The Office Ch. 02

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I could hear her shuffling papers as I came in thru my private entrance. I set my bag down on the desk and clicked the intercom button. “Mrs. Barnes, will you please come in here?” I heard her move in her chair; I must have startled her…she did not hear me come in.

“I thought you had left?” she said as she walked thru the door…a smile starting to form on her lips. “I was getting pretty pissed off thinking you were playing me!” And again I could see the twinkle of lust in her eyes.

“I had to do some shopping…we needed these!” And I dumped the bag with the box of condoms in it on the desk.

“Oh! Do you think we will need all twelve?” She asked. And she walked around the desk and kissed me. Rubbing her hand on my crotch…”Ooohh, if it is the size it feels, we just might need all of them!”

“Take it out!” I said. And she unzipped my pants, pulling them and my briefs to the floor. She leaned closer and took it into her mouth…”Mmmmm,” I moaned: as she continued to lick and suck it to hardness…”Now place a condom on it!” Her eyes looking sad that she had to take her lips off of my cock…”Do not worry…before we are done you will have a chance to go back to where you were!”

And as she slowly unwrapped the condom package, and then unrolled it down my cock…her eyes were glazing over with lust…I could see the “Take me,” look in her eyes. “Now bend over my desk!” And she turned around and bent over it…her gorgeous ass: still panty less, showing out from under her skirt. I moved behind her and rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit…in one motion I penetrated her completely!

“Oh ohhh god!” And she pushed herself back against me…”Please: I need to be fucked hard! Now!” And I started pumping into her hard and fast! “Ohhh, Yeesss!” She was moving and thrusting back against me. Causing me to get closer and closer to my orgasm…”This feels soooo goood,” she said. “I have wanted to do this!” She whimpered…”I needed to feel you inside me,” as she clamped down on me with the muscles of her vagina…I could stand no more…

And as my balls tightened up I started to squirt my cum into the condom…”Uunngghh!” I moaned as my orgasm over took me. I pumped into her hard and fast…she was pushing hard against me and as I looked down, I saw she had a hand: rubbing her clit, and I placed mine over it and pressed harder, as she too started to shake and shudder…she was cascading over the edge of the cliff also!

“Ohhh, Ohh, Ohhh,” she kept saying…”This is even betttteerrr, than I imagined! Oh god…I have needed this since our talk this morning.” And we collapsed together on güvenilir bahis the desk…I leaned in and kissed her. Her tongue darting into my mouth, drawing mine back to hers…

We savored each others tastes…kissing and holding her…and as my deflated cock slowly slid back out: she whimpered…”We need to do that again! I cannot go with just one time! Not now,” and she reached back, and stroked my cock, trying to bring more life back into it.

I leaned closer and told her that we were not through yet! And again that smile came across her lips…I rolled her over and sat in my chair…my face was at the perfect height to…gaze upon her beautiful flower…how lovely! I slowly open the drawers on each side of the desk and place each of her feet in one…”What?” She asked. I held my finger to my lips…and she quieted down…”Ohhh!” She said as my tongue slowly licked up her from the desktop to her navel. I slowly licked her clit and she shuddered…I sucked it into my lips…again she shuddered! “Mmmm,” she whimpered…”Pleaseee!” She begged me.

“Your time will come, dear… I will pleasure you beyond your greatest fantasy,” I told her as she squirmed, trying to get closer to my face. I chuckled…”Oh you like that huh?” I said.

“Mmmm,” she again moaned, and I buried my face in her moist and warm mound. “Ohhhh Goddd!” And she humped into me…trying to get tighter…but I held her away.

“Not yet, dear,” I said…”I am going to have a special dessert…I want to taste and lick you for awhile…I want to feel your body quivering as I take you with my tongue to places you have never been!” And I began to pleasure her with my tongue…Sliding up and down, poking in her, flicking against her clit, as I pinch her nipples…Placing my tongue flat against her I drag it all the way up her slit! Pressing especially hard as I approach her clit…but I stop. Do not touch it…she moans again, and tries to push herself up to my mouth.

I move away…she is mewing like a cat with a lost kitten…”Please!” She again begs…and I lean a little closer…pulling her to me and off the edge of the desk…seeking another prize!

“Ohhhh, Gooooood!” she screams as I lick her little rose bud…her legs try to clamp on my head, but her feet in the drawers will not let her…”No one has ever done that,” she said blushing…and I licked again…rimming around her tight warm rose bud…And as I rolled my tongue I pushed against her and entered! “Ohhhhhhhh! Don’t stop! Please! More!”…I pulled out…no not yet…I want her to remember this moment! She will Orgasm: but from just my tongue…it will be buried in türkçe bahis her rose bud when she crashes over the edge…

“Pllleeeeeasseee!” And I just chuckled…She wants more so I will indulge her. I again lick all the way up and down her…”Mmmm,” she moans again…her breathing quickening…I again push in and out of her…she bucks up hard against my face…trying to bury my tongue inside her. I flick it in and out…her legs clamp on my head. I push my face as tight to her as possible…my nose penetrating her mound as my tongue drives deeper into her anus…She screams “Mnnnnnnnnnmghg, Oh my, Oh my…. Goddddd!!”

“Like that did you?” I asked? She smiled…her face aglow with embarrassment! And I stand up…my hard manhood sticking out like a proud warrior…seeking it’s own reward…I slide it up and down her slit…felling the warmth, the moistness. “Mmmm,” she moans…I slide just the tip, into her. “Oh!” She tries to slide down…trying to impale herself on my manhood…I pull back…”Whaat? No, I want you in me,” She pulls her feet out of the drawers and takes them, and wrapping them around me draws me in…

“No!” I said…and I draw back out. “No protection!” And I backed away.

“I don’t care! I wanted to feel you skin to skin!” And she looked at me tears in her eyes…

“That must be done at the very first,” I told her, “That way there is no chance of you getting pregnant. We cannot have that happen!” She nods her head. “You know we have to be careful if we are going to continue this.” Again she nods…

I picked up a condom packet and opened it. “Give it to me,” and she reached over to take it. “This is my job.” And as she reached down she licked the head of my manhood. It pulsed with anticipation, and then proceeded to roll it down my length. “Mmmm,” she sighed…cannot wait to feel this again, as she squeezed it.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, and pushed her back…again sliding the length of her slit, lubricating myself with her juices…stopping at her little rosebud. She pushed back against me… “That will be another time.” I tell her. “Not today,” we need more time for that… and I draw nearer to my prize. Pushing with all my force, I enter her.

“Yeeesssssssss!” She squealed. “Oh that feels so good!” Wrapping her legs around me: and pulling me tighter. I moved slow now, wanting to savor the time in her…back real slow…now push, easing myself in, fighting her legs trying to pull me in. “Please, fuck me hard, quit teasing. I cannot stand it!” She moaned at me…I pulled back again, slowly. Taking my time…a couple quick thrusts for her, and another slow one for me… güvenilir bahis siteleri Pllleeeaasse!” She hissed at me as her breathing got quicker, and her body flushed with lust…”I want it hard and fast,” she begged…”I am so close…”

I smiled…slowly pulling back again. I looked into her eyes as I placed my thumb on her clit…her eyes got bigger…pressing on it a little more, more pressure with each slow stroke, I could see her getting closer…her nipples like little erasers…hard, poking out…I leaned in and sucked one between my teeth, I bit down softly…”Oh Good God!” She screamed, and she came!

Her juices were flowing down me like a river… She bucked against me and grabbed my hand pushing it harder against her clit…Panting like she was out of breath…I slowly inserted a finger into her anus, “Oh, Oh, Oh, So wonderful! Don’t stop there!” She moaned…her muscles clamping upon me and my finger…it was too much…I again unloaded into the condom!

“My god! You are so tight!” I told her…I slowly shrunk and started to slide out of her…She smiled at me, blushing all the time…”I love the way your eyes look as you blush!” I said as I stroked her body. “I love the softness of your body,” and my hand wandered over her perky breasts…so soft, wonderful to feel as my fingers close around the nipple…she moaned.

I helped her sit up, my hands going to her back. And as we got closer to each other’s face…we kissed. Her eyes closed…our tongues dancing and enjoying each other’s taste…Her hand reached down and she looked me in the eye as she grasped hold of me…

“I want more of this…” I smiled. “I need more of this!” And she squeezed it, I gasped…”I want to taste you,” a smile playing across her lips…and she whispered in a husky, lusty voice…”I will suck you dry!” And she proceeded to wrap her lips around my soft member…the feeling was exquisite…the softness of her mouth, surrounding me in warmth and moistness.

The phone rang… We both jumped. She held onto me as she reached for it. “This is Mrs. Barnes, how may I help you?” And I saw a smile on her face. “Yes dear, I had to work late and was just finishing up,” she squeezed me. A slight blush: to her cheek. “I will be home shortly.” And slowly hung up the phone.

“I guess we better stop here, ” she said and leaned down and sucked me into her mouth again…gave a small kiss to the head, and then slowly, she let go and started getting dressed.

“So I guess we will have to work overtime again, huh?” She turned and smiled. I shook my head in the affirmative as I put my clothes back on. “And then: I want you to keep your promise,” she said, “I want to feel that,” pointing at my crotch, “Here.” As she shook her bottom at me…an evil smile crossing her lips, and we soon left. Me out the back way and she let herself out of the main door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32