The Chance to Change Ch. 09

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Hi all. Hope you are enjoying the story so far. I now have an editor that wishes to stay anonymous, but I’d still like to say thank you to him for his effort. I have another couple chapters written, but I will be modifying them slightly so they might be a ways off yet.

I’d like to dedicate this chapter and the next one to a friend of mine. She knows who she is. You might not see me, but I will always be there for you. No matter what you need.

Chapter 9

The day was running quite smoothly, other than the exotic events from earlier nothing really happened. Karla had come into my office at some point to bring me a coffee while teasing me and decided to bring up the hangover. I swear if no one was looking I would have bent her over my knee and spanked her arse raw.

The thought of spanking the sexy vixen played on my mind and kept me excited all afternoon, well that and the idea of having two beautiful women in bed with me. I hadn’t had a threesome before, but everyone knows it’s something that’s desired among many people. I wondered if Karla would mind. I mean we weren’t together, not officially, but there was a deeper connection than normal. At least that’s what I thought.

I did however notice how into Jenny she was on the stairs, maybe it was the heat of the moment, or maybe it was something that she had had on her mind for a while now. There was no way of knowing unless I asked, and I wasn’t sure how to bring that up in conversation. Maybe Karla was just curious, or what I secretly hoped, she was bi-sexual. The possibilities would be endless.

An email came through from Mr. Goodwin which included information on the business trip, but mostly turned out to be a reminder. Not that I needed one, the thought made my skin crawl. The only benefit was that I could potentially get a naughty picture from Karla. The giant ribbon she had mentioned remained in my mind like a plague. I needed to get my hands on it, at least that way I wasn’t imagining what it might look like.

Just before it was closing time for the day I look up from my desk to see that Karla and Jenny aren’t at their desks. I knew that some of the staff left a little early from time to time but this couldn’t be a coincidence. Did they chicken out and go home so I couldn’t have a threesome? “Damn it!”

Then a text message comes through on my phone from Karla.

“Meet us in the storage room when everyone’s gone x”

“Oh fuck me!” It was really happening. My heart rate was now through the roof.

The clock didn’t seem to be moving. I was watching it tick for every second that passed and every minute or so another colleague left to go home, waving at me through the glass. I hadn’t noticed that before. “Maybe I should focus on my team a little more.” Suddenly distracted by my own thoughts I shifted my focus back to the clock. “Fucking hell, come on!”

Finally it sounded like all of the team had gone. I quickly got up from my desk and walked out of the door and looked around. Not a soul to be seen. I could feel the grin widen on my face.

“This, is going to be so much fun,” I took off towards the stairs like a rocket, stopping by the window on the right to check my reflection. Making sure I looked half decent for the girls, I continued my walk towards the stairs.

Each step was heavy, not knowing what to expect when I open the doors had my thoughts racing. Would they surprise me? Dominate me and do what ever they wanted to do? Or would they let me take control and fuck them both mercilessly until I’m spent. The steps got heavier along with my breathing.

As I reached the door to the storage room I realised that I was probably walking into a trap. Either way it went, they had the upper hand. They knew what was about to happen, I didn’t. I had to think of a way to change things up just enough so that I had some power in there. Nervously, I opened the door and walked forward.

The room was darker than earlier, some of the blinds had been shut. It took my eyes a few moments to adjust, but when they did I could see the silhouette of someone ahead of me. As I continued further into the room I could tell that it wasn’t Karla. Then, the door behind me shut which immediately caused me to turn around, just in time to see Karla wrap her arms around me and lock her lips on mine.

My hands were on her like a magnet, grabbing her ass and feeling my way up her back. I could hear Jenny coming up behind me slowly. I figured this was their version of an ambush so I decided to change it up the only way I could think of. I grabbed hold of each of Karlas butt cheeks and lifted her up into the air. She wrapped her legs around my waist and moaned into my mouth as I started walking forward. I pushed her up against the door with a “thud” and continued the kiss.

By now my eyes had adjusted to see Karla’s pretty face, elegant even in the dim light. My cock was pressing into her privates with a fierce purpose, it needed to be buried deep inside her, or Jenny if possible. I wasn’t sure if güvenilir bahis that was an option just yet, I had to take it slow and feel the situation out more.

“Mr. Bennett,” came a quiet voice behind me.

Hearing my “boss name” I immediately turned my head as far right as I could, assuming something was wrong. My grip loosened just enough for Karla to escape me and run behind my back towards Jenny. I turned in annoyance at losing the hold I had on the babe. What I saw next stopped my brain from working.

“Holy shit!” That was all I could say.

Jenny had removed all of her clothing except for her underwear and stood only a few feet away from me, standing up straight looking at the floor in a shy position. My eyes rolled over her body like they had done Karla the very first time. She too had pale skin from top to bottom, long legs that looked smooth to the touch and a slim waist that made her bust and butt poke out slightly. She wasn’t nearly as curvy as Karla, and her breasts were only half the size at best, still around a handful which looked amazing with her light red bra and matching panties.

Karla had joined her side and began taking her own clothes off. It seemed painfully slow to watch, but I didn’t want to miss a single second. Every fibre in my being wanted to rush forward and take them, but I also wanted to enjoy the show and see where it got me. Hard, would be one answer, very very hard. If I knew one thing, it was that I would never tire of seeing Karla undress.

Finally free of her clothes, Karla stood next to her friend in only her underwear. Hers were a navy blue colour, ones that I hadn’t seen before, they looked unbelievable against her pale skin and drove my ambition.

Karla was looking at me like I should be saying something, like throwing compliments or stuttering at them, but I wasn’t sure what to say, no words could describe what I was experiencing. I had to say something.

“You’re both so stunning!”

“Yeah?” Karla moved behind Jenny and grabbed hold of her tits, kneading them in circles. “And what about our friend here?”

Jenny let out a whimper to Karlas touch.

“Oh fuck me that’s hot.” My voice came out hoarse at the sight.

I could see Karla was enjoying herself. She was enjoying touching Jenny just as much as I was watching, if not more so. I wanted to be in control, there was nothing more that I needed in life.

“Kiss her neck!” I demanded.

Karla’s eyes lit up and immediately began kissing Jennys neck while she continues to play with her bust. Jenny couldn’t hold back on the moans and began to audibly appreciate Karla’s hands. The soft sounds she made only heightened the experience, making me harder and harder in my tightening trousers. I knew I would have to take them off eventually, but for now I wanted to see how far I can push my new play things.

“How does it feel Jenny?” I spoke while walking closer to them, just far enough away from touch.

She looked up at me embarrassed for a moment before seeing the look on my face. I wanted an answer.

“It feels so good Mr. Bennett,” followed by a squeak as Karla sucked on her neck, just hard enough to leave a faint red mark.

“And did you enjoy sucking my cock earlier?”

My question caught Jenny by surprise. She must have realised what she was getting herself into.

“Yes, yes I did Wyatt,” Karla’s hands began roaming their way under her bra and began to caress the naked flesh. “Mmm my god!”

“That’s Mr. Bennett to you Jenny!” I said sternly. I was beginning to really enjoy this now.

“I’m sorry Mr. Bennetttttt….”

I noticed Karla had started pinching her nipples drawing out a heightened moan.

It felt like I was going to rip a hole in my trousers from the strain. I could see Karla watching me, knowing I was enjoying every second. When she wasn’t kissing Jennys neck she was looking at me with the same sexy smile that drove me wild. If anyone can pull off being cute and sexy as fuck at the same time then it was Karla.

I stepped closer and brought my finger up to Karla’s lips. She sucked it into her mouth with an eager smile across her face as Jenny looked up at me. It looked like jealousy crossed her expression for a split second so I pulled my finger out of Karla’s mouth and brought it just below Jennys bottom lip. Wet with saliva it glistened in the dim light.

For a moment Jenny looked hesitant. I wasn’t sure why, she had my cock in her mouth only hours before. Maybe realisation had hit her, knowing what she was about to be a part of. Would she stop and run, or suck my finger like Karla had?

My question was answered instantly as Jenny lowered her face to bring my finger closer to her waiting mouth. One second later, Jenny looked me in the eyes and sucked my digit straight into her mouth. I could feel her tongue wrapping around it like it had done to my girth earlier today.

“That’s a good girl,” I could feel myself getting into the domineering mindset. “Karla, take off her bra.”

“Yes boss,” Karla pulled her hands free, türkçe bahis causing Jennys bust to bounce at the motion.

I pulled my finger from Jenny’s mouth to watch her bra be removed. Jenny suddenly heard what I had previously said and tensed up as she felt Karla unhooking her lacy red bra. The garment was undone and tossed aside over a bunch of boxes.

I assumed Jenny would be shy and try to hide herself from us, but she didn’t. She seemed proud of her body, and for good reason. The way she kept her composure to my eyes rolling over her new naked area, she kept calm and enjoyed it as my eyes traveled. Her breasts were perky and bounced every time she moved, her nipples were pink and pointy, similar to Karlas but a bit bigger and paler.

Karla was the first to react, she moved between me and Jenny and started pushing the topless goddess backwards, until she hit a cabinet behind her and planted a strong kiss on her lips. From what I had experienced, Karla liked to be dominated, to be the one being fucked, but when it came to Jenny she seemed to like being the dom, like she had to get something out of her system. I wondered if it was because we were with another woman.

I came up behind Karla as she was face deep in Jenny and unhooked her bra, allowing it to drop to the floor. Their hands began to wander the others body, caressing and squeezing the erotic parts with vigour. Jenny had her hands on Karla’s ass almost immediately, digging her nails into the skin. At this point my length was screaming to be let out and grab their attention.

“Fuck that’s hot!” My words came out as a whisper as not to distract the girls from the moment. I wanted to soak in every second.

The thought of their nipples rubbing against each other and the hands roaming their bodies took its toll on me. I wanted to fuck them, I needed to. I saw Karla’s hands drop down Jennys sides and play with the elastic on her underwear, before pulling them down and kissing her front.

Jenny came into view and shot me the sexiest stare I could have hoped for, she was completely taken by the moment and was biting her lip with a thirsty sex crazed stare. Karla made her way up and sucked in one of Jennys nipples before turning towards me. She had the same look on her face and dropped her own panties to the floor, doing a little shake to help them fall down. She pressed her peachy rear into Jenny as her hands found her tits and began kneading them directly at me.

Jennys hands found their way up Karla’s curves and soon grabbed hold of her bust. With Karla’s hands now free, she moved one down to her snatch and began to slowly circle her lips. The other hand raised itself up to hold Jennys head and pulled it down onto her neck. Moans started making their way out from Karla’s lips. Relishing in the feel of another womans hands on her body must have been taking a toll on her.

“Like what you see boss?” Karla asked. Sounding out of breath.

“Fucking hell yes! Finger yourself faster Karla!” I demanded.

She immediately started vibrating her hand uncontrollably across her clit, causing her body to tremble and shake. It was easily the hottest thing I had ever witnessed, or even dreamt of for that matter.

Karla was in heaven, the feeling between her legs was growing, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. I made my way forward towards them and embraced Karla in a quick kiss before moving my hand down to meet hers. She was soaked, my fingers were lubricated within seconds and soon I brought them to her opening. Jenny was watching with anticipation as my fingers neared Karla’s entrance.

Finding her hole I plunged one finger inside. Karla kept up the attack on her clit as I pushed a second finger inside her.


The angle made it difficult to go as deep as I wanted, but I curled my fingers up while pulling out before pushing them back in. It had the desired effect as each time I did Karla exhaled a moan.

I wondered if Jenny was getting wet too, I wanted her to be in the action just as much, and I knew exactly what to do.

“Jenny, touch yourself.”

She looked at me for a second before removing a hand from Karlas breast and lowered it between them. I couldn’t see anything, but from the expression on her face and how quickly her eyes shut I knew she was doing what she was told.

I could feel Karla clamping down on my fingers with each passing second, her trembles were becoming stronger and soon her voice changed to a whimpering. I pulled my fingers free which caused Karla to sigh. I then brought them to my mouth and licked them clean in front of the girls, they watched me like a hawk, Karla with lust in her eyes and Jenny with envy.

I stepped back and commanded Karla to stop playing with herself. She pouted and reluctantly stopped before bolting forward to kiss me on the lips. Her tongue was in my mouth in a heartbeat, I assumed to taste herself on my tongue.

A moan came from behind which caught our attention. We both turned to see Jenny fingering herself while kneading güvenilir bahis siteleri her breast. It was crazy to think that she was the same quiet woman I had worked with all this time. There she was completely naked and playing with herself, while me and Karla watched.

“So are you enjoying yourself so far Wyatt?” Karla whispered beside me.

“You know I am, but I think you’re enjoying this more than you’re letting on,” my eyebrows raised in question. My hand fell down her back to squeeze her ass cheek.

“Maybe. I’ve actually been thinking about it all day,” she pressed herself against me and pecked me on the lips before walking over to Jenny.

My eyes were drawn to Karlas striking curves as she walked away. “How did I get so lucky.” I thought to myself.

Karla began to kiss and fondle Jenny while she played with herself, but I was at my limit, I needed to fuck someone. I walked up behind Karla and slapped her hard on the cheek I just grabbed, causing her to bolt upright and yelp as the slapping sound shot through the room.

I walked to the left of the girls, towards one of the windows that had a few boxes surrounding it. The area was almost a square of privacy from the rest of the room, surrounded by cabinets and boxes. It was the perfect place to fool around with someone if you didn’t want to be caught by a sudden employee walking into the room.

The girls watched me walking towards the windows and soon followed suit until they stood in front of me. The side of the building we were on was fortunate as there weren’t any taller buildings in the area, zero chance of someone peeking from another building. Not that I would have cared in this moment, what man would?

“Take off your clothes boss, it’s only fair.” Jenny spoke loud and confidently. It took me by surprise.

Karla was also in shock as she stared at her. I wasn’t one to disappoint and I desperately needed to get out of my trousers, so I undid all of the buttons on my shirt and unzipped my fly. Karla and Jenny both stopped still and watched me undress like vultures. Before Karla came along I probably would have been a little hesitant, but she has a way of boosting your confidence.

Jenny’s eyes were glued to my toned torso and lingered on the tattoos that she had often wondered about. Karla on the other hand was waiting for my trousers to drop, she looked like a cat, ready to pounce on my dick as soon as it came into view. After a few moments of enjoying the attention, I proceeded to remove my trousers along with my boxers. My cock bounced at the sudden freedom and strained towards the gorgeous women.

It took only a second for them to be on me. Both women walked straight ahead as I leant against the wall at my back. Karla on my right and Jenny on my left. My lips were drawn straight to Karla’s as we began to kiss and probe the others mouth with our tongues. There was a hand on my cock, I wasn’t sure who was holding it, but they immediately started pumping it back and forth. My hands started roaming their way up and down the gorgeous women’s backs, only to grab a hold of their firm cheeks at the same time causing them both to moan softly.

I could feel Jenny’s presence against me, she was pushing harder than Karla had been, desperate for the same attention. Part of me felt strange about kissing someone who wasn’t Karla, maybe that’s why I hesitated. I thought for a second whether she would mind, would she find it uncomfortable for me to kiss Jenny or would she love it. Either way I had to go for it, we were about partake in something so much more than just a kiss.

I pulled away from Karla and quickly glanced down to see that it was in fact Jennys hand on my manhood. I took a second to look her in the eyes before lowering my lips to hers. Jenny tensed up as it happened, only to suddenly relax and melt into me as my tongue started to explore the new territory. I felt her hand move from my cock to rest on my chest, then felt another hand start to stroke it once again.

“This is so fucking hot!” Karla spoke into my ear which sent shivers of pleasure down my spine.

I felt her drop down my body and take my length in her mouth. I continued the kiss with Jenny while my hands wandered around her pale naked skin. Her mouth was noticeably different to Karlas, it felt colder, but not in a bad way, I wasn’t sure if it was just me overthinking it though. Jenny was a very good kisser, and as soon as she snapped out of the moment she seemed to become a pro at whatever she was doing. I had noticed that when she sucked me off earlier today.

“Oh fuck!”

Karla had started taking me deep into her mouth, it was warm like an inferno and felt unbelievable with every pump. So many good feelings were building up, the two naked women, the mouth around my cock, the thought of being caught, all were running through my mind only spurring me on.

“I need to fuck, right now!” I thought to myself.

I pulled my lips away from Jenny and ran my hand up to Jennys neck. I grabbed hold near her shoulder and pushed her down on her knees to meet Karla. There was a look of pure lust across their faces as they started sharing my rod between them. I scolded myself for not having my phone to hand, a picture would be amazing. “Next time.” I told myself.

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