned on. Then she entered the room as quietly as she could. Shit, she thought, I don’t even know what I’m looking for.

She went bahis siteleri through Mindy’s dresser, night table drawer and everywhere else she could think of. Nothing. Just as she was about to give up she saw Mindy’s purse on a chair in the corner of the room. Last chance, she thought. She open the purse and right there on top was a baggie with two blue pills. She grabbed the bag and quickly rushed into her bathroom across the hall and opened the medicine cabinet.

Blue pills, blue pills. The only thing she could find that was blue were the pills in the Aleve bottle. They were larger than the pills Mindy had but she had no choice at this point. She replaced the pills in the baggy with the Alleve and crossed her fingers. Everything hinged on her hope that Mindy would never notice the difference. She hurried back into Mindy’s room and replaced the baggy where she had found it. Walking back into her room she wondered what to do next. She supposed she would have to just play it as it happened.

She retrieved her spy cam and set it up as previously in her bedroom. This, she knew would be the place where whatever happened would happen. She took a look around to check everything and then went out to make dinner. Even these two blackmailers had to eat, she reasoned, and so did she. Well, she wouldn’t be cooking for the two of them much longer.

After her shower Mindy came out and begged Sara to hold off on any discussions until after dinner.

“Let’s have a family dinner and then we can talk about this, ok mom?”

Yeah right, Sara thought, let’s wait until you can drug me and then blackmail me and then we’ll talk. She agreed however.

About forty-five minutes later Mark walked in with a nervous, hesitant look about him.

“Hello Sara, I…”

“Don’t even talk to me you bastard. The only reason I’m even here and talking to you is because Mindy asked me to be decent about this until dinner. Right now I want you to get the fuck away from me and don’t say a word!”

“Ok” Mark walked out of the kitchen.

“The son-of-a-bitch couldn’t even look me in the eye,” Sara mumbled in disgust.

Their dinner was depressing. No one wanted to speak or look at each other. Mindy had insisted that she get her mother a refill of her iced tea.

Well here it comes she thought. She noticed Mark and Mindy exchange nervous glances. She picked up the glass and pretended not to notice the very small pieces of blue in her drink. Mindy had apparently crushed the pills up somehow but she hadn’t done a very good job of mixing it into her drink. How pathetic, Sara thought. They can’t even spike my drink properly. She took a drink.

Sara had no idea how the pills were supposed to affect her or how long before they normally would start to work. She would have to make that part up on the fly and hope they wouldn’t catch on. As soon as she was in the bedroom and they had talked enough to incriminate themselves, Sara would end this farce and think about what to do next.

Sara made sure that she finished all of her iced tea and then excused herself for a minute. She hurried into the bedroom and checked the location of her camera and turned it on. She had checked the settings earlier so she was confident that it would work properly. Taking a deep breath she returned to the dining room where Mindy and Mark quickly ended their conversation.

It should take a little while for the pills to take effect she reasoned so she sat down and finished her dinner in silence. She noticed Mindy staring at her from time to time, apparently waiting for the pills to work. Well, Sara thought, show time.

She yawned loudly and made a show of dropping her fork twice. She closed her eyes halfway hoping it would be mistaken for a glazed drugged look.

“Mom, are you ok?”

“I don’t…I’m just so tired all of a sudden. Feel like I’ve been drinking or something.”

“Maybe you should lie down for a while.” This from Mark.

“No we gotta talk…”

“We can talk later when you’re feeling better Mom. Right now you should probably lie down like Dad said.”

“Ok, anything you say.” Sara saw Mindy smile at Mark and mouth the words, “See, I told you.”

Sara arose from the table, pretended to stumble and then walked unsteadily into the bedroom. She was about to plop down on the bed but Mindy told her to get undressed first.

“You’ll be more comfortable with your clothes off mom.”

Sara sat down and removed her blouse and then clumsily slid her slacks off after kicking off her shoes. Mindy reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Sara then lay back against the pillows with just her panties on.

“Shouldn’t be naked in front of you,” she mumbled.

“It’s fine mom. How do you feel?”

“Things are spinning’ and I can’t focus. Everything’s weird like.” Sara didn’t want to overplay it but she had to pretend to be drugged enough for them to continue. Besides, oddly enough, Sara was beginning to enjoy this. They thought that they were controlling her when in reality it was the other way around. She moaned softly hoping that would bahis şirketleri encourage them to continue. Continue to incriminate themselves she thought.

“Honey, are you sure she’s all right? If anything happened to her…”

Mindy giggled. ” She’s just totally fucked up is all daddy. She’ll let us do anything we want to her now and tomorrow she won’t remember much of anything. Get the camcorder daddy.”

Mark left and Mindy climbed into bed next to her. She lightly slapped Sara’s cheeks.

“Mom, you still with us?”

“Ohh, yes,” she mumbled.

Mindy leaned in close to her ear.

“Wanna get fucked mommy?”

“What did you..?”

Mindy giggled. “I asked you if you wanted to get fucked mommy. Say yes Mindy, I wanna get fucked.”

“Oh Mindy I…”

“Do what I tell you mom, say it!”

Sara was so angry that she almost bolted upright and slapped Mindy but she somehow managed to remember why she was there and stopped herself. Instead she mumbled, ” I want to get fucked,” and closed her eyes.

“There, that wasn’t so hard was it?” A moment of silence and then “Umm mom, you sure have nice titties. So much bigger than mine.” Mindy reached out and fondled one of Sara’s breasts.

Sara flinched as her daughter softly caressed her breast. The feeling was electric, unlike anything she had ever experienced before. In her life several men and yes, even a few women had touched her like this but never in her wildest dreams had she ever envisioned herself lying in bed, nearly naked while her own daughter touched her like that. A heat seemed to spread throughout her body and she felt herself becoming aroused.

Maintain your composure, she thought to herself, this will all be over soon.

“Daddy, are you coming or what?”

“I’m here baby.” Mark walked into the room with the camcorder.

“Set it on the table there and get it recording,” Mindy ordered. “Don’t worry if it records us talking about this, we can cut out those parts later.”

Mark dutifully set the camcorder on the table, adjusted the controls and after lining up the angle of view through the viewfinder, pushed record.

“Mindy, are you sure she’s ok?”

“Yes daddy, for the hundredth time, she’s fine. Here let me show you.” Mindy gently turned Sara’s head toward the camera and whispered in her ear, “tell Daddy you want him to fuck you.”

Oh shit, she thought, here we go. Gotta play along just a little longer and this will all be over.

“Mark, fuck me.”

Mindy laughed and said, “what are you waiting for daddy, get your clothes off.”

Through half closed eyes Sara watched Mark disrobe and climb onto the bed.

“Lie down next to her daddy.” It was clear that Mindy was going to orchestrate the whole scene. Sara felt the bed settle in as Mark laid down next to her.

Looking directly at the camcorder Mindy smiled and said, “Now I’m going to suck my daddy’s cock for him. Mommy likes it when her little girl gets daddy hard for her. Don’t you mommy?”

Sara was shocked to hear herself say, “Yes.” The heat in her body was becoming more intense and she knew she was getting wet. Just a minute more ,she told herself, gotta make sure there’s enough on the tape to incriminate them.

“Mommy, I want you to watch me suck daddy and get him hard.” She bent down and Sara watched as her daughter took her father’s cock into her hand. Mark moaned in pleasure as Mindy then slid his cock into her eager mouth and began gently sucking on the head.

Sara again felt her whole body flinch as she watched her daughter suck Mark’s rapidly growing cock. It was one thing to see it on video but this was happening right here, right now. The sight of her husband’s cock sliding in and out of her daughter’s pretty lips was electrifying. Despite herself, she moaned with pleasure. I should stop this right now, she thought.

Mindy slowly slid her father’s cock out of her mouth and after licking slowly up and down it’s length, she looked up at Sara.

“Oh mommy, his cock tastes so good and it’s getting so hard. Do you like watching me suck it?”

Again Sara heard herself answer, “Yes.”

“I knew you would Mom.” Mindy stroked Mark’s cock which was fully erect now. “Umm, so fucking good.” She bent down and took it back into her mouth, bobbing her head rapidly up and down.

Sara wanted desperately to touch herself but a part of her still held back. Just a minute more she thought and then I’ll end this. Instead she watched her daughter suck Mark’s cock. She’s a pretty good cocksucker, Sara thought, wondering where in the hell she had learned to do it.

Mindy continued sucking her father’s cock for another minute or so and then let it slide out of her mouth.

“Like that Daddy?”

“You know I do honey but it feels so weird with your mommy watching us.”

“Ha! She’s gonna do a whole lot more than watch Daddy.” Turning to Sara she said, “Come on Mom, your turn.”

Sara looked down at her daughter who was still stroking her father’s dick and smiling at her. Now I’ve gotta stop this she thought. There’s enough on the tape to convince anyone of what was going on here. Instead she found herself slowly, as if still groggy from the drug, rising to a sitting position and then lowering herself toward Mark’s hard cock.

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