The Party

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Female Ejaculation

Boring. In fact if you weren’t here, I’d already have left. A group of people who seem well meaning enough, it’s just that there’s really no interesting conversation, just banalities. But you’re here, and that changes the chemistry of the evening. Not only a great friend, with a superb mind, and an interesting in all things, but a passionate lover, willing to enjoy the sensual, and spiritual side of sex, as well as the physical. None before or since has ever brought such a passion to the bed, and several other places as well.

Smiling people, laughs, and some food, it’s a pleasant evening though, but as they often do, my eyes keep wandering back to you. And them. While not overwhelming or consuming of the attention, they’re on display this evening, even though mostly covered. The hint of what lies beneath, and the shape and fullness draw my attention, as they always do. And that familiar stirring below my belt line begins, once again. Knowing, as I do, the softness of the skin there, and the glory of their impression into my hands, the arousal is nothing more than a pleasant reminder of past moments of delight. At first.

What the? So quickly I almost missed it, blinking my eyes to be sure I’d not just confused several images into one. There! Once again. A gaze from your eyes, to my lower extremities, and a quick dart of your tongue across your lips. And without anyone noticing, or so we think, your eyes look up to mine, with a slightly knowing smile. I’m a stranger in this home, I don’t know the hosts except through you, so I don’t know the privacy opportunities. Your eyes glance towards a hall, and then back at me with that delightfully wicked smile. It’s clear that you do know them, and have something in mind. The arousal continues, now more consuming of the consciousness.

Rising, I walk slowly to the bar, and find ice water. My calming elixir, always a jolt to bring my wandering lust back into control. A long slow drink, and I’m back into a less overt state of desire for you. Until you walk up, and with a wonderful sense of covert teasing you push them firmly against my arm, while asking for something to drink. Knowing I feel them, and smiling inwardly at my uneasiness in this foreign setting, you move in subtle ways to let me know your lust matches my own. A quick glance to make sure know one has taken any undue notice of us, I clandestinely squeeze your ass…nice and hard. Enough canlı bahis to make you struggle not to jump or gasp. Turning away, you walk back towards the rest of the house. Not being able to avert my gaze I watch your lovely ass as it proceeds away from me. And I look up, and see you point your glance towards a hallway, and then you’re gone, down that hallway. Oh. An invitation.

Even though the hallway is not well lit, I can see you clearly as I step into it’s corridor, and I notice that you’ve opened your blouse, and they’re clearly displayed for me, caressed as they are in black lace. Magnificent orbs, rivaling anything celestial for fascination and awe. I move towards them, and see you turn to the left and into a room. With cautious haste I follow and enter the room. With out a word you’re in my arms, your body pressed against mine, your mouth devouring mine, exploring with your tongue in the way you know turns me on like a switch. My hands roughly grasp at your breasts, kneading the flesh there…pulling the lace aside to roll the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, tugging them into their own rigidity. Feeling your breathing quicken, I quickly grasp your hair, and pull you to me…whispering fiercly… “Raya, I’m going to fuck you, as I please, as long as I please. And you cannot stop me, even if that were your desire.”

And with that, I spun you to face away from me, and pull your dress up, until that ass is uncovered. Noting with delight that you still continue not to wear panties, I unzip my trousers and allow my cock to become unconfined by the fabric. The first touch you feel, other than my hands in your hair, is the very tip of my cock against your left ass cheek. You feel the warmth of the head, and the skin texture of the shaft as it slides along side you. In an instant your dress flutters to the floor, and you feel rapidly propelled towards the bed. Before you have time to think, your body is pushed forward at the waist, with your lovely globes suspended and your hands and elbows go on to the bed while your ass raises.

Presented with such an image I have no control of my cock, or my thoughts. My only complete desire is to enter that lovely canyon, glistening with dew. Without warning, my cock pushes deep inside your pussy, filling you snugly, and deliciously. My control of your motions is without wavering…and I move your body back and forth, as I begin to fuck you bahis siteleri very deeply, with hard pounding strokes.

The caress of the underside of my cock against your clit, and the alternating fullness and emptiness in your pussy pushes your own passion over the edge, and the first of the climaxes makes you shudder. As there is no letup in my fucking, you have two quick sharp climaxes, and you sense my movement intensify. Knowing my lovemaking signs, as you do, you know it won’t be much longer for me. Filled as you are, and with that marvelous pussy giving my cock the most exquisite caresses, you begin to plead..softly at first, and then with more urgency… “Alan…Alan…I want to taste you…please…let me taste your cum…”…

Summoning what little control I have left, I pull myself out of you swiftly..and spin you around…pushing you down on the floor in front of me. Pulling your head towards me I command you, firmly, without any room for dissent, “Suck me, Raya. Suck me till I come.”

Your lips part, and feel the strength of the pulsing head of my cock as it glides over them, and is caressed by your tongue, which swirls around the head. Pulsing, throbbing…it won’t be long now…I stroke faster and faster…my balls bounding on your chin…and then you feel it, the pulse that tells you it’s coming and cant’ be stopped. As another almost violent climax rumbles into your pussy and up your spine….you feel my cock explode in your mouth, and my volcano erupts into your mouth. Eagerly you devour it, savoring the taste, but daring not to wait, lest you lose a single drop, you continue drawing it into your mouth…until you sense my movement has stopped, and my body is still, even though my breath is heaving.

Gently detaching your lips from my cock…but unwilling to let go, continuing to caress, you watch as I recover slowly. And noting with an evil grin, that a tiny drop of that cream rests on your left breast. Eagerly dipping into it with your finger you bring it to your lips to savor the last taste.

My mind is whirling with the effects of the marvelous fucking I’ve given to you, and the incredible sucking you’ve shared with me. I must lie down, else I let the dizziness take control. Slowly I move to your side, and sit on the bed. Your hand never leaves my cock, holding it warmly and gently. “Rest a moment, dear,” you warmly chide me. And I close my eyes.

I hear bahis şirketleri sounds, and my eyes slowly open. You’ve returned, but you’re not alone. Another woman stands beside you, asking you, softly, almost so that I cannot hear, “Is that him?” You assure her that indeed, I am the “him” you’ve spoken of.

Wanting to turn away, she is still unable to stop looking at my cock, glistening as it is, even semi-hard, with the gentle coating from your pussy, and your mouth, not to mention the cream I shared with you. Pulling her towards the bed alongside you, you pull her down onto her knees, and while she watches, fascinated, you lean over and begin a slow adagio dance on my cock with your tongue. Knowing as it does the promise of that caress, my cock summons itself again to fullness and becomes hard in mere moments.

As my cock rises, so to does the depth of your oral caress. Until that instant, I thought we were merely showing this unknown guest how two lovers please each other, when I hear you softly, but with a command that leaves no room for disagreement, speak to her, and tell her, “Lean over here and suck him, it tastes so wonderful.”

And with some trepidation, she does, tentative at first in her licks, but soon, bobbing her head with delight on the hardness of my cock. Losing myself in the delight of her action, I lose track of you.

Then, as my head rolls to one side, I see that you have raised her dress and have begun your own oral attention to her pussy. Your actions have a definite response on her, as her sucking and licking of my cock takes on a new fervor, a more manic and demanding tone. Soon, fearing her reflexes will result in a bite, she removes her mouth from me, and proceeds to use her hands, gently coaxing me, while telling you what she wants. “Yes, oh yes…suck me there…bite my lips…ah…ah..” and while her passion rises, I can no longer hold back and my cock explodes, onto her breasts and chin…with a cry she dives to taste it, reveling in the salty delicacy…

And then her own shudders begin…knowing your touches and caresses have reached the tipping point, her thrashing continues…intensity growing, until at last with a marvelous groan she climaxes…and tenses up while the waves hit her, emanating from her clit, but radiating throughout her body. The shudders are beautiful to feel, incredible to see. And knowing you’ve pleased us both, a smile crosses my face, thinking of how I might now have an accomplice in using my will.

To make you do the one thing you cannot. Allow me, or us, to concentrate on YOUR pleasure. More to come. Or more to cum. What a delicious thought.

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