The Suck-off

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The suck-off

Two female soldiers compete for me with a blowjob contest


In July 2010, I arrived at Fort Benning, Georgia to complete one week of pre-deployment preparation, at the replacement center, CRC, before I deployed to Afghanistan. Now a Sergeant, this would be my third deployment; having served two prior tours in Iraq. Shortly after arriving, I met two other soldiers at CRC who were also deploying to Afghanistan. Becky was a thirty-year old Army Captain in the military police branch. She was Caucasian, around my height, had blue eyes, freckles, dirty blond hair that she wore in a pony tail and a light complexion. She had deployed previously to Iraq. Natalie was a thirty-two-year-old Staff Sergeant who was a medic. Also Caucasian, she was Brunette with brown eyes and a tan complexion and she wore her hair in tight bun. She was also a couple of inches taller than me. This was her first deployment and she was notably anxious and nervous. Both women could be considered “your girl next door” types in terms of attractiveness; not super attractive, but not unattractive. Not long after meeting, the three of us became inseparable. We talked about our military backgrounds, past deployments and our lives back home. For the next few days, the three of us ate most of our meals together at the dining facility and generally stayed together as we completed the myriad of pre-deployment tasks, like physicals, immunizations and equipment issuance at different locations around Fort Benning. Although I was the lowest ranking soldier in our trio, and we addressed each other by rank, we all interacted like college students. None of us were married, which further lowered our social inhibitions.

Natalie was the first one to indicate any romantic interest in me. One day when we were alone, waiting on line for our small pox shots, she asked me if I had a girlfriend back home. I told her I didn’t and I could tell she perked up a bit. I didn’t think much of it at the time, because I figured we’d all go our separate ways in less than a week. Becky, who was more of a tomboy, was less subtle in her approach. Instead of asking me straight out if I had a girlfriend back home, she asked me who I’d miss the most during my deployment. When I told her my friends and family, she likely realized I wasn’t in a relationship.

After a few days, I started to notice some subtle indicators of competition between Becky and Natalie. They both became very open, in front of me, about comparing themselves to each other. Natalie, liked to throw around the fact that she had a master’s degree in psychology while Becky would interject, whenever possible, that she was a West Point graduate. Additionally, whenever we ate our meals at the dining facility, they would seem to race each other to sit in the seat across from me, as opposed to next to me. I found their interactions very amusing.

Before long, a week had gone by and all three of us had completed all of the necessary pre-deployment tasks at CRC. We were then brought to the Lawson Army airfield on Fort Benning where a commercially charted Boeing 747 would fly us to Kuwait. Once in Kuwait, we would then take military transport into Afghanistan. As we waited in the terminal before boarding the plane, the three of us were giddy with excitement. This wasn’t my first rodeo and, although there would be multiple stops along the way, I dreaded the 16-hour flight to Kuwait. I had prepared myself well though, with single pill prescription of Ambien from the base medical clinic, so that I could sleep through the flight.

When it was finally time to board the plane, we all slowly shuffled down along the flight line in one big single file line. Before I boarded the plane, I took one last look at the trees and green vegetation of rural Georgia and one last breath of fresh American air. It would be a long time before I was on American soil again.

Once onboard the plane the three of us ended up in the middle row of the plan; in three seats with me in the middle. Both of them had stocked up on women’s magazines in preparation of the flight and each one often tapped me on the shoulder to point out some funny article or cartoon in a magazine. I had my trusted, deployment proven, Phillips Mp3 player loaded with 400 songs that I simply put on shuffle. I knew the Ambien would only knock me out for eight hours so I didn’t rush to take it. However, being that our morning had started at 5:30 am, it wasn’t long before all three of us were dozing off. I soon found myself a human pillow, with both women leaning against my shoulders on opposite sides. At one point, a Sergeant Major walked by our seats and, seeing the unusual grouping, winked at me as if to say “you go, Sergeant.”

I had never been in this position before, sitting between a female captain and female staff sergeant, both of whom, I was pretty sure, were competing for my affections. I didn’t know what to do so I figured I’d just let the situation play out.

About four hours into the flight, the stewardesses began to come around for the first meal service. I wasn’t that hungry but ate eryaman escort a few bites anyway. After that, they put on a movie. I was pleasantly surprised when they announced they’d be showing the Leonardo DiCaprio movie Inception, since it was currently in theatres across the United States. I assumed the film studios gave it to the airline as a special perk for the soldiers. As we watched the movie, the three of us continued to doze off and on. At one point, Natalie got up to use the bathroom and Becky casually put her hand on my leg.

When Natalie came back, she saw Becky’s hand on my leg and gave me a weird look. When she sat down, she elbowed me.

“You should get up a stretch your legs. It’s not healthy to sit for so long,” she said.

“You’re right,” I said as I gently removed Becky’s hand from my leg and stood up to leave my seat.

I then walked to the bathroom. It felt good to stand and stretch. It felt even better to pee.

After I washed my hands, I slowly opened the bathroom door when Becky appeared right at the door. She quickly forced her way into the small bathroom.

“Thank god. I thought we’d never get a minute alone!” she said.

“What are you doing?” I said, surprised by her sudden appearance.

“I’ve been thinking about you the whole flight,” she said.

“Oh,” I said.

She then leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

For the next thirty seconds we kissed passionately before Becky pulled away and smiled at me.

“I think we should get back the seats before anyone notices,” I said. For some reason I was more nervous about being caught.

Becky nodded and we both slowly walked out of the bathroom. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone noticed us.

When we got back to our seats, Natalie had her head phones on and was watching the movie. She briefly glanced at both of us.

When I sat back down, it began to hit me what had just happened.

I felt a combination or arousal and nervousness. Although I was flattered, I didn’t want to hurt either woman’s feelings or watch a catfight ensue. I decided the best thing to do was remove myself from the situation and take an Ambien. I gently bent over, reached into my small carry-on bag and took out my prescription bottle for Ambien. Both women looked at me.

“What are you taking?” Natalie asked in a concerned tone.

“It’s just Ambien,” I replied.

“Why are taking that?” Becky asked.

“To help me rack out for the rest of the flight,” I replied.

“Don’t!” both women said simultaneously.

I flinched.

“Ok,” I said as I slowly put the bottle back in my carry-on bag.

I leaned back in my seat. Now What? I thought to myself.

A few minutes later, Becky got up to go to the bathroom. After she was for enough away, Natalie leaned in close to me.

“Do you like her?” she asked.

I shrugged.

“I think she’s so pretentious with all her West point accolades,” she said.

I laughed.

“Besides, she’s an officer. It’s highly inappropriate for her to be with you,” she said.

I smiled at her.

“She’s not with me,” I said.

“I know that. I just mean, she shouldn’t even imply any interest in you,” she said.

I nodded.

“When we get to Kandahar we’ll be able to hang out regularly,” she said.

“I’d like that,” I said.

“Good,” she said as she squeezed my leg.

A few minutes later, Becky returned to her seat.

The pilot then announced we’d be landing at an airbase in Germany for a brief stopover in order to refuel.

When we landed in Germany it was nearly ten o’clock at night local time as we stepped off the plane. It felt good to breathe fresh air.

All of the soldiers were led into a big warehouse building that had bathrooms and a small convenience store that sold snacks and drinks. As usual, the three of us stayed together. By now, I was starting to feel pretty tired. The adrenaline was starting to wear off and I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep.

Finally, we re-boarded the plane and took our seats. Before we were even in the air I was passed out.

At some point I awoke and once again, both women were asleep and leaning on my shoulders.

I looked at my watch. It said it was ten o’clock but I’d never changed it over to local time so I had no idea what time it really was.

Finally, the plane landed at Kuwait international airport. From there we all loaded onto busses that took us to Ali Al Salem Air Force base where we’d catch flights to Afghanistan. By the time we arrived at Ali Al Salem, I just wanted to reserve a bunk in a tent and go to sleep but Becky had other plans.

“I’m so wired, we should go to the MWR building and watch a movie,” she said.

“I’m so tired,” I groaned.

“Come on, you can sleep later,” she said as she pinched my arm.

Natalie came to my defense.

“Let him go to sleep,” she said.

At that moment I was happy to let the two of them fight it out.

“Ok,” Becky groaned.

After unloading our duffle bags from the busses, the three of us went to the billeting office and were assigned tents. As females, Becky and Natalie escort ankara were assigned to the same tent while I was assigned to a different tent. Before parting ways for the night, we all agreed to meet up the next afternoon at two o’clock at the Morale Welfare and Recreation, or MWR, tent.

Within ten minutes of arriving at my tent, I found an empty bunk, laid out my sleeping bag and passed out.

I didn’t awake until almost eleven o’clock. When I did, I felt rested. I realized I hadn’t showered in over twenty-four hours, so my first order of business was to go shower and brush my teeth. After finding my shower shoes and toiletry kit, I headed off to the shower trailers. The shower felt good. As I stood under the hot water, I thought about everything that had transpired on the flight to Kuwait — Becky’s kiss in the bathroom and Natalie’s comments. I just wanted to get to Afghanistan and begin my deployment without any drama.

After I showered, I put on a fresh uniform and headed over to the dining facility. I had two fried eggs with bacon and two cans of Dole Pineapple juice. After eating, I walked over to the MWR tent. Even though I was an hour early, both Becky and Natalie were already there. When I walked into the tent, they were both sitting on a black leather couch next to each other reading magazines.

I walked up to them.

“I feel so much better after sleep and a shower!” I said.

“Good,” Becky said as she smiled at me.

“Come sit down,” Natalie said as she patted a spot on the couch between her and Becky.

I sat down between both women.

“You smell good!” Natalie said.

I laughed. “It’s just my body wash,” I said.

Becky leaned in closer to me to get whiff.

“Mmmm. You do smell good,” she said.

I realized then and there that I should put an end to this competition, for my affections, once and for all.

I stood up, turned around and faced both women.

“I know both of you like me,” I said.

They looked at me but didn’t speak.

“I really like both of you two, but there is only one of me, so I have a problem,” I said.

Natalie nodded.

“I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so is there a way we can all just be friends?” I said.

The two women turned to look at each other for a few seconds then looked back at me.

“Sergeant, we’ve both discussed it and we think we figured out a way that will help you make a decisive choice,” Becky said.

“Oh,” I said, interested to hear what they were about to propose.

“We’re going to have a suck-off,” Natalie whispered.

I gave her a weird look. Natalie then leaned closer to me and whispered.

“We’re both going to give you a blowjob and let you decide which one of us you want to be with.”

I looked at Becky, who grinned at me.

“This is what you guys came up?” I laughed.

“There are two ways to a guy’s heart; through his stomach and through his pants, and since we can’t cook you a meal, we don’t have any other options,” Becky added.

I sat back down on the couch between both women.

“I don’t understand. Why can’t I just be with both of you? Why do I have to choose one?” I said.

“Because neither of us wants to share you,” Natalie said.

I looked over at Becky and she nodded.

“Ok, so when are we going to have this contest,” I said, not wanting actually say the words.

“We’ve found a completely empty transient tent in the row of female tents,” Natalie said.

I nodded.

“We’re going to flip a coin to see which one of us goes first. The loser will go an hour later to give you time to recover,” Natalie said with a wink.

“Do you have a quarter?” Natalie asked.

I took out my wallet and gave her a quarter. She then looked over at Becky.

“Heads or tails, Captain?” she said.

“Heads,” Becky replied.

Natalie then tossed the coin a few feet in the air. After finally landing and coming to a rest, the coin sat heads facing up.

“Yes!” Becky whispered.

“I prefer last licks anyway,” Natalie smirked.

We then all got up and walked over to the empty tent they’d scouted out. As we walked, the 110-degree Kuwaiti sun beamed down at us. Even being outdoor for only a short duration could wear a soldier out fast. I couldn’t wait to get into the tent just to be out of the heat.

Finally, we arrived at the tent. As the three of us stood there, Natalie sighed.

“Well, I guess I’ll wait outside and keep watch to make sure no one enters,” she said.

Becky and I then walked inside the tent. It smelled dry and dusty.

“Do you really want to do this?” I said to Becky.

“Personally, I’d rather fuck you, but this is what she and I agreed to,” she said as she slowly began unzipping her uniform top.

After that, she took off her t-shirt and her bra, revealing a nice firm set of b cup breasts. Her skin was very pale. She then looked at me.

“Well, drop your pants, let’s do this, sergeant,” she said.

I suddenly found myself very shy. I wasn’t even hard but I slowly unbuckled my belt and lowered my pants and boxers.

She sincan escort looked down at my flaccid penis and laughed.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Here, let me help you,” she said as she spit on her right hand then reached down and began to stroke me.

Slowly my erection grew.

“Better,” she said with a smile.

Once I was fully erect, she kneeled down in front of me and took me in her mouth. Her mouth felt soft and wet. I briefly closed my eyes. While she was sucking me, she cupped my balls with her hand.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her. Sensing my gaze, she looked up at me and we made eye contact. Her blue eyes were full of lust, which only further turned me on.

After a few minutes, I was almost ready to blow.

“That feels so good,” I moaned as she took all of me into her mouth. I hadn’t been deep-throated in a long time.

She then stopped sucking me, pulled her mouth off and started stroking me with her hand.

“I just want you to know that normally I don’t swallow, but today I’m going to,” she said with a smile.

She then took me back into her mouth.

After a minute, I couldn’t hold back. As I came, my whole body spasmed and I felt nearly a week’s worth of cum shoot into the back of her mouth. I hadn’t masturbated since I’d arrived at CRC, so I could only imagine how big my load was.

At one point, I thought Becky was about to gag, but she didn’t pull away.

After swallowing my entire load, she stood up and wiped her mouth with her arm.

“That was a big load, but you tasted sweet,” she said.

Both of us then got dressed and cleaned ourselves up.

Once her uniform top was back on, it sunk in that I had just been blown by a Captain.

We then both put our hats and sunglasses on and slowly left the tent. Once we were outside, Natalie sauntered over to us.

“Well, that didn’t last as long as I thought it would,” she smirked.

We then walked back to the MWR tent. They both wanted play a board game to pass the time, but I had other ideas. I told them I wanted to go call my folks and let them know I had arrived in Kuwait. Reluctantly, they both let me go. Once I was outside of the tent. I speed walked to the flight manifest desk in the terminal waiting area on Ali Al Salem. I walked over to a young female private sitting behind the booking desk.

“I need to get on the next flight to Kandahar,” I said.

The private looked up at me.

“Let me see what we have, sergeant,” she said as she looked at her computer screen.

“You’re in luck,” she said with a smile.

“Really?” I said.

“Two civilian contractors just pulled out of the flight. Can you be here in two hours?” She said.

“You bet,” I said.

“Can I see your ID please,” she said.

I took out my wallet and handed her my Army ID card. Once I was manifested on the next flight to Kandahar, I quickly went back to my tent and gathered my duffle bags. I then carried them to the terminal area. I left them within eye sight of the private at the desk and told her I was going to get some food and I’d be back in a little bit. She nodded.

After that I headed back to the MWR tent. Sure enough, both Natalie and Becky were seated on the same black couch they’d been at earlier; both reading magazines. When I approached, Natalie excitedly looked up.

“You ready, soldier?” she said.

“If I must,” I groaned.

Natalie and I then walked towards the empty transient tent. It almost felt like I was returning to the scene of a crime.

Once inside, Natalie promptly unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants while leaving her clothes on.

She was also greeted by my lack of erection.

She smiled and took something out of her pocket.

“Here, let me help you with that,” she said as she opened a small packet that said surgical lube. After applying some to her hand, she slowly began to stroke my cock until I was fully erect.

She then took out a few tissues and wiped the lube of me as best she could. Once she was satisfied all of the lube was off, she knelt down and took me in her mouth. It was a little harder to orgasm this time and I secretly willed myself to finish fast. Finally, I came in her mouth as she swallowed my load. After she was done, she stood up.

“You’ll be getting a lot more of these once we get to Kandahar,” she said with a grin.

I then pulled up my pants and we both left the tent. Once we were back in the MWR tent, we walked back over to Becky who was still seated on the couch.

Natalie sat down on the couch next to her.

I looked at both women.

“I will tell both of you who I choose right after I come back from the bathroom,” I said.

They both nodded and I walked out of the tent. I looked at my watch. I had fifteen minutes to make it to the air terminal if I wanted to catch the next flight to Kandahar.

Once again, I speed walked through the 110-degree heat and made it to the terminal a few minutes before they loadmaster began calling off names on the flight manifest. When I heard my name, I yelled “here,” then picked up my bags and boarded the bus waiting outside the terminal. After about ten minutes, the bus was full and it slowly began to move. I nervously looked out the window as we pulled away. I envisioned both women running after the bus to catch me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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