What Happens in Oahu… Ch. 03

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Note to my readers: Thank you for the feedback for part 2. I must admit some of the harsh criticism that was anonymously left stung. I’m doing my best to become a better writer and that is all I can say on the matter. As I forewarned everyone, I’m back to school now. I will be working on chapter 4 though and getting it to you soon. I won’t be MIA this time during my semester. I hope you enjoy part 3.



It was five o’clock local time. The sky was clear and blue and the temperature was a balmy 83 degrees Fahrenheit as the warm breeze blew in through the window, rustling the curtains of the hotel room. The view from the balcony gave a spectacular view of the long stretches of white sand beaches. However, the splendor of Aruba would have to wait, for Ashley and Jim’s carnal need for one another was the most pressing matter of the moment.

They barely had the door shut when Jim had Ashley’s back pressed against the door as he made short work of getting her shirt unbuttoned. Her beige lacy bra, which fastened in the front he quickly unsnapped, aggressively bringing his mouth down to meet her waiting nipples as her ample breasts spilled forth from the bra. Ashley gasped as his mouth made contact. Grabbing his head with both hands she pushed his face against her breast harder as if encouraging him to take more of it in. Jim needed no encouragement. His mouth completely enveloped her areola and his tongue and teeth began to gently bite and stretch her nipple. He savored the taste of her skin as he popped her nipple back and forth in his mouth. His head went back and forth between each breast giving each orb equal attention and adoration.

“God I ache for you,” Jim said breathlessly as he grabbed Ashley’s hand. “Let’s go take a shower together.”

They could barely keep their hands off one another as they got undressed and Jim got the water set. Once set, they both got in. Ashley got under the water first and Jim watched as the water wet her hair and cascaded down her body. The water caused her nipples to become erect and Jim had to bring his mouth down to savor them once again. Ashley ran her hands through her hair and pulled it out of her face. She grabbed Jim’s head and brought his face to hers as their mouths collided one with another in a hungry kiss.

Then Ashley gently pushed Jim away from her and pressed his back to the shower wall all the while with a sultry look in her eyes. She grabbed the soap and worked up a good lather in her hands. Then reaching down, never losing eye contact with Jim, she wrapped her hands around his very erect cock. Her hands gripped him firmly as she began to lather him up with strong consistent strokes.

“Aaaggghhhh” Jim groaned in pleasure.

After thoroughly lathering him, Jim could only watch in lustful anticipation as Ashley rinsed him off and then bent down on her knees before him. Gripping his cock in her hands she raised it upwards towards her mouth as she kept direct eye contact with Jim while seductively running her tongue over her lips. Her hands wrapped around him, she put the wet tip of his cock against her lips and began to trace it over them. Jim could only watch as his heart beat rapidly in excited expectancy of what he knew she was about to do. Her mouth formed a perfect O as he watched as the tip of his shaft began to disappear into her wet and waiting mouth. His legs locked when her tongue made contact. He gasped as her tongue swirled around his cock as she used her hand to rotate his shaft in counter clockwise circular motions. Ashley’s mouth accommodated Jim’s thickness nicely. She kept the circular swirling motion up as she took more and more of him deeper into her mouth. There was no way she could take him completely in, but it didn’t stop her from trying. Once she got going in a good rhythm, she began to slide her mouth up and down along his length still circling her tongue around him. His cock was rock hard and pulsating against her tongue. She could taste his excitement as it leaked into her mouth.

Jim was completely lost in the moment. Her mouth, wrapped around him, felt utterly unbelievable. He had to work hard not to push himself further into her mouth. He knew if she took him all the way in he’d probably cum right in that moment. His breathing was labored as her tongue seemed to tap every nerve and vein in his throbbing cock. He wrapped his hands gently around her head and helped guide her. He kept thinking to himself, ‘no, don’t cum yet, don’t cum yet.’ When he couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled her head away until she had released him from her mouth.

“Oh my god baby, you’re unbelievable,” Jim said breathlessly as he helped Ashley to her feet. The shower water was starting to get cooler. Jim reached around Ashley and turned it off. His cock was aching to be inside her.

Taking her by the hand he walked her into the bedroom without even bothering to dry either one of them off. Ashley lay down on the bed, her wet hair against the pillows. Jim positioned himself over her, but not laying on her. Ashley’s legs opened to allow him between them. Pinning her arms down above her head with his own hands, Jim pushed his rock hard illegal bahis cock against her opening and then plunged deep and hard inside her. He then began to pound himself into her with rapid succession slamming the back of her with each rigid stroke. Ashley unabashedly moaned as each stroke filled her. Jim was frenzied in his passion as feeling and watching her filled his head like a drug. With each thrust of his hips her breasts bounced wildly against her chest.

“Oh god baby, YES, YES,” Jim said breathlessly.

Ashley couldn’t contain herself as guttural moans ran one into the other. “Oh… daddy…God yes…fuuuuccckkk…”

“Yes Ashley…just like that baby. Daddy loves to hear you.”

Ashley’s breathing was heavy and ragged as her erotic moans began to fill the room serving only to fuel Jim’s ardent desire causing him to drive his full length into her rapidly and repeatedly. His breathing just as rapid as hers he could feel the buildup of his orgasm coming, “Oh God, baby” he cried out as it intensified.

Releasing Ashley’s arms from his grip he fell down upon her as hips continued to thrust into her. Ashley wrapped her legs tightly around him, pulling him closer to her. Both of them hot and covered in sweat they began to feverishly kiss. Both of their mouths desperately searching out one another. Jim ground himself against Ashley’s clit as his cock continued its assault inside her. The combination of him grinding against her, the silky wrap her pussy had on his cock and the desire between the both of them resulted in the most sensitive yet explosive orgasm for the both of them. Jim cried out in short stuttered moans as Ashley let out an almost cat like growl as her orgasm ripped through her. Jim’s hips moved forward in jerky motions as his body shook all over. His orgasm moved through him like an electric current. He could feel as his cum shot inside of Ashley in large amounts. It kept shooting out and he was now moaning almost animalistic. Both of their bodies involuntarily jerking as they both felt their orgasms slowly beginning to subside.

Jim rest himself against Ashley. Her breasts pressed between the two of them. Ashley could feel Jim’s heart racing as he nestled his face against her neck. She liked this feeling. His breath was warm and heavy against her neck and she liked how he felt on her and inside her. He had already began to soften but she could still feel him. The walls of her pussy began to spasm and tighten around him. Jim lifted his head and looked at her. “You are fucking amazing Ashley.”

Her face covered in dewy sweat, she smiled at him as she said, “You’re pretty fucking awesome yourself Dad.”

Jim cocked his eyebrow as he said, “Oh, I’m ‘dad’ now. I thought I was daddy.” He winked as he eased himself out of her and off of her. Lying on his side beside her he propped himself up with one hand under his head and looked down at her. With his other hand he began to gently play with her nipple.

“You’ll always be my daddy,” Ashley said in an almost baby like tone.

Jim leaned down and kissed her. Then he lay down and pulled her close beside him where they fell asleep. He didn’t have any business tonight so they had the rest of the evening to themselves. They made good use of their night when they woke up. Jim made love to Ashley two more times that night before they finally went to bed.


Meanwhile, back in Connecticut, Rachel had just put the boys to bed when her phone went off with a text alert. She knew it wasn’t Jim or Ashley because Ashley had text her from Cabo when she arrived and Jim had already text her goodnight. She took her phone into her bedroom and pulled up the text message.

“So, is it just you and the boys at home tonight?”

She sat down on her and Jim’s bed and kicked her feet out with her back against the headboard. She replied,

“Yes, Jim and Ashley left this morning.”

About a minute later the phone rang. She answered it.


“”Well hello there to you,” a deep mellifluous voice replied back.

Rachel’s heart was beginning to race. “How are you?” she asked nervously.

She heard a slight chuckle as the voice on the other line replied, “I’m fine, like always. I’m in town.”

The line got deathly quiet. It was a full minute before anything was said.

The voice came back, “Are you still there Rachel?”

Now Rachel’s mind was racing as she hesitantly answered, “Yes.”

“Why so quiet love?”

Rachel tried to clear her thoughts. Trying to regain her composure she answered back, “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe surprised. Hadn’t heard from you in a few months.”

“I’ve been busy,” he said. “You know how my life is.”

“Yes, yes I do. So, you’re in town?” she asked cautiously.

“I am indeed and I came for the sole purpose to see you. Jim will be gone all week correct?”

She was trying to wrap her brain around the first part of his statement. Rachel’s heart began to really pound now. Partly out of fear and partly out of excitement. “Yes, he and Ashley will both be back on Saturday.”

“Good, good. I’ll drop by after you take the boys to school. What time will you be back?”

“Uh, illegal bahis siteleri uh,” Rachel stammered nervously, “I usually get back around 8:45 or 9.”

“Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow then at 9:30. Goodnight sexy,” the voice said and then hung up.

Rachel sat on the bed not knowing what to think right at that moment. Her mind was a jumbled bunch of thoughts racing around. As she sat there, the thought that was most prevalent in her mind was this perfect little life she was living wasn’t as perfect as she lead people to believe and her secrets were very dark indeed. Rachel didn’t sleep well at all that night. She was a mix of nerves and excited anticipation.


The next morning, although tired from her night, Ashley awoke early, put on her bikini and went out on to the beach to enjoy some early morning yoga. Their hotel wasn’t private like their family accommodations in Oahu were so it meant keeping her clothes on when on the beach. Not to mention, doing yoga naked had picked up a pretty impressive catch, her father. She smiled to herself as she lay her mat down on the sand and began to stretch. She needed to stretch. Her body was a bit achy from how rough and tumble the sex had been last night. She loved it though. She’d never imagined her father having the sexual appetite he had, nor how well-endowed he was. But now that she knew these delicious little secrets about him, she intended on making full use of them this week in Aruba. She momentarily thought of her mother. To be able to keep her dad satisfied and happy for all these years had to mean something.

After about forty minutes of yoga, she went for a swim. After the swim, she lay out on her towel to catch a few rays. As she lay there on her back, with her sunglasses on, she noticed a dark haired gentleman walking by in beach shorts. She surreptitiously eyed him through her glasses as he walked by. She noticed he was watching her as well when he walked past. He wasn’t wearing a shirt so she could see that his chest and shoulders were tan and broad. His pectoral muscles were well defined and his legs were toned. He had a well-trimmed beard and mustache. Not bad Ashley thought to herself. The gentleman was thinking the same thing about her.

Right about this time, Jim was just stepping out of the shower and drying off. He had enjoyed himself beyond belief last night with Ashley, but now he had to get his mind on business. He wanted to go over the plans one more time that he would be recommending to Brince Marshall tonight. This was an important tip that could dramatically affect both men’s bottom lines. Jim was a stickler for details in business and that was why he was successful.

He had just finished getting dressed for the day when Ashley made her way back into their hotel room. She was wearing a bikini and of course she looked sexy to Jim.

“Good morning sweetheart,” he said to her as he sat at the table eating a croissant and drinking coffee. He had some files sitting in front of him. Ashley walked over to him, leaned down, making sure to give him a good view and kissed him. Her skin was warm from laying out in the sun.

“Good morning daddy. What’s on the agenda for today?” She sat down in one of the available chairs at the table.

“Well, no play until tonight sweetheart. If we even have the energy to by then. I’ll be working on these,” he pointed to the files, “all afternoon. Then we’ll be meeting Brince Marshall for dinner tonight at 7. It’s a business dinner so it could run long. You may grow bored.”

“I’ll be okay,” Ashley said as she bounced up out of her chair and made her way to their bedroom to go shower. Jim watched her as just the natural sway of her hips when she walked accentuated that perfectly rounded ass she had. Jim inhaled deeply, ‘God this is going to be a great week,’ he thought to himself.


That morning Rachel took a little more care getting herself together before she took Kyle and Dylan to school. She put on a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans and paired it with a cute beige button down blouse. The jeans accented her curvy ass and she knew it. Her breasts were a little on the smaller side, but she had a nice figure in general. She stared at herself in the mirror for a while. She put on just a touch of makeup. Nothing too overboard. She wore her down. It hung just below her shoulders. Once she’d gave herself the final nod of approval, she sprayed a bit of Miracle, by Lancôme, on her neck, wrists, and behind her ears.

Kyle noticed immediately that his mother looked just a tad more put together this morning than she normally did when she took them to school. He and Dylan were sitting at the table eating cereal.

“What’s the big deal mom? What do you have planned today?” He asked her nonchalantly.

Rachel felt herself bristle at the question. “I’m dressed up no more than normal today,” she lied. She knew she was lying.

Kyle rolled his eyes. “Whatever mom. You look different this morning.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Rachel asked him.

“It’s a good thing. You look nice and you smell pretty too.”

“Well thank you Kyle,” Rachel smiled canlı bahis siteleri and said as she walked over to him. “Coming from you, I’ll take that as a compliment.” She tousled his hair.

After the boys finished their breakfast they gathered their backpacks and made their way out to the car. Rachel was nervous as she came around the side of the house to the driveway. She half expected to see another vehicle sitting in the drive. But there wasn’t. Letting a deep breath of relief go, she got in the car and took the boys to school.

The whole drive back home she felt herself getting nervous. She always had this reaction with him. She’d had it for over twenty years now and wondered if this feeling would ever go away. To her relief, there was no other vehicle parked in their drive way when she returned home. It was 8:55. She got out of the car and nervously went into the house.

Her heart gave a thud when at 9:15 she heard the front door knocker tapping against the door. She took a deep breath and made her way into the entryway foyer. She took a quick last minute glance at herself in the mirror by the door, and then she opened the front door.

“Hello beautiful,” came that voice again.

“Hello Colin.” Rachel said as she smiled demurely.

She stepped aside as he made his way into the house. He was obviously familiar with it and her because he leaned in and kissed her softly on her mouth as he walked in. Rachel quickly looked around to see if any neighbors were standing outside perhaps and saw. None were. She quickly shut the front door behind them.

Colin was already making his way into the living room. She watched him as she walked slightly behind him. He sat down comfortably on the couch and looked at her. “You’re still looking good.”

Rachel sat opposite him in a wing back chair. “Thank you,” she managed to say. “You are too.” And he was.

He looked around the living room and saw the family photos hanging everywhere. He could tell just by looking around that they were doing well. He expected as much. “So,” Colin started, “Is Jim taking good care of you?”

Rachel smiled, “He is and always has,” she said proudly.

Colin sat there just eyeing Rachel. She felt like she was under a microscope being examined. His eyes were exactly like Jim and Ashley’s, big and brown with spiky long lashes. It was a family trait on the McEwan side. Colin’s hair was a bit darker than Jim’s and he kept it cut medium short. Rachel noticed the slight beard and mustache he was sporting these days. The beard was cut close to his face and peppered with just a hint of gray. His hair showed a slight bit of gray as well. It suited him though. It made him look more distinguished than he already did. He was forty-seven and looked very good.

“Why do you look so nervous Rachel?” Colin asked with a quizzical look on his face.

“I’m not nervous,” Rachel said trying to sound casual. “I’m happy, yet overwhelmed to see you. I hadn’t heard from you since Ashley’s last birthday in September.”

Colin got up from where he sat and walked over to Rachel. He held out his hands to her and she grasped his. He pulled her up to a standing position in front of him. He stood several inches taller than her. Looking down at her he said, “I’ve been busy with work, but I think you already know, I think about you often.” Then he tilted her face up to him and brought his mouth down to hers. The kiss was soft, searching and tender. He held her face between his hands as he softly drew her lower lip into his mouth and gently sucked on it. Rachel inhaled deeply and it sent shiver bumps along her spine and down her back. Their tongues met and danced together like two old friends, for they were.

Colin ran his hands over Rachel’s shoulders and down her back. Her body felt good under his hands. Lifting his face away from hers he looked at her with unspoken desire in his eyes. She knew the look. She’d known it for more than twenty years now. She took his hand and led him upstairs to her and Jim’s room. She knew what was about to happen and she knew she would be lying to herself if she said that she didn’t want it to.

Colin sat down at the foot of her and Jim’s bed as Rachel stood in front of him. His eyes followed her as she systematically began to remove each piece of her clothing until she stood before him with nothing on. She stepped in between Colin’s legs and he nestled his face in between her breasts and inhaled. After all these years he never tired of her sweet smell. He gently kissed one of her breasts.

Rachel stepped back and watched as Colin began to unbutton his shirt. He then removed it and pulled his undershirt up and over his head. Tossing it to the floor, he stood up and unbuttoned his jeans and removed them as well as his boxers. Grasping Rachel by the hand he led her around her and Jim’s bed. He then lie down in the center of their bed. Rachel climbed on to the bed and sat herself straddle across Colin’s legs. He reached out with one of his hands and began to gently caress the side of her breast. His gaze was one such as an art inspector would give when surveying a classic work. There was appreciation in his eyes. He reached out his other hand and began to fully caress her other breast, working it between his fingers. Her nipple instantly perked up. Rachel adjusted herself on his lap as she felt herself getting wet. Colin was already fully erect.

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