The Steakhouse Ch. 02

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The Steakhouse 2 – The Morning After

I awake. It’s morning with the first rays of sunshine peeping through the curtains.

I’m still lying on top of you with my hard cock buried deep in your little bald pussy. My God! I still have an erection. Left over from last night?

I lie there awhile and it becomes obvious. Every few seconds – almost imperceptible – your pussy muscles pulse, clamping on my cock then releasing. Darling baby doll – you are a wonder. Your muscular thighs are clamped tight around my waist with your legs crossed at the ankles. I feel your thighs tighten – then release.

I begin stroking my cock in and out of you. It isn’t easy – your pussy doesn’t want to let me go. Soon, I feel as though you are awake. I look and your deep blue eyes are wide-awake and staring at me. When you see me looking – you smile that sassy smile and say “Good Morning, Daddy.” I almost cum when you do that.

A few more strokes and our movements are getting frantic. Hoping that we don’t wake Lucy, we slow our pace until finally we have one of those almost silent orgasms that seem to run forever and are felt so deep.

As our movements slow, I finally withdraw from you, bringing my still hard cock to your sweet Scarlet Red cum slut lips. You suck me inside and commence to clean our juices off my cock, keeping me at full erection. How do you do it? It must be our love for each other.

Lucy is stirring. I send you off to the bathroom to turn yourself back into my blond haired, blue eyed sassy little darling and rid yourself of the cum slut image. Meanwhile, I ease Lucy’s arms into the ties and pull them tight. By the time she is fully awake – I have the leg ties in place and a huge foam wedge (we bought for our lovemaking) in place under her big butt.

Spread-eagle like canlı bahis that, her large boobs flatten somewhat on her chest, but nothing deters her nipples from rising to the occasion – getting hard as little cocks. That’s an idea – would you like to straddle one of her nipples with your bald little pussy and work your clit against it? Could be fun.

Soon you return and I send you off again to get the shaving cream, a razor, warm water & towels. We’re going to denude poor Lucy. And have fun doing it. I mean – all the pulling and prying on her labia is bound to have her juicing up in no time. Maybe I’ll let you clean it up. After we’ve shaved her and removed the soap, of course.

First we must put a couple of towels under her butt to absorb any water and soap we let drip. I motion for you to begin kissing her and playing with her nipples as I take a pair of scissors and begin removing the bulk of the long pussy hair. When most of the long hair has been reduced to stubble, I take a warm washcloth and begin cleaning up any loose strands. Rinsing out the washcloth, I drip some water on her pussy and apply some shaving soap and begin gently rubbing it all around and just inside her pussy lips.

Her body responds and begins to hump toward my hand, wanting a finger inside. I tell her to be quiet and not move so much. Otherwise, she is going to get razor nicks and I don’t want any blood on the sheets. Working slowly and deliberately, I soon have all the stubble removed and her pussy feels as smooth as a baby’s butt. You notice this and begin French kissing Lucy – deeply with your hot tongue, working her nipples between your fingers until she begins thrashing in her bonds.

“Stop it!” I say. And you look at me with those big baby blue eyes and pout. “If you will just be patient – I’ll be through bahis siteleri in a minute and you can check out my shaving job. With your tongue!” You smile and I continue. I have yet to apply the aloe lotion so that Lucy won’t get a rash from the fresh shaving.

Rubbing the aloe in is a special pleasure. There are just enough astringents in the lotion that it sets up a slight tingling in her pussy and I see the juices begin to flow anew.

Finally, I tell you to go ahead – give it the taste test – at which time you literally leap between her legs, biting and licking. Pulling at her blood engorged clit as though you are trying to remove it from her body. Licking deep into her cavern to suck all the juices up you can find. Lucy is straining at her bonds – trying to get her hands loose to pull your head even harder into her pussy.

I straddle her head and slide my still rampant cock between her full lips. Without hesitation, she sucks it deep inside wanting to feel its soft-hardness deep in the back of her throat. I’m too big for her. She begins to choke, my cock is so large, and I have to pull back some, leaving just the big mushroom head and a couple of inches inside her mouth.

No matter. By the time we finish with Lucy, we’ll have her trained. She may speak in a bass voice from having stretched vocal cords, but we’ll get it done. (Did you know that’s why most men go crazy over a “husky-voiced” female? It’s just this thought.)

Soon I feel the cum rising in my cock. This is impossible. Twice in less than an hour? I can’t believe it. Must be something about my darling daughter eating pussy.

I pull out of Lucy’s mouth and get behind you. The butt plug from last night is still in place. I grab it and roughly yank it out of you ass hole causing you to raise up and yell at bahis şirketleri me. Slapping your ass a couple of times until red marks appear, I position my cock at your rosebud and shove it in to the hilt – all in one swift move. I’ll give you something to yell about.

Holding your hips tight, I begin thrusting my hard cock deep then withdrawing. Over and over. Hard as I can – my hips slapping loudly against your firm perky butt. You begin to moan. Now I know you love it so I increase my pace grabbing your long blond pony tail to keep you in place. You begin to cry my name – yelling for me to give you my cum – you want my cum in your butt.

As I begin to spurt, your body begins to spasm. I can’t believe how harmonious our lovemaking is. Not one couple in a thousand manage to orgasm at the same time. We seem to do it all the time.

I force your face back into Lucy’s pussy and, as you bite down on her clit, the whole bed shakes as though it’s coming apart.

Soon, we settle down to catch our breath. Lucy cries to be let up to go pee so we decide to untie her. It’s time to think about breakfast anyway. Or was that what we just had?

None of us bothered to dress during breakfast. You and Lucy chatted and she was surprised to find that your level of intelligence was far and above that of the street whore she thought you were. We’ve got her confused with the “Daddy” and “Darling Baby Daughter” bit but we finally convince her that it’s just a play act. Wouldn’t do for her to spread the truth – don’t know that we can trust her completely yet.

After breakfast, we loll around the swimming pool – catching some sun – swimming some – napping some. We all needed to gather our energies.

By mid-afternoon, Lucy announces that she must go to work that night and, since she had left her car at the Steakhouse, she needed a ride to get it so she could go home and dress.

We exchanged telephone numbers with her and made tentative plans to meet one day next week. Who knows what next week will bring.

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