The Villain Ch. 02

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The buildings seemed to fly by as Atmos jumped from one to the next. In truth, the analogy was almost accurate. Rather than real flight, however, a brief updraft, as he launched himself from the lip of each building, caused something closer to gliding. It took too much concentration to actually maintain lift for flight. It was something he continued to work on, but he was still too new using his powers to accomplish it.

It felt almost as freeing to finally be registered. In all fairness, he couldn’t consider the city he patrolledhis. Majoram was the primary hero that protected the city. He was their savior and point of pride. Still, while he was out foiling a destructo beam, or some other major calamity, the crime rate had steadily begun to climb. Hence why the mayor had petitioned the PRA for a couple of additional members for support.

Strictly speaking, Atmos didn’t need to patrol the city. By law, he wasn’t permitted to assist in law enforcement against “normals”. If the criminals didn’t have super powers, or at least super-tech, he was even less able to lend assistance than the average citizen. As such, most heroes tended to remain at base until called in by the proper authorities. After all, the mindset that led them to become heroes in the first place would find it difficult to stand by helplessly while a crime was committed.

Atmos was old-school in his mentality, however. The most dangerous criminals weren’t always the ones who swept into a bank and threatened to kill everyone there. Themost dangerous were those who kept their profile so low that you never heard about their activities until after they had once more scurried back into their holes.

Besides, although he wasn’t allowed to apprehend normal criminals, there was nothing to prevent him from witnessing the crime and testifying against them. There was also a loophole that suggested he might be able to intervene, provided he didn’t use his powers at all. That might be difficult, since he’d probably need to use them just to get down from the roof in time to intercede, but it was theoretically possible.

So Atmos decided to defy standard practice and actively patrolled the city like the heroes in the movies always did. It was also how he happened to hear the scream only a block away. He adjusted his run and lept to the street below rather than the next roof in line. A sudden cushion of air erupted beneath him at the last second to prevent terminal deceleration and in a moment he was off along the sidewalk with no powers active, just in case.

The alley wasn’t as dark as Hollywood always seemed to create. It was a city. There was enough luminous pollution in most good-sized cities that it never really got too dark to see. What all that ambient light displayed proved he needn’t have worried about the precautions. Still, better to get in the habit than to jump in where it could cause trouble.

A man in a ski mask, jeans and a sweatshirt stood over an obviously terrified woman on the ground. It was immediately clear that the rag pressed against her mouth was what had abruptly cut the scream off. Why she didn’t simply pull it away only became apparent when he watched the assailant.

One of the man’s palms remained stationary pointed directly at her. She tried desperately to rip the rag away with one hand but the telekinesis prevented her. Meanwhile, he flicked his other hand almost negligently in her direction. The buttons on her blouse popped off and half of the shirt slid aside to display a voluptuously filled lace bra. Another flick of his fingers and a nonexistent gust of wind flipped her skirt up. The down-stroke of his hand tore matching lace panties and left them to dangle from one of her knees.

Pathetic! Atmos thought.All that ability and he’s going to use it to take advantage of some woman in a back alley?

“Hey?” Atmos focused his mind on the air within the alley, ready to attack as necessary. With a teke, offense was the best option for him. The insubstantial actions of his opponent left nothing for him to defend against. It would pass effortlessly through any wall of air he tried to erect and there was nothing to knock off course.

The would-be rapist turned. With his concentrations blown, the woman was able to pull the rag off of her face and crab-walk back to a corner of the alley. It took the man a moment to identify the source of the interruption. When he did, confusion flashed across his face.

“You’re not…” He glanced back over at the frightened woman but returned his full attention to Atmos quickly enough. “Get the fuck out of here, blue boy! This ismy piece of ass!”

‘Blue Boy’? Atmos was rather proud of his costume. He’d gotten the poly-fiber-titanium fabric done in shades of light blue and white that not only reflected the sky with which he associated his power but also would, eventually, make it almost impossible to spot him. When he actually learned to fly, that was.

“You’re in violation of the Paranormal Licensing Act. Article oh-five-six, canlı bahis at the very least. Illegal use of paranormal abilities against an unwilling civilian. I also suspect you’re in violation of article oh-oh-seven, unregistered para, and oh-oh-five, registered criminal para.”

“Fuck off!” The thug slashed his hand through the air. Atmos flinched automatically. Although his poly-fi-tite armored ‘costume’ could probably absorb the attack, not all of his body was covered. Most notably, sections of his face were exposed. It was almost a relief when he felt the attack strike his shoulder. However strong the para criminal might be, he wasn’t strong enough to cut through the armor.

Atmos had seen enough. The brief observation he’d had of the attack on the woman, combined with the more immediate assault, proved rather handily the criminal’s greatest weakness. Whether because of biological requirement or as a psychological crutch, the para didn’t seem to be able to use his powers without directing it with his hands. It was possible that was an affectation to throw his enemies off guard, but Atmos wouldn’t take any chances.

Without simmilar somatic considerations, Atmos adjusted the pressure in the air that surrounded the other man’s wrists. With those invisible cuffs in place, he used nothing more than a strong wind to yank the misguided criminal’s arms straight up and out to one side. Even as the man tried to catch his flailing balance, Atmos formed another column of ‘hardened’ air and slammed it straight into the criminal’s temple. All resistance ceased and the man crumpled the moment his hands were freed.

Too easy. Atmos thought to himself. Of course, the poor unfortunate criminal hadn’t had the intensive training that he had. He’d been meticulously drilled in the use of his powers to a degree that even many of his instructors couldn’t slip a victory by him. Of course, it helped that the level of his single ability vastly exceeded even many of those with multiple, complimentary, powers.

Atmos calmly walked over to the now-unconscious criminal. Careful of possible secondary (or even primary) abilities that were commonly associated with telekinesis, he pulled a single strand of hardened air and used it to bring one, then the other, hand behind the man’s back. Once in place, he snapped on a pair of null-cuffs that had been provided by the PRA. With those on, none but the absolute strongest Paras would have any access to their powers.

While he’d been focused on the criminal, the woman had slowly overcome her shock and had begun to pull herself upright, using the wall for support. She looked a mixture of relieved and nervous. He knew the reason and didn’t even really blame her for her prejudice. After all, she’d been stripped a quarter naked by a para only a minute ago.

Atmos held up his hands in a placating manner. She flinched, slightly, at the sight of his palms. No surprise since it wasn’t much different from the pose that the slime had used to gag her. Unfortunately, it was also the universal sign for unarmed and harmless. Even if he wasn’t, technically, either.

“Ma’am. I’m registered with the PRA. My name’s Atmos. I’ve been brought in as support for Majoram.”

The name of the much more famous hero broke through her fear. The dam burst and tears of relief flowed as she crossed the few feet and threw her arms around his waist. The amazing armored fabric of his outfit had been meticulously designed to allowed a remarkable level of tactile sensation through so he was acutely aware of the way her breasts pressed against his abdomen.

“Thank God you showed up! I didn’t think anything would happen to me. I’ve used this route forever and it’s always seemed so safe before. Then all the sudden I found my legs tangled in my skirt and I was on the ground. He rubbed himself as he stood over me and when I tried to scream I had a rag pressed into my mouth and…”

“Ma’am. Ma’am! You safe now, you’re going to be okay, ma’am.” Although his training had been thorough on combating other paras, it had included simple civilian management. Unfortunately, he had nopractical experience with it like he did the more confrontational aspects of his new job. The best he could do was try soothing nonsense, put his arms gently around her and rub her back.

It worked, thankfully. The tears shuddered to a halt. Those glistening doe-eyes of hers turned upwards to face him and he felt a completely amoral reaction to her presence surge through his body. Fortunately, despite the skin-tight nature of his outfit, a solid cod-piece covered him and prevented the reaction from being noticeable. He hoped.

“Thank you.” She whispered in an alto voice that was far too sultry for his sanity. “You rescued me. I want to repay you.”

There was little doubt in Atmos’ mind exactly what she meant. If there had been, the way her hips rolled against the blessed protection of his cup would have eliminated it. It took all of his trained willpower to resist the urges she had inadvertently bahis siteleri triggered.

“It’s…that’s quite all right, ma’am.” Atmos choked out. “It’s my duty. Nothing more.”

The beautiful young woman arched her back slightly as she rubbed upward against his chest. The shift emphasized her chest and caused her already damaged blouse to slip farther open. Another pulse of desire raced through him and he feared too much more and even the cup wouldn’t be enough to hide his lust.

“Oh, I understand.” Those doe-eyes blinked at him. “Still, there’s a very natural reaction to such stressful, life-threatening, situations. I’m a psychologist. It’s completely natural to feel the need to affirm life in the face of violence. It’shealthy, even.”

Atmos’ arms hung away from his body, slightly. He’d pulled them back from her, aware that if he didn’t he might be tempted to continue holding her closer and closer. Uncertain of how to handle the situation, he didn’t even resist when she pushed him backward until his back rested against the wall of the alley.

“Please.” She whispered. Her hands had traveled down to his belt. His brain completely froze as the conflicting demands of his conscience and body warred to respond. Before he had even begun to make up his mind, she had his belt undone and had begun to tug at the form-fitting waistline of his pants. “Is there anything in the rules against a citizenthanking her protector?”

Distracted, he tried to think through all of the rules and regulations he’d been forced to memorize. “Uh…Article one-one-eight. Licensed paranormal operatives are not allowed to accept any monetary or material remuneration in return for registered services, except from the PRA or dually designated organizations in their stead.”

“Well then!” She said with a grin, as she begun to peel down his pants. “That doesn’t cover services freely offered. Or additional non-paranormal services renderedfor the grateful citizen.”

Atmos thought it was probably against the spirit of the rules, if not the letter. By that point, however, the only line of defense between him and her actions was a pair of thoroughly normal boxers. The moral objections began to systematically shut down as she rubbed him through the specious protection of his underwear.

When it became clear he couldn’t resist, she reached under the elastic band and pulled out his semi-turgid form. Her smile grew, delighted by what he’d always considered to be remarkably average size. Of course, as she’d pointed out, at the moment she was still high on surviving a life-and-death situation.

With her knees slightly on either side of his legs, and her hips rolled slightly towards him, the cleft of her legs was open. She pressed her groin against his thighs and began to stroke him. Between her hands and the warmth of the soft stomach against which she rubbed him, he grew fully hard in moments.

For a man who controlled every aspect of the air, it was amazing how little of it managed to fill his lungs. His mind fogged so quickly all he could think of was her expert touch. Electricity seemed to arc beneath his skin and a heat completely unaccounted for by the warmth of her body flooded his balls.

The woman stepped back for a moment. Atmos finally managed to gasp a full breath. Too bad it did nothing to clear his head. Something told him he really shouldn’t accept, he should stop this before he took advantage of the charged situation, but her logical argument continued to echo in his thoughts and prevent any reasoned resistance.

Atmos found himself rock solid and immoveable when she slipped her thumbs beneath the elastic of her skirt and dropped it to the ground. The tattered remains of her blouse quickly followed. Her perfect curves stood bare before him, covered only with the skimpy off-white lace of her bra. Darker flesh peeked through the flimsy material and revealed nipples as solid as his own lust. Even still, his mind riveted on the shaved smooth flesh that pointed inevitably towards the pink folds between her legs.

The woman stepped forward once more and his view narrowed to the sight of her cleavage, as she pressed her body against his once more. His length remained trapped between them. His body was, painfully, aware of how little effort it would require to dip down then surge back up and pierce the core of her. Only the continued paralysis of his conscience prevented just that.

She took the decision from his hands. One knee slid up his thigh and hip and came to rest at his hip. On one leg, she lifted herself. A sigh of a moan escaped from Atmos at the feel of her silken body as it slid up the underside of his shaft. The world seemed to pause when it suddenly popped forward, as the gap of her legs reached past the tip.

For one heavenly moment, she remained perched at the very tip of his lust. He pressed slightly into the soft folds of her temple. He had time to begin to wonder if her lack of moisture would be painful when she lifted her other leg and bahis şirketleri let gravity impale her on his solid form. A flash of pain raced to Atmos’ mind to be quickly subsumed by the demanding pressure her weight caused as she pressed against his base.

“Oh, yes. Yes!” She moaned. Tight, dry, flesh gripped him as she used the wall to lift herself almost fully off of him. She dropped back and his knees nearly buckled. Her arms around his neck supported her weight and only the support of the wall allowed him to remain upright.

Up she drew herself and the pounded back down. His hands reached out to clutch her hips and she worked him faster and faster. Pressure began to build between his legs. His shaft tingled with each moan, “yes” and “oh god” she muttered. His body tried to respond to her rhythm but she worked him so fiercely he couldn’t concentrate.

the muscles in her core twitched. Her grip tightened and released him quickly in succession as a heavenly moan escaped her. “I’m cumming. God, I’m cumming!” It was too much for Atmos. The burning seed raced up a too-small tube and pounded back into her. She never missed a beat as she milked his shaft and kept his mind lost in the clouds.

Too soon, she slowed and climbed off of him. Atmos sagged down the wall to sit on a milk crate carelessly tossed into the alley. His eyes tracked her as she walked over to her discarded purse. She was amazing. All of that, that climax!, and her legs didn’t even shudder as she walked to the other side of the alley dug around in her bag and put on a new pair of underwear with a practiced ease.

She practically stalked back towards him. She negligently tossed her purse to the ground with her skirt as she stood there and gave him the once-over. The frightening light in her eyes said she wasn’t done with him yet. The new panties were a solid, almost satin, material but the hugged her so perfectly that they enticed nearly as much as the lace would have.

Atmos opened his mouth and tried to say something when she crouched in front of him. A finger trailed down the sticky length of his now-soft manhood. She regarded it for a moment then looked up with a smile. “That was for saving my life. I still haven’t thank you for saving me from what else he intended.”

As soft as he was, her mouth fit easily around the full size of his manhood. It was simplicity itself for her to push her lips all the way to his base and press her jaw against his groin. He never, in a million years, would have thought he’d be ready to go within minutes of such a climax. Suddenly, he found himself growing within her mouth.

Her jaw dropped open to accommodate the new mass. Her tongue circled his length, drawing off the residue of her previous actions. He could begin to feel her throat convulse as she quickly swallowed it down, to make room for more. When he threatened to pierce the back of her throat, she merely tilted her head back to open herself more fully to him.

Atmos lacked the strength to thrust. He barely managed to reach up to cup her head, in a feeble attempt to stop her. Her fingers curled around his, tangled his in her hair, before they dropped back down to grip his thighs.

Up and down she began to bob. As tight and as hot as her body had been, her mouth was even moreso! Add in the insufferable humidity, as saliva coated his hard form, and he began to climb towards release even quicker than he had the first time.

Despite his lack of strength, his tangled hands fooled his body into the belief that he controlled the thrust of her head. He began to pulse within her mouth. Even the occasional seizure, as she took him in slightly wrong and gagged, quickened his need to release.

Every single stroke was a deep-throat. As she drew herself up, she sucked him in. When she buried her lips into his groin her teeth teased him lightly.

“Oh god. You have to stop. Stop. Stop, now!”

She ignored him. He tried to warn her what was about to happen but it only spurred her to plant her face against his body. He twitched twice and then felt a second explosion race up and out of him. Her quick shift pulled her back just far enough that he spilled himself in her mouth rather than injecting it directly into her throat.

A twist of her head and she once more began to glide up and down his shaft mercilessly. Lightning coursed through his veins. Only the strength sapped by his earlier orgasm prevented him from writhing out of control. His weakness allowed her to milk even more seed than he’d shot into her as she rode him.

She refused to stop!

She moans quickly turned to gasps as sensation overwhelmed him. Half a minute of constant, mind-numbing, ecstasy later and he could do little else but giggle timidly as his body ceased to respond. Her head finally stopped but her tongue continued to probe and cleanse, carefully avoiding losing any of the treasure he’d already deposited while she sought out the last dregs.

Immobile, he watched as she tipped her head back. Her tongue peeked out of her tight-lipped smile and caught a stray drop he’d managed to slip past. She hurriedly slip back on her skirt, draped her ruined blouse over her shoulders and scurried off, a satisfied smirk on her face.

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