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If you read some of the subs like /r/sex, you know there are frequent questions that are thinly veiled requests for fap stories. Rather than spam any of those subs, I thought I’d write something up for here. It was prompted from thinking about if there was one particular experience where you started as a child and left a man. It’s been almost 20 years now, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Me: Post-college, not a ton of confidence or experience. Living the dream.

Her: Post-college. Beautiful, confident, yet self-destructive. My dream girl for years.

It’s the afternoon on a leisurely early fall weekend. After waking up late, we’ve spent most of the day in bed. It started out just lounging, but only being a couple for a month or so, this inevitably led to things turning sexual. I’m sitting upright in bed, leaning against the flat backboard. We’re both naked. She has her head on my chest and is lightly, ever so slowly running her fingers over my hardening cock. Across from us, I can see our reflection in her dresser mirror.

Humming dreamily, she says, “I’m going to have to get myself a new dildo. Mine doesn’t do anything now.”

When she had first said it, I nearly had a heart attack. Being less that confident, my first thought was “She needs a dildo because I’m bad at sex!” I figured this was some sort of goofy flattery that all women say. So after chuckling I say with a sarcastic tone, “Oh, really?”

She turns her head up, looks at me, and gives me a raised eye brow, give-me-a-break look.

“Your cock is amazing. You do know that, right?” she says.

“Oh, come on…” I reply, still amused and aroused that she’s flattering me. “I’m sure that something every woman tells her man.”

“Psshhh!!” she loudly exclaims. “Are you kidding?”

She rolls over, opens the lower shelf on the nightstand, and pulls out this purple, vibrating dildo.

At the time, this shocked me as no woman had ever shown me her toys before. I was very inexperienced and sometimes I would still get flushed with embarrassment when we would say/do something sexual.

“I mean, look at it!” she stated plainly, as if she was having to point out something that was perfectly obvious.

She held her toy parallel to my cock. What I saw shocked me. First, I had always assumed that woman must masturbate with humongous toys. I mean, huge is what I had seen in porn, right? So, it was much smaller than I had ever imagined.

“See?” she said, holding the toy next to my cock. “Look!”

Now the second thing hit. Damn, I really was quite a bit bigger. Wow! This hit me like a giant wave of hot air.

“Daaah… Well, I…” I stumbled and stammered. I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Look at how much thicker you are,” she went on. She wrapper her hand around her toy, then around the head of my cock. I was true, I had to be at least an inch more around.

“Oh my god, and your cock head (a term we always liked). It’s so wide and big. It hits the hot-spot inside me.”

I don’t think I got out anything more than an, “…oh…”

“And you’re long too,” she continued but then paused and looked up at me again, this time with surprise. “Has no one ever told you that you have an amazing cock?” She asked.

It was true, no one had ever told me this. I had only been in one real relationship before and it had been sexually very bad. Up until a few weeks ago when the two of us had gotten together, I thought I was doomed to a life of pathetic, premature ejaculation.

Our sex life had been the exact opposite. From the very first time, both of us seemed to be completely relaxed and free with each other. Sex was wonderful. Amazing. Everything had been better than my wildest dreams.

“No… No one ever has. I didn’t think I was ever,” it felt so stupid to say, “special.”

“That’s impossible!” she said in a laughing, playful way. I think she was legitimately surprised that she had hit a nerve (which she obviously had).

“No… No, never,” I said.

She turned to me again. She looked at me with a way that was both genuinely empathetic and surprised. But without making me feel pathetic or emasculated.

“Well,” she went on. “I’m happy to tell you that you do indeed have an absolutely beautiful cock.”

“This thing,” she said as she raised, then tossed aside her toy, “isn’t going to do anything.”

Still in disbelief, I just chuckled.

At this point she shifted herself so that she could get close to my raging cock. She took her free hand and lightly grabbed the base and with a smile, kissed my head.

“I love it” she said, then took me into her mouth. Then letting me fall out said, “You’re perfect.”

She turned back and took me back into her mouth. The feeling of her sucking my cock was exhilarating. I let out a loud groan. She went low and slow. Her lips squeezed my head as she canlı bahis would make her way from top to bottom. Until now, my focus had been completely down at her, but now I noticed that from here, I could us perfectly reflected in the mirror.

“Oh god,” I said with a groan. My body was already trembling. The muscles in my stomach were taught and held tight. Her auburn hair was blazing in the mid-day sun. She went up and down. I stared transfixed as she gently held my skin tight as she devoured my cock as if she had been starved for it her whole life.

I moaned, fidgeted, tried to hold on. I held her hair and she sucked me. I could look at our reflection until I was almost ready to explode, then when I switched to looking down at her, it brought me back just enough that I could bring myself back from the brink.

“I can… I can see our reflection in the mirror,” I finally let out.

She let out a pleased little “mmMmm” and kept at me, even more intensely than before.

“Oh god… Oh god… I love it,” I managed to get out.

‘Oh god,” indeed. I was going to explode. Whatever control I had was gone. I was a trembling, shaking mess. I kept my eyes on our reflection. At this point I couldn’t focus on anything but her head bobbing up and down in my lap.

This was it. The moment was here. I barely croaked out, “cumming” before being swallowed down a black hole of pleasure. It seemed like the very atoms in my body were going to tear apart in a nuclear explosion. She swallowed all of my cum, yet kept me in her mouth throughout my entire trip. Looking up, I could see the underside of my cock pulsing in the mirror. Waves of lightning ripped through my body. I was on a near psychedelic adventure.

Eventually I would come back to my senses, but how long that took, I have no idea. I have no memory of saying anything or making any sound at all. I was elsewhere, in another world, hell another universe. In hindsight, it was the most amazing blowjob she would ever give me and I think it’s fair to say it’s one of the top ones in my life. But wow, I had no idea how crazy this really was going to be.

I was just at the point where I could probably have started to make words, but before I could say anything she throws herself over me and is now in my lap. We began to kiss passionately, with a fierceness on her end that I didn’t expect.

After especially intense orgasms, I find that my cock can remain hard pretty much indefinitely, even after cumming. I hadn’t come down a bit, and I could feel her pussy pressing against my swollen cock. As she came at me, she began grinding against my cock. She was in control for the moment. Being on top of me the way she was left me little ability to move.

“And you know what else?” she said between ever shorter breaths. “You make me cum all the time.”

She continued to grind herself on me.

“Really?” I said with both excitement and bewilderment.

She getting revved up. It was as if some chain reaction had happened and there was no going back. She continued to grid her pussy against me.

“I can’t always cum. Oh god,” she was getting faster and harder. “You make me cum so hard. You feel so perfect inside.”

Then, and she didn’t use any hands, I felt myself catch against wet, throbbing heat. I could feel her yield, and my head slipped inside her pussy. She yelled out loud. She kept me this way for a while, teetering on the edge with no more than the head of my cock inside. Finally, with gnashed teeth and gasping breath, she lowered herself slowly down until there was no more to go.

This was the first time in my life that I had been inside of a woman without a condom. I had always used one in the past, and we had used them every time so far. But this is something she knew. She knew, and she wanted to be the first.

Dah! I wish there was some way we humans could eliminate the need for protection. It does feel so much better. I’m fine with condoms, it just stinks we have to be apart, even if it’s just a millimeter.

The feeling was beyond description. We were so close, so tight together. All her weight was pushed down on me. I had never felt that deep before. I could feel her in a way I never had, in a way I had never felt with anyone. Yet with all the newness, I wasn’t anxious or nervous. I didn’t feel like I was going to bust right that second. It was perfect.

Well, not quite perfect. The only thing that I knew wasn’t going to happen is cumming inside her. This is something we had already talked about and as the reason why is far from sexy, I’ll just leave it at that. Honestly, in that moment, I would have cum in her unprotected while she was ovulating if she asked for it. It was so much better than I had imagined. I’ve said that a few times, but it’s one of those things that only through experiencing it can you really understand.

We bahis siteleri just tripped on our own experience for a bit, but when we came back we started kissing again. With a huge buck, I lifter her enough that I’d get another good long push inside. She made a sound that sounded a bit like ‘Ugghhrrrraaahhhrrrmmmmmmm.’ It’s in the dictionary right? Oh shit, then it was on. She was riding me like fuckin’ Pacos Bill.

The way she was straddling me now let me be a bit more active. I could pump my hips and use my hands to grab her face, tits, hips, everywhere. I also slowly jiggled myself into a spot where I could see into the dresser mirror again. Watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy was mind altering.

She was going wild. Panting, thrusting, grunting, groaning, moaning, and all the other words. I turned my attention back to her fully. With the back of my fingers, I ran my hands all over her. She liked that. I traced her hips, brushed and pinched her nipples.

“Is she going to cum?” I wondered. “My god! Is this real?!?”

Then, in an instant, she stopped her rhythmic pacing and just started to shudder violently. I could feel vibrations over my cock. Then everything stopped, her breath caught and held for about 10 full seconds. I could feel her pussy pulsing and clenching all over my cock. Then with a giant exhale, she released into panting exhaustion.

The feeling of her cumming on my cock is something I will never forget. I can’t always feel when a woman cums, but this was different. I could feel every contractions. I could feel the pulsing and squeezing. I was a super man. A sex god.

Even with all of this, I was still feeling in complete control. As she came back to life, I checked us out again in the mirror. She was deep and low on my shaft. The sight made me surge a bit harder.

We started to kiss again. It was amazing. She kissed me in an exhausted, yet hungry way. I let her relax a bit. It was if she wanted to talk, but couldn’t. She rested her head against my shoulders. Then finally raised her head, with a dreamy, delirious look in her eyes.

I took the initiative. I slipped out of her and guided her onto her back. Her legs spread wide, welcoming me in. I positioned myself with another good view in the mirror. My cock was wet with her; her pussy was a deep red. As I entered, we both moaned again. My body trembled. She held me tight.

I lifted myself, looked into her eyes, and pushed deeply inside her again. She moaned, her nails dug into my back. I kissed her as I slid out and then pushed in deep. Our lips remained locked but she chirped with pleasure.

She was incredibly wet and naturally lubed at this point. I slid in and out without trouble. I tried starting slow, but in moments I was banging the shit out of her, plowing her at my absolute hardest. The bed creaked and thumped as it shook. Like if it was getting off too in all this action.

Her tits bounced in front of me. I looked up and watched as I thrust into her wildly. I remember holding her hands over her head, biting her neck, sucking her nipples. She was basically screaming at this point. I’m positive the whole building could hear us.

I could feel the urge to cum building inside me. I’m not sure if she had some kind of special talent, or if I’m just an easy mark, but she always knew the moment the urge to cum would begin.

“Oh god, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god, baby please! Fuck me. Fuck me.” she started.

She screamed my name, begging me to fuck her, not to stop. Moaning, pleading for me. My body was quaking, I was losing control but I kept thrusting deep, fast, and hard.

“I love you!” she blurted out. Then again, loudly and boldly, “I love you!!”

Jesus, I wanted to cum in her pussy so bad, but alas, I knew once everything was over we would regret it. The moment was so pure, I know she would have let me, but I’ve never been god as being an asshole, so I knew I would pull out. Fuck, it was a huge deal that she had even let me be inside without a condom.

I couldn’t reply to her. I was beyond the capacity for words. This was it, this was the moment. I was Mount Saint Hellens. Vesuvius. The earth was quaking. I was surging to infinity.

Finally, with an agility I didn’t know I possessed, I burst out and up onto my knees. I didn’t even need to touch myself. I’m not sure how to even describe the orgasm. Erupted? Convulsed? Tripped? Exploded? It was every possible description and more.

Cum rocketed from my cock, flying across the bed and her. I didn’t realize it in the moment but I had shot so far a streak of cum ran down the face of the mirror.

My consciousness became fused with the universe. I couldn’t have told you who I was, where I was, nothing. I was in a total body and brain overload. It felt like hours, I have no idea how long I stayed there.

Finally bahis şirketleri though, I collapsed on top of her. I was panting, still in a near blackout. I couldn’t hold myself up at all, I could do nothing but press my whole body weight onto her. Even so, she seemed fine with it. After a bit, I could feel and hear her again. She was still chirping, moaning, gnashing her teeth.

I just lay. All I could do was lay. I couldn’t catch my breath, speak, move, nothing. Total, total bliss. Heaven.

Even when my mind started to come back, my body just wouldn’t respond. I tried to talk but couldn’t get anything.

I could feel her squeezing me, wrapping her whole body around me.

“Jesus Christ… I can feel your heart heartbeat,” she shrieked. “I can feel your fucking heart pounding!”

I couldn’t reply. I was still totally helpless. But I could feel her pressing up against me, her whole body clutching me for dear life.

Her back was as arched as it could be under my weight. It felt like we were two pieces of clay being pressed together into one. She was trembling, her muscles locking, relaxing. She gasped as she held me. She held me as if letting go would cause her to fly off into space.

Finally we both relaxed, but remained pressed together. The slow process of coming back to life had started.

I tried pushing myself up. My arms were trembling and I had almost zero strength, but I managed to peel apart. It was difficult though, like sitting on a hot leather seat. The sweat and cum was like glue keeping us together.

But now I was on my back. We both lay, looking up at the ceiling, slowing catching our breath and coming to our senses.

I tried talking but couldn’t get out anything above an, “RrrrMmmUgghhRrrUmmmm…”

I nearly fell asleep, but was startled back by her arm flopping over me. She couldn’t, or didn’t, say anything. It was all I could do raise my hand and plop it over hers. We just continued to lay. Neither of us wanted this moment to ever end. I just wanted to stay in this moment forever.

It was probably another 15 minutes before either of us could move. She rolled over onto her stomach.

“Holy shit. Jesus, ” she said.

“I know. My god…” I replied.

“I can barely talk. I can barely move,” she said and pressed against me.

“I don’t ever want to get up,” I said.

“Me too…”

Again, we just lay, but finally she staggered to her feet. She wobbled like a punch-drunk boxer.

“I’m covered in cum,” she said. I looked and it was true, she was soaked from her shoulders to her pussy.

“Oh my god, look!” she said pointing her finger to the mirror. I looked to see the mirror splattered with cum, which was now running down to the bottom. We both laughed. It was awesome.

“I’m going to try and rinse off,” she said with a smile and went staggering into the bathroom.

I put my hand on my chest and realized I was just as covered. I was too spent to worry about it though. I just lay with my eyes closed until she was done. When she got back she let the towel fall and dropped into the bed face first.

I got up, reached for the wet towel and tried to clean myself up. I looked at her body laying still on the bed. I felt like the ultimate man. I felt like the most important, most spectacular, most everything person in the world. I had done this. Me. I had been the one to do this to her.

I got into bed again, lying on my back. She dropped her arm around me in the superman position. I could hear her breath coming low and slow. She was asleep. I couldn’t take it either and let myself drift away.

We napped for an hour or so. She woke me as she rolled completely onto her stomach. We smiled and squeezed each other. It was complete contentment.

“I hope you know that’s not normal,” she said with a smile.

“Oh, no?” I hummed.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had,” she said.

After that, there was really no argument. I believed it. It was true. Sometimes I wonder if that’s still true, or if she’s found someone else who’s done the same.

I hummed with pleasure and pride, and gave her a light squeeze. For a couple of moments we were quiet.

Then with a serious tone, she said, “You could have cum in my pussy. I would have let you.” She paused, “But I’m glad you pulled out.”

“That’s okay. I know how you feel.” I said.

She squeezed me so tight I had to let out a great gasp.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too.”

As she would explain to me later that night, she had never had a lover who would have actually listened to her and taken her wishes into consideration. She could trust me in a way she wasn’t used to. It wasn’t just our sex, it was what I did to her heart too. My god, the love making session we had later that night as almost as intense as this one.

And on a side note, we just let the cum on the mirror dry. It made me smile every time, and I was majorly disappointed when she finally had to wash it off. But if your parents are staying the night, you don’t really want your boyfriends dried cum on display!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32