The New Apartment

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¡§At last!¡¨ She thought with a smile. ¡§I never thought I¡¦d be able to find a decent apartment. It¡¦s so nice not having roommates underfoot. I can do whatever I want! I can walk around the apartment naked if I want to!¡¨ Feeling devilish, she decided to do just that. Stripping her jeans, sweater, bra and panties off, she strutted around her apartment with a foolish grin on her face. Looking at her watch, however, she remembered she had to get things ready for when her guests arrived. As she tidied up, the phone rang.

¡§Hello? Oh hi! I¡¦m looking forward to you¡¦re coming over¡K oh? You can¡¦t make it? No, no, if you¡¦re not feeling well, that¡¦s cool. I¡¦m not going anywhere anytime soon.¡¨ Feeling a bit disappointed; she hangs up the phone, but brightens up at the thought that she had invited a few people over. Half an hour later she was sitting on the couch with a frown on her face. It seemed like *every one* had cancelled on her, well, everyone except her friend Kevin. She didn¡¦t know when he was going to come over, as he was at work, but he said he would call her before he came over. In the meantime, she decided to cross-stitch and watch TV. After awhile, the phone rang and it was him.

¡§Hey Sexy Lady! Am I too late for the big party?¡¨ He asked.

¡§Nope,¡¨ she replied in a whiny voice. ¡§Almost everyone *cancelled* on me!¡¨

¡§They did?¡¨ He exclaimed. ¡§Those heartless bastards! We should hunt them down and rip their hearts out so they can see how black it is before they die! Would that make you feel better?¡¨

¡§No, probably not in the long run seeing as how I¡¦d be in jail, and I¡¦d have no friends or family anymore.¡¨ she replied laughing.

¡§Aw, you¡¦re no fun!¡¨ He teased.

¡§I know, I know.¡¨ She said with a grin. ¡§But remember my fun is ruining your fun.¡¨

¡§Yeah, yeah. So, did you still want to hang out?¡¨ He asked.

¡§Sure, if you¡¦re not too tired from working. If you¡¦re nice to me, I¡¦ll even order us pizza.¡¨ She answered.

¡§Deal! I¡¦ll be right there!¡¨

¡§Excellent! I¡¦ll see you soon.¡¨ She smiled as she hung up the phone; perhaps the night wouldn¡¦t be a total loss after all. She settled back into the cross-stitch she was working on, and lost track of time. The phone rang, and she buzzed him up. After a second there was a knock on the door. She opened the door with a grand flourish, as if she were admitting him to the grand palace of the Taj Mahal instead of a modest one-bedroom apartment.

¡§Welcome to my home! Please take your shoes off, and hand me your coat. I will be delighted to hang it up for you.¡¨ She said with a smile.

Kevin canlı bahis smiled at her. He¡¦d known her for a long time, and rarely saw her this excited about anything. He decided to play along. ¡§Why thank you, kind lady. It¡¦s superb to be here.¡¨

¡§For the honour of this occasion, I will even order the pizza!¡¨ She declared with a smile. After giving Kevin a tour, they settled down on the couch. The pizza arrived, and they started watching a movie.

At one point Kevin asked her if she had anything to drink.

¡§Oh sure!¡¨ She said, ¡§I even got some diet stuff if you want it.¡¨

¡§Excellent!¡¨ And with that they sat down and enjoyed their pizza and watched a movie.

At slow points in the movie, she noticed Kevin kept looking at her in a sideways motion. She ignored him; it was a good movie. ƒº Eventually she looked at him and asked ¡§What? Why do you keep staring at me?¡¨

¡§Why?¡¨ He asked with a grin. ¡§Is it bugging you?¡¨

¡§Yes! Now stop it, or else!¡¨ she threatened.

¡§Or else what? EH? You think you can take me, little girl?¡¨ He asked, taunting her.

¡§Yeah I can!¡¨ She said loudly, ¡§See?¡¨ With that, she tried to punch him, which was easily deflected by Kevin who pinned her down on the couch and started tickling her.

¡§Stop it you bastard! You¡¦ll pay for this!¡¨ She yelled, laughing all the while.

¡§Quiet silly!¡¨ Kevin replied. ¡§Your neighbours will complain if you¡¦re too loud!¡¨ After a few seconds he stopped so she could catch her breath. She sat up, and moved away from him pretending to sulk, glaring at him.

¡§Aw, poor you! I¡¦m not very nice am I?¡¨ Kevin asked in a patronizing tone of voice.

¡§Go to hell!¡¨ Was her response, glaring at him even harder, but Kevin could see she was trying very hard to not smile.

¡§Come here you!¡¨ With that, he grabbed her and pulled her on to his lap hugging her. She hugged him back tightly, playing with the hair at the back of his neck. They drew back from the hug, and their eyes met. They came in close to each other until they were kissing each other lightly and then more passionately, tongues teasing each other lightly.

Just then Kevin drew back. ¡§You know what I just realized?¡¨

¡§What did you just realize?¡¨ she asked.

¡§I realized I never thanked you for the pizza and the drink.¡¨ He said

She grinned and rolled her eyes at him. ¡§It¡¦s just diet soda and pizza, ya know! It¡¦s not the Hope Diamond or anything¡¨

¡§Oh I know,¡¨ he replied. ¡§But still, it would be awfully rude of me not to properly thank you.¡¨ With that he bent down and started nuzzling and kissing bahis siteleri her neck softly.

¡§Oh yeah, terribly rude.¡¨ She said faintly, her eyes rolling in the back of her head.

He chuckled into her ear softly, sending a tingle down her spine as his hands lifted her sweater above her head and he deposited it onto the floor. He unsnapped her bra, and that joined the sweater on the ground. Laying her gently onto the couch, he kissed her neck lightly, trailing kisses down to her breasts. Taking a nipple into his mouth, he teased it gently at first with his tongue, and then gradually used his teeth, using more and more pressure until she gasped out loud. He then teased the other nipple in the same manner while one of his hands was undoing the snaps on her jeans.

Not wanting to feel left out; she reached out to caress the ever-increasing bulge in his jeans. Enjoying the feeling of her hand for a second, he gently grabbed her hand and raised it above her head. ¡§Now behave. Don¡¦t make me have to tie you up.¡¨

¡§Oh my! That¡¦s not good.¡¨ She replied with a smile, secretly thinking that it wouldn¡¦t bother her at all if he tied her up, but for now she¡¦ll be good.

He slid her jeans and panties off her hips and laid them down gently with her sweater and bra. Tracing his palm up her legs, he lightly traced her pubic hair, but then continued to trace upwards to her tummy. She whimpered quietly, and he chuckled quietly. He bent down and nuzzled her pubic hair with his nose and licked her lightly. She moaned and moved her hips up a little. He took his hand and put a finger inside of her pussy, feeling how wet it was.

¡§Hmmm, you¡¦re awfully excited aren¡¦t you?¡¨ He asked her with a grin.

¡§I can¡¦t help it,¡¨ she replied. ¡§You get me so hot.¡¨

¡§Oh do I now?¡¨ He whispered into her ear, ¡§Do you like this?¡¨ As he moved his finger across her clit, slowly at first and then faster and faster. He loved the way her breathing got faster and faster and how she was moving her hips more and more erratically. He switched back and forth from teasing her clit, to putting a finger and then two inside of her. Her gasping and moaning got louder and more frantic and he knew she was close. He leaned over to her and whispered. ¡§Do you want to come?¡¨

¡§Oh God, yes, make me come please Kevin.¡¨ She moaned loudly.

¡§My pleasure, my queen.¡¨ He replied. ¡§But first¡K¡¨

¡§But first?¡¨ She asked looking suspicious.

¡§I want you to swallow it all. Can you do that for me, my queen?¡¨

¡§Yes, I¡¦ll do anything for you. Just stop teasing me, please!¡¨ She begged.

Laughing bahis şirketleri to himself, he replied ¡§All right.¡¨ With that he moved his finger with lightening speed across her clit, and she cried out loud with the pleasure she was feeling. Within minutes her body started convulsing and he could feel her pussy muscles convulsing on the finger he still had inside of her.

She smiled cat like at him and said, ¡§That was lovely, thank you.¡¨

¡§No problem what-so-ever.¡¨ He replied.

Kneeling up on the couch, she kissed him deeply. Her hands went down to his belt and started to remove it slowly. ¡§Well, now, a promise is a promise isn¡¦t it?¡¨ She asked with an evil grin as she stood him up, and removed his shirt, jeans, and boxer-briefs. He lay down on the couch, and she kissed him on the chest, slowly making her way down. She pulled the foreskin down and lightly kissed the tip. She put his penis in her mouth, and slowly bobbed up and down on it suctioning on the tip as she pulled up; lightly at first then more aggressively until he was moaning and grabbing her hair with his hand. She played with his balls with her one hand, very softly as she stroked the shaft with her other hand as she put him deeper and deeper into her throat, until he was as deep as she could stand. She licked the underside lightly, then roughly, then lightly again for a few minutes. He was going crazy.

¡§Oh that feels so good, don¡¦t stop.¡¨ He gasped. She smiled to herself, and continued. After a few minutes she felt his penis twitching and heard him gasping ¡§I¡¦m gonna come!¡¨ Just before all of it flooded into her mouth. There was so much of it, and she loved the taste of it and she swallowed it down wasting absolutely none of it. She kissed her way up to him, and kissed him deeply. She could taste herself on his lips, and wondered if he could taste himself on hers.

All of a sudden, he grabbed her and flipped her onto her back. He entered her, and they both gasped out loud. He bent down and kissed her as he moved in and out of her, pinning her arms over her head. She moved her hips up and down in rhythm with him, as they both gasped louder and louder. She was amazed that he had recovered so quickly, and mentioned that to him.

¡§I can¡¦t help it,¡¨ he replied. ¡§I always seem to be hard whenever I¡¦m around you¡¨ With that he pounded into her faster and faster until she just couldn¡¦t take it anymore, and she held her head back and screamed as she came. He kissed her passionately and said ¡§I¡¦m going to fill you up now!¡¨

¡§Oh yes, oh yes, I want you too!¡¨ She replied. He kissed her and thrust into her one last time and shuddered as he came. They lay together on the couch and tried to catch their breath.

¡§Mmm¡K I should have you over for pizza and diet soda more often. I LOVE having my own apartment!¡¨ She said with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32