Tobias Releases His Frustration

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After a long day at work, Tobias left the theatre and made his way to the underground. He was frustrated and wound up as he’d spent most of the day wanting to rip that ridiculously skimpy ‘dress’ off Stella, the hot petite actress playing the female lead. All day she’d been taunting and teasing him with the black silky fabric hugging her small frame, enhancing her upper thighs and tight ass. And he couldn’t touch her. He didn’t actually want her, he wanted his girl in that dress. Tobias thought of her, small and curvy, with bright eyes and an easy smile. The dress would have suited Melissa much better than it had Stella. Melissa’s tits would have filled out the top half, her ass would have look pert and would just ask to be grabbed.

Whilst on the train Tobias could not stop thinking about what he wanted to do with Melissa. However, he knew that if he planned to do something in particular with her before he got to her, she’d notice the minute he made a move on her. Melissa would make him tell her and then she would choose a fantasy he had mentioned previously and do that instead. Every time it turned him on. It aroused him that she remembered his fantasies, that she wanted to fulfil them. There was no one that could tease the way she did. Oh, the magic her mouth, lips, teeth and tongue could perform always left him wanting more, so much more. Toby adjusted his long coat, concealing the effect his current thoughts were having on his body. He tried to change the direction of his thoughts. He focussed on his pets, Jared the kitten and Dot the little rabbit.

The kitten always had a habit of running to the door when Tobias got home from work. He’d walk between his owner’s legs, purring, and asking to be stroked. He did the same today when Tobias got home and Tobias bent down to pick up the small animal and kissed the tip of Jared’s nose. “Did you feel lonely, buddy?” he teased affectionately. “Where’s mummy? Do you know?” Tobias let the kitten back onto the floor and followed as he strutted to the kitchen. There she was. His beautiful woman. Having returned from work before him, Melissa had started preparing dinner for the two of them in the kitchen. The spacious room was light and open and when Tobias stepped in she was shaking her ass to the music playing on the sound system, singing along in her cheerful voice. His girl was wearing one of his shirts, her hair wet and tied up loosely with a couple of strands hanging on either side of her face. Tobias’ eyes focussed on her ass and the way it bounced. He strode to her silently but decisively. Reaching her, Tobias pulled her by her hips into his own her luscious ass against his crotch, and spun her around. Her grabbed her ass and pressed his lips down on hers, revelling in the soft feel they had against his own even as she tried to push him away.

As he kissed, the image of her in that ridiculous dress overpowered his mind and he felt his arousal güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri grow. His dick hardened in response. She pushed him away, her face inches from his and with a deadpan face, but laughing eyes she said “Is that how you want to play, Mr. Arrow?”

“Play what?” he growled low, not wanting to be teased, simply wanting to take her. Own her. Tobias wanted to release his frustration on his damnably perfect girl. He moved to kiss her again, grabbing her hair and being forced to stop short. Melissa broke his hold on her and took a step back, looking at him from top to bottom. She took in the sight of him. Melissa skirted around him and turned off her cooking, then she turned to face Tobias and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. The one she was wearing. The white shirt revealed silky black underwear. Fucking hell. Her soft skin was latte coloured and so beautifully smooth. Her tits were covered by black, lacy silk fabric, a small set of glass-like stones defining the border across the top of the full bra cup. Melissa continued to slowly run her hands down her flat stomach as she unbuttoned the shirt fully. Tobias ate her up with his eyes as she let hang loosely. Her lacy thong matched the bra and there was nothing more Tobias wanted than to rip the clothes off her fucking body. How dare she conceal her beauty.

Tobias took a step towards her. “No,” Melissa warned, “this isn’t going to be done your way. You are going to sit on the bed and wait for me. You want to fuck me? You’ll have to wait. I am going to bring you to the edge and you are going to beg me for more. And you will just have to wait and see whether I give that to you.” She took a step towards him, rested her hands on his arms and raised herself, leaving her lips a breath away from his, licked her lips as she looked into his eyes and then went upstairs to the bedroom, Tobias closely behind her.

Melissa went to the walk-in wardrobe and turned the light on as she shut the door. She knew what Tobias wanted, she had always known how to read him. Grabbing a few items of clothing and putting them on, she ditched the shirt and walked to the bed. Tobias sat there eagerly, his arousal clear. He had removed all his clothing except his boxers and Melissa bit her lip at the sight of him. His sensual body almost seem to vibrate in anticipation.

Still thinking of that woman in the fucking dress, Tobias wished Melissa would stop playing games. She slowly stalked towards him. She was wearing the most fucking gorgeous underwear; it was black silk with lace and some shiny stones. Even the thong had the stones, they seemed to tease him about what they were covering. Her voluptuous breasts bounced slightly as she approached. Her long legs were also covered, by stockings that connected to a suspender. She was even wearing a thin, lacy kimono. Fuck. She was playing him. She knew that particular garment wouldn’t last long. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Melissa knew exactly what he was feeling and she was going to toy with him. His eyes lifted to scan her again and rested on her face. She’d plaited her hair, keeping it out of the way of her face. Oh, he was going to be sucked. His dick throbbed.

Walking towards him, slowly – why was she walking so slowly?! – the woman almost removed the kimono but then changed her mind, smiling slyly at him. She reached the bed and leaned down as if to kiss him. She was so close to his lips. Unsatisfied with her teasing, Tobias grabbed her ass and forced her closer… His left hand held the back of her neck so as to force her to kiss him. Melissa let him pull her in but with her own hand, she pushed him back onto the bed. Kissing her way down his body, Melissa kneeled between his legs and very, very gently, ran her tongue over the tip of his dick once his boxers had been removed. Then she did it again, but around the entirety of his head. From the base of the underside of Tobias’ dick head to the very tip she did it again. Then she slid the head of his dick into her mouth, warm and wet. Tobias groaned as she continued to swirl her tongues in her mouth. She pulled back, slowly and then quickly slid his whole dick into her mouth, deep as possible for just a second before Melissa moved back to adjust and straddled him, allowing Tobias to roam his hands over her body, catching the kimono at her shoulder sliding it down one arm and then the other.

His fingers gently caressed the side of her ribs, a feather light touch that left her wanting more. Melissa caressed him, his chest, and ran her fingers down the side of his torso and teasingly along the top of his crotch, refusing to give in to his need. Tobias lifted his knees so she was bent over him, closer to him, her face mere centimetres away and her lips just out of reach. Melissa moved her head to the side of Tobias’ and brushed kisses from his shoulder, up his neck and to his earlobe. She drew his earlobe into her mouth and ran her tongue over the soft skin, she brushed her teeth gently and then suckled on it, drawing it into her wet mouth. As she did this, Melissa drew her nails up his inner thigh, all the way up… so, so close to his waiting balls, and around them. Tobias moaned, a long exhalation of relief mixed with want, need. He could no longer take the teasing, Tobias violently grabbed her wrists and flipped the two of them.

Tobias brought his face down and crushed her lips with his own, he gives her no doubt as to who she fucking belonged to. Her hands were pinned above her head by one of his and his brought his other hand up the side of her body, teasing her with his nails. As Melissa arched her back, his hand slid under her back and unclasped the bra in one swift motion. He slipped it over her head and bent his lips down to kiss her güvenilir bahis şirketleri tits. God, he wanted those tits. He marked his ownership, leaving a hickey before he drew her pert nipple into his mouth and sucked. Melissa moaned, calling out his name. Tobias smirked in satisfaction and released her hands. She scratched him from the base of his spine, up his back to the crown of his head and pulled him down to kiss her as his body shivered.

“You’re mine,” Tobias growled possessively as he pulled off her underwear, frustrated he’d had to wait this fucking long and looked down at her. Her hair a mess and her body open and entirely exposed to him. Tobias was proud of what he was about to claim. Her hand grabbed his dick and she continued to tease him by pumping it so fucking slowly up and down, from the base of his dick to the tip, where she ran her thumb lightly. His hand explored thighs, teasing her right back, so close to her but not close enough for her. Melissa looked him in the eyes as her hand moved to grab his balls, firmly. She massaged them and then returned to his dick. Tobias moaned and looked up, his eyes closed. He tried to tease her cunt with his fingers but couldn’t bring himself to hold together his control so he pumped them quickly, her moans echoing and her back arching. Melissa grabbed the bedsheet with her hands and cried out, then she pulled his head to hers and kissed him hard. She nibbled at his lip and then sucked on it allowing her teeth to lightly brush it. Throwing her more into the middle of the bed, Tobias placed himself between her legs and thrust his dick into her. Fuck. She felt so fucking perfect around him. Her legs crossed behind his back and she smiled up at him coyly, “mine,” she reaffirmed.

Toby could no longer hold in anymore, his sense of control vanished. No longer caring about being loving and fair, all he wanted was to fuck her. And he did. He started pumping hard and fast, taking complete ownership of the small woman beneath him. Their moans increased as the pleasure turned to ecstasy and they cried each other’s names out. Melissa writhed, arched her back and grabbed Tobias’ ass as her neck stretched and she looked up. She came and gasped his name, claiming “I’m yours,” as Tobias looked down at his fucking hot woman and pumped harder, her heels digging into his back before he too, finished, his body shuddering as her name left his lips. He began to pull out, but Melissa countered that by lifting her hips with his. “Stay for a minute,” she asked. Her muscles tightening for a second around his dick.

“Okay,” he exhaled, a little chuckle escaping as his dick had twitched from the tightness. He lay on top of her, supporting himself on his elbows, his head hanging beside hers. His breath came out warm and quickly by her ear and she kissed his cheek.

“Round two, soldier?” Melissa teased lightly.

Toby laughed and replied, “Maybe later, baby. How about some dinner, though?”

The two disentangled themselves from their sweaty mess and she slid his shirt back on, sans the lingerie. Tobias strolled out the room in all his nude beauty to the kitchen where they picked up where Melissa had left off before her possessive man had interrupted her.

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