The Stranger in Front of My Camera

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I’ve never been one for work. Let me rephrase. I’ve never been one for drudgery kind of work. I tried a few desk jobs…they all ended horribly. I tried working in the service industry…that was even worse. But thankfully I was gifted with acting talent, an artistic eye and a love of medieval crafts, so to make ends meet I currently work as a freelance photographer and I also craft things out of steel and leather. What kind of things? Mostly sex toys. I make paddles, whips and bondage gear, but I also make chain maille. Some of it is delicate jewelry, some of it is rough and ready armor for battle, but for the most part I make chain maille bikinis. Another thing you should know about me is that I love the kinky side life. The great thing about that is that you get to meet a lot of other kinky people. The bad part is that they usually already have a significant other with them. But between my ever-expanding network of kinky friends and taking every photo job I can find, I’m doing ok. It was the strangest series of events that led me to knock on CJ’s door, but I guess I can just thank the universe for the butterfly effect and any Deity you care to name for making women like her.

I had been in a play about three years ago and made friends with the costume director. Not like, we go to movies together kind of friend, more like a ‘we friended each other on social media’ kind of friend. I tend to post funny and often times innuendo laden things to social media, so she invited me to join a private group where the whole focus was just such posts. It was a forum that provided a few laughs for the members, but for me it provided a chance to ply my trade. Here was a whole new group of people that may be in need of handcrafted kink supplies, and I was ready to offer my services…for the right price. I got a few nibbles. Made a bracelet for a lady, some earrings for another, and one guy bought a whip off me, but those aren’t ‘big ticket’ items in my catalogue. I had pretty much figured that I had tapped that resource dry when CJ sent me a private message, asking for more details about a chain maille bikini. Jackpot. That is the kind of item that helps pay the bills. I told her that the bikini pricing was dependent on the size of the boobs it needed to cover, and that by looking at her profile pic…this wasn’t going to be a cheap one.

So let me just tell you…CJ is a total stunner. Long dirty blonde hair, sensuous brown eyes, the kind of tan you can only maintain by living in a place like Texas where you can lay out in the sun virtually all year long, tall and curvy with a magnificent ass…and huge breasts. The kind of rack small titty girls would kill for. The kind of rack that automatically makes you the center of attention in any room you walk in. And she knew it. She flaunted it. She loved it. I told her that I would need a photo of her in a standard bikini so that I could gauge the sizing of the piece I would be making. That’s not just me trying to get photos of hot women in swimwear, it actually is the only way I know to get the information I need. Measurements and cup sizes don’t mean diddly squat when you are knitting metal together. The first big surprise that CJ gave me was after I asked for a photo of her in a bikini.

She sent me topless pics instead.

Now, this is not the first time a woman has sent me pics of boobs. Like I said, I have a lot of kinky, free-spirited friends and I have seen a lot of tits. But it was clear to me that she didn’t just whip off whatever she had on and snapped a pic. She was wearing a red lacy neglige and had popped her breasts out of it. This was a staged selfie of the highest order, meant to tantalize, and it worked. Lucky for me I was at home when I got it, so instead of replying right away, I decided to just enjoy looking at that photo for about seven minutes with my dick in my hand. I did not want to jeopardize my sale by turning into a sex-crazed maniac, so after a while when I had SOME control over my mental facilities, I replied that she had amazing breasts and that it would be a pleasure and a delight to craft something to hold them and protect them…like chain maille armor. A piece like that doesn’t come together overnight, so a few days later when it was ready I asked for her mailing information. Now, Texas is a big ass state, so even though I knew she was from the same state as me, that means different things than if you live in Vermont. I was somewhat shocked to see that she only lived about an hour away from the town I called home.

Nevertheless, instead of offering to deliver it by hand, I packaged up her bikini and sent it off. At this point, we had engaged in some mildly flirty chatting, and I had seen a pic of her topless, but it hadn’t really lead anywhere. Another thing about me you should probably know, I am a big dude. Husky gets thrown around a lot. It’s not like I’m HUGE, but I got some chubb. That has made me a little trigger-shy when it comes to asking women out. If I were a 9 instead of solid 6 it may have been güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a different, but as it was I just didn’t have it in me to make a move on a woman who was a solid 10. I figured that, our sales transaction completed, and having been kicked out of the online group for being a little TOO out there for the taste of one particular moderator, I figured that was the last I was going to hear from CJ, but at least I had a few nice topless pics stocked up in the old spank bank that I could use for wistful reminiscences…with my dick in my hand. Surprise two from CJ came about a week later.

She sent me more pictures, this time both in, and out, of the chain maille bikini I had sent her.

At this point I gather what little self confidence I can muster and decide that if I didn’t make SOME kind of attempt to meet her, it would be a major tally mark on my sheet of regrets that was already far too long. So, I hopped online and next time I saw she was available, I started chatting her up. Found out she was a Veterinarian and lover of all kinds of animals, so I told her about my cat. She asked about what I do for a living and I told her about my work in photography. THAT was a big home run. Turns out CJ was tired of taking selfies and wanted to set up a big photo shoot so she could get some quality pics in some of her favorite skimpy getups. I quoted her a price that was far under my normal hourly rate, as I figured part of my payment would be that I would also get to look at these pictures when I was done taking them, which she was completely fine with. We set a mutually convenient time, and a week later I was driving to her place with my car full of lights and my camera, mentally preparing to do a full day’s shooting while trying to hide a boner.

She had a beautiful home decorated in warm colors that would make shooting easy, plus she had a pool that could be a good location for part of the day’s shoot. It was shaping up to be a sunny and delightful day, and I came and knocked on the door. She met me there wearing a short black satin robe that barely covered her ass, with one breast also threatening to fly free given half a chance. She squealed in delight and kissed me on the cheek as she ushered me in. I could tell that she was midway through the process of doing her hair and makeup, so she showed me to the bedroom where she wanted to have the majority of the shots done, then scampered off to the bathroom to finish getting ready. I set up my lighting equipment, my tripod, checked my light levels, and was ready to go about half an hour later. She had spread out different outfits across the bed, so I inspected what we would be working with.

Y’all…this girl was a FREAK. In the very BEST of ways.

Not only was my chain maille bikini there, and the lacy red number I had seen earlier, but also a sporty crop top with some knee socks for an athletic look, several other sets of fantastic lingerie, and even a full-length mink coat. But that was expected. What I hadn’t expected was not just one or two, but a collection of butt-plugs. Some were the ‘princess’ variety with a jewel on the end, but several others were capped by a long mane of hair to give the impression of a tail. There were a few pairs of handcuffs, some whips and paddles (none of which were up to MY standards of quality, but what can you do?), and even an unopened package containing a set of nipple clamps. Now, I’ve come across this kind of freaky before. Like I said, I have many kinky friends, but in my experience I have found that the kinkier a girl is usually correlates inversely to how conventionally attractive she is. Now, I honestly believe that every woman is beautiful. Tall or short, thick or thin, every race and every face under the sun…EVERY woman is beautiful, but there is no denying that there are personal conventions and standards of beauty that we attribute to those around us, and CJ ticked off every box for me.

She sashayed back into the bedroom still clad in her skimpy robe and she looked stunning. Her hair was a cascade of bouncy curls, her makeup was minimal and accentuated all her best features. She was camera ready. She decided that she wanted to start off in the red number and would work from there. She took it to the bathroom while I cleared off the rest of the items from the bed, her preferred location for most of the shots that we had discussed. Moments later she was back, her dark brown nipples pert and easily visible through the lacy red fabric. She climbed up on the bed and I took a sample shot to make sure I was keyed in, and then we were off to the races. I posed her in every way I could think of and then she came up with a few more on her own. She responded to my every instruction, tilting her chin, lifting an arm, turning slightly more to the left, and when she didn’t quite achieve the pose I was needed, she had no problem with me coming to manipulate her like a mannequin.

When we had exhausted those ideas she rolled off the bed and it was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri time to change outfits. This time, instead of going back to the bathroom she just started taking off the red number right in front of me. I watched with interest as she casually tossed it to the side and started putting on a black getup with thigh high stockings and a garter belt. I caught her peeking over to make sure I was getting a good view as she bent over to roll the second stocking onto her leg. Rest assured my readers…the view I was getting was second to none. She rolled each silken stocking onto her long and supple legs, curvy in all the best ways, then took some time to make sure they were properly clipped into her garter belt which lay across her hips.

Then she stepped into a thong, and only when she was satisfied with how the lower half of her body looked in the tall mirror did she deign to add the brassiere to the ensemble. The swirling pattern flowed from the bra to the panties and then down her legs. It was an incredible set, and she started to make her way back to the bed when I stopped her. I told her that I had a different setup in mind for this outfit and that she needed to get on some ‘fuck me’ pumps while I changed the lighting setup. Now, I know picking the right shoes for an outfit is not as easy a task as some might want it to be, but I had enough time to move three light rigs and reset my tripod before she came back out.

But oh man…when she did, she had morphed from a sultry vixen into just the living epitome of sex walking. Tall stiletto heels as black as the rest of the set making her even taller, so I had to make a minor adjustment or two with my lights. This set we did in front of her gorgeous standing mirror, using creative angles to show both her front and back in most of the shots. By this point I barely gave a fuck that I was just taking shot after shot with a raging boner. She knew what she was doing to me, she liked it, I liked it, so why bother playing at pretending? After a few shots she took off the bra and did some more topless. I did my best to maintain professionalism, continuing to direct her and snapping off shot after shot. After that we went outside and I helped her into her chain maille bikini, and we did a series by her pool, then in her pool. Soon she was just skinny dipping with me racing around the outside of the pool to get the shots I needed. It had gotten hot, as it tends to do here in Texas, so I was sweating up a storm, but I was not going to ask for a break. I was having far too much fun.

CJ got out of the pool and we did another small set inside her giant shower. I got some great shots of her lathering up her body, and don’t tell anyone, but I got a video of that process as well. It really doesn’t matter if you tell anyone or not, I told CJ that is what I was doing and she was totally down for it. After she had gotten sufficiently sudsy and rinsed and repeated it was well past noon. She wrapped her body and her hair in towels and we took a break for lunch. She admitted that she hadn’t really put much thought into this aspect of the day we would be spending together, so she asked if reheated pizza was ok with me. I responded in the affirmative and as the oven was heating CJ finished drying off her body and slipped back into the robe she had been wearing when I arrived. We ate some pizza and split a bottle of wine as we chatted. About halfway through lunch her left breast made a break for freedom from the confines of the robe and just perched there jauntily. It took CJ a good minute or two before she noticed it had come free, her hand instinctively moving to tuck it back in before she decided just to give the sash of her robe a small adjustment, leaving her breast exposed.

Again, I certainly was not going to complain. We chatted about our shared love of animals over lunch, but then it was back to work. CJ told me this one was a special outfit she was going to get set up in and that she would be back when she was ready. I went back to the bedroom where all the lights were still arranged, and I set them back up, made sure my camera was still ready to go, and looked over some of the previous shots while I waited. If that wasn’t enough to ensure that my boner stayed locked into place, when CJ came back out, she was clad in just a cropped sporty top with the number 80 on it that exposed the lower cups of her breasts, her hair was tied into a ponytail tucked under a baseball cap, she had on knee high athletic socks and sneakers, but had on no shorts or panties. She walked up to me and as I was gawping at her I failed to notice until she was right in front of me what she had in her hands. It was a butt plug with a rainbow colored horse tail coming out of the end.

“Sweetie, I tried SO hard, but I just can’t get this thing in on my own. Will you help me?”

She handed me the braided rainbow tail that ended in a blown-glass butt plug and turned to the bed. She slowly walked over to the edge of the bed, swaying güvenilir bahis şirketleri her curvy hips with every step, and then she slowly placed one knee up onto the back of the bed, then the other knee, and lowered herself so that her ass was raised oh so invitingly into the air for me. Her pussy was shimmering it was so wet and I slowly went over to her, took a few pictures from behind her, then set my camera down and carried her tail over to her. She gently swayed her ass back and forth as I approached, laying her chest down on the bed and peeking over her shoulder at my approach.

“Well no wonder it didn’t work you silly girl. This part here is dry as a bone. It needs to get nice and slick first so it’ll go in easier. If only there was some source of lubrication nearby…”

“I have some KY in that little drawer by the side of the bed.”

“We’ll see if it comes down to needing that. I have a few ideas to try first.”

I walked up behind her and slowly slid the glass tip of the butt plug up and down CJ’s pussy. Pro tip for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation. If you want to use things that go in a butt on a pussy, make sure you do that FIRST. Once it’s a butt toy, it is EXCLUSIVELY a butt toy. Don’t go from butt to pussy (or anywhere else for that matter) unless you make triple sure that the person you are with is both expecting and down for that course of action. Just trust me.

As the glass tip gently parted her sensitive folds, I heard CJ moan into the bed, and I saw her hands clawing at the sheets in front of her. We both had been horny as hell all day and only now were we finally doing anything about it. But as much as I just wanted to whip my cock out, slide it inside CJ’s quite ready pussy and go to town…I also wanted to get shots of her in this extremely sexy getup before I lost my mind in the haze of pussy looming ahead of me. I eased the glass plug inside her and slowly eased it in and out of her, causing her to bite down on the bedding from the slow teasing.

“And it looks like your ass is dry too. That might need some help too. Let me see…”

I trailed off and as I kept slowly plunging her butt plug in and out of her pussy I leaned over and flicked my tongue across her puckered little rosebud. As I lashed her ass with my tongue CJ really started moaning loudly into the bed. I kept swirling my tongue around her ass and slowly withdrew the plug from her pussy and placed the tip of it at her anus, using it to swirl around the saliva I had left behind. I gently started probing her ass, dipping the plug deeper and deeper into her until it was nestled fully inside her quivering ass, the long braided tail hanging lazily between her legs. She slowly straightened up to all fours, looking more feline than feminine as she arched her back and positioned herself on her side. I picked my camera back up and started directing her. But instead of directing her poses and movements, I was directing her to lift her top up to fully expose her breasts, to spread her legs, how I wanted her to play with herself.

Her top was on the floor, along with her cap. Her hair had been released from her ponytail but she still had on her socks and sneakers. She was on all fours, frigging her pussy as fast as she could when she came in front of me. I caught it all on high speed shots, her eyes rolling back into her head, her mouth opening wide and her fingers were a blur. When her breathing came back from ragged gasps to deep and steady, the look on her eyes told the whole story. She was staring me down like I was a meal and she was starving. I took one last shot of her ‘hungry eyes’ and set my camera down to the side. I was about to say something witty and sexy when she lunged at me and nearly took me down. As it was she collided with me powerfully and grabbed ahold of my head, bringing it to hers and kissing me hungrily. She tried crawling into my arms but her sneakered foot got tangled in the bedding and as she lunged her leg twisted awkwardly and she cried out in pain, grabbing at her calf. She stood up and started walking around, then bent over and rubbed at her calf muscle.

“Charlie horse?”

“FUCK! Yes. Ow. OW! Fucking OW. Sexy as hell, I know. Ow.”

“Come back over and lay down. I got this.”

She raised an eyebrow at me but came back to the bed and lay down on it. I went over and took her leg in my hands and started to massage her leg through her sock. This made entirely new moans of pleasure issue forth from the sexkitten lying face down on the bed. CJ’s hand reached up to pull me down onto the bed and soon she had arranged herself so that she was lying across my lap, her ass raised invitingly at me as I kept working over her lower leg. Soon I could feel the tension eased from her leg, and she was more relaxed. She started grinding against me, reaching under to play with her pussy while her tail twitched back and forth as she wiggled her ass atop me. My hands found their way up to her thighs, then I started to play with her plug. I was teasing it around as she kicked off her sneakers. She decided that leaving her socks on was how she wanted to proceed, which was fine with me. She could have wanted to douse my dick in honey and cover it with fire ants and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at this point. I was intoxicated in horniness.

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