The Treasure of Krystal

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My friend Joey has a girlfriend named Krystal who is a stone cold fox. She has long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, kissable lips, and an angelic voice. She also has long legs, perfect round tits and a cute little ass. Krystal also dressed to show off her best features. Being that she was Joey’s girlfriend, I got to see her a lot. She knows I like her and she kind of likes me. Krystal and I flirt a little but it’s friendly because she and Joey are an item.

One day I go a call from Krystal and she was very upset. “Joey cheated on me with Jennifer!” Krystal said. “He’s actually been messing around with her for a while. He thinks I still don’t know. He has a basketball game tonight and my parents are away so I’ll be home alone. I want you to come over.” I was so excited I could hardly think straight.

I went to Krystal’s house that night, ran up the steps two at a time, and rang the bell. I heard the clicking of high heels and the turning of the doorknob. casino şirketleri The door opened and Krystal stood there smiling at me. She was wearing a white button shirt that was undone at the top to show her huge tits, a sexy little miniskirt, high heels and her make up done for me with her hair in pigtails. She was super hot.

She led me inside and sat me on the couch. Krystal turned on the music and started shaking her hips. She turned and bent over showing her bare ass and pussy. She ran her hand up her leg and slapped her sexy ass. Then she sat down in my lap facing me and started grinding her pussy on the bulge in my pants as she unbuttoned her shirt and shimmied her big juicy tits in my face. Then Krystal slid down and unzipped my pants. My giant hard-on popped out and she gasped “Oh my god! You could poke somebody’s eye out with that thing!” Then she giggled, “You are so much bigger than Joey is!”

Krystal kissed the top of my casino firmalari cock and teased it with her lips. Then she licked it up and down and took it all in her mouth. She started rubbing herself as she got more into it. Then she looked up at me. “Are you going to fuck me or not?” she asked.

“Oh of course,” I said. Krystal laid back on the floor with her legs open and licked her lips. Then she slid her hand over her sexy naked body and started rubbing her clit and stroking her pussy lips. I took my cock and slid it in real slow and started pumping away on Krystal. Her pussy was so warm and wet, I loved it. She moaned and played with herself as I fucked her. I slammed her real hard and deep and watched her tits jiggle. “Oh baby,” Krystal moaned. “I don’t think I can hold it back anymore!”

“Give it to me,” I said. Then Krystal howled as she came all over my cock. I felt her pussy throbbing and was more turned on than ever. I didn’t waste güvenilir casino any time so I pulled my cock out and pumped it between her tits as she pushed them together. I didn’t stop until I creamed all over her tits and face. Then I swiped my finger in the cum and stuck it in her mouth and she sucked it dry. Krystal looked at her cum covered tits. “Oh my god baby you made such a big mess!” she giggled. “Why don’t you come to the shower with me and wash it off?”

In the shower Krystal took the soap and we rubbed it all over each others bodies. Seeing her sexy tits and ass all wet and covered in suds got me rock hard again in no time at all. She sucked on my rock hard cock and sprayed the movable shower head on her clit as I soaped her hair. Soon Krystal got up and wrapped her legs around me and rode my cock. It felt so good and she could tell I was loving it. She looked me in the eyes and said “baby I want you to cum in me.”

“For real?” I asked.

“Yeah I want you to fill me up with your hot creamy jizz,” she said and started riding me like crazy. Krystal screamed as she came all over my huge cock again and I shot a huge load inside her.

“I’m done with Joey,” Krystal said. “I’m all yours now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32