The Office Tease

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Thank goodness it was Friday. Ted had had a full week and was ready for the weekend. One of his co-workers had invited him to a little party he was having so Ted accepted. The party was tonight and he couldn’t wait to relax and meet some new people.

Ted had just moved to Memphis about a month ago and hadn’t had time to really let his hair down. Even though he was a very confident person, his mission over the last month was to learn his job. He hadn’t even had a chance to meet any new women except for those at work.

There were a few women at work he had noticed but he hadn’t had time to get to know them. There was this one that had flirted with him on occasion but Ted knew that she was the bosses woman and nobody messed with her. Her name is Lana and she was absolutely hot and she knew it.

Lana was the office tease. She knew her role in the office and didn’t mind flaunting it. She loved wearing mini-skirts and torturing the guys. Lana stood 5-7 with one of the tiniest waists that flared out into the most perfect set of hips you’d ever see. Her breasts were not the biggest but they were full and firm, topped with succulent nipples. She never wore a bra because she didn’t need to.

One day Ted was busy and just had a feeling that someone was watching him.

He paused from what he was doing and looked over at Lana and got the shock of his life. She was sitting in her chair with her legs slightly parted and her hand at the juncture of her thighs. She had a little smirk on her face because she knew that Ted was going to be her new victim.

She started rubbing her hand over her crotch in a small circular motion and her legs opened wider to allow Ted to see what she was doing. Ted turned his head away to look if anyone could see him looking, then turned his gaze back to her.

Lana closed her eyes and leaned her head back as her fingers started working harder. Ted could see a wet stain forming on the front of her panties and his dick started growing. He tried to hide it but there was no way he could. He had a huge dick and it made an enormous bulge in his pants.

Lana’s gaze dropped to his lap and she smiled as she saw him try to shift in the seat. He finally gave up trying to hide his 12-inch slab of meat and turned towards her. She reached down with her free hand and pulled the panty aside so he could see her gash. Her fingers found her clit and she rubbed harder as her breathing increased.

Ted was caught up in this little show now and he wanted to see just how far she was going to carry this out. He started rubbing himself like she was doing and this brought Lana over the edge. She began climaxing as two fingers slid inside of her. Her breathing increased and her hips started jerking as her orgasm raced through her body.

Ted knew that he should stop rubbing himself but he hadn’t cum in a while and needed it. Lana pulled her sticky fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her mouth and Ted lost any control he had left. His huge dick unleashed a wad of cum that stained right though his pants.

Lana got up and smoothed her skirt and walked over to Ted and reached her hand to his leg and scrapped the gooey substance with one of her fingers and brought that to her mouth. She smiled and said, “Ummmmm, that tastes good,” and began walking away.

Ted said, “Wait, what are you doing tonight?” Lana turned and asked why.

He said, “I’d like to see you and let’s finish what you’ve started.” She smiled and said, “Why should we. You know the boss wouldn’t like that, and besides, I can get any man I wanted.” She turned again and left.

Ted was somewhat humiliated at what happened but knew he better not push it because he liked his job. As the days passed by, he knew he’d get another chance to make this teasing bitch pay dearly.

Friday was here now and the party was tonight. Ted left the office and ran a few errands and then headed over to his co-worker’s house. When he got there, he recognized several people and greeted them. He fixed himself a drink and mingled around for a bit until he heard people outside on the back porch.

When Ted walked out, he saw a hot tub full of men and women from the office. To his surprise, he spotted Lana and she was very drunk. Once she spotted Ted she stood up and held out her arms and welcomed him. He looked at her and raised his drink, as if to salute her, then turned and walked back inside. This infuriated Lana. Nobody ever did that to her.

As the party progressed, everyone started dancing. Ted watched from the side until he felt someone bump his arm. It was Lana. She had dressed and was even drunker than before. She grabbed Ted’s arm and lost her balance and pressed her body against his. In her drunken stupor, she asked him if he would bring her home. She had had too much to drink. Ted started to say something smart to her about her teasing, but he decided now was his chance. He took her arm and helped her walk out of the house to his car. Once he got her inside, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he drove away. She was too drunk and slumped over against him and passed out.

Ted didn’t know where she lived so he brought her to his apartment. He picked her up and brought her inside and laid her on the bed. He looked down at her and she was sleeping peaceful. He smiled and said in a low voice, “Lady, you are in for the fucking of your life.”

Ted let her sleep and went into his closet and pulled out a little bag of toys that he had used before. He reached in and pulled out some special made cuffs and a couple of dildos and brought them to the bed.

He reached down and turned Lana on her back and began to undress her. She was so much into a deep sleep she wasn’t even aware of what he was doing.

He got the top off and eased her back down on her back. He unzipped the skirt and pulled them down next. His hands grabbed her flimsy panties and with one hard jerk, they broke free from her body. She was naked now and this made Ted take a deep breath and admire the beauty of her body.

Ted then took the cuffs he had and hooked them to each a corner of the bed and he clasped them around her wrists and ankles. She was spread eagle, lying there with all of her favors begging to be looked at. Ted didn’t disappoint her, or himself for that matter. He then took a pillow and placed it under her ass, elevating her hips for better access.

Ted then stood up and took his clothes off so he was naked with her. He lay down besides her and let his fingers move over her smooth skin. She still was in another world. Ted was free to do what he wanted to her and he had loads of ideas, but for now, he decided that he wanted to get some sleep since it was so late and she was still passed out. Ted couldn’t wait to wake up.

When daylight started shining through his window, Ted opened his eyes and the first thing he did was look over at Lana and smile. He got up and washed his face and came back to the bed. He decided that he wanted to add a little flavor to this morning so he reached back in his bag and pulled out a mask. The mask was only big enough to cover her eyes but that’s what he wanted. He didn’t want her to see who it was that had her.

He got on his all fours and leaned over and started running his tongue in little circles around her nipples and started kissing his way down her belly. He moved in between her legs and reached with his fingers and parted her lips, exposing her pussy for his inspection.

“Damn, she was beautiful,” he thought. He took a finger and traced her gash from the top to the bottom and back up again. He then stuck his finger in his mouth and wet it, and moved back and started rubbing her clit. He’d slide a finger down and caress her silky opening. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to taste this hot pussy with the finger sliver of blond bush.

He leaned down and let his tongue trace her outer lips and then slipped inside and found her silkiness. As his tongue moved up and caressed her clit, Lana finally began to stir. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet, but she developed a little smile on her lips as if she was dreaming of fucking someone.

He increased his licking and felt that she was definitely being turned on by her dream. Her hips started moving as if they had a mind of their own.

Her smile got bigger and her breathing started changing as her hips began little thrusts against his tongue. Lana really started getting into it, but suddenly realized she wasn’t dreaming. From her drunken stupor, she opened her eyes wide and saw nothing but darkness. “WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE,” she screamed?

Lana started trying to get away but found the cuffs weren’t very sympathetic. “TURN ME LOOSE. WHO IN THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME,” she screams. Ted didn’t say anything.


Thinking someone would hear her; she let out a blood-curdling scream. Ted found her panties and stuffed them in her mouth to muffle her screams.

She quieted down but still tried to pull against her restraints. Ted started moving his hands on her skin again and ignored her resistance. His fingers moved down to her pussy again and this time he slid two fingers inside. She started squirming again and his fingers started moving in and out and all around, touching her silkiness. He disguised his voice and says, “You may as well quit fighting me bitch. You are going to be my sex slave and like it.

“You can squirm all you want, but I’m not going to let you get out of her until I lick your pussy as much as I want, and fuck you until you beg me to stop,” he continues. “FUCK YOU,” she screams in a muffled sound. “Now that’s what I want bitch. I want you to show me how tough you are and how you can stop from enjoying what I’m going to do to you,” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he says.

Ted kept his assault on her pussy and felt her resistance giving way to pleasure. Her hips started moving against his fingers, no matter how much she fought it. Ted reached up and began pinching her nipples as he slipped a third finger in her drenched pussy. She was silent now except from the change in her breathing. Her hips began to move more as he fucked her with his fingers and pinched and twisted her nipples.

When he figured that she was close to an orgasm, he moved his fingers from her pussy and reached his hand to her face and rubbed her juices over her lips and nose under her protest. She was not protesting the fact that he was rubbing her juices on her, but the fact that he stopped her orgasm before it started. She needed to cum.

Ted moved from between her legs and kneeled down by her head. His dick was in full mast now and he began stroking it. He caused her to jump when he touched her lips with the head of his dick. He then rubbed his precum that had formed on the end of his dick, over her cheek and lips. She started talking but Ted couldn’t quite understand what she was saying so he pulled out her panties from her mouth.

“If you yell again, I am going to stuff your mouth again,” he says. “I won’t scream, just put your dick in me and fuck me. I’ll behave,” she says.

No my slut, I’m not ready to fuck you yet. I’m going to use your pussy as I see fit. After he said that he reached down and inserted his fingers again and got them all sticky with her juices then moved them back up to her lips and rubbed it over them. “Please stop doing that and fuck me, whoever you are. I’m so hot and I need to cum,” she says. “You’ll cum when I’m ready but first you are going to see what a slut you really are,” He tells her.

Ted figured her pending orgasm had subsided so he moved his hand back to her pussy and started fucking her again. It didn’t take long before her hips started moving again and her eyes closed. “You want to cum don’t you bitch,” He asks? He moves his finger over her clit and her hips started lifting to press harder against his finger. He moved his hand away and she almost goes berserk.

“You like to cum don’t you Lana,” He asks. “How do you know my name,” she asks, “Do I know you?” “It doesn’t matter if you do or not Lana. I asked you a question. Do you like to cum,” he asks. “YES, I LIKE TO CUM, I NEED TO CUM, FUCK ME AND QUIT TEASING ME,” she blurts out. Ted smiled.

Ted wanted to fuck her in the worse way. He dreamed about ramming his dick in her after she teased him that day. He moved in between her outstretched legs and moved close enough so he could tease her pussy with his big dick.

He grabbed his dick and started rubbing it through the lips of her gash.

Her hips raised and she tried to push her pussy against him and take him inside. “Please quit teasing me. Please put your dick in me. I need to cum soooo bad,” she begged.

Ted found her clit and rubbed the head of his dick against it. He pushed the head just past her outer lips and then held it there. She pushed her hips harder but couldn’t make him enter her. “You really want my dick don’t you slut? I bet you’d take any dick right about how wouldn’t you,” He asked. “Please just fuck me. I don’t want just any dick, I want yours in me now. Please put it all the way in,” She begs again.

It was time, Ted thought. He was finally going to feel the pussy he had been dreaming about wrapped around him and milking his cum out of him. “Are you ready my slut? Are you ready to have your pussy filled with my big dick?” He teased. “My Gawd yes. I want your dick to fill my hot pussy,” She says.

Ted wanted her now. He leaned over and braced himself for his push and then thrust his hips hard, sending his dick deep inside of her. “AGGGGHHHHHHHH,” she screamed. She was getting the dick she wanted so badly. It was so big it hurt, but that didn’t matter to her. She had what she needed.

Ted started thrusting harder, inching his way inside of her until he was packed in to his balls. She had taken ever inch of him and she loved it.

She started a massive orgasm after about the third thrust. Ted fucked her hard and fast, then slowed down and fast again. She was having a constant orgasm. She kept cumming and cumming and wanted more. Ted felt his balls aching for release so he pushed his dick as deep as it would go and let fly with large gobs of hot cum deep inside of her. “AAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH, yessssss, I feel your cum in me. Fuck me harder. Make me cum again. Ted complied with another assault before his dick went limp.

When he pulled out, it was almost like breaking a dam. His cum flowed from her crack, down into the crack of her ass. She just went limp and tried to catch her breath.

“Please take this blindfold off of me and uncuff me,” she asked. “I can’t do that remember? You are going to charge me with güvenilir bahis şirketleri kidnapping so I’m just going to leave them on,” he says. “Nooo, please. I want say anything as long as you continue fucking me,” She tells him. He smiled and finally agreed.

He tells her to leave the blindfold on while he takes the cuffs off and she agreed. Once they were off, he said to go ahead and take the blindfold off. Her eyes widened when she saw it was Ted. She slapped at him but he caught her hand and pulled her to him. Her lips found his and they embraced in a hot kiss. His hands moved to her breasts and he started pinching her nipples. Her hand moved to his dick and started stroking it. She leaned away and tells him she should have known it was him. She had never had a dick that size in her before. She leans back to him and their tongues battled each other.

Lana broke the kiss and pushed Ted down on the bed and moved her face towards his dick. She continued stroking it, feeling it start to grow again and then ran her tongue over the head. A little cum was still oozing from the tiny slit on top of his head and her tongue lapped every drop. She lowered her head, taking him into her mouth and her hand stroked him as she did so.

She pulled her head up and shifted her position so her thighs were straddling his head. She lowered her hips until she felt his tongue drill her pussy. She resumed sucking Ted’s dick in a 69 fashion.

Ted’s tongue tasted her juices mixed with his. He slid his tongue all around inside of her silky hole. She found her clit and sucked it with his lips and she pressed her pussy harder against his face. Her stroking was getting harder now as the suction increased on his dick.

Ted’s dick was hard as a rock now and standing like a flag pole. She slid off of him and straddled his hips with her thighs and reached down and guided his dick back into her pussy. Once the head was aligned, she pushed down on it and it filled her starving cunt once again. Her face grimaced with the size but after a few strokes it was pure rapture. She started fucking him as she arched her back and threw her head back.

His fingers found her nipples and he pinched and pulled them away from her chest. She placed her hands on his chest and began bouncing once again, fucking him in earnest. Her pussy had never been filled like it is now.

She felt her orgasm building and began to fuck him harder. She leaned down and kissed Ted, sucking his tongue into her mouth. Her hips were a blur now as she pounded his massive dick.

Ted reached around her and each hand cupped an ass cheek. He moved his fingers towards her tiny opening and found it lubricated from the cum that had dripped earlier. His finger found her opening and when she was about to cum, he thrust his finger inside. She groaned and her pussy started to tighten as her orgasm was here. He shoved his finger in deep as she almost passed out from her orgasm.

With his dick inside of her, he rolled over until he was in between her legs and he started fucking her again. She fucked back as hard as she could. “FUCK ME BABY. FUCK ME HARDER. I’M CUMMMMMMING AGAIN,” she screams.

Ted was driving his dick in and out of her now. He was close to another orgasm and she sensed it. “Cum in my mouth Ted, I want to take your cum in my mouth this time,” she says. Ted thrust a few more times then pulled his dick out, hearing a pop with the suction in her pussy. She scrambled up with him on his knees and opened her mouth and engulfed his huge dick. She stroked it a few more times and his dick throbbed as his cum rushed into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but some dripped down her chin, onto her breasts. Ted closed his eyes as she sucked the remaining drops from his dick. He fell over onto the bed and she smiled at him. She reached with a finger and scraped the cum drops on her breasts and brought the juices to her mouth. She sucked her finger as he watched with a lewd grin. She lay down beside him and they just held each other and drifted off to sleep.

After a couple of hours, Ted drifted back to a semi-conscience state and it brought a smile on his face. He felt a wonderful pair of lips encircling the head of his dick while the head was being bathed by a soft wet tongue.

Ted opened his eyes but he didn’t see anything. Lana had placed the mask over his eyes and hooked his arms to his cuffs for a little fun of her own.

Lana didn’t tell Ted that while he slept, she made a phone call and had her roommate come over. Suzi hurried over with the image Lana had painted of what must be a wonderful dick. She couldn’t wait to get that inside of her. Her pussy had a mind of it’s own on the trip over. Her panties became soaked as she ran her fingers between her legs and rubbed her mound.

Ted didn’t realize it yet, but it was not Lana that had his dick in her mouth. As soon as Suzi got inside and saw Ted sleeping there, she undressed and her hands began fondling his huge dick.

Suzi began bobbing her head up and down as her hand stroked Ted’s thick dick. She woke Ted’s senses as her tongue slid across the sensitive head.

Suzi needed to fuck right now. She needed to have this gorgeous dick sliding through her slick walls and to feel his cum spraying inside of her.

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