The Choices We Make

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Ben sat at home on the scorching summer afternoon, stretched out on the floor, watching TV while trying to ignore the heat as best he could. He was alone, his sister was out and his parents were working. There was an all too familiar raise in his pants, and sex preoccupied his mind, the heat arousing him for some reason, and sexual release was not in sight.

Ben was about to retreat to his room to relieve himself when the phone rang. He sprang to his feet, hoping it was his girlfriend, and hoping she was as horny as he was, however on answering he found his little sister’s friend Nikki on the other end.

“Hi Nikki” he began, “Sorry, Jill is out, do you want me to give her a message?”

“No,” Nikki answered a little disappointed, “I’m just bored as hell, do you have any idea when she will be home?”

Ben didn’t know if it was his penis talking or if he was being genuine, but either way what he said next surprised him the second it had exited his mouth, “I have no idea. If you want you can come over for a while and wait. I’m bored too, we could watch a movie or something”

Nikki seemed to think this over for a few seconds, not sure about what she should say, before she answered, “Sure, I’ll be over in a few minutes, bye”

Ben hung up, cursing himself, knowing his sister would kill him if she found out, however his mind wondered to the decision of whether he should put a shirt on or not. He decided not to, it was his house after all and he was hot, and so he just lay back on the floor and awaited her arrival.

Nikki was one of those girls who was a bit on the heavy side, however still attractive. Even with her good looks, she rarely dated, the guys were not able to see past her weight, and when she turned up on Ben’s doorstep in short shorts, no shoes, and a sleeveless shirt, Ben wished he had more self-control over the bulge, which he was sure she must have noticed.

He invited her in, and together they took a seat on the lounge, Ben doing his best to keep his eyes from wondering her smooth, pail skin.

“So” she said breaking the ice and trying to act calm, she never was that good in front of boys, “Are you still with that Sara chick?”

“Ummm” for some reason he felt the impulse to say no, “Sort of, I guess, we don’t see that much of each other anymore, she works, we have kinda grown apart”

Nikki blushed as he looked into her eyes to try to judge what she might be thinking, and she adjusted the straps on her bra almost self-consciously.

“What about you” Ben prompted, “Anyone?”

“No!” she shot back quickly, instantly covering her mouth as she realized how quickly she had blurted this response out, “I mean not really”

She watched the sweat drip down his muscular chest, and a moment later her eyes found the bulge in his pants, and she felt a tingle in her stomach.

“Its pretty hot huh?” Ben said seeing her looking at his body.

“Ah huh” she gasped, “I can’t remember ever being this hot. I mean feeling this hot. I mean with the weather and all”

Ben felt himself rise further, and smile slightly at her comments, seeing this hot nervous eighteen year-old making him wish he wasn’t already attached. He knew these feelings were wrong, but he couldn’t help it, he was a man on heat, and needed relief.

Nikki slowly moved closer to him, Ben could hear her breathing intensify, and he prayed he could stop himself from letting what might follow happen.

“Do you…” he had to think for a second, “want a drink”

At that moment their eyes met, he realized just how heavily she was breathing, and noticed the pure lust in her eyes. “Drink…” she breathed, “I want…. I want….”

It was then that their lips met, she flung herself into his arms, and any thought of resisting this young girl that may have crossed Ben’s mind suddenly evaporated as his hands found her body and he felt her kiss.

He could feel her shaking as their kiss intensified, and he fell onto her, quickly depriving her of her top. A moment later his hands were searching for her bra straps, and she ran her hands over his back as she surrendered to her own lust, and let this boy take her body. She wanted it, she needed it, and now nothing short of the hand of god was going to stop the two from coming together.

His mouth found her large nipples, and he sucked, and licked, and bit, and teases until her moans grew to such a point that he knew it was time to take the rest of her cloths. Ben slide her shorts down really slow, kissing and licking his way down her left leg as she went, until he finally slide her shorts over her feet and them aside.

She had nice feet, and Ben took her right foot into his hand, rubbing and molding it like clay before he canlı bahis took each toe into his mouth individually, and sucked, swirling his tongue around them and in between her toes.

He left her feet a moment later, her hands stroking his hair, and moved his hands up, until he felt the elastic of her panties, which he grabbed with two fingers. She then felt herself naked as her panties made their way down her legs, gliding over her thighs, then knees, then calves until she was finally bare, and feeling a little vulnerable.

Nikki watched as Ben removed his shorts and boxers in front of her, and felt her cheat pounding with a sudden bout of nerves as he pushed her back onto the lounge, and climbed on top of her, making good use of his lips as he did.

Ben slid his fully erect cock up her leg, feeling her goose bumps as he did, and wrapped his arms around her he sucked on her neck.

Nikki jumped a little as she felt the hard head of his penis touch her private parts, and instinctively spread her legs, giving him room to work as she held him for comfort. Ben seemed encouraged by this, and before she knew what had happened his pelvis was pressed tight against hers, and his penis was berried inside her warm body.

She let out a cry, and in response Ben held her tighter, as if to prevent his female from escaping, and started to pump, long, deep strokes at a moderately fast pace in and out of her love canal. Her legs wrapped around his, and her cries continued as his large organ explored her inner regions, probing her, taking her, exchanging pre-orgasm fluids with her.

Nikki grabbed onto him however she could as she let her best friends brother do this to her, the thing that was sending her body wild and her mind into a spin. She felt like she was doing something wrong, but at the same time she couldn’t bring herself to try and stop him.

Ben started to go a little faster, as if testing her out, and in response she increased her noises, the intensity of her breathing creating her panting noise, and her cries of pleasure and a little pain as he moved his sex organ in and out of her teen body.

Her feet locked together, preventing him from escaping as she felt a tingle inside of her. It was without any further warning that her body gave in to him a moment later, and she cried out with the greatest of volumes as her orgasm rippled through her body.

In turn, Ben began to grunt like an animal, and she felt his penis going harder and faster inside of her. She held on tight, and could hear the slap of his body against her with every stroke, thrusts which grew more violent by the second as her own orgasm subsided, and her cries grew just a little bit weaker.

Ben kept up his pace, this hard organ moving in and out of her drenched pussy, and managed to hold out until she came a second time, when he finally let go, emptying the contents of his balls into the deepest regions of Nikki’s womanly organs.

It was then, as Ben’s penis pulsated, spilling his seamen into the young ladies body, that his sister Jill walked in, seeing her best friend taking her brothers cock into her body. Nikki saw Jill enter the room, and let out a scream of shock. A moment later Ben turned to see his sister race into her room, and withdrew, holding his penis to stop his fluid from dripping onto the floor as his manhood continued its orgasm.

Nikki raced for her cloths, reacquiring her panties and slipping them on as fast as she could, cum dripping down her thighs. “Oh god” she said, her heart racing even faster than when Ben had been fucking her, “I have to go!” And she left, bra in hand, only her shirt covering her top half.

Ben pulled his boxers on and washed his hands, returning to the lounge where a moment earlier he had taken an eighteen year old girl, and held his head in his hands as he tried to work out what to do next.

He knew he shouldn’t have fucked his sisters’ best friend, and the fact he was almost five years older than his sister and Nikki made what he did even worse. If his girlfriend ever found out it would definitely be the end of them, and he had every reason to believe that his sister would now tell his girlfriend.

After length consideration Ben decided to confront his sister, maybe to try to explain what had happened and why it happened, maybe just to plead that she not tell his partner, he didn’t really know what he was going to say, he was taking it as it came now. Planning had never really been his strong point anyway.

Jill was now in her room, and although the door was shut Ben’s current state of mind didn’t allow the idea of knocking to come into light. Instead he swung the door open, and on doing so was faced by the most shocking sight. There, bahis siteleri on her bed, was his sister, wearing nothing but an old shirt, her legs spread and her fingers berried in her teenage cunt. Though what shocked him the most was the picture of himself, that had been taken a few months ago, that was now sitting in front of his sister as she pleased herself.

It was obvious that she had been masturbating over the picture, and a sudden excitement filled his mind. Ben had always toyed with the thought of sexually conquering his sister. She was indeed beautiful, with fair skin and shoulder length red hair, and this current development gave him all the encouragement he needed.

She hadn’t noticed him until this moment, when he advanced towards her, and as he did she quickly covered her groin and threw the picture aside, her face turning red. “What are you doing?” she asked in the most nervous of tones.

Ben slipped out of his pants, exposing his now re-erecting penis to his sister for the first time, and slipped into bed beside her. Jill stared at her naked brother, her heart racing, and her mouth not moving, as she was lost for words. Her brother then leaned over and started to softly kiss her neck.

“W.w.w.what are you d.d.d.d.doing?” she stuttered feeling her brother lips explore the exposed skin of her neck.

“I saw the picture” Ben replied pulling the shoulder of her shirt down enough for him to start kissing her there, “I know you want this”

Jill didn’t know what to do. Yes she had fantasized about fucking her brother before, however she had never thought it would actually happen, and now that she knew he wanted her too, and was advancing on her like a dog on heat, she didn’t know how to proceed.

“Do you want me?” Ben asked, knowing the answer already.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, all the while Ben’s hands exploring his sister, “I don’t think we should”

“Sure we should” he assured her, “I want you so badly right now”

For the first time her hands touched him, her fingers slowly and timidly running over his shoulders and down his sides, and with this new encouragement Ben slid his hands under her shirt, and lifted it upwards. Instinctively she raised her arms to help him remove her only form of clothing, and an instant later he laid her back on the bed and started attacking her pale, small, breasts.

“Ohhhhhh Ben no!” she gasped as she felt his lips tease her nipples, “Ohhhhhhh god, we just cant!”

“Yes we can,” he breathed taking one of her hands and guiding it down to his now fully stiff and ready penis. She was hesitant, but wrapped her hand around his hard member, and Ben moaned at the feel of her soft hands slowly and softly stroking the cock that had been inside her friend less than half an hour earlier.

Ben moved back to her face, and stared into her eyes. Those eyes showed her excitement, as well as the timid little girl she now was, lying naked under her own brother with this large bulge ready to take her. However her eyes said she wanted it, and he lent down to kiss her lips.

Sparks flew between them as their lips contacted for the first time, and a moment later her arms were around him, and they were locked in passionate embrace, their tongues wrestling inside of her mouth. Ben knew he had her, and he felt like a hunter who had finally acquired his prey after so long of wanting it.

Ben held his sister tight, and slid his penis between her legs, where the wet tip of his cock contacted her pussy, and started to push a little, just enough to let a small section of the tip part her lips.

“Wait!” Jill said breaking his kiss, “Do you have a condom?”

“No” he answered, working on her neck with a sucking motion and taking just enough time to answer her question before getting back to it. He pushed a little more, until he felt his penis completely engulfed by his sisters’ warm body, at which time she instantly stopped him again.

“No, wait! Pull out!” she demanded making him withdraw, “I want it! But I’m not on the pill” she was breathing erratically and Ben could tell she was very turned on, and it wouldn’t take much to convince her to take him without protection, no matter how dangerous that was.

Ben couldn’t wait, he needed her now, and his body didn’t care about the consequences, “I don’t have any protection”

Jill seemed to think about this for a moment before she decided, “Just don’t cum in me ok?”

Ben kissed her and ran his hands over her skin. This was when her strength failed. She thought he would honor her wishes, however there was no stopping her now anyway, and she let him enter her, his cock-head spreading her pussy lips, and pushing its way deep into her, filling her. She came bahis şirketleri instantly, her hands gripping him tight, and she cried out, unable to control the flood of sexual feeling that was washing over her.

Ben started pumping, his penis sliding in and out of his sister at a constant pace, her breasts jiggling, her moans filling the room, her fluids coating his penis and mixing with his precum inside of her erotic body.

He pushed, and she moaned, the sexual pressure between her legs intense, made even more amazing by the fact that it was her brother on top of her, her brothers penis that was deep within her precious body, his naked penis, taking her, mating with her, fore filling his primitive desire to take a female.

Jill couldn’t believe she was letting her brother do this, and even more amazing was the feeling between her legs, the feeling of her brothers penis sliding in and out of her wet cunt, filling her, making her feel like nothing else mattered but this sensation, and their two bodies grinding together in lust.

She reached orgasm again, her toes scrunching up and her breathing loud and deep, as if she was panicked. Ben moaned as he felt her cum, and increased his thrusts, his balls starting to tingle just a little as his groin pushed against hers.

“Ohh god!” Jill gasped, “Oh my god! Ohhhh god!”

These cries of passion were driving Ben wild, to know that he was doing this to his sister, making her cum, making her say these things in a tone of voice that was almost scared, yet a tone that showed her sexual desire.

Maybe it was a result of Ben’s increased speed, or maybe his intensifying moans, but there came a time when Jill realized her brother was about to cum, and she started to panic a little, “Pull out Ben!” she ordered.

“No” he gasped, “God I cant”

“Ohhh god!” she gasped, “Ben pull out – oh god – pull out – ohhh – I’ll get pregnant!”

Ben grunted, and with one, deep thrust, be berried his penis deep into his sisters body, and a moment later he exploded with great force, pumping his life giving fluids into his sisters awaiting organs, a young and fertile womb that had no defense against his onslaught.

“Oh my god!” Jill gasped as she felt the seamen spilling into her, knowing there was nothing that she could do to stop it, it was all up to nature now, “Ohhhh god Ben!”

His penis continued to pulsate inside of his very own sister, the contents of his testicles being squirted into her, intent on fore filling its natural task. Ben tried to catch his breath as he suddenly felt his sisters’ body give in to him yet again, this time in response to the fluid that was now entering her, warm and thick fluid filled with the life giving sperm.

Jill felt like crying, and held her brother tight, even though she was the source of her tears, “Ben I’m scared” she admitted like a little child, “I don’t want to be pregnant”

He held her, but said nothing.

Finally, after almost an hour of laying in each others arms, Ben removed himself from Jill and got dressed, disappearing out of the door a minute or so later without a word, leaving Jill laying on her bed, naked, her legs wide open and the remnants of their love making spilling out of her body.

Nothing was said of this incident until Ben was informed of Jill’s pregnancy. To make matters more complicated there had also been rumor that Nikki was also pregnant, and that there was no doubt that Ben was the father of the children now growing inside both girls’ stomachs. Needless to say both girls parents were not impressed by the girls pregnancies, even though it was never revealed that Ben was the father.

A few months later Nikki, Jill and Ben all decided to move in together, and Ben had promised to help out financially with the children. He broke up with his girlfriend with no explanation, and she in turn left him alone and didn’t press the issue of their split.

In the years that followed Jill and Ben had make love regularly now that there was no need to hide their lust from each other or from Nikki. Nikki rarely joined in, but Ben did father another of Nikki’s two children before the woman decided to move out and go it alone.

Jill fell pregnant again not long after her first child was born, and together her and her brother had created three children together in the years that followed. Their parents worked out what was going on after Jill gave birth to the second of her children, and for years the two kids had had little contact with their distraught parents, until one day when Jill’s mother decided she couldn’t take not seeing her children and grandchildren anymore, and made an effort to patch things up with them. Their father on the other hand felt a little uncomfortable with the situation, and it took him a number of further years for him to except that his son and daughter were a couple, and eventually he too consented to their relationship.

To be continued?

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