Watching For The Ferryboat

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Ariel Rebel

I had been working as a student teacher in Japan for seven months, as part of a one-year placement for my Masters Degree in Oriental Studies. Originally stationed in Osaka, which is a busy and sprawling Metropolis, I was now based on a remote island off the coast of the Inland Sea, where I was expected to see the year out. The contrast to the city was astonishing.

This place was a Japan of the past – a tiny fishing village with about 400 inhabitants, whose rural way of life had been preserved for generations. I stayed at a Ryokan on the seafront with a local family and taught at the little schoolhouse on the mountainside amidst acres of Cryptomeria forest.

There were children of many different ages who attended the school but they were all taught English by me at least once a week, to a varying degree of sophistication. The classes were naturally small given the sparse population of the island, and my working day was rarely longer than two or three hours. In my free time I would often explore the mountain, getting lost in miles of sweet-smelling summer forest, and find remote clearings where I would sit and gaze out at the horizon, as the sun shone down over the sparkling Inland sea.

I had always been intrigued by the Japanese; their language, customs and way of life. Spending time living among them had been an awesome experience. I loved the food and the unquestioning generosity of the people, and had even grown fond of sleeping on the floor at night behind sliding paper screens.

I had also developed a rather insatiable desire for Japanese women. The most attractive Japanese women were petite but perfectly formed, with an almost porcelain beauty; their skin as white and clear as newly-fallen Hokkaido snow.

Unfortunately there were fewer specimens on the island than there had been in the city, but there was one girl who attended my English class twice a week. Her name was Miwa and at 19 years old, she was one of the oldest of four students in the senior class.

Like most Japanese country girls of this age, Miwa gave the impression of being completely unversed in her own sexuality. She would attend my class (and elsewhere on the island) in her funny uniform, with its knee length white socks and short skirt.

She seemed blissfully unaware of the sexy strip of thigh she was revealing. I would often wonder, when I saw Miwa in my class, or at the grocery store by the harbor, whether she had any idea what effect her stunning little figure had on me. But she tended to just smile politely, showing no indication that she had any awareness at all. This was a striking contrast to what the average 19 year old girl was likely to be doing (and wearing!) in New York City, where I came from.

The events I wish to relate took place on a beautiful warm summer Wednesday in August. I had taught my only class scheduled for that day and seeing as the weather was so fine, with a cloudless blue sky and soft breeze blowing in from the ocean, I decided to go for one of my wanders in the forest.

I began on the main pathway from the school through the towering Cryptomeria trees, but then chose to climb a verge and head towards the bamboo forest instead. There was a lookout point I was especially fond of about half an hour up the mountain beyond this bamboo grove, with a bench I loved to sit on and wile away the hours.

It was a steep climb but I took it at a leisurely pace and the reward that met me on the other side was well worth it. From this clearing on the Eastern plateau of the mountain was the most stunning view of the ocean and its hundreds of surrounding islands.

Just as I was about to take the last step up to my favorite clearing, I noticed the figure of a girl standing alone ahead of me, with her back to me. She was leaning up against the very bench that I had been expecting to sit on.

A few moments later I recognized the girl to be Miwa. She was wearing her navy blue uniform as always, with its short skirt and white cotton socks up to the knees. She had a camera in her hands – the Japanese adore taking photographs like no other race on the planet – and was looking out at the beautiful scenery through its viewfinder.

I called out a greeting in Japanese. Miwa turned and recognized me immediately; greeting me with a few badly pronounced words of what she clearly believed was exemplary English. We weren’t in class so I smiled and didn’t bother to correct her.

‘Isn’t it beautiful’, I observed in Japanese, looking out at the spectacular view ahead.

Miwa said nothing but nodded ascent whilst repositioning güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her camera to assess the possibilities of a theoretical photograph of this landscape. Then all of a wonderful sudden, my attention was caught by something more spectacular than the lush panorama we had both been surveying.

Miwa had innocently bent forward over the bench; her eyes and hands still pressed to the camera, busy assessing the potential for a photograph from this curious new angle. And she appeared to have no idea that in doing so, her skirt had ridden up and she was exposing the most exquisite view of her tiny little peach of a bottom, in a pair of white cotton pants.

The smooth bare skin of the backs of her thighs was completely exposed, as well as a tantalizing glimpse of the small panty-covered mound between her legs, with a few dark strands of pubic hair emerging from the sides. Good Lord, I thought to myself, this girl is divine and she doesn’t have a clue.

My study of her pert little rear, beautifully exposed as it was to the bright sunshine, was suddenly broken by Miwa proffering an explanation of what it was she was trying to photograph from down there.

‘I want to catch the ferryboat as it comes around the corner’ she said, pointing out to sea, her eye still pressed tightly to the viewfinder of her camera. She was referring to the mainland ferry that came to the island four times a day to collect and deliver supplies, residents and visitors. The third arrival of the day would have left the mainland at 3pm and it seemed she wished to photograph the ferryboat as it appeared from behind a shrine on the mountainside. This would indeed have made a lovely photograph. She was bent over like this in order to line-up a particular angle of the boat that would mean it was framed by the bamboo forest as it appeared around the corner.

I looked at my watch and judged that as the boat had departed from the mainland at 3, there would be at least another ten minutes before it could possibly be visible from this spot on the island. I thought better of telling her this fact however, in case she stopped leaning over the bench the way she was.

Instead I said, ‘Well, you are in a perfect position down there to get the best photograph of it. I wouldn’t move if I were you. It will be coming past any minute’.

‘I must wait’, she laughed and tried to keep her camera hand as steady as she could.

I went back to looking at her sublime little derriere and the pale, almost translucent flesh of her exposed thighs. For a brief moment they seemed so close and accessible. Without thinking what I was doing, I reached a hand down and placed it on one of them. The moment it hit her what I had done was probably the same moment it fully hit me. She froze in surprise. What on Earth was I thinking?

My behavior got worse. Instead of removing my hand, I trailed my fingers very softly along the flesh of her inside leg. She stayed frozen but surprisingly didn’t lift her body back from over the bench. Her gaze stayed fixed on the viewfinder of the camera, although I could see she was no longer thinking about the photograph.

I suddenly came to my senses and felt alarmed that I might have terrified her. Quickly removing my hand, I struggled to think of something I could say that might diffuse the situation. Naturally nothing came to mind. I mean what could one say in the circumstances? I felt like a dirty old man when I was supposed to be her teacher.

Surprisingly Miwa stayed where she was and even appeared disappointed that I had removed my hand. I tested this perception by placing it back upon her thigh. This time she didn’t freeze or tense at all, although she did remain perfectly still. She continued to keep the camera clamped to her face.

I decided to try experimenting with taking the situation a little further and I tentatively placed my free hand on to her other thigh. This time she moved a fraction, but not in order to flinch from the touch. She was actually trying to bend her body further over the bench by coming on to tip-toe, and the resulting effect was that her bottom and thighs were being thrust closer towards me.

My hands stayed where they were – one each on the backs of her legs – and I began to delicately caress her smooth flesh. I was careful not to allow my fingers to stray too far between her thighs in case she become nervous and require me to stop.

Miwa had let the camera fall away from her face by now but was still holding it in her hand. Taking even more of her body’s weight on to her waist güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and elbows, she tried to bend still further over the bench. It was clear she was intent on providing me with as much unrestricted access as she could to the region I was caressing. This gave me a further boost of courage and I increased the area of her legs that I was massaging to include her buttocks.

I pulled her skirt up fully to expose as much of the general area as I could, and ran my hands over her bottom from the outside of her underwear. This met with an even clearer sign of approval from Miwa and she pushed her rear end closer towards me.

Strangely she remained silent throughout, despite the fact it was clear from the way her backside was rotating to the rhythm of my caress, that she was enjoying what I was doing. The more I played with her petite ass in this way, the more her thighs began to ease gently apart. I seized the opportunity to explore the insides of her legs.

My fingers came within centimeters of the crotch of her clean white underwear, upon which the faintest ring of moisture had now appeared. I took a finger and gently ran it along the gusset to where the damp patch was visible. She gave a sharp intake of breath.

Feeling bolder now, I lifted my hands and carefully began to down peel her panties. She nervously shifted the weight of her pelvis away from the bench in order to allow me to take them past by her waist. It was an unforgettably arousing sight to see her pert little naked buttocks appear exposed to the cool outdoor air.

I lowered the panties to her feet and she tremblingly lifted one leg to allow me to free her from them. It was slightly awkward for her to do so because she was still wearing her shoes and she had to raise her knee quite high in order for me to get them off. This afforded me a devastating glimpse of her little pink pussy, all sticky, with its lips slightly parted.

I felt my penis growing fast inside my trousers as I looked down at this young Oriental beauty bent double over the bench in her knee-length socks, with her little bottom and pussy on display for all the world to see. I lowered myself to the ground and moved my face closer towards them. Miwa froze again. This time it was before I had even touched her.

With my tongue no more than a breath away from her damp little snatch, I smelt the sweet scent of this most private part of her. It was all the more glorious in the outside air. Stretching my tongue out, I lapped up a drop of juice that glistened on the outer lips. It was an indecently delicious taste. She reacted right away, sticking her bottom out with a jolt. And yet she still produced no audible sound.

I paused, waiting for the tension to leave, before once again sliding my tongue along her wet slit. She shuddered this time. Her balance became wobbly and I had to steady her by placing my hands around her bare thighs.

She took advantage of the new support I was providing by widening the space between her legs and pushing her bottom further into the air, pressing her slippery cunt into my face. I buried myself in the goo-drenched flesh, darting my tongue around with drunken abandon.

With increasing speed now, she started to buck her hips and writhe back and forth upon my face, until she was more or less riding my outstretched tongue. I changed my grasp from her thighs to her buttocks.

With one thumb at the base of each cheek, I parted the flesh and revealed an even more intimate view of her little cunt lips, oozing with liquid. I had to stop mouth-fucking her at regular intervals just to take another look. It was an indescribable view – the swollen little pink pouch and surrounding flesh all covered in her own sticky juices. I buried my face in the general area, allowing the tip of my tongue to stray up to her tiny ass-hole, which was now similarly drenched in the juice from her sex-crack.

I think she must have had a powerful orgasm at this point because although she still barely uttered a sound, her body began to shake violently and her breathing was all over the place. She pressed her ass against my face and gripped tight to either side of the bench, her pussy rippling in little spasms against my tongue. I was impossibly turned on by the sexy display and when it was over, I stood back up. Miwa stayed where she was, still trying to catch her breath.

I unfastened the button of my fly and thinking it more prudent to keep my trousers on (given the potentially public nature of the place), I went about readjusting the boxer shorts I güvenilir bahis şirketleri was wearing underneath. When this was accomplished my swollen cock emerged from the buttonhole of my jeans, and stuck proudly out in front of me, higher than I had ever remembered seeing it.

Miwa looked up at me for the first time. I don’t know if she saw the big erection I had just freed, but she nevertheless appeared anxious about what I might be going to do next. She chose to stay quite happily where she was however, her little pink pussy still exposed to the air.

My penis pointed angrily up at the sky, just a few inches from Miwa’s bare bottom. She was still bent double over the bench with her genitals on full display. I edged closer until the tip was just nudging the outer lips. In retrospect, I can’t imagine how it was that I didn’t ejaculate on the spot.

Her bottom was so petite (much like the rest of her), it made my erection appear enormous by contrast. I had to bend my knees in order to be able to guide it properly inside her. Once I had managed, I returned to a standing position and the power of it almost lifted her off the ground. This time she did audibly gasp, but checked herself and immediately fell silent again, although her face remained contorted.

The sensation of being inside this girl was electric and I began to thrust myself quite vigorously back and forth into the clandestine warmth of her pussy. It was a tight squeeze and it appeared indecently sexy to watch my swollen cock thrusting in and out of the slippery crack between the tight cheeks of her ass. I placed my hands against the sides of the bench to enable me greater momentum as I fucked. Then bringing her up to a near-standing position, I reached around and slid my hands under her shirt and blazer.

My fingers found the smooth surface of her belly and I tugged her bra up above her tits. They were released into the palms of my hands. She gasped audibly again. I pulled the shirt up until it was riding above her breasts, and delighted in the fact that her stomach and tits were now exposed to the Inland Sea.

All thought of prudence and discretion had left me by this point and I clumsily undid the top button of my jeans and let them fall to the ground around my feet. I had to stop fucking her for a moment in order to pull the waistband of my boxer shorts down over my erection. It felt intensely erotic as I pulled out of Miwa for a moment and exposed myself to the outdoor air.

Having been freed from the restraint of trousers and pants, and now naked from the waist down, I continued to doggy-fuck this beautiful Japanese girl, watching my swollen cock slide with delicious ease in and out between her pussy lips.

Guiding her body down over the bench again I returned her to a bending position, my hands still groping at the adorable little tits that hung in front of her. It was difficult to tell how much Miwa was enjoying all this. She showed less obvious pleasure than when I had been licking her previously. But I was too far-gone by now to care. I knew that fairly soon I was going to cum.

I thought better than to risk making Miwa pregnant, so I pulled my swollen cock out of her tight slit. Grasping her buttocks firmly in my hands, I replaced my cock in the slippery gap made by the clasped cheeks of her bottom, and started to buck up and down like a possessed animal.

I glanced down at her funny knee-length socks and then back up at this huge well-oiled erection that was so urgently fucking the cleavage of her ass.

That was it…

With a sudden jolt, the most sublime orgasm overwhelmed me. I staggered forward, still frantically trying to continue my fucking motion against her ass as a huge stream of sperm shot out from my cock and landed on one of her buttocks. I staggered back as another jet flew out and splashed against the lips of her cunt.

Twitching in violent spasms my cock continued to spit out further streams, one of which I directed at her ass-hole and another that flew out across her thigh. A few final spurts came down to rest beside our two pairs of feet. I stepped back, feeling lightheaded and still reeling from the dizzying pleasure of the ejaculation.

Miwa stayed where she was for a moment and then pulled her shirt down and lowered the little skirt over her bare, spunk-covered bottom.

She straightened up and gathered her white pants from the ground. I could see more clearly now how wet they had been. Instead of putting them back on, she placed them in her bag.

Rapidly her attitude changed completely and she became smiling, carefree and innocent again. Picking up her camera from the soil – where it must have dropped at some point in the proceedings – she went back to lining up theoretical photos of the sea by looking through the viewfinder.

‘Look’ she said suddenly; completely delighted. ‘There’s the ferryboat…”

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