The Photo Album Ch. 04

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Asa Akira

Chapter 04: A Movie Orgy, and Mom’s New Lover

Mom and I climbed the stairs to the attic. When she got to the top, she looked around approvingly at the work I’d done over the previous weeks.

“Very nice, Jack,” she complimented me. “I don’t think it’s ever been this orderly. Thank you.”

“No big deal,” I replied, “really.”

“Oh, but it is.” Mom looked around until her eyes fell on the box of movies. She bent over to pick it up. “No reason for this to stay in the attic anymore, I suppose,” she said to herself as she headed back toward the stairs. “Oh, Jack,” she called over her shoulder, “could you bring that old projector down with you? I think we’re going to want to have it handy later on.”

‘Handy later on?’ I thought to myself. What do you have in mind, Mom?

When we got back down to the bedroom level, Mom set the box down on her bed and rummaged around in her closet until she found another box, which she pulled down from the topmost shelf. Inside were a few full-size VHS tapes, not the compact VHS-C tapes I’d discovered in the attic. She pulled out one of the tapes and showed it to me. It bore the simple label ‘1985’.

“I don’t know why Gwen didn’t want to answer your question,” she said. “If you know about the four of us, you might as well know all of it.”

“All of it?”

“Come on,” she said, stacking the two boxes together and heading downstairs to the den, where the TV was. And the old VHS player.

She had me sit on the couch, while she got the VHS player set up. Once the tape was ready, she sat next to me.

She exhaled, saying, “If the tapes of the four of us didn’t bother you, let’s see what you think of this. . .”

Suddenly, I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into.

The image on the TV came into focus. A tall man and a very buxom blonde, both of them looking to be in their 40s, or maybe their early 50s, were standing naked together, grinning at the camera. They looked vaguely familiar to me, but I couldn’t say exactly how.

Mom leaned close to me. “That’s Derek and Rosemary Jamison,” she whispered, “our hosts. Derek. . .” she started, as if to explain something. “That man was. . .” She paused again. “Well, just wait and see for yourself.”

Okay, I thought to myself, I wonder what I’m gonna see?

On the TV, the doorbell rang. Mr. Jamison, uh, Derek answered the door, greeting Brian and Gwen Rutherford, who were laughing out loud at the naked welcome.

“Get right to it, I say!” Derek laughed. “Why waste time getting out of our clothes?”

“Excellent point!” Brian replied.

“I agree,” said Gwen.

Rosemary stepped forward to greet Brian, stroking the bulge that was already growing in the front of his pants as she kissed him warmly, and pressed her large, full breasts against him.

“Come on, Brian,” she said, “I can’t wait to get at your cock!”

“Say no more, Rosemary,” Brian answered her, with a chuckle. “He can’t wait to get at you, either!” The four of them all laughed together, and quickly, both Rutherfords were as naked as their hosts.

The doorbell rang again. This time, it was a dark-haired couple.

“Paul and Rita Bignelli,” Mom whispered.

Paul was swarthily Italian-looking, and his wife was a classic Italian beauty, with flashing dark eyes, full, round breasts that demanded attention even covered by clothing, and raven hair. They also laughed at their naked welcome, and stripped immediately.

“You can toss your clothes on the bench there, in the hall,” Rosemary said. “There are drinks in the den.”

“Wonderful!” enthused Brian, and the first four guests wandered back to the den, while the Jamisons remained by the door to greet the rest of the guests.

Next to arrive were another couple I didn’t recall ever meeting. The husband was medium height and stocky; his wife was a tall ash-blonde, with a nice pair of tits of her own.

“The Schafers,” Mom whispered. “George and Melinda.”

I nodded. “Am I gonna need a program to keep the players straight?” I asked.

So far, there were four couples at the Jamisons’ house on the TV. And I presumed that Mom and Dad were going to be there soon, since Mom had the tape.

Sure enough, the next guests to arrive were my parents, in their mid-40s at the time of the video. Dad was showing some gray around his temples. Mom’s auburn hair, which she never colored, was showing a few flecks of gray. But they both looked youthful and energetic. Dad laughed and jumped when Rosemary Jamison gripped his cock through his pants, as she had with all the arriving men. Mom gave Derek a warm kiss, and ‘shook hands’ with his naked penis, now semi-hard. Derek slipped his hand inside Mom’s loose-fitting blouse to fondle her breast affectionately.

It slowly dawned on me what I was seeing. “This is an orgy!” I exclaimed. “You really did have orgies!”

Mom blushed. “Yes, we did. But only once a year, in the summertime.”

“How did you meet everybody?”

“Well, Brian and Gwen were a bit more. . . adventurous than your father and I. They made some contacts through konyaaltı escort swingers’ clubs, and then your dad and I tagged along.”

I shook my head. This was gonna be a helluva tape to watch. “How many more couples?” I whispered to Mom.

“Just one more couple,” she answered.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang, and the last couple — the sixth — entered.

“Peter and Stephanie Hardon,” Mom said.

I looked at her with one eybrow arched. “Peter Hardon?” I asked. “His parents must not have been thinking.”

Mom laughed. “You’re not the first to think that,” she smirked. “Peter took a lot of teasing over his name. He also seemed to take it as a personal challenge to live up to.”

“Ah,” I nodded, “good for him.”

“Not just him,” Mom said, with a smirk.


Once all the guests had arrived, the scene shifted to a large open room that I figured must be the den, since that’s where the Jamisons had directed everyone. Scattered around the room, couples were paired off — none with their own spouses — kissing and groping one another, as the Jamisons and Hardons entered the room. I could see Dad with Rita Bignelli, squeezing and fondling her large, gorgeous tits, while she was stroking his cock. Mom was likewise engaged with George Schafer. Across the room, Brian Rutherford was paired off with George’s wife Melinda, and Gwen was with Paul Bignelli.

The camera jiggled momentarily, while Derek attached it to the tripod near the doorway. Then Derek managed to get the various erotic pairings at least momentarily disengaged, and they all gathered in the middle of the room.

“Welcome, everyone!” Derek began. “Rosemary and I are honored to have you all at our house for an evening of mutual fun.” He gave a brief orientation to the layout of the house, and which rooms were available for ‘playing’ in, where the drinks were, and the bathrooms, and so on.

Then he smiled. “Before things get rolling in earnest, though, we have a couple ice-breakers we’d like to do, just to get everyone acquainted with each other, since some of us are here for the first time.”

Derek had all the men stand in an outward-facing circle. “Now then, ladies — your goal is to work your way around the circle, until you’ve sucked the cocks of all six guys; it’s sort-of like Musical Blowjobs, except nobody loses, and nobody has to get out of line.” Everybody got a chuckle out of that. “I’ve got a timer here,” he continued, “and when it rings, just rotate to the next guy to the right, until you’ve tasted all six of our cocks. Clear enough?”

The women all giggled, and distributed themselves around the circle of men. Then they all got on their knees, looking back and forth at each other and laughing. Derek held up the timer, turned the dial and placed it on a little stand inside the circle formed by the six men’s asses.

Derek and Paul were the men facing most directly toward the camera. Dad and Brian were facing away, so I couldn’t really see them. Initially, Mom was paired with Paul, and I could see her deep auburn hair bobbing back and forth as she stroked her head back and forth along his shaft. A couple times, she pulled her head off his cock, and moved to the side, as if to display his package for the camera. And a fine package it was, too! Mom hadn’t been sucking him very long before he was fully eight inches long, and admirably thick. She faced the camera, saying, “I’m gonna have some fun with this one, later on!”

“Maybe sooner than later,” Paul grinned down at her.

I could see Gwen a couple spots to Mom’s right, sucking Peter’s hard-on.

Soon the timer rang, and Derek called out, “Time! Ladies, move one place to your right!”

All six women knee-walked to the next cock to their right. That meant that Gwen moved toward the back, where Dad and Brian were, out of the direct line-of-sight of the camera, and Mom moved to Derek.

For the first time, I noticed Derek’s erection — it was huge! Paul had a really magnificent cock, but Derek’s was incredible –thicker than Paul’s, and at least an inch-and-a-half longer. Mom took hold of it, again displaying it for the camera. Then, holding his shaft straight up, she bent down and sensually licked his balls, taking them one at a time into her mouth, gently rolling them on her tongue, while Derek groaned.


I leaned over to Mom as we watched together. “Jeez, that Derek has a huge cock, doesn’t he?”

Mom purred happily. “Mmmmmm. . . Yes, he does. Biggest one I’ve ever had, anyway. . . And my god. . . well, just keep watching. . .” I found myself wondering just how many cocks my mother had had, in her life.


The TV version of Mom was now licking sensuously along the entire length of Derek’s wondrous member, from his balls to his cockhead, and then back. Whenever she arrived at the head, she took it in her mouth and sucked on it for several seconds. From her cheeks, I could see how she was swirling her tongue around the head of Derek’s cock, producing sensations which I could only imagine, that drew agonizing groans from kültür escort Derek.

“God, I love your cock, Derek,” she breathed.


Back in the present, the real Mom leaned closer against me, draping my arm around her shoulder. Then she casually rested her hand on my crotch, which was beginning to grow a bulge in the front of my pants. Idly, she began to stroke along the length of my eager manhood, while I began to lazily grind my hips against her strokes.

My mind was spinning with the thought that my mother — my own mother! — seemed so intent on making love to me, her 40-something son. But the sensations in my cock were over-riding whatever reluctance I might have had in my brain.


On the TV, the timer rang again, and Mom moved on to Peter’s cock, and then to Dad’s and Brian’s and George’s, in order. None of the men wanted to cum yet, so early in the evening, and by the time the women were on their last couple rotations, it became a game of exquisite torture, as all the men were on the edge of orgasm, but striving mightily to resist it. When the timer rang at last for the end of the last turn, several of the men let out heavy groans of relief.

Derek came to the center again. “Okay, ladies,” he began, “now it’s your turn.” He motioned to the corner of the room, where a pair of couches were arranged in an ‘L’ shape. “Each of you take a spot on the couch, and then guys, arrange yourselves, one to each woman, and we’ll play Musical Pussy-Licking. Same as before — when the timer rings, move to your right.”

Mom was on the end closest to the camera. Her first cunt-licker was George. Dad was somewhere near the middle, paired with Rita.

I watched as George bent down and began nibbling on the insides of Mom’s thighs. She had her eyes closed, and her hands resting lightly on his head, a dreamy smile spread across her face. From the movies I’d seen before, it seemed that Mom was pretty sensitive to having her pussy licked, and I imagined it wouldn’t be long before she was having her first orgasm.

I guessed right. As soon as I could tell that George had his tongue on Mom’s clit, she was grinding her hips furiously against the strokes of his tongue.

“Oh god, George. . . Oh, yesssss!. . .” she groaned. “Oh, god, I’m cummimg!” Her head rolled from side to side as she gripped George’s head tightly, pressing it tightly against herself, bucking wildly into his face as he continued to lick her. I don’t know if she had one long orgasm, or twelve shorter ones, one after the other. By the time the timer rang, she was whimpering from the intensity of the sensations in her pussy.

When George moved on, Peter took his place between Mom’s knees. “Hello, Ellen,” he smiled. Leaning forward, he inhaled deeply of her scent. “You smell wonderful tonight,” he sighed. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

Peter leaned forward, and quickly, Mom was right back at her orgasmic peak. I had never seen a woman respond with such a hair-trigger to having her pussy eaten.

Dad was one place down from Mom now, tending to Stephanie. She seemed to be responding more slowly than Mom, but very intensely. She ground her hips slowly against Dad’s face, her eyes closed, and her lips pursed in a silent ‘ooo’. Dad cupped his hands under her ass as her orgasm continued to build, slowly but inexorably.

It was utterly wild, seeing my parents so close to each other, but engaged in pussy-licking with two others who weren’t even married to each other.

Soon, Mom was wailing and thrashing in another round of orgasms on Peter’s tongue, and Stephanie was squealing out her own climax.

“Oh god, Jim!” she cried. “You’re making me cum! Oh, god yes!”

And on it went. When Dad had his turn with Mom, he paused for a second before he began. “Hello, lover,” he smiled.

“Hello, stud,” Mom chuckled back at him.

“How many of the guys do you think you’ll fuck tonight?”

“All of them, I hope! In fact, I’m hoping that all of them will cum inside me!

“That would be so hot!” Dad enthused. Then turning to the group, he said, “Did you all hear that, gentlemen? Ellen wants all six of us to cum inside her tonight!”

“Oh, Ellen,” Rosemary laughed, from the other end of the couch, “you are such a slut! You’ll have cum dripping down your ass!”

“I certainly hope so!” Mom grinned.

By that time, Dad was licking Mom’s pussy, and she was in the throes of another orgasm in short order.

Derek had the next shot at orally plundering Mom’s pussy, then Brian, and finally Paul. When the timer rang at the end of Paul’s turn, Derek stood up, saying, “Now that we’ve all gotten to know each other a bit, I hope you’ll all enjoy the rest of the evening. Our house it at your disposal — enjoy!”


The realization dawned on me that, this being a full-size VHS tape, it could have two hours or more of six couples’ worth of erotic play, not the half-hour of the compact tapes I’d seen previously. And, with six men and six women, there were 36 different possible couplings. I smiled and settled in; this was markantalya escort gonna be awhile, and it was gonna be good.


When the Musical Pussy Licking game ended, Paul didn’t even get up from between Mom’s legs. He just looked her in the eyes, a wry grin crossing his face. “I told you,” he said, “that you’d be playing with my cock again soon.”

Mom just gripped his large cock with both her hands, and placed it against her opening. “God yes, Paul,” she gasped. “Put it in me. Fuck me. Please!”

Paul didn’t say a word, but simply grinned, and drove his cock into her depths in a single stroke. Both of them groaned loudly at the sensations of being intimately joined together. Mom reached around Paul and gripped his ass-cheeks, holding him deep inside herself.

“Oh god, Paul!” she gasped. “Your cock feels so good inside me. . . so BIG! Let me just feel you deep inside me. . .”

Paul’s eyes suddenly got wide, and I guessed that Mom had tightened her pussy-muscles around his shaft inside herself. Soon, the two of them had established a slow, sensual, steady rhythm.

While Mom and Paul fucked on one end of the couch, Dad was busy with Rosemary on the other end. Dad was sitting on the couch, while Rosemary rode him. Her blonde hair swayed, and her voluptuous curves undulated sensually as she rode back and forth on Dad’s cock, her large, round tits swaying to the rhythm. He leaned forward to suckle them while she rode him.

On one in-stroke, Paul grabbed Mom under her knees, lifting her from the couch and gently laying her on the plushly-carpeted floor, climbing on top of her to give her a slow missionary fuck. Mom wrapped her legs around Paul’s waist, and slid them sensuously downward, over his ass and thighs, locking her ankles inside his knees, virtually welding their bodies together as they undulated in intercourse together.

Finally, the two of them, in perfect concert, gradually increased their rhythm. Paul began to thrust into her more insistently, and Mom began to thrust her own hips up off the floor, meeting each of his thrusts.

Before long, Mom had her head rolled back, her mouth agape as a strangled cry escaped her throat.

“Oh, Paul!” she panted. “I’m cummimg! Give me your cum! Shoot into me!”

The two of them seemed almost to merge, until at last, Paul thrust himself into my mother’s depths and held himself there. I could see the muscles in his ass twitching rhythmically as spurts of his cum surged into her.

“Oh, yesssss,” Mom groaned. “You’re cummimg in me! I can feel it, warm and thick, flowing inside me. Oh, yesssss. . .”

Paul continued to thrust into her, slowing down as his climax ebbed, until at last, with a happy sigh, he pulled his limp cock out of her.

Idly, Mom drew a finger along her slit, collecting a bead of Paul’s cum on her fingertip and sensually sucking it off. “That’s one!” she said.


I turned and looked at Mom, snuggled against my chest, still idly stroking my cock, which by now was straining against the front of my pants. She looked up at me and smiled, then pulled my hand down onto her breast. My mind did another flip at the realization that the tit I was fondling was my own mother’s, but, ever the obedient son, I did as she wanted, and gently squeezed and hefted it, savoring its mature, heavy fullness.

Mom unzipped my pants. Raising my hips, I slid them off myself. My erect cock was raising a tent in the stretchy fabric of my briefs. A wet circle was spreading from the tip.

“Come on,” Mom said. “Let’s get you out of those.”

I raised my hips again, and deftly, Mom stripped my briefs off me, leaving my erect cock standing free from my loins, a bead of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

“Oh, Jack,” Mom purred, “your cock is so very nice.” She leaned forward to lick the salty fluid from the tip of my cock, and give a sultry swirl of her tongue around my cockhead. Then she nestled back against my side, and replaced my hand on her breast, while we returned our attention to the screen.


Mom was still sitting on the couch, with Paul kneeling between her legs. A string of Paul’s cum stretched from Mom’s pussy to his limp cock. Around the room, other couples were paired off — Stephanie was riding George on the floor, a dreamy look on her face, while Brian was banging Rita missionary-style right next to them. Derek and Gwen and Peter and Melinda had seemingly moved to another part of the house. Although I could swear I heard Gwen’s voice crying out in ecstasy somewhere in the distance.

On the couch, Rosemary was writhing in orgasm on Dad’s cock. When she had finished, she climbed off him, showing him still hard, and firmly erect.

“Good boy, Jim,” she smiled. “You didn’t cum. Your wife, here, wants six men’s cum inside herself tonight, so you better get your shot in, while you can.” Then, turning to Paul, she said, “It seems you and I are both available,” and the two of them were soon engaged in a sultry 69 on the floor.

Dad stroked his cock idly as he stood up from the couch and knelt next to Mom on the floor. Mom reached out for his erection, and pulled him toward herself, propping herself on her elbow to suck his cock, still slick with Rosemary’s fluids. She hadn’t sucked him very long before she was groaning in fresh arousal.

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