The Pact

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The Pact

Emina stepped out of the car and hefted the duffel bag over one shoulder. “Okay, Papa. Hvala ti,” she said, picking up the sleeping bag that was in the backseat and holding it under her arm.

“Have fun,” her father responded, his Bosnian accent still thick after ten years of living in America. “Volim te.”

“Volim i ja tebe,” Emina responded. She leaned in through the driver’s side window and kissed her father on the cheek before walking up the short driveway to the two-story house. After ringing the doorbell, Emina didn’t have to wait long before the door was opened and she saw one of her best friends, Josie Reed, greeting her with a big smile on her face. Emina gave Josie a hug before waving to her father and entering the house.

“We’re gonna have so much fun this weekend,” Josie was saying as she led Emina into the living room. Sitting on the couch was the third person in their trio, Kim. Emina walked over and gave Kim a hug and kiss on the cheek.

The three young women were physically very different from one another. Emina was White, with fair skin, dirty blonde hair that came down to her shoulders, and hazel eyes. She stood about 5’4″ and had a thin frame, with B-cup breasts to go along with it. Josie had brown skin with warm orange-red undertones, dark hair that was styled in micro-braids that went down to her butt, and brown eyes. At 5’5″, she had an athletic build, sculpted from years of playing soccer.

And then there was Kim. Kim was a chubby half-Black, half-Asian young woman. Her skin was the color of wheat, and she had almond-shaped eyes and long, dark brunette hair. She had thick hips and a round ass that a lot of guys in school stared at when she went by.

This was a bittersweet weekend for the three friends. This was the last weekend they would be able to have a sleepover before they all went away to college in a month. They were trying to spend as much of this last summer together as they could. It helped that Josie’s parents were away for the weekend.

“So what do you have planned for us this weekend?” Emina asked Josie.

“Oh, the usual- movies, hair, makeup, and gossip,” Josie responded.

“And I think we have to talk about a certain someone running out of time to keep her promise,” Emina said, glancing at Kim.

“It’s not my fault,” Kim said. “I haven’t found the right guy yet.”

“It shouldn’t be that hard,” Josie interjected. “Emina lost her virginity to Ryan on prom night, and I gave mine to Joey a couple of weeks ago at his house. You’re the only one who is still a virgin.”

“And we promised that we wouldn’t go to college as virgins,” Emina added.

“I know, but I just haven’t been able to go all the way yet.”

“Once you do, you’ll never wanna go back,” Josie said. “It’s just not the same as getting fingered or licked by one of us.”

“And it definitely feels different than a vibrator,” Emina put in.

“It’ll happen when it happens,” Kim said.

“Well, it better happen soon, because we made an agreement,” Josie said, a stern tone in her voice.

Their conversation was interrupted by the front door opening. Josie’s brother Keith walked in the door and smiled when he saw his sister and her two friends.

“How are my sisters doing?” he asked in a joking tone. The three young women had been friends for a decade, and Keith often joked that all three were his sisters. He went over and gave each of them a hug. Keith was back home in Cherry Springs for the summer from college, where he was attending on a boxing scholarship. He had won quite a few local tournaments, and had even made it to the state semi-finals this past year. His muscular frame made for a tight hug.

“We’re good,” Josie said. “Just talking about what we’re gonna be doing this weekend.”

“Well, I’ll try to stay out your way, ” Keith responded. “I’m probably gonna go hang with the guys tonight, anyway.”

“Cool, so we don’t have to listen to your lame jokes,” Emina said with a smirk.

“Hey, my jokes always make Kim laugh,” Keith said. Kim just responded with a shrug. “Well, I’ll be in my room if you need me,” he said before going up the stairs. The three women heard his bedroom door shut.

“Let’s change our clothes, and then we can decide what to do first,” Josie said. Emina grabbed her bag and the three of them went upstairs to Josie’s bedroom, which was directly across from her brother’s. They could already hear the sounds of video games coming from his room.

They closed Josie’s door and started taking off their clothes. Both Josie changed into shorts and a tank top, while Emina put on stretch pants and a t-shirt. With no bras on, their nipples were poking against the fabric of their tops. Kim, on the other hand, pulled a purple satin pajama set.

“Oh, that’s new!” Josie said, admiring the garments.

“Yeah, I bought it yesterday. I wanted something new for this occasion,” Kim replied.

“It’s really nice,” Emina cooed as she ran her hand along the fabric.

Kim took off erdemli escort her bra and put on the pajama top, buttoning it up. She slid into the pajama pants and did a turn for her friends. “How does it look?”

“One thing,” Emina said, stepping in front of her. Reaching up, Emina undid the first two buttons of the pajama top. “There, now it looks better with some of your cleavage out.” Emina rubbed her hand along Kim’s backside. “And you don’t have to worry about a panty line like with my stretch pants.”

“You could remedy that by not wearing panties,” Josie said, smirking.

“Maybe I’ll take them off later tonight,” Emina answered.

The three of them went back downstairs and got some snacks before watching a couple of movies. They decided to make it a horror night, starting off with a Jason movie, and them moving on to a Chucky one.

After the second movie, when they were trying to decide what else to watch, Keith came downstairs, wearing jeans and a t-shirt that showed off his biceps.

“I’m off to Nate’s house. I’ll be back later tonight. Try to stay out of trouble,” he said as he headed to the door.”

“What kind of trouble could us three good girls get into?” Josie asked.

“You’re way more likely to get in trouble than we are.” Emina added.

“Have fun, Keith,” Kim said.

“Later,” he said, closing the door behind him.

The three women continued watching TV, waiting ten minutes to make sure Keith didn’t come back for anything.

“Do you think we’re safe?” Kim asked.

“I hope so, because I’ve been wanting to do this since you put those pajamas on,” Josie said, sitting on Kim’s lap. The two woman started kissing, Kim’s hand rubbing on Josie’s bare thigh. Josie unbuttoned Kim’s top and pulled her full D-cup tits out. She started playfully tweaking her friend’s light-brown nipples. Kim moaned into Josie’s mouth.

“Don’t forget about me,” Emina said, stepping over to Josie. She pulled Josie’s tank top up, exposing her breasts. Josie’s brown nipples were already hard, before Emina put her tongue on them.

“Let’s go up to my room so we can do this right,” Josie said. The three of them went upstairs, holding hands in a line with Josie leading the way.

“Lay back on the bed,” Emina told Kim. Kim obeyed. Emina spread Kim’s legs and knelt between them. She leaned over and started sucking on Kim’s nipples. She moved down, sliding her hands into the waistband of Kim’s pajama pants. Kim lifted her hips and let Emina slide the pants down. Emina kissed Kim’s pussy through the lace fabric of the panties. Josie gently pulled Emina back upright and lifted Emina’s t-shirt off. Her small, dark-pink nipples were practically begging for attention.

Cupping Emina’s tits from behind, Josie trailed kisses down her friend’s back. She felt Emina’s body stiffen from the sensation. Josie teased Emina, kissing her lower back along the waistband of her stretch pants. Emina pulled the pants down to her thighs, exposing her round, thong-clad ass to Josie, who promptly took a playful nibble of her cheeks.

Emina slowly pulled off Kim’s panties, looking lustfully at the shaved pussy. She reached down and slowly inserted two of her fingers into Kim’s hole, making Kim sigh. As she slid her fingers in and out, Emina leaned over and slowly licked at Kim’s clit. Kim spread her legs wider, giving her best friend easier access to her mound.

Meanwhile, Josie had reached under her bed and pulled out a bag. Reaching in, she sifted through a few of the sex toys that were in there before pulling out a brown double strap-on. Josie took off her clothes, tossing them in a pile on the floor. She placed the smaller, inner-facing dildo inside her slit before buckling the straps of the apparatus. Josie made sure everything was snug before stepping behind Emina.

Josie reached down between Emina’s legs from behind and spread her friend’s moist lips. Knowing how her friend liked it, she roughly shoved the brown dildo in Emina’s pussy, making the young woman squeal in pained delight. Josie gripped Emina’s hips and started fucking her, the motion stimulating both of them.

Emina’s moans vibrated through Kim’s pussy, sending tingling waves along her body. Kim held Emina’s head down and ground her box into Emina’s face. Somehow, Emina kept up, hungrily licking and sucking on Kim’s pussy and clit.

The rough fucking from Josie made Emina cum quickly, as it usually did. Her juices coated the cock that was filling her. Josie kept going, experience telling her when the woman bent over in front of her had enough. The dildo inside Josie was hitting the right spot, building up her pleasure.

On the bed, Kim was playing with her nipples, pinching and pulling on them. She looked up to watch Josie fucking Emina from behind, Josie’s chocolate skin contrasting with Emina’s complexion. Josie’s tits were bouncing from her thrusts. Kim was almost hypnotized by the motions.

“Fuck me, J,” Emina moaned, lifting her head from Kim’s groin anamur escort just long enough to get those words out before diving right back in. Josie responded with a firm smack on Emina’s ass and more hard thrusts.

Kim grabbed the back of Emina’s head and held it in place. Emina knew enough to open her mouth, and felt Kim orgasm, warm cum flowing out of Kim’s pussy past Emina’s lips, over her tongue, and down her gullet. Emina worked her tongue, swallowing every last tangy drop.

Josie waited until Kim’s orgasm subsided and pulled out of Emina. She pushed Emina on the bed and flipped her over onto her back. Emina spread her legs, putting her feet in the air. Josie knelt between her legs and aimed the head of the strap-on at Emina’s entrance.

“Who’s my bitch tonight?” Josie asked, her voice low.

“I am, J. I’m your bitch,” Emina answered, spreading her pussy lips. Josie shoved in, bottoming out in Emina’s crevice.

Kim turned and began kissing Emina. “I love the way I taste on your lips, ‘Mina,” Kim said. Emina’s response was a moan of pleasure as Josie kept slamming into her. Kim sucked on Emina’s nipples hard, making Emina arch her back. Tears of pleasure started flowing from Emina, and her moans became more lively.

“Fuck this pussy, J,” Emina pleaded. Josie closed her eyes and gripped Emina’s legs harder, her nails practically digging into her friend’s calves.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Josie moaned. At almost the same time, both Emina and Josie started trembling. The shared orgasm seemed to start at their groins and quickly radiate through their bodies, filling the two friends with waves of pleasure.

Breathing hard, Josie pulled out of Emina and collapsed on the bed beside her. A small amount of orgasmic fluid leaked out of Emina’s pussy. Emina sat up and looked at the small wet spot that formed on the bed. “It’s a good thing you do your own laundry,” she laughed.

“Yeah, or else I would have a lot to explain,” Josie said, still trying to catch her breath.


Kim woke up and looked at the clock radio sitting on the window sill. It read 2:20 AM. She felt her two friends sleeping in the bed on both sides of her. Kim lay there, wondering what it was that woke her up. After their initial session, the three of them rested for a bit before going at it again and then cleaning up afterwards. Kim knew she was tired enough to sleep soundly through the night.

Outside the bedroom door, she heard the floor creak and knew that Keith must have come home. That had to be what woke her up. Her hunch was confirmed when she heard his bedroom door shut.

Kim slowly got up out the bed, making sure not to wake Josie and Emina. She opened the door, trying to be as quiet as possible, and padded barefoot down the hall to the bathroom. She checked herself in the mirror, making sure she looked okay. She unbuttoned her pajama top and teased her nipples, making them hard. She re-fastened the buttons and looked to make sure she could see her nipples poking through the fabric. Satisfied, she left the bathroom.

Kim walked back down the hall and stopped in front of Keith’s door. Taking a deep breath, she gently knocked.

Keith opened the door, a look of surprise on his face. He was wearing only a pair of basketball shorts “Hey Kim, what’s up? Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just couldn’t sleep, and heard you come in. I figured I’d come and talk to you for a bit.”

“Oh, okay. Come on in,” he said, opening the door wider. Kim followed him into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

“So how was the party?” Kim asked.

“It wasn’t really a party. I was just hanging with the guys,” Keith answered. He grabbed a t-shirt and put it on. “You know, just doing guy stuff.”

“I wouldn’t know about ‘guy stuff’,” Kim said, sitting at the foot of his bed. “I’m not a guy, remember?”

“Oh, I’m aware of how ‘not a guy’ you are.”

This made Kim’s cheeks flush red. “So what were you doing when I knocked on your door?” she asked, trying to keep the moment of awkward silence from getting larger.

“Oh, I was just about to play some Mortal Kombat.”

“Ooooh, can I play?” Kim asked, excitement in her voice.

“What you know about that MK?” Keith asked playfully.

“I know enough to give you some competition,” she said, putting her hand on her hip.

“Oh really?”

“Hell yeah.”

“Are you sure you wanna do this? I don’t wanna embarrass you,” Keith said, taunting her.

“Embarrass me? That ain’t gonna happen,” Kim replied.

“I’m telling you, I’m really good.”

“If you’re so good, then how about we make this a little more fun?”

“And how are we supposed to do that?” Keith asked, his eyebrow raised.

“Let’s play for clothes.”

“For clothes? What do you mean?”

“I mean, that we basically play strip Mortal Kombat. Whoever wins the match, the other person has to take off an article of clothing.”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m very serious,” Kim said, looking mersin escort Keith directly in the eyes.

“We can’t do that.”

“Why not? You scared?”

“Scared of losing to you? Never that.” Keith had a big smile on his face.

“Then let’s do this, Mister Tough Boxer.” Kim enjoyed taunting Keith with that name.

“Aight. How much clothes do you have on?”

“I have three things: my top, my panties, and my bottoms.”

“Well I only have two things on: my shorts and the t-shirt.”

“I mean, if you got skills, me having one extra piece of clothing shouldn’t be a challenge to you.” Kim shrugged her shoulders for emphasis.

“Bet,” Keith responded, nodding his head. He turned on the Playstation and picked up the two controllers, handing one to Kim before sitting on the bed next to her.

The game started and the two of them picked their characters. Keith started off the match smiling, thinking he was going to win easily and see Kim naked and embarrassed. The smile was quickly wiped off his face when Kim won the match in two straight rounds.

“So you couldn’t even go three rounds?” Kim taunted when the match was over.

Keith took off his t-shirt and tossed it at Kim. “Oh, I’m about to whoop that ass,” he replied. He leaned forward and started the next fight. It took him three rounds, but he won. He looked over at Kim with a wide smile on his face. “Okay, now it’s time to show me what’s under that top.”

Kim placed the controller on her lap and slowly undid the buttons. When all of them were unfastened, she pulled open the sides of the top, exposing her breasts. She saw Keith lick his lips as he stared at her erect nipples. “Like what you see?” she asked seductively. She made a show of pulling her arms out the sleeves before dropping the top on the floor in front of her.

“Let’s go,” Kim said, focusing on the game again. She lost the next fight in three rounds again, and Keith didn’t try to hide his eagerness at seeing her take off more of her clothes. He turned his whole body to face her as she stood up and peeled her pajama pants down. His eyes took in the width of her hips, her thick thighs, and even her pedicured feet.

As Keith watched, Kim kicked the bottoms off her feet and did a slow turn for Keith’s benefit. Somehow, he had enough self-control to not reach over and grab a handful of Kim’s jiggly ass. As she faced him again, Kim pulled lightly at the band of her lace panties, giving her a slight cameltoe.

“One of us is gonna be naked after this match,” Keith said, his gaze lingering on what he could see of Kim’s labia through the lace.

“Then let’s finish this,” she responded, sitting close enough to Keith that their thighs were touching. Glancing down to the side, she spied the beginning of an erection in Keith’s shorts. The two of them focused once again on the game, this match once again going all three rounds before Kim jumped up in victory.

“Are you gonna pull them down, or do you want me to?” Kim inquired. Keith stood up and Kim took a step back. Keith quickly pulled his shorts off, his semi-erect rod bouncing from the action. Kim took in the sight- his thick, brown shaft almost pointing at her. The vein that ran down the length of his member. The way she could time his heartbeat by the way his cock twitched.

Keith put his hands on his waist and posed. “You happy now?”

Kim smirked. “This is the best victory I’ve ever achieved.”

Sitting back down on the bed, Keith picked up his controller. “Only because you basically had a head start.”

“Awww, don’t be a sore loser.”

“If I was a sore loser, I would tell you to get out my room.”

“Yeah, but then you wouldn’t have a chance to play again until you get my panties off.”

Keith looked up at her, his eyebrow raised. Kim just sat down and started the next match. This one went down to the wire, but Kim made an error, and Keith tossed his controller to the side when he won. “I guess it’s your turn now.

Kim got up from the bed and stood in front of Keith. “Why don’t you take them off for me?” she said, her voice low. Keith looked up into her eyes, and she gave him a little nod. Keith let his hands linger on the sides of her ass for a moment before he slowly pulled down her underwear. Kim wiggled her hips to help him. When the garment was down to her ankles, Kim lifted her feet to step out of them.

Kim’s round breasts were right in Keith’s face. She took his hands and put them on her chest. He held them for a moment, letting their mass settle in his hands. He then began softly kneading them. Kim put her hand on the back of Keith’s head and pulled him forward. He opened his mouth and started sucking on her nipples. He swirled his tongue around one while pinching the other, and then switched.

After a couple of minutes, Kim gently pulled Keith away from her breasts and nudged him to lie back on the bed. He obeyed, and Kim got on her knees in between his legs. She looked at his hard member and gently grasped it. She marveled at how it felt in her hand- firm and warm. Kim imitated the porn movies she had seen and licked up the length of his shaft. Her tongue flicked over the head. Kim tasted the drop of precum that appeared, the slightly salty and tangy flavor new to her.

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