The Guest in Suite 221

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She was standing on the balcony of the hotel room when she first noticed him on the street below. He was paying for taxi fare, passing dollar bills to the cabbie. His hair had glints of silver that caught the light of the setting sun, which was what caught her eye as she scanned the sidewalk.

He wore a dark gray suit, perfectly fitted to his mature, but trim, physique. She watched intently as he bent down to pick up his leather suitcase, and as he turned, she could see a fashionable designer tie against a crisp blue oxford dress shirt. Even from this distance, she could see the artistic detail in the tie – suddenly she wondered what cologne he wore – probably something woodsy, with spicy undertones, sophisticated and totally male.

He stood up, adjusting his coat sleeves at each wrist before striding toward the glass doors of the hotel. As if he sensed her stare, he glanced up at the balcony where she now was leaning with her elbows on the railing. Her black gown was flowing in the breeze, the material so lightweight it feathered through the evening breeze. Her hair was dark, with coppery strands that danced like fireflies in the red light of dusk. He clearly saw her bare legs from where he stood and when she moved ever so slightly, he glimpsed black satiny panties.

She rose up from the leaning position, tossing hair off her shoulders gracefully, in a dancing motion. Her breasts, large and natural looking, raised the gown higher as she swayed backward, watching him… her nipple forming little peaks under the thin satin. She lifted one foot up on the railing, exposing her inner thighs and the edge of lace between them.

He felt an erection beginning, and he knew right then he had to see more of her. No, he wanted to touch her.

She smiled, and then, with a gentle wave of her hand, disappeared behind the hotel curtains of her room.

He made a mental note of the floor, and counted the windows over to her balcony. He estimated her room location and then continued inside the hotel lobby to register.

Back inside the quiet hotel room, she observed the reflection in the mirror. Taking both hands, she cupped her breasts, forming a deep cleavage as she pushed them together. She slightly pinched her nipples, and they stood out at attention, like obedient soldiers. She squeezed her fleshy breasts harder, and she felt an ache in her loins that she knew would be comforted only by filling the soft, silky cavern with a powerful, pulsing man – in the flesh, a real man.

Not just any man – suddenly she wanted that man outside on the sidewalk.

Her fantasy was making her hot, and she could feel moistness between her legs. She reached for the special oil kept in a decorative decanter that was on the nightstand, and pulled open the bottom drawer of the oak dresser. Inside, soft black flannel covered an oblong shape. Holding it lovingly in her hand, she caressed it as she opened the flap and removed a cock reproduced so realistically, veins bulged as if ready to burst out of its skin. She poured oil down the shaft, warm and smooth beneath her fingers… she was eager to feel it deep inside her.

She lay back on the damask coverlet of the bed, spread her legs, waiting for what was certain to come… the ache inside her building as she envisioned how he would look standing over her, his chest heaving as his cock drove inside warm, wet lips.

Her eyes were closed as she split open the pink labia with delicate fingers, preparing to receive the surrogate for her fiery desire… seeking satisfaction… yearning release.

He dropped his suitcase onto the bed in his hotel room, and went in to turn on the shower. Removed the coat, tossing it over the tapestry upholstered chair – loosened his tie and lifted the loop over his head with one hand while unbuttoning the monogrammed cuffs on his shirt with the other.

He wondered what she was doing. He pictured her naked and his cock stated to harden just at the mere thought. She looked so soft, so sexy… comforting, inviting… he wanted to feel her against him.

He stepped into the steaming shower, using herbal soap, taking special care around his penis, pulling the foreskin back even further until the purplish head was completely vulnerable, unwrapped from the pink hood. His chest hair was white with lather, and he turned toward the shower spray to rinse. Finally he reached for the faucet and turned off the water. Stepping out, he grabbed a white towel and briskly dried his lightly tanned skin, dark hair shining wet on his masculine body.

He splashed on after-shave, leaving the rugged growth of hair on his face from his morning shave. He combed back his hair, then reached for jeans in the closet. Dressing, he imagined her caress… and the erection promptly returned.

She had peeked into the hallway just in time to see him unlocking the door to room 204. He was magnificent – broad shoulders and strong arms, his movements confident, deliberate and well executed. His room was only a few doors güvenilir bahis down, the opposite side of the hall. Maybe she would “run into him” in the hallway… or better yet, the elevator.

Alone. And the elevator is stalled between two floors… hmmm… she imagined tasting his lips… wrapping his tongue in hers. The idea alone made her want to ravish the man and she didn’t even know him – a complete stranger.

It was no coincidence their rooms were separated by just a few steps. He had cleverly arranged it upon check-in, once he calculated her room number. He even knew she had checked in alone. His frequent visits at this hotel had benefited when he inquired of the porter about the guest in 221. He learned she had registered the day before, and would not be checking out until Monday. That was four days from now, and he knew just how to fill every hour with sensual persuasion… and ultimately, erotic ecstasy. It would be a pleasurable experience for him, and sure to be unforgettable for her.

She had just finished her bubble bath and slipped into the sleek black dress when she heard the knock. At first, thinking it was next door, she didn’t respond. She brushed her dark sable hair, letting it lay softly on her shoulders. She heard the knock again – this time there was no question. It was her door.

She stood on tiptoes and looked out through the security peephole, only to see a dark blue shirt without a face. Who would be knocking on her door? – she wasn’t expecting company. In fact, few even knew she was here. Curious, she opened the door.

It took all his willpower to refrain from reaching out then and there to fill his palms with her full breasts… but in the interest of reaching his goal, he held back from any premature caresses. He would have the heaviness of those luscious tits in his hands – and his mouth – soon enough. And she would beg him to suck and massage to his heart’s content.

She started to melt just looking at him, a fine specimen of man. Piercing, knowing eyes… square-set jaw, finely chiseled features framed with just enough salt and pepper hair to give a wiser, sophisticated handsomeness. Without knowing why, she immediately trusted this stranger… and yet there was something dangerously mysterious about him.

Still, without hesitating or another thought – she invited him into her room. As she stood there, speechless, he shut the door behind him, and – holding her gaze hostage – locked the bolt securely.

Suddenly, a chill shot up her spine – an unfamiliar tingle of fear and excitement. She thought of the array of personal pleasure items in the dresser drawer, and for a moment, slipped into a fantasy of having him inside her… warm, hard and wet. What would he think if he knew of her private stash – she snapped back to reality, wondering how he had found her room, and then – what did he want from her?

She had never really been with a man. Yes – she had dated and known those who wanted to be men. But not a real man… one who touched her… there. She had been kissed, of course, and even caressed – but no man had ever really challenged her senses to the point where she longed to give herself to him. So she found physical satisfaction in the hiding places of her mind, finding orgasm after she created an erotic daydream, playing both male and female roles, using various toys until she was so hot only a thick, hard cock would put out the fire.

And she had quite a collection of hard cocks. Big ones, thick ones, long ones. Tiny little replicas that slipped easily in small orifices… encouraging complete relaxation… and sometimes, two surrogates were needed…

But she craved a flesh and blood man. Strong hands. Exploring fingers. A pulsing cock plunging so deep inside, she would feel it in her belly…

Her reached for her, gently caressing cheeks. Her skin was flawless, clear and fresh – youthful. Her mature figure was well rounded – clearly the body of a woman, not a starving waif. She felt so soft under his hand – he again felt the rise behind his zipper as he anticipated what was to come next. He struggled to control his desire, but he was anxious to possess her.

And possess her, he would. Yes, he would definitely own her before this encounter was over. He was about to make his move when he noticed the bottom dresser drawer slightly ajar. He could make out a dark shadow, shaped like a penis… he would investigate that hideaway further when the time was right.

They still hadn’t spoken a word, but their eyes carried on a complete conversation. Smoothly, gently, he enveloped her in his arms, pulling her to him. Her hair smelled like a field of vanilla flowers, and sighing, buried his face in soft fine curls. He felt her succumb to his embrace – and the dance began.

She was stunned by the ease of her surrender. Why couldn’t she resist him – what was so magnetic about him? She breathed in his spicy, woodsy scent – remembering how she had expected this about him – and was again hypnotized by his türkçe bahis seductiveness.

His loins ached, and he longed to feel her grasp his balls, her mouth on his cock. He wanted her – but he wanted her to want him even more. That was part of the stake – winning was less important than the game itself. He planned more than just a ten-minute trip on a merry-go-round – he was going to take her on a fascinating roller coaster complete with special effects that she would not have dreamed of in her wildest imagination. It was only a matter of time before she would experience every trick he had up his sleeve… in his mind… and inside his zipper.

He slid both hands down the silkiness of her back, cupping her ass and pulling her tight and fast to him, covering her mouth with his. She tasted sweet, fragrance of warm baked sugar cookies. Delicious enough to eat…

She was surprised at her own responses. She was overwhelmed with his power… She hadn’t even dated anyone for several years – her last physical and emotional attachment was to a female roommate.

She knew all too well how good she felt when her lips were kissed – how sensual it felt to have her breasts massaged, nipples pulled by deliberate fingers. She learned how to lose her mind to fantasy while her thighs were opened and explored… and then – just when she felt ready to scream with passion – fingers would be replaced with a flesh-like wand, glided gently inside her… slowly in and out… deeper… her juices replenished by warm oil. Finally, when she could wait no longer, her sweet friend gently inserted a smaller, smooth pink shaft into her tight ass – only a little, not wanting to hurt her. She thrashed around to meet the two love toys and fell to intense orgasm, every muscle in spasm… tightening around the woman’s playthings as if to permanently embed them inside her.

He thought she seemed distracted, as if she were somewhere else besides with him. He took advantage of this moment to explore the curves of her body, smooth shapely thighs to soft round shoulders… lulling her with his touch into total submission.

In only a few minutes, he felt her collapse into his arms, not in a faint, but in an erotic, sexual surrender… enticing him, encouraging him, teasing with her impish smile and quiet sigh. It was almost time.

“I’m going to blindfold you”, he whispered. She hesitated ever so slightly in his arms, but didn’t pull away. “Don’t be afraid – trust me.” His voice reassuring, calm, not wanting to instill fear, only to hold her captive in the world he created. “I’ll make you feel so good, baby,” he promised.

His voice was soothing, quiet and hoarse, a deep whisper at her ear. It was the first time either had spoke, and now all she could do was silently nod.

He pulled a silk scarf from his back pocket, turning her around and back toward him until her ass met his cock through their clothing. He twisted the scarf and tied it around her head.

He cupped both breasts, her back still to him, and pulled them out of the dress bodice, tucking the silk material underneath, enhancing her deep cleavage between the round softness. A moan escaped her lips and she felt hot desire race through her veins like molten lava. She turned toward him, unseeing… blindly reaching for his shirt. She traveled fingers to his neck and found the top button, released it easily, and continued downward until she could bury her face in his chest… soft dark hair brushing against her cheek. She opened her lips and touched her tongue to slightly salty skin. She trailed his stomach with kisses as she unbuttoned his jeans with nimble fingers. Suddenly she craved his taste, and more anxiously began to release his erection from its denim prison.

He had momentarily lost himself in her building passion. His cock was stiff and bulging out from his jeans front, the zipper taut… but there was more to the ultimate release than just mere fucking, and he wanted to experience all of it… all of her.

She gasped when he grabbed her hair, pulling her face away from his groin – she had just about succeeded in opening his jeans. His cock felt ready to explode.

“Get up” he demanded, assisting by holding her by the hair.

He led her to the bed, ripped the thin gown down the side, removed it from her body and dropped it to the floor. She shivered – excited by the unknown, every nerve on edge. Anticipating. He swiftly shoved her to the mattress, then sat astride her, still wearing his jeans. She wore only panties now, and he was turned on at the sight of her full figure lying beneath him. Pulling his shirt off and tossing it aside, he reached across the bed to the drawer… he slid it open quietly and scanned the contents inside. There were silk ties, which he immediately retrieved and began wrapping around her wrists, binding them above her head before she totally realized what was happening.

“I want to touch you,” her voice purring.

“Not now, my sweet kitten” he replied. “First I will show you how good güvenilir bahis siteleri little pets are treated.” He reached down and ran his finger under the edge of her panties, letting his hand glide over her soft mound.

He hypnotized her. The binds on her wrists were loosely tied – just the impression of captivity lingered. Her breasts heaved with every breath as she felt his hand brush across her pelvis, and she felt desperate for him to touch her – to introduce her to new levels of ecstasy.

He made a quick assessment of the items in the drawer. A soft white cotton terry towel, baby oil, scented lotion and a special lubricant perfect for safe insertion of anything inside a woman. A flannel covered heating pad – ideal for heating flesh-like toys to body temperature. Good – he would turn her up to the boiling point. He couldn’t believe the assortment of cocks she had, and all of them as lifelike as any he’d ever seen advertised in a magazine. A thick, tanned one, over 2” diameter with gel-like balls at the base and a strap to be worn at the waist. He wondered if she had a girlfriend… or if she had been saving this one.

There were two with vibrators – one long dark pink shaft with little ridges, and the other as small as his middle finger. A third pinkish-tan cock had a heater built inside – it was soft, pliable with a thick base – very life-like, he could envision it crammed all the way into her – all eight inches buried.

His own cock was pulsing – throbbing. He planned to fuck her with all of her own “fantasy cocks”, bring her just to the brink, and then take them all away… teasing her. Finally, when she was writhing in a plea for release, he would ram his hard, hot manhood inside until he exploded and she screamed.

She was squirming beneath him, and he focused on her beautiful body. He would massage her first with hot fragranced oil, relax her completely, before the final seduction.

“You like to be touched, don’t you, baby?” He cooed in a sensual whisper. “You want your body to be smoothed and soothed with warm hands and soft lotions, don’t you, my sweet?”

She responded with a soft moan – unable to speak – and he sensed she wanted to hear what he planned before he made each move. He would tell her a story – a fantasy, just like any other night when she was alone – and she would become lost in his tale until she drowned in his words and eventually became unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

And without any warning, he snapped at her, his tone completely changed, and she flinched as she heard “Tell me what you want, bitch. Say how you want to be fucked.”

She had the urge to suck his cock, swirl her tongue wetly around the silky pink head… “Fuck my mouth,” she answered without hesitation.

“I’ll fuck your throat for you, my little sweet bitch. I’ll stick my hard dick down so deep that you will feel it in your hot cunt,” he hissed, pinching at both nipples with thumbs and forefingers as he straddled her face. His long, thick cock was poised over wet lips, tracing them. Her tongue darted out, licking furiously, hungrily – her lips smacking as she wet the pulsing head with her desire.

She lapped and sucked at the thick shaft as he pushed in and out, using her teeth to enhance his pleasure. Hot juices were flowing out between her legs, and she craved his touch – wanted his hand to explore and search for the treasures there. She sucked harder, imagining him inside her pussy.

Her mouth was warm as he shoved in and out – he couldn’t believe how good she felt as she ran her tongue expertly up and down, then around – his engorged shaft against the roof of her mouth, then the back of her throat. He felt cum escape his cock, and the movement of muscles as she swallowed – he pictured his juices sliding down her throat to her pussy and the thought made him want to finger-fuck her until she begged for the real thing.

He pulled out of her lips before he orgasmed – she wildly thrashed her head side to side in objection, searching for him.

Grasping soft hair, he jerked her head, stretching her neck backward. “What do you want now, bitch? Do you want a hard cock?” he groaned, already reaching into the drawer for the dark cock he had spotted earlier – imagining the man she fantasized about with this one – thick, erect, pliable… “The big cock is going to fuck you, bitch,” he warned, pressing the rounded head of the dildo against her swollen breasts, and she swayed upwards to meet it.

He reached down and pushed her soft thighs apart, exposing the tender flesh between them. Her labia felt tightly closed, wetness glistening at the thin middle split. He spread them gently with his fingers, inserting one at a time, the hot cave closing in as he explored further.

She had never been so hot with desire. She wanted him to fuck her so badly… he had managed to stimulate her in places she didn’t even know had sensation.

He brought the dildo to her pussy and watched as it slowly disappeared… pushed the thick, rubbery shaft deep, turning it, forcing it in as far as he could. Beneath the blindfold, he could see her face flush, her mouth slightly open. Finally, the cock was buried, balls flush against her tiny asshole.

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