The Reserve

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“Just go!!”

“Rebecca, if you would just . .”

“Damn it, Jonathan, I said to go. I need to think”

“Fine. Call me when you are done thinking.”

When the door slammed shut and I heard his footsteps go down the hallway, I slid down the wall and laid my arms across my knees and allowed myself to release the sobs building up inside. Why me? Why now?

Thing had been boiling to a head really quickly between Jonathan and I. He didn’t understand my obsession with the reserve, and he wouldn’t accept the time I spent protesting the demolition. That it was my job was one thing, but that he didn’t grasp that I had to keep it open?

My father opened the reserve in ’86. He had slaved against people left and right who had wanted to develop the land instead of leaving it natural. I couldn’t let his dream just die. Regardless of the weeks I had spent traveling and trying to get funding, I just couldn’t quit now

The thing was, I didn’t so much care about the cheating. It was more the lying that did it for me, and the way he placed the blame for his actions on me. I didn’t treat him right. If I were home more he would be able to love me. I loved the reserve more than him. He just didn’t understand.

The reserve, called simply Refuge, is a rehabilitation park for animals native to Montana. Doctors from around the world come here to learn and to help rehabilitate and reintroduce the animals to nature after they have been wounded. Most of our animals are ones who have been injured in traps or by ranchers trying to protect their herds. We have also had the occasional litter of babies whose mothers had gone missing.

My job was to get donations for our research, as we were funded purely by donations from philanthropic societies and research grants from both the state and federal environmentalist groups.

Jonathan didn’t grasp the time commitment that required. All he could think about was his time, his life, and his cock, primarily the last. When I’d get home at night, usually after a thirteen-hour day, he’d expect me to come running into his arms and fuck him like an over eager nympho. I wasn’t capable of doing that every night of the week.

When I walked in the door Jonathan jumped off the couch and followed me into the bedroom. I kicked my shoes into the closet and slid my skirt off. Then, I sat down on the bed took off my stocking and started unbuttoning my shirt. Seeing this as an offer, he came over and started trying to feel me up through my shirt.

“Jonathan, I just got home.”

“I know, baby, I just want you so bad.”

I pushed his hands away and stood up, “Jonathan, I don’t want this right now.”

“When do you want it? Do you ever?” He almost yelled at me. “You hardly even realize I am here anymore.”

“Jonathan, I know you’re here and I know you have needs, but I do too. Right now I need you to be supportive. I am working so hard to get funding so they don’t close the reserve. I’ve been flying from here to Great Falls, to Helena, to Bozeman; I’m tired. Maybe, instead of jumping on me the minute I walk through the door, you could just talk to me.”

“Bec, I love you, but I need you here. You need to quit Refuge, get a normal job, and let it go.”

“I can’t just let it go! My dad ran the reserve almost his whole adult life. He rehabilitated hundreds of animals that would have otherwise died. I can’t lose his legacy. I just can’t. Why can’t you understand that?”

“I understand, I do. I just don’t understand why you don’t look at the bigger picture.”

“Bigger picture? What bigger picture? Oh, the picture where the state closes the reserve, plows all that natural forest down, ruins the habitat for God knows how many animals, and then what? Oh, yeah, they build a highway and a few outlet malls. Gotta ‘raise the economy.’ What about Montana being one of the few beautiful wild places left?”

“Bec, calm down. It’s not as bad as you make it. You’re making it out to sound like they are going to plow down the mountains. They just want to extend the highway system to include a few of the smaller towns, and to open up some jobs. This state isn’t exactly the center of world commerce.”

“Jay, why does it need to be the ‘center of world commerce’? The biggest industry we have here is tourism. Why do we have tourism? Because of all the forests, mountains, and beautiful places. That is what Montana is about, not big business.”

“I can’t talk to you anymore, you just don’t care about us. Nina gave me what I need, you didn’t. I can always see her, she always wants me.”

“I don’t care if you see her, Jay, we’re over. I want you out.”

That was how my day had gone. That morning I had also been turned down by three committees I was pressing for funds. It hadn’t been that great a day. I needed a long hot bath and a glass of wine.

Twenty minute later, all the lights were turned off, and four vanilla candles were lit around the bathroom. While the tub filled I sprinkled vanilla bath crystals in the water and watched them foam up.

Slipping into the warm water was heaven. I sank in up to my neck, reveling in the heat of the water on my tired muscles. I felt like I had climbed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri twenty flights of stairs today.

Just once I would like Jonathan to think about me. Even when we did have sex, it wasn’t that great. I hadn’t had a real orgasm in months. Usually I was so tired that I would fake one just to get it over with. Not that Jonathan cared anyway. Once he came it was rollover and snore, never a thought that maybe I needed a release too.

I felt lost in this relationship. I wasn’t a person to him. He didn’t even know me, didn’t know my dreams or desires. He didn’t even realize that I had desires. I could have been a hole in a restroom wall for all he cared. I needed to feel sexy again. I needed.

I hadn’t even made myself cum in longer than I could remember. I was usually too tired. Well, no time like the present, I was sick of hiding myself. I deserved a little relaxation. Slipping my hand into the water I slid my hand down my stomach to my warm mound. Despite the heat of the water a sensual shiver ran up my spine when my finger traced the outer contour of my lips. I slid my finger between them, and ran it the length of my pussy. I was slick and ready for pleasure.

With my other hand I caressed my breasts, twisting first one nipple and then the other. The feeling sent waves of warmth through me and I started sliding my hand over my clit in slow circular movements. On each downward stroke, I dipped a finger into my hot pussy. My cunt was tight and my fingers submerged in the slickness causing courses of heat through out my body.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the edge of the tub, enjoying the feeling of my rising arousal. God, it felt good. My hips were thrusting involuntarily in time with the motion of my hand, and I felt a soft hiss of a moan escape my lips. It had been too long. I was sick of getting told no. I was sick of having to be everybody’s whipping girl. Things were going to change, starting now. I was going to take control.

I started circling my clit a little faster and brought my other hand to take over fingering my cunt. I pressed two fingers into my clenching pussy and circled my clit faster and faster while fucking myself roughly with my other hand. I wanted and needed to have this, to feel this fire.

Heat was searing through my body as I crashed closer and closer to release. My heart was racing and I was slick with my desire. I cried out as my cunt clenched down hard on my fingers. Wave after wave of passion flooded through me. I kept pinching and teasing my clit until it got too sensitive, making little tremors of electricity shudder through me. I’d been needing that.

Thoroughly relaxed, I took a sip of my wine.

Thursday dawned grim and rainy. I had a charted flight to Helena scheduled to appeal to governor Reynolds for a grant. I doubted he’d approve it, but I had to try.

I dressed carefully, knowing that Reynolds was extremely sexist about women in positions of power. I had decided after my fun in the tub that I was going to tempt, tease, torture, and seduce the money out of Reynolds. I was going to use every weapon in my arsenal to get what I needed, including my body.

I pulled on black thigh high stocking and clipped them to an elegant lace garter. Over that I wore a sleek a-line skirt cut a little shorter than most women’s but that was the idea. I wore a sheer, low-cut white camisole with no bra and over that I pulled on a tight fitting suit jacket that pushed my breasts up so the tops were almost completely visible. I slid on the four-inch heels that I had purchased for the previous Halloween, to finish the look.

I took extra care with my cosmetics also. I shaded my eyes with a dark green that perfectly accented my yellow-hazel eyes and ivory complexion. I used a darker than normal rouge, and a deep brown red shade of lipstick that was so glossy my lips looked moist and fuller than usual.

My hair I pulled up in a bun and then loosened a few strands so they would fall around my face in messy ringlets. I finished the look with my rectangular, tortoise shell glasses. Looking in the mirror, I saw a totally different me, one I had almost forgotten existed. I knew that if Jonathan could see me now his little fling would be a distant memory.

While waiting for the cab, my thoughts were so hectic, that I hardly noticed a man had come up behind me, until he whispered near my ear, “How much?”

“What?” I spun around.

“How much would it cost me to see that pretty little mouth wrapped around this?” He grabbed his crotch in a suggestive way.

“Excuse me? ” I was a little turned on by it, but also slightly shocked that someone was asking me this question. I’d never been openly propositioned before. Recovering from my shock, I realized that if I was going to be able to do what I needed to do with Reynolds, this might be a nice little warm up. If I could suck the cock of a perfect stranger, I could do anything. If nothing else, it would get me in the right frame of mind for later.

He was actually quite attractive, definitely not the type I would have imagined to be shopping for sex on the street. I could feel güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my heart speed up a little just looking at his face. It was very square, his nose was a little wide and his eyes were slightly slanted, but over all he was nice looking and clean.

He wiped a stray wisp of blackish hair out of his eyes and nervously ran his tongue over his bottom lip. ” I’ve got a fifty, if you want to go into the alley and blow me?” He put his hand into his left pocket, and my eyes followed. He was already showing signs of excitement.

I never would have guessed that an offer like this would get me so turned on. He was just a little bit taller than me, and his eyes seemed to be begging me to say yes. I said, “Why not?” It felt good to be a sexual object. I had always been so focused on school and then my career that my looks got set on the sideline. Having a perfect stranger ask me to get him off was incredibly exhilarating.

I followed him into the alley behind the bin of cardboard boxes waiting to be recycled. He leaned back against the wall of my building and unzipped his pants. He was ready and he wanted me now.

I had a few second thoughts. They were fleeting though. I didn’t have time to think and I really wanted to do this.

His cock wasn’t the biggest I had seen, but it was very hard. I couldn’t help comparing it with Jonathan’s. His dick was very large but when he fucked me it was like he expected me to worship it and him. Like he thought I was lucky to get to have a cock like his.

Having this guy ask me on the street to blow him made me feel so turned on. I wanted to make him feel good. I felt a delicious shudder run up my spine when I just thought about having this cock in my mouth. I am sexy, and I have power over this man! I felt my nipples get hard under my jacket. The stiffness against the silky camisole was completely sensual. Could he tell how turned on I was?

Shaking a little, I got down on my knees and took his cock in my hands. It was so smooth. Slowly, I ran my nails up the length of him and then tasted the tip as I dragged them back down, and cupped his testicles. I nestled my face into him and took a deep breath of his scent. He smelled of soap and clean sweat. I was getting extremely horny. I ran my tongue along his cock, and gently took his balls in my mouth, sucking lightly while I gripped his cock in my hand and pumped it. He closed his eyes, leaned back, and moaned. The power I felt over him made me tremble.

Putting the whole head in my mouth, I sucked it deep. I ran my tongue all over the head and then eased it back out and sucked it deep again. It was long enough that I couldn’t get it all in at first. I wanted to swallow it all, but it had been awhile and I needed to work up to it.

I got his shaft wet by fucking it in and out of my mouth, running my tongue up him before sucking him in again. I wrapped my hand around the base and sucked him in and out moving my hand in time with my mouth. His hips were rocking forward pushing him deeper in my throat each time I sucked him in. God, I felt so sexy. My hips were rotating slightly, trying to find something to rub against. I heard myself moan when I tasted the first drop of pre-cum. I had forgotten how good it tasted: salty yet sweet. I was hungry for more and I intended to get it.

He put his hands on top of my head and started fucking his cock into me faster and faster. I could tell he was getting close, because his cock was swelling in my mouth. Moaning and biting back groans of pleasure, he pushed my head up and down on his rod.

With one final thrust of his hips, he started filling my mouth with his cum. He jerked and cried out uncaring that we might be caught, “oh fuck, yeah, oh fuck, take all my cum, oh yeah slut, lick it off, take it all!”

It felt awesome having his jizz in my throat. I swallowed three times trying to get it all but there was so much that some trickled out the corner of my mouth. I looked up at him, swiped it up with a finger, and licked it off hungrily.

He tucked his softening cock back into his slacks and threw the fifty on the ground. Then he turned and walked away. I staggered to my feet, noticing, for the first time, that I had been kneeling in an alley and there could have been broken glass. Still turned on by the strange encounter, I checked my stockings for runs. Then I picked up the fifty, straightened my skirt, and stepped out of the alley. My cab pulled up a few minutes later.

“Airport, please.” I told the driver. Then, I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes, still feeling his cock in my mouth and savoring the bittersweet aftertaste of his cum.

I wondered if I looked like someone who had just sucked a stranger’s cock. Could the driver tell? I felt different, empowered. It had never occurred to me before last night that I might be able to use my body to get what I want. The stranger only proved it. I was going to get my funding and I was going to enjoy every second.

I landed in Helena fifteen minutes after my estimated arrival time, leaving me thirty minutes until my meeting with the governor. I got to the meeting room, set up my display, güvenilir bahis şirketleri and started mentally preparing myself for the meeting.

Reynolds is a fifty-eight year old republican who is used to being the big fish in the small pond. His main platform while campaigning for governor was “Bringing Industry Home.” I knew he was all for the highway extension and the money it was expected to bring in, which also meant he wasn’t for Refuge. I had a large task on my hands and I needed to be properly prepared for dealing with him.

I started slightly when the door opened and he stepped in. He took off his jacket and hung it on a highly polished mahogany coat rack, then sat down behind his equally shiny desk. Reaching across, he said “Ms. Paulson, I’m Governor Reynolds.” I shook his hand and couldn’t help but notice his brown eyes taking in my low cut jacket and my breasts almost falling out of it.

Not wanting to waste time with idle chit-chat, I took a deep breath and plunged right into my presentation. “Governor, I am here to convince you to redirect funds from the highway extension back into Refuge. My father opened Refuge in 1986. He has rehabilitated hundreds if not thousands of injured animals and educated many more people on the importance of preservation and respect for our environment and the natural habitats of Montana’s native animals. ” I took a deep breath but before I could go on he interjected.

“Ms. Paulson, let me cut in here before you get too into your debate. I am going to fund the extension. Unfortunately, this means that your little animal park will have to be closed. I promised the voters that I would bring jobs and industry to the state and I mean to do it.”

He said this whole spiel directly to my breasts. Thinking this might be the only angle that would work, I rested my palms on his desk and leaned forward, causing my breasts to almost spill out of the camisole. “Governor Reynolds, I appreciate that you intend to keep your promises to the voters, I truly do; however, Refuge is not a ‘little animal park’. It is one of the largest rehab and research reserves in the country.”

I took off my glasses, sat down in one of the plush office chairs and crossed my legs slowly, hoping that his eyes caught a peek of my pantiless lips. Then I pulled my skirt a little higher exposing the tops of the stockings and leaned back.

I had his undivided attention now.

“John, I can call you John?” He licked his lips and nodded. “I know none of my numbers or pleas are going to get me funding for my reserve, and quite frankly it pisses me off. I am willing, however, to do anything to keep it open and operational. It’s important to me, extremely important.” As I was speaking I slowly unbuttoned my jacket, revealing the camisole and my unfettered breasts. I was turning myself on. My nipples were so hard the movement of the fabric caused goose bumps to break out on my arms. I was loving this new bold Rebecca. I could see that he liked what was happening, and I enjoyed the control it gave me. I had already won.

“I would be willing, for example, to let you stick your cock anywhere on or in my body, if you will sign the papers to give funding to me.” To punctuate my offer I uncrossed my legs and propped my feet up on his desk causing my pussy lips to open up and offer a peek of my wet cunt. His eyes were riveted to it.

“So, how about it? My pussy, your cock, my funding?”

” Well, I would say, ” he licked his lips again, never taking his eyes off my spread legs, “that your offer sounds good. . . I agree.”

I quickly pulled out the paperwork I had filled out the night before, asking for the funding, and laid them on his desk. “You sign here,” I pointed to the line for his signature, “while I get ready.”

He hurriedly signed the papers and then glued his eyes to me as I slid the skirt down my legs and stepped out of it. My heart was going a mile a minute. “What am I doing, ” I questioned myself. “I’m keeping refuge open, and it feels damned good.”

I lifted the camisole over my head and let my breasts fall free, the nipples tightening even more when the cold air hit them. I set the camisole aside and reached a hand up to let my hair down. Shaking my hair out of its confines, I then sat to remove the stockings and the heels but he stopped me. “Leave them on.” He groaned it out like he couldn’t breathe. ” Come here.” I walked around his desk, trying not to show how nervous I was. He reached out to touch my waist and drew me closer to him.

Quite unexpectedly he picked me up and sat me on the desk in front of him. He spread my legs and gazed with ill-concealed longing at the wetness between my thighs. Leaning forward, he buried his face in my pussy and lapped at it. I wasn’t expecting him to go down on me. Jonathan never did that. I lost myself in the feeling of his tongue flicking over my clit and teasing my cunt. I had no idea it could feel this good. I could feel myself get close and he would back off and then when the sensations had ebbed a bit he’d suck at my clit and bring me right back to the edge. The constant flow of pleasure made me forget what I was doing, I just needed this. I threaded my hands into his hair and pulled his face down on me harder. All inhibitions lost, I ground my cunt into his face, smearing its wetness all over him. He licked and sucked at my clit like a starving man, causing my hips to rock involuntarily. It felt so good. Jonathan had never gotten me so hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32