The Regiment Ch. 04: Medic!

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Jen continues her integration into The Regiment. She might even be enjoying herself. Thanks for the feedback on previous chapters.


Chapter 4 – A Healing Touch

The Med-Centre looked a lot like half a dozen other such facilities Jen had worked at in her time as an Army medic, but this one was a bit newer, a bit bigger, a bit nicer looking. That was to be expected for the health care facility for the UK’s premier Special Forces Regiment. Cpl Jenn Upper had spent a fair amount of time in the Army, and had seen the penny-pinching way most things were done, but since she had been caught with the wrong dick in her mouth at her previous unit and had been transferred to 22 SAS to ‘service’ the soldiers there, it had become clear that budget was not a problem in Hereford.

Underneath her camouflaged trousers and shirt, Jen was wearing a black lace bra, lace thong and hold-ups set from Agent Provocateur. Normally well out of her price range, especially for wearing at work, such outfits were now the norm for her as they all went on her ‘expenses’ card, along with various other niceties.

She had been at her new job for the last 2 weeks. The transition had been easier than she could have dreamed. One minute she was being dragged in front of her CO after getting caught in a compromising situation with one of the officers and the next she was in one of the Trooper’s bedroom doing much the same thing but calling it her job. What was more – she had loved it. The sex had been good, the orgasms real. She had also enjoyed the feeling of it – whilst she had always been enthusiastic in the sack, she had always been worried about being considered a ‘slut.’ However now that all doubt had been removed and no one seemed to think any less of her for it she felt powerful and in control for the first time in her life.

Of course, that didn’t mean she couldn’t feel nervous. She was nervous now as she walked up to reception in the entrance of the Med-Centre.

“Hi, I’m Jen, one of the new girls at F Troop.” she said meekly to the pretty but neatly uniformed nurse at the desk. Her name tag said her name was Anna. “Staff Sergeant Cooley told me to be here for 1000 hours, after rounds had finished.”

The receptionist looked at Jen from over the top of her glasses, unashamedly taking in her whole appearance then smiled in a friendly way and said “Ahh, of course. I heard there was a new girl in town. The guys will be very pleased to see you.” She smiled again. “I’ll show you round.”

The nurse led Jen through a set of double doors and onto the ward. As they walked she explained the set-up and where things were. “Should be an easy start for you today – we only have 4 lads bedded down and one of them is so bashed up he won’t be wanting a visit from F Troop – even if it looks as good as you.” Jen blushed at the compliment. “Two of the others are here on this ward – a guy from B Squadron with a shattered ankle from a bad night drop last week and a guy from the Training Wing who dislocated his shoulder on an MOE course. The third is on Psych Ward. He has a lot going on right now so watch yourself with him.” She stopped at the door to a private room on the ward. “This is your dislocated shoulder, Tommy, be nice to him – he is a peach.”

Jen walked into the room and the nurse shut the door behind her. Sitting up on the bed in the centre of the room, was ‘Tommy.’ He was a short but stocky man with a shaved bald head and a cheeky grin. He was naked but for a pair of running shorts and a sling around his arm and shoulder. At the centre of his chest he had five small, fading bruises like he had been repeatedly hit with a squash ball.

“Ah nurse!” he practically yelled at her in a Scouse accent. “I’ve been waiting for someone to give me a sponge bath all day!” His twinkling eyes and grin told her he was joking and she warmed to him immediately. “I need to be ready for when the wench from F Troop turns up!” He continued. “Those split-arses are always chasing me. It’s a miracle that it’s only my shoulder I dislocated, rather than putting my back out from all the sausage hiding I’ve been doing!” Jen’s nerves disintegrated into giggles as Tommy mimed a vigorous fucking motion from his bed, going as far as to pretend to spit on his fingers and rub it into an imaginary arsehole before resuming his thrusts. “The worst thing about this shit,” he said motioning to the sling with his left hand, “is that I can’t even get one off the wrist to pass the time until she arrives! I can shoot a rifle as well off my left shoulder as my right but I never could get used to handling this monster,” a gesture at his groin, “with anything other than my dominant hand. Then again, maybe that’s something you can help me with…” He eyed her hopefully.

Jen smiled sweetly, feeling a little silly in this man’s presence. “Well let’s see what the nurse can do to help” she said, playing along. She walked to the bed and, a little unsure of how to start, ran her hand over the canlı bahis crotch of his shorts, gripping the slumbering cock hidden within.

“Christ woman, give a guy a chance to get warmed up first eh!” Tommy said, still much louder than most people would think was necessary. “Whatever happened to foreplay?! In fact, this might get messy, why don’t you get out of that nicely ironed uniform, let me get a good look at you.”

Jen, a little embarrassed again, moved away from the bed and started unbuttoning her combat shirt. Michelle, her boss, had said that the Med-Centre was an easy duty. Just go room to room and wank off all those who were conscious enough to enjoy it. Apparently, it always helped speed up the healing process and also stopped the guys from trying to escape the Med-Centre for a drink and a fuck when they were not fully recovered. Jen wasn’t sure she had given a hand job since school when she had tried to pull Mark Lewis’ cock off at the root at a house party but was pretty sure she could handle it these days. But first it seemed she needed to get ‘Little Tommy’ in the game, which meant maybe she should up hers.

Jen fixed a confident smile to her face, strode back to the bed and swung her leg up and over Tommy’s lap until she was straddling him. With direct eye contact made, she squared her shoulders and went back to undoing her shirt, but this time trying to be as sexy as possible. Once she had undone the shirt and thrown it to the floor, she undid her hair from its bun then peeled off her t-shirt, knowing that when she did so, her hair would cascade over her shoulders invitingly. With her ample breasts now barely covered by only her bra, she sat down harder onto Tommy’s crotch. Immediately she could feel that her act was working as the growing steel in his erection was obvious when she pressed down with her hips.

Tommy used his good hand to reach up and pull one of her tits out of its cup, surprising her a bit with his forwardness. In response, she rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her clothed slit over his now fully hard dick. With his fingers gripping the soft flesh of her breast, Tommy’s thumb rubbed firmly over her sensitive, exposed nipple, making her gasp and rock her hips again. Jen was surprised to find that this time as her covered lips slipped over each other their movement was eased by a considerable amount of her juice that was collecting in her gusset. It would seem that her confident, sexy act was even fooling herself.

Jen climbed off the bed and took off her boots (never an erotic act). She undid her trousers and turned to face the door. Bending at the waist and keeping her legs straight and pressed together she lowered her trousers to her ankles, knowing that her hot, swollen mound would be pushed out towards Tommy in an enticing way. It obviously worked as she heard him groan appreciatively from behind her. Stepping free of her trousers she was like Clark Kent, free of the last element of her disguise, she was now in her superhero costume of suspenders, thong and bra – still with one nipple lewdly exposed and erect.

Jen moved to the bed and pulled Tommy to his feet. She turned her back to him and pressed herself fully against his body, pulling away slightly when he winced and swore from the pain in his shoulder. More gently this time she backed her bum against the bulge in his shorts and swayed her hips slightly, feeling his shaft wedge between her cheeks. Alternately standing on tip toes and then the flats off her feet she was able to stroke the length of him with her butt like a hotdog in a bun. Reaching behind her she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and bent at the knees, going all the way to the floor in front of him and taking his shorts with him.

When she turned around, still on the floor, she was at eye level with his cock, which was now straining up into the air, clearly very hard and shiny at the top. His crotch was as shaved bald as his head and while this was not a look she was familiar with, it did make everything look bigger. Jen stood up and walked to the nurses’ trolley, browsing among the antiseptics and bed pans until she found what she was looking for. Returning to Tommy with the tube of lube, Jen squeezed a generous helping into the palm of her hand and then smeared it the length of his shaft.

The cool gel warmed quickly on his hot skin and her hand slid effortlessly over his manhood. She ran her fingers over the head of his cock and then down over his balls, feeling them tighten under her touch. She leant forward and kissed up his thick, muscled neck until her mouth was over his ear. In a breathy voice, she did not recognise as her own, she whispered into his ear “I want to tell you something, Tommy.” Her hand went back to his shaft and began a slow but deliberate stroking action. As a teenager, she would likely have been trying to start a fire through friction alone by now; all enthusiasm, no technique. But as a more experienced girl she figured bahis siteleri this rhythm would be just as effective but more pleasurable for them both.

“Oh, really Nurse!” he said, his voice just as loud as before if not quite as steady as before. “Well Tommy will be quiet and listen as long as you don’t stop what you’re doing.” He swallowed firmly, obviously enjoying what she was doing to him. “Now what do you want to say.”

“It’s about a girl that I work with,’ Jen began “I only met her a few weeks ago, and we get along well. But I have these strange feelings about her. I’m a straight girl you see – never even thought about one of my friends like that before.” She stroked his rigid manhood while talking so close to him that her lips brushed his ear as they moved. She wasn’t sure why she was telling Tommy this. She wasn’t even sure if it was true, but she was already getting a thrill from getting him going physically and now she wanted a little intellectual intercourse.

She continued “Sometimes when I have been out drinking I look at girly porn on my phone when I am home in bed. I never do it sober but I do enjoy seeing two girls together especially when one is showing the other what to do. But lots of girls look at lesbian porn and it doesn’t mean they are even bi; girls just look sexy.” Tommy murmured his agreement. What she had just said was absolutely true but she had no idea why she suddenly felt the need to confess this to a man she had just met. Her cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment but her clit throbbed excitedly and she felt a thrill at the disreputable situation she was in.

“So, the other day I saw this girl’s pussy. She was on her knees sucking a guy off under the dinner table and I could see her clear as day. It was the first time I had seen another girl’s fanny in real life like that. When you are in changing rooms or the showers at the gym then everything looks so hidden and tucked away, but here was this girl with her lips slick and her fingers rubbing her clit. I could see all of her. It was totally new for me and I’m now dealing with the fact that I loved it.”

Tommy’s hands moved from his sides. One started to fondle her bum, kneading the flesh while the other freed her second breast from its lace prison and tweaked her nipple with firm but pleasurable little pinches. She felt the flush of embarrassment on her face spread to become the flush of arousal on her chest. In response, she increased the speed and pressure of the strokes she was still using to get him off.

“When I saw her pussy in front of me like that I understood why men get so wrapped around the axels about girls. It was pretty and pink and perfect and looked like the very centre of her; the shortest route to her soul. If I had been braver I would have crawled over to her so I could get a better look at it. If I had been much braver I would have looped my arms between her legs and held her still while I ran my tongue along the length of her sticky slit.” Tommy made a grunt and reached between Jen’s legs; rubbing the hot mess of her cunt over the top of her thong. “Once I had tasted her I know I would have wanted more so I would have buried my face right into her and lapped hard at her clit. I know she wouldn’t have moved because I would be holding one end of her while the guy she was blowing would hold her head still on his dick. Trapped in between us like that she would be the first to come, shaking and shuddering in my hands. When she did I would lick her in huge long strokes, starting at her clit and ending at her bum hole. The guy would have come next, filling her mouth, holding her head while she collected his spunk on her tongue, leaving just me who hadn’t climaxed.”

Jen could tell that Tommy was hooked on her story – his cock was throbbing in her hand and its head was a shiny purple colour. He was going to blow soon. She was not immune either. Her breathing was getting deeper and could feel some real dampness in her thong as Tommy continued to rub at her. His fingers had stopped being gentle and teasing and were now probing and insistent, not that she minded. She decided to kick it up a gear in the depravity stakes.

Jen released Tommy’s dick and stepped back. She hooked her thumbs into the waistline of her lacy knickers and with a little shimmy, pulled them down to the ground, stepping out of each leg in turn. Laura had advised her in her first week to always put her underwear on over the top of suspenders so she could expose her pussy faster if she needed to. Now she stood up, facing Tommy and looked him in the eye. She took the thong and balled it up, then held it under her nose, breathing deeply, smelling her musky wetness from the thin material. She continued with her story.

“If I was still under that table I would have reached forward and grabbed the girl by her hair and pulled her to me before she could swallow her mouthful of come. I would have laid back and pulled her pretty little face right up to my cunt.” bahis şirketleri Jen offered the wet gusset of her thong to Tommy who inhaled her perfume. “I would have held her hair tightly until she got the hint and used her spunky tongue to start licking me.” Tommy’s fingers found their way back to her pussy and started repeatedly pressing hard on her clit, sending jolts of electrifying pleasure through her. “Knowing she was smearing the seed of a man all over my hole would make the sensation all the better.” Jen used her free hand to resume her rapid pumping of Tommy’s heavy cock and she heard his breathing become erratic. She was also perilously close to a climax and she had to pause the story while she held her breath and bit her lip as a wave of pleasure lapped on the shores of her body. She gathered her resolve and finished the story.

“When she stuck two fingers, lubed in spit and spunk, up inside me while licking me hard, I would not have been able to hold back. I would have ground my hips on that beautiful slut’s face and came without a care in the world.”

As she said this she really did give up all her cares, leant her head back and gasped her orgasm aloud. The gently lapping waves became huge breaking reefers. She tightened her grip on Tommy’s cock and pumped for all she was worth. As his eyes rolled back in his head she wrapped the lace thong over the head of his cock and held it there as his orgasm erupted into the material. Three, four, five, six times he spasmed; shooting his cum into her hand until her tiny thong was saturated with his jism. She slowed her stroking hand and felt cool air on her sticky crotch as he let his hand fall away from her. Tommy collapsed backwards onto his bed and let out a huge sigh.

Jen giggled and kissed the side of Tommy’s face. “Thank you sweetie, that was meant to be me sorting you out, not the other way around.” Tommy just groaned in response and savoured his post orgasmic bliss. Jen checked the clock on the wall and realised she had better get on and do the rest of her ’rounds’ before she lost the whole day. Jen looked at the come soaked knickers in her hand and dropped them on the nurses’ trolley – she would let that pretty little nurse, Anna, clear them up.

The boots and combats piled on the floor seemed like an unappealing choice of attire now that her body was so primed for sex, with the aftershocks of her orgasm still trembling her fingers. Instead she tucked her breasts back into her bra and straightened her stockings. Then, with no more clothing than that, she took a doctors white lab coat from the back of door and covered up most of her body. With only another smile and a wave at the almost comatose Tommy, she was back in the corridor.

Jen had not been an angel in her past, but she had certainly not been promiscuous. She had always been a little ashamed of her sexuality and worried that if she wanted more than just a quick missionary position bonk with her boyfriend then there might be something wrong with her. But she had harboured fantasies and desires (many of which were fuelled by internet erotica) that she had never voiced. Now she found herself in a position where she could exercise every whim of her sexuality and call it her job. Sometimes things really did work out for the best. With a spring in her step she strode towards the next door on the corridor ready to repeat her act for the soldier that Anna had said was laid up with a broken ankle.

As she opened the door however, she was slightly surprised to see Anna, the nurse, with her blue uniform dress bunched up around her waist, grinding hot, hard and heavy on the erect dick of the soldier in the bed. The man was oblivious to the new arrival, obviously in the middle of coming, with his eyes shut and his features screwed up, but Anna saw her come in and smiled. Even as she slowed her grinding down and cum started to leak out of her slit she maintained eye contact with Jen. She looked very pleased with herself.

When she had finally slowed to a stop, Anna swung her leg off of her steed and stood on the floor, a mixture of juices glazing the insides of her thighs. Without the slightest awkwardness, Anna picked her discarded knickers off the floor and pulled them back up her legs until they had trapped most of the cum inside her. While Anna sorted out her skirt, Jen wondered absently if her thong in the other room would end up going in the bin or on this harlot of a nurse.

“Jen,” Anna smiled sweetly, “You were taking so long with Tommy that I thought I would help out with Chalky here so you didn’t have to worry about it.’ Chalky smiled at Jen from the bed, immobilised because of his ankle but obviously still very pleased with his lot in life. Did no one here have any shame at all thought Anna?

Anna led her back out into the hall and further down the corridor. Jen couldn’t help but notice the extra swing in the nurse’s step as her hips sashayed in front of her. They turned several corners and Jen saw signs for the Psyche Ward. Eventually they came to a locked door that Anna tapped a code into and was rewarded with a beep and a green flashing light. She put her hand on the door but did not open it. She turned to Jen.

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