The Empty Nesters Ch. 05

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I heard the floor squeak over by the door, and footsteps coming to the bed…

“So you’ve found a new daddy, huh, Sissy?” Gerry said with a smile, leaning against me, one warm hand squeezing my asscheek. His big cock was hard, and I reached over and stroked it.

“Hi… Gerry,” she said breathlessly. “Yeahhh… ohhhhhhhhh… He’s the best… ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhh… you can tell how much I like him, huh? Ohhhhhhhhh… You know I need you, now, too, though… lie down here next to me, baby…”

As soon as he did, she turned her head to the side and sucked him into her mouth, stroking the base of his cock with her small white hand, moaning and sighing. After a minute, though, she let him go and looked at us both.

“Let me get up on my knees, okay? Then there’ll be nothin’ in my world but two long, beautiful cocks… an’ I won’t even be able to tell which is whose…”

“My sister the slut,” Gerry said, chuckling as I pulled out. “Come on… get up.” He put an arm under her shoulders, raising her, and she rolled over onto her knees.

I was in her ass again as soon as it was in the air, driving all the way home in one thrust. Beth groaned and grabbed Gerry’s cock as he knelt in front of her, sucking it into her mouth as she pumped the base with her hand.

“She’ll do this until one of us stops her,” he said. “It’s what she loves the most… and, up ’til now, she’s only had Candy and me…”

“You mean no other guys?”

“Nope– she doesn’t want any of the boys at school involved– she says they’re all dorks. Candy fucks her ass with a strap-on or a dong while Beth sucks on me. I can tell you from experience how much she loves it… the way she moves her tongue around so slowly while she pulls my cock in with her lips, sometimes all the way into her throat while she moans and whimpers…

“And after an hour, she’s just gettin’ started; bostancı escort she’s almost insatiable… Oh, we’ll stop for a re-lube and a rest every so often, but she loves gettin’ it in both ends… we’ll always go back to doin’ it that way until she falls asleep… and that’s just fine with me…

“Well, as long as I can be in that ass some of the time, too… and when I’m in there, she really gets off putting her face in Candy’s cunt, too…” He chuckled. “Ohhhhhhyeahhhh… suck me, Sis… suck me, you slut… moan and tell me how gettin’ two big cocks make you feel…”

Beth moaned louder, squirming on mine as she sucked Gerry’s– manically for a few seconds, then more slowly. I pulled her hip-bones back, driving my cock up into her as far as it would go, flexing it again. She squeezed me with her anal muscle, reaching a hand under herself, between her legs, whimpering. I held still, keeping her ass back against me so her smooth globes were flattened against my stomach, flexing my cock every few seconds, feeling her mewl and squirm every time it rose up inside her.

Her other hand was now on Gerry’s ass, pulling his cock into her throat as her lips reached further and further down the shaft. Holding the back of her head, he pulled it down onto his cock until her nose was in his belly. She groaned… that long, low, primal sound of deep craving, finally satisfied.

“Ohhhhmmmunghhhhhh… Ohhhhmmmmunghhhhh…”

We both stayed buried inside her like that for maybe a minute before withdrawing slightly and starting a slow, synchronized fucking motion at both ends. My hands were around Beth’s waist while Gerry held her head; her hand was still between her legs, her torso rolling in gentle waves as we stayed deep inside her yielded body. I stared down at her hourglass shape, the smooth white skin of her ass flowing down into her waist and up ümraniye escort to her shoulders. I flexed my cock again, deep in her anal channel…


“There they are…” I heard Laurie’s voice from the door; Candy was next to her. “That greedy little cock-slut thought she could have ’em all to herself, huh? Hmmmmm… She is doin’ a really good job of takin’ ’em, though, isn’t she? Look at how she’s got her lips all the way down on Gerry’s cock, Candy– with her face in his stomach… She likes cock, that girl… How’s her ass, Mike? It really is a gorgeous one… How’s it feel? You think she appreciates what she’s got in her?”

Beth kept moving on our impaling poles just like before, like she hadn’t heard Laurie at all. She had, though… In a few seconds she let Gerry’s cock go and looked at Laurie, panting, with a flushed face and hooded eyes; saliva was tying her mouth to him.

“Lie down here in front of me, Laurie, where Gerry is… and let me worship and suck on my mama’s cunt while my daddy fucks my ass…”

Gerry smiled at Laurie and slid to the side, lowering his hand with a be-my-guest wave; Laurie immediately lay down in front of Beth, knees up, legs open. Beth reached out, holding her by the tops of her thighs as she lowered her mouth to Laurie’s wet cunt. Laurie’s hands came down to hold Beth’s head before it had even made contact, pulling it to her as she raised her hips to meet Beth’s open mouth. Beth looked up into Laurie’s eyes as she drove her tongue inside her.

Their gaze seemed to stay locked, at least from Laurie’s end as she writhed against Beth’s face. Beth wrapped both arms around Laurie’s thighs, pulling them against her head as she devoured Laurie’s cunt.

“Suck your mama’s cunt, baby,” Laurie spoke softly to her. “Use your tongue inside her… tell her how you feeeel about her… ümraniye escort give her a real tongue-lashing… Ohhhhhh… that’s amazing, baby… Eat my cunt, girl, eat my cunt…”

Beth’s involvement deepened, her hands busying themselves with Laurie’s body, from her breasts to her thighs, kneading and caressing; she kept her mouth glued to Laurie’s cunt the whole time, moaning as she pushed her face into the soft flesh again and again.

“Ohhhhhhhh… you’re gonna make Mama come, child… don’t stop now, sweet baby… keep your mouth and tongue doin’ that… ohhhhhhh…”

Beth apparently slipped back into the zone then, putting her arms around Laurie’s thighs again and thrusting rhythmically with her tongue; Laurie almost purred… I held Beth’s soft white ass back against me, flexing inside her…

“Ohhhhhh… sweet baby… you know just how to do me, sweetie,” Laurie purred. I’m almost there… Ohh… Ohhhhh… Ohhhhhyeahhhhhh… Your mouth is a miracle… I just keep commminnn’… ohhhhhhhh… it keeps comin’ in waves, baby… ohhhhhhh…”

Gerry was slouching in an upholstered chair, watching us; Candy had straddled him, facing back toward us, his cock now up inside her cunt; his hand moved idly between her legs as she squirmed slowly…

“She’s really good, isn’t she, Mom?” Candy said to Laurie. “She knows what you need…”

Still holding onto Beth’s head with both hands, Laurie fell back, twisting slowly, sighing and moaning. Hands around her waist, I drove my cock slowly in and out of Beth’s perfect, squirming ass.

“You guys are too hot,” Candy said softly, then got up and whispered into Gerry’s ear. She climbed on the bed, kneeling right next to us, her hips touching Beth’s. Soon Gerry’s cock was buried in Candy’s ass, and Candy was caressing Beth’s back with one hand while lifting her head from between Laurie’s spread thighs. Beth pulled back right away, and Candy took her place, voraciously sucking where Beth’s mouth had just been, Laurie’s hands in her hair…

“Greedy whore,” Beth said in Candy’s ear, before moving us both up the bed so she could reach Laurie’s mouth with her own.

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