The Posting Ch. 01

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She read it – and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. And then she read it again. THE POSTING. Then she read it several times more, and each time she did it set her mind on fire and her body ablaze. The first time she read it her fingers had instinctively found her clit and had taken her to a delightful orgasmic plateau. She had never ready anything that had set her mind on fire.

She had put her tablet down and tried to stop re-reading it, but like a moth to a flame she picked it back up and savored each word again and again. She was shocked by the unexpected feeling of a ravenous sexual hunger igniting inside her soul. Each time she read THE POSTING Deb found herself submitting to her arousal, and she would again shudder from her orgasm. When was all said and done, and as much as she loved sex, THE POSTING was triggering in her a new hunger that she had not felt before.

It seemed so incredibly real. It was as if the author had read her mind, that he could feel her body responding to his, and that that he knew exactly what she wanted and needed and hungered for. It was as if he had pried open her heart and knew how she really felt inside. And it was as if he understood exactly how awesome HOT sex felt to her. The words she had stumbled onto had triggered something profound within her that she had never felt. And she couldn’t control it.

Indeed the words set her imagination racing, and even though she wouldn’t yet admit it to herself, she knew where the finish line of this race would be and that she would have to go across it and fuck this man. And each time she read THE POSTING the words has the same effect – and they continued to send her fingers into a furious frenzy inside In a vain effort to satisfy herself.

The first time she read it was when her husband was away, traveling on a week long business trip. His career had taken off and his workload and business travel was increasing. Often he was away for one or two weeks a month. When he was away she missed him, and for relief while he was away she had sometimes taken to reading online sex personals and postings while using her vibrator and dildo.

Not that she would ever answer any of the postings. Never. But she enjoyed reading them, and sometimes she would feel aroused by them. Most of the ads were boring, and nearly all of them were coarse. But once in a while one would catch her imagination. On those occasions her feelings and her imagination would soar and her fingers would massage her pussy and bring her to a delightful climax. Sometimes she would go to bed and use her dildo for satisfaction pretending it was a strange mans cock inside her, and sometimes she would use her vibrator on her clit. But they were a poor substitute for feeling her husband inside her and making love with him, but it would tide things over until he got home.

But after reading THE POSTING something was different. She was attacking herself relentlessly and with unbridled passion. She was suddenly slamming her dildo into her cunt deep and hard rather than soft and slow. And then she would suck it clean like a hungry vacuum cleaner, and then she would plunge it again into her throbbing pussy and park it deep inside again while she lit up her clit wth her vibrator. And no matter how good the self-induced orgasm, it simply wasn’t the same. THE POSTING had changed everything for her – and she wanted more.

Deb had always had a healthy sex drive and she knew it. Her first sexual experiences in high school with a boyfriend were good ones. But when she got to college, the sex was even better and it always amazed her how she could really get into it and how awesome it felt. She really loved sex. And then she met her husband to be – and he was the best ever. Deb really LOVED a good long suck and fuck session with hm. Their sex was amazing. When they first married sometimes they would enjoy each other’s bodies for hours at a time. But her husband’s sex drive was not well matched to hers, and he would usually fade before she did. After settling into marriage she and her husband would enjoy sex together once a week or so, although the frequency had slowed somewhat in recent years to once or twice a month, even before the business travel had started to increase. And sex more often than not would last only a few minutes, sometimes leaving her feeling unsatisfied and wanting more. But that’s what her toys were for.

Recently, more often than not, she would initiate sex with her husband, and deep inside this left her feeling as though perhaps he didn’t see her as sexy and desirable as he used to, at least not like when they first met. She missed the moments when he had that ravenous look in his eye, or when he would drop her to the floor or toss her like a rag doll onto the counter and rip her clothes off and they would make love passionately. Back then it seemed like they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and all they wanted to do was walk around naked and make love as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri often as they could. On their honeymoon she remembered the glorious feeling of how good it was to fuck uncounted times and for hours at a time. Hot SEX with her husband was all she wanted, and it was very fulfilling for her. And back then they were good at it too, or so she thought. And back then she absolutely LOVED every bit of it.

But the years had taken their toll. At 52 her husband was older than she. At 42 she was still near her sexual peak, but he was beyond his mid 20’s peak. As his travel workload increased, sex was less frequent. He would come home tired and collapse without even noticing that she was wearing something sexy just for him. And when they did have sex it just wasn’t as passionate – not like it used to be. Things were becoming more routine. Not boring by any stretch – but certainly a lot more routine. The days when they would attack each other and fuck like there’s no tomorrow were increasingly behind them. While orgasms were never a bad thing, sex these days seemed somewhat mechanical with her husband. Her orgasms were less intense, and often he would cum once and that would be it, and sometimes he would cum and wither before she could enjoy an orgasm.

But in her mind she still LOVED sex, and in her imagination she would sometimes fantasize about what SEX should be like. And in particular she remembered how good it felt to orgasm over and over, and she remembered the thrill and the inner satisfaction of giving her body to her husband for his pleasure. But she was finding sex less and less satisfying as the years went by. Which is one of the reasons she had taken to reading the “dirty ads” online and finding some modest relief from masturbation to fill in what her husband no longer supplied as often. But in all of this she wanted to remain faithful. And in all of this she unknowingly was becoming increasingly vulnerable to her imagination.

And then she read THE POSTING. And it reminded her of what SEX was supposed to be like. THE POSTING somehow had renewed within her a vision of what hot SEX is. And she began to recall and dream of what was missing, and she yearned for it in the depths of her soul. And the vacuum in her soul grew as she considered her next steps.

She had had sex only once with another man after she got married. So she was not a total stranger to infidelity. It was with an old high school flame, and admittedly she had enjoyed having sex with him immensely at a physical level. It was very hot and thrilling in fact. She had also been surprised once by a guy at work who had sneaked a long look down her cleavage at a party when she had bent over to pick up a piece of paper. She was a bit tipsy from drinking and felt turned on by the thought of his looking down her blouse. He had taken her to a back room where she sucked on his cock, but she would not fuck the guy. It too was very HOT and sexy. So it was not as though she was able to completely ignore her libido in some situations. Her sex drive was too high for that. An occasional dalliance… might happen… maybe. But she had never imagined herself overtly straying again just to enjoy sex. Never. But THE POSTING had changed that.

She loved her husband and after her few minor indiscretions she had remained faithful to him for over 10 years. It was not without temptations along the way either, but she had held her ground. Increasingly though she had to take the initiative with her husband, and sometimes she felt as if she was pushing herself on him.

Deb was still in good shape and very good looking. She exercised, watched what she ate and stayed away from too much junk food. She could probably lose a few, but she wasn’t off by more than 10 pounds or so. She was shapely too, with nice curves in all the right places. She knew she was attractive. When going out shopping she would sometimes dress sexy, and the men staring at her chest and legs made her feel good about her body and her self image was good.

And then she read THE POSTING, and the magnetic irresistible siren call began to stir within her. As much as she wanted to resist the urge, she knew she would eventually succumb and send the author an email. Ostensibly the email would simply thank him for writing such a fabulous posting and making her mind race.

But Deb also already knew somewhere in the darker recesses of her mind that that she would reach out to him and attempt to live out what she had read. As much as she tried to shut this thought out of her mind, she knew that she would eventually give way to what she really wanted. She knew that she would end up ravenously fucking a strange man and that she would fuck him far harder, far longer, and far more passionately than she had ever fucked any man before.

She had downloaded THE POSTING of course, and like a pubescent school girl experimenting with her body, she would plow her fingers into güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her pussy as she read it, and each time her imagination would run away with her. Recently this was turning into a daily event, and sometimes several times a day so that she could cum, and Cum, and CUM multiple times – just like she loved to do. But it wasn’t enough.

And here is THE POSTING:


Do you LOVE SEX? If you do, all I ask is that you read this posting to the end. Do you have a HIGH SEX DRIVE? Do you feel men and women are equals in bed? Has your sex life become increasingly stale? Has the frequency tapered off? Do you LOVE SEX? Do you long to feel and express real passion again? Do you sometimes wish for more? Do you sometimes hunger for SEX? Do you think about SEX a lot? Has it been a while since you enjoyed HOT SEX? Do you want to find a man who feels exactly the same way about SEX as you do? If so, then we’re a match! Reply now!

Do you love everything about SEX like I do? I completely LOVE SEX and everything about it: the thrill, the excitement, the passion, the touching, feeling, caressing, playing, licking, sucking, fucking, cuddling, nuzzling, grasping, cupping, kissing, gasping, fingering, multiple orgasms and more, and I LOVE LOTS of it. No pain or weird stuff though.

Do you love dressing sexy – and showing off your body to a man who appreciates it? Do you love it when a man devours your body with his eyes? Do you love looking at a man with hunger in your eyes as you gaze at him? Do you remember the feeling of being aroused because you know what is to come and can’t wait? Can you imagine the first touch of his fingertips on your skin? Do you remember the passion and excitement of a first kiss? Did you close your eyes as your lips touched? Did you part your lips to explore his mouth, or did you wait for him to part his lips and explore your mouth? When was the last time you enjoyed a passionate kiss and making out?

Can you imagine it as you feel my first caress? As we stand there fully clothed, did you blush? Can you imagine how it feels as you close your eyes, as my hands reach down to cup and gently lift and fondle your breasts for the first time through your blouse? Did you feel it as you inhaled slightly at my first touch to your nipples? Did you hold your breath? Did it send a signal downward and ignite a warmth between your legs? Can you imagine the thrill? Can you feel what is it like as I smile and slowly unbutton your blouse? Button by button and exposing the bra and your silky smooth skin and the hidden luscious mounds underneath? Are your nipples hardening and straining inside your bra for attention? Are they hungry for my touch and for me to nibble and suck on them? Will it send a shiver down your spine – a shiver that resonates inside you? Can you feel the cool air blowing across your exposed skin as your blouse falls to the floor?

Can you feel my fingers as they gently find your hidden nipples and touch them? Can you imagine what it is like as you suddenly embrace me and kiss me and hold me tight and press your chest into mine? Can you feel my fingers behind your back while you hold me close as I loosen your bra clasp? Can you imagine how it feels as your bra comes loose? Do you jiggle your shoulders and arms to rid yourself of the bra faster as you anticipate the joy ahead? As the bra falls away, how does it feel as your breasts are suddenly exposed to my gaze and the fresh cool air of the room? Can you feel your nipples harden as they become fully erect? What does it feel like as you feel my lips and tongue on your neck, kissing and nibbling and licking you as I work my way down to your chest?

Did you toss your hair and throw your head backward slightly and close your eyes to savor the sensations? Did you hear the soft

“Ahhhh…” escape your lips?

Did you clench you butt cheeks ever so slightly and feel the growing fire below? What does it feel like as I lick and nibble and graze the cleavage between your beautiful mounds? Can you feel it as I explore your breasts with my mouth while you stand there? Can you imagine how good it feels as I suddenly pull your chest tight to my mouth and as I begin to nibble, lick and then suck on one breast and then the other? How does it feel as I circle your aureoles with my tongue and tease your aching diamond hard nipples? And then as I sample one nipple and then the other? Image how it might feel as I suck an entire breast into my mouth and flick the nipple with quick up and down tongue strokes, and then suck on the other. Do you love the nuzzling and grazing as I gently suck and enjoy your beautiful breasts?

Is there a connection coming to life between your breasts and your pussy? Are you moist or even wet already? Can you feel the passionate moist heat stirring inside you?

After a while, what does it feel like as you push me back from your breasts and you reach güvenilir bahis şirketleri down to feel me through my shorts? Are you surprised to discover that I am already hard for you? Do you love the feel of my cock in your hand through the shorts? Can you feel the warmth and heat radiating from my cock through the cloth? As you softly stroke its shape, are you anxious to free it so that you can enjoy it more fully? Can you hear me utter a sigh as I close my eyes and savor the feeling?

Can you remember how sexy it feels to be desired and fully aroused, and desperately wanting to feel a cock deep inside you, but knowing that going slowly and anticipating it for a while longer will make SEX far hotter and far better?

Can you imagine it when I take your hand off my bulge, and place it over mine as I loosen the belt on your shorts? Does you hand guide my fingers as I free you from the restraints of clothing? Can you feel my hand as I unbutton the top button and slowly unzip the zipper all the way to the bottom? Did you feel the cloth loosen from around your hips and thighs and butt cheeks? Can you feel it loosen around your vulva? Does the impending freedom that is to come excite you?

What do you feel as one hand suddenly glides downward and cups your velvety mound? Does your hand travel in unison with mine and force me to stay close to your body’s curves? Did you position my hand so that I can feel the hungry moist heat already radiating from between your legs? Did you instinctively press your hips toward my hand as I softly massage you, and as your hand guides mine and applies a slight pressure that makes my hand press into you? Did I hear you let loose a soft sigh of pleasure? Can you imagine how sexy it feels?

Perhaps after a few moments of feeling you through your shorts I’ll then slide my hands under the shorts and grasp your butt cheeks and pull you close to me so that you can feel my hardness on your tummy. Perhaps you’ll tell me how hot and wet you feel inside or how horny you feel as I gently lower your shorts to the floor, and admire your amazing body still trapped inside your panties. How hot can it get as I slide your panties slightly to the side and touch your glistening labia as you stand there? How does it feel as I put my middle finger into your panties, and gently and slowly run it up and down the length of your slit? Do you want me to push my finger further into your warm moist folds and have me touch your clit? Perhaps you simply want me to slide my finger further down and slide it in and address the throbbing ache you feel deep inside?

What will it feel like as you stand me up and lift my t-shirt up over my head? Can you imagine the excitement and feel your heartbeat as you loosen my belt? How fast can you undo the button on my shorts and unzip me? Did you enjoy the thrilling feeling as you shoved both my shorts and underwear down at the same time and saw my cock spring loose for the first time – finally freed from its prison?

Can you imagine me standing there – completely naked – as you take in the sight? As you admire me, you see that my cock is average length, but is a bit thicker.

“Mmmmmm” you think to yourself…

But I can see the slight smile on your face and lips. Can you imagine thinking to yourself how good it will feel as my member stretches you wide, wider, Wider and WIDER during penetration?

Can you imagine touching my cock again, but this time without any clothes in the way? Can you feel how hot it is to the touch? Can you feel it’s wonderful thickness as you grasp it gently with your fingers? Can you feel it throbbing mightily with desire as you begin to slowly stroke it along its entire smooth length?

Can you feel our chests coming together again? But this time the glorious feeling of skin-on skin for the first time? Are your nipples still erect and still aching to be touched and sucked? Are they tingling a hey first graze my chest? How do they feel as they brush my chest lightly – your skin touching mine? Do you want to me to play with them for a while or are you so hungry for SEX that you want to reach down and stroke my cock again? Did you hear me gasp?

As if on cue I reach down to lower your panties to the floor, and you help by jiggling your hips and butt cheeks from one side to the other to make it easy to drop them to the floor. Can you image it as you kick them aside and they land lightly on a nearby chair? Can you feel the passion building between us as we stand there completely naked for the first time? Can you feel it as you feel my warm large hands again cupping your breasts, covering your nipples, and as you suddenly feel my thick erect cock filling the space between your legs and finally touching your steamy slit? What does it feel like as we stand there, holding each other, playing with each other and as we gently start to grind?

Does it make you hunger for me to go inside you? Do you want to guide my cock to where it needs to go and have it slide between your lips and take you in one gigantic plunge? I can see it in your dreamy eyes – the FUCK ME look.

“Not yet,” I say. “Be patient – there’s lots of fun first.”

I can see the slight disappointment in your face, but also the eagerness to enjoy extended foreplay.

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